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Nicole Kidman: We're So Blessed

Nicole Kidman: We're So Blessed

Proud parents Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban just released a statement about their beautiful four-day-old daughter Sunday Rose Kidman Urban.

“We feel immensely blessed and grateful to be given this beautiful baby girl,” the Aussie power couple tells People. “She’s an absolute delight.”

Nicole, 41, gave birth to Sunday at a Nashville hospital on Monday, with Keith, 40, by her side throughout the delivery.

On Tuesday, Nicole‘s father Antony told Australian newspaper The Daily Telegraph that Sunday‘s name was inspired by 20th-century artist’s muse Sunday Reed.

Mr. Kidman said, “I have read a bit about Sunday Reed and her husband John – she was a key mover and shaker in the arts around the beginning of the century. The name Sunday struck me as being a nice name for a woman, so my wife and I mentioned it.”

Sunday‘s middle name is a tribute to Keith‘s late grandmother Rose.

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  • mike

    I love Nicole!!! <3

  • cydie.

    awe, that’s sweet. (=

  • http://justjared Victoria

    2nd!!! I think Sunday is a lovely name. Congratulations to Nicole and Keith. Nicole has wanted this for such a long time and deserves a wonderful spotlight on her and the family. Cannot wait for pictures.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    i wouldn’t call a women who’s unable to get impregnated “blessed”

  • mary

    Congratulations to Nicole and Keith on their special Gift of a baby girl.

  • Sinna

    I’m sorry to say this but she never really looked pregnant to me. I know each woman carry pregnancy differently, but the only sign of her being pregnant was her very small baby bump. The other parts of her body showed no sign of pregnancy, and any woman who has ever been pregnant knows especially a first pregnancy that the breast gets larger. There is something slightly odd about her pregnancy

  • lurpac

    I’m sure that is one beautiful baby girl.

  • tutu

    Infamous aka tommy girl toy,don’t get jealous. cograts Nicole and keith

  • Emma

    What a lovely family! Nicole’s dad seems like a great guy. The name Sunday is cute and unusual, and I’m getting used to it now. Rose is a very sweet and romantic name, and their choice of names tell me that Nicole and Keith are Christian and true romantics.

    Much happiness and joy to all of you and especially to little baby Sunday Rose. :)

  • jessie

    Congratulations Nicole and Keith! Finally, Nicole has her own biological child that she has been longing for so much. I’m sure they are absolutely thrilled and overjoyed right now! I can’t wait to see pictures of Sunday!!!

  • violet

    I’m glad for Nicole. I never liked Tom Cruise.

  • cris

    I’m sure she’s ugly like her dad

  • Paula

    Violet – what does this have to do with Tom Cruise? Keep the focus on Nicole and Keith for a change.

  • Cat


    I work in the field and all pregnant women carry different. Nicole is a very tall women who gained mostly all weight in her midsection, her hips did expand and breasts were bigger as well, she is just one of the luck ones that is all baby and doesn’t have to deal with looking bigger in other places.

    She was very thin pre-pregnancy too and she exercised regularly while pregnant and that kept her in shape.

    There is nothing odd about that. She has great genetics that’s all and being only 5’2 myself I know I won’t look like that when I do conceive. LOL

    And in response to #4, um why wouldn’t you call a women that struggled to conceive and then did and carried to term blessed? More blessed than a sixteen year old girl getting knocked up on accident.

  • Elizabeth

    Keith is a warm, loving man, not a psychopath like Tom. Nicole is blessed to have him and his love and loyalty. Nicole was the one who tamed the tiger and made him a man. ;)

    He will be a wonderful father.

  • KAya

    it sounds like Sunday Roast =] Haha

  • Emily

    I can’t wait to see pictures of Nicole, Keith and Sunday together!!!! Where are they??? I’m growing impatient! LOL




  • Janie

    I don’t think she really was pregnant. I think they bought a baby! Something doesn’t seem right!

  • jennifer

    “Pregnant man”. What a joke that one was. I wouldn’t call someone who has a womb and a vagina a “man”. She is a woman who wanted to be something she can’t ever be. So sad and pathetic.

    Congratulations to the most beautiful and sweet couple in the world! Your Sunday must be such a wonderful and lovely baby.

  • jennifer

    They censured the word vag*na?? Oh my weird is that?

  • pj

    #4– You said Nicole is “unable to get impregnated.” Obviously that can’t be true because she just had a baby!

    Fertility science has advanced a lot since Nicole first tried to get pregnant with Tom. I think that’s why he broke up with her, because he wanted biological children. That’s why he waited to marry Katie Holmes until *after* she had Suri.

    Hope Nicole has time for a few more…

  • Mary

    I dont see why all the fake pregnancy fuss…When I had my first pregnancy..I didnt have to wear maternity clothes till exactly 2 1/2 months before my daughter was born (AND YES I DID EAT!! ONCE I ATE A WHOLE CHEESECAKE IN LIKE A COUPLE HOURS) My boobs NEVER got bigger, till after she was born.I stayed in my same bras till the end.. And all the weight fell right off… She weighed 6’3 oz…. But my next one was 100 % different and weighed 8’4 oz.. EVERYONE AND EVERY PREGNANCY IS DIFFERENT!!

  • juju

    Congrats to the happy couple. Babies are a blessing.

  • Miapocca


    the scientologist are fuming she refused to carry the frozen sperm of thier psycho leader, then suri would have been 10 by now with a shock of red hair..ahahah

  • gmuqt

    Nicole and Keith are soo deserving of this. I am elated for Nicole especially. This is a specila time in their lives and I wish the best for them.

  • Adoring Fan

    Congratulations to Keith and Nicole. I love the name and I’m sure the baby is beautiful. I know she is loved and truly is a blessing like Nicole said. I’m glad Keith is her papa so that she will grow up real and genuine. xoxoxo

  • kimillinois

    So happy for Nicole & Keith. But espeically happy for Nicole. She’s got a REAL MAN this time. Love you both!

  • jujuelen

    I can’t wait to see pictures of Sunday Rose

  • vanessa

    just causeshe didn’t gain 40 lbs in her pregnancy doesn’t mean she wasn’t pregnant. sunday rose was born at an average weight so she’s healthy and beautiful.
    i heard they aren’t releasing a photoshoot but will release a photo soon. i can’t wait.

  • NOR@

    i LOvE yoU niColE MwA sIs (l)

  • Kira

    Congratulations to Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban! Love the baby’s name and she will be adorable….my advice (at her age) is to be always grateful and stop with one healthy pregnancy.

    On behalf of the older children, I hope the two couples can discover a way to become friends now that each has a biological offspring so the older children can expand their familial relationship in a healthy way.

    People don’t bad mouth Brad Pitt and neither should they speak so horribly about Tom Cruise….nobody knows what occurs behind closed doors in any relationship (true about your own family and friendships, too)!

  • lopi

    Pilar phone

  • Ha!

    I read somewhere that Antonia and her parents flew 9000 miles from Australia to Nashville the day after the baby was born. I guess that puts the kibosh on the whole “her sister is secretly carrying her baby as a surrogate” theory. I see the rational people on here have moved on to her buying her baby elsewhere. If at first the conspiracy theory doesn’t stick, move on to the next one.

  • passml122

    I’m so excited for them and can’t wait to see pictures. The name is a interesting choice but its better than coco, suri and some of the other weird names celebrity’s give them. Also I have to mention why do they say Mr. Kidman i hate that he’s famous too.

  • American

    Way off, #22.

    Nicole Kidman could get pregnant just fine but she miscarried both times while with Tom Cruise.

    NO ONE knows why the two broke up and Cruise and Katie Holmes married after giving birth ebcause Holmes didn’t want to be pregnant at her wedding.

  • Emily

    “The two” did not break up. Tom left the marriage. Nicole did NOT leave Tom. Don’t try to rewrite history. Nicole’s despair and shock are well documented. She has spoken about it in many interviews, how much pain she went through when he left her.

    Tom married Katie after she had the child since it was vital for him to become a father, or appear like he is one. He was tired of being labeled gay and sterile, and being laughed at and having to sue people all the time. Not that it helped much. He is still seen as a freak and a brainwashed cult nut.

  • april

    gdet a life you dont have to say bad things about a great family like tom and katie to wish nicole well they baby is no better than suri they both are happy and no body is more happy for them then tom and katie tom left nicole for his own reasons and nobody knows but tom and her i hope thy give nocole and keith what they didnt give tom and katie which is peace with their baby.

  • Marieme

    I’m sooo happy for Nicole. So happy…She is a gentle and graceful spirit in this world. I admire her talent and class. This is good stuff. :D

  • stumped

    What makes this even so much better than the other 2 times she became a mom? If she remembers that, she might want to refrain from the blessed, lovely, delightful adjetives she is using to describe this. I can only imagine how Isabella & Connor feel. I would think those adjuetives apply to them as well. We jus don’t here it, and it appears that Isabella & Connor haven’t heard it in a while either.
    I really could understand if she got those kids after the baby stage, but she didn’t. They were babies also. Being a mom, I can’t think that one would be any better than the other.
    Now Keith on the other hand has every reason in the world to proclaim is excitment. Sad we don’t seem to hear any of that,

  • WelshBoy

    Why are you being nasty? Nicole is expressing her joy over the birth of her child- what’s wrong with that? She hasn’t forgotten Connor and isabella. If anything, those two brats have forgotten Nicole!

  • can

    I’m sooo happy for Nicole and Keith. Keith will be the cutest dad and that baby girl will have him wrapped around her finger!!
    I agree # 41 what is so wrong about expressing her love and joy for her new baby. We all would, it doesn’t mean we love our other children any less!
    Congratulations nicole and keith.

  • JJ

    Congrats to Nicole and Keith! They’re an adorable couple, and deserve to be super happy! All you people who think she bought her baby because she never looked pregnant are probably just women who are jealous of her good genes – I am sure not every woman becomes huge when they’re expecting!

  • can’t stand her

    She needs to be a better mother to his kid it doesn’t seem like her adopted children mean that much to her.

  • LYN

    You stupid people need to stop with the Tom Cruise bashing. I know mr Cruise will be the first to congratulate her and her husband. Most people kept saying Mr Cruise could make babies, but I do believe that she said she just had a miscarriage when she and Tom split up.

  • Grow up people

    Why all this hatred?

    I can`t believe that her pregnancy was fake For one good reason

    If the girl was able to buy as some of you say,I believe that it is impossible to buy the silence of the crew of doctors and nurses in baptist hospital in nashville and if it`s fake birth I think that the hospital will announce that it`s rumors or simply did not happen.

    Grow up people

    she have waited 41 years just to give birth . give her amoment of joy

    Congratulations to Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

  • Shrink

    Good luck to her and all her children. I wish her happiness,

  • Dana

    Congrats on little Sunday Roast.

  • Jaxon

    I can’t believe people keep going on about Nicole not being pregnant. That is just ridiculous. No woman is going to wear a pillow for nine months, she would have to be insane to do that. That’s just so stupid I can’t believe thinking people would say it out loud.

    I carried my child the same way as Nicole. I too exercised the whole time I was pregnant, did 40 situps four times a week until my eighth month, because I wanted to be in good shape for the delivery. My stomach muscles were very tight and held my uterus in so that I just looked thick in the middle, just like Nicole. I felt great and was active through my whole pregnancy, never felt miserable and weighed down even at the end. My doctor was even fooled by how small I was and thought my baby would barely weigh five pounds. She weighed a healthy 6′ 12″. After the delivery he said “I don’t know where you had all that baby .”

    I knew it was the exercise and the fact that I kept my weight gain around 26 pounds. After the birth my stomach was flat in no time and the few extra pounds were gone in under six weeks. Woman today gain 40-60 pounds when pregnant and wonder why they have huge stomachs and stretch marks everywhere after delivery. No one needs to gain that much weight when pregnant unless they don’t mind having 30 pounds of pure fat to lose after the baby is deliverered.

  • dancer

    I think people are just jealous, mean-spirited and idiots to say she faked the pregnancy. Too much information is available by bribing staff (whether it is lawyers, doctors, hospitals etc). I’m sure the birth certificate will be public knowledge won’t it?

    I am very happy for her and Keith and Bella and Connor. She has always been extremely protective and private where her kids are concerned. They may very well be with her now, but unlike Tom she doesn’t pimp them out!