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Brooke Hogan Knows Best?

Brooke Hogan Knows Best?

Brooke Hogan is seen leaving CW11 Studios and then returns to her hotel after a day of interviews on Thursday.

Brooke, 20, will star in the new VH1 reality show Brooke Knows Best. The show will follow the formerly sheltered six foot blonde bombshell as she deals with the ins and outs of daily life, the new pressure of managing her career without mom and dad (Hulk Hogan), her new relationships, and her adjustment to leaving the family safety net.

The Hogans had been depicted for four seasons on Hogan Knows Best (also on VH1) as Hulk Hogan‘s loving, tight-knit clan.

Brooke Knows Best, debuting on Sunday, July 13 at 10pm EST. iTunes is offering the first episode of Season One for free.

WILL YOU WATCH Brooke Hogan Knows Best?

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  • shelby

    i have never seen her before

  • LuckyL

    It’s sometimes fun to watch a train wreck.

  • aisha

    Check out my fashion blog!

  • e

    its a shame why did she have boob job?

  • PardyHardy

    I thought that was her mom…:|

  • kept it real

    I like Brooke. Too bad her about her family. Hope she can hold her head up high and get through this. good luck girl!!

  • kept it real

    oops..i meant too bad about her family

  • ratu

    she is 20 ??? really ??? she looks like at least 35…wow…

  • Jose

    She looks like a cheap hooker.

  • get a life

    Will I watch this show? The word “no” does not adequately convey the “no-ness” of my answer.

    She looks way older than 20. I thought it was her mom, too.

  • Arwen

    OMG ratu is right, she looks like 35/40!!!

  • Shakira

    Brooke looks smashing and like a great 20 year old. I think she will do well. She is the spitting image of her gorgeous mother, btw.

  • Cassie

    Another 20-year-old (who looks as old as her mother) selling her body instead of getting an education. Instead of making herself so public with what is occurring in her family, she needs to be laying low right now.

  • danni

    I can’t believe she is just 20. She looks like she is at least 30 years old.

  • gisele

    She looks like she could be at least 35.

  • Shoops

    20?????!!! Yikes.

  • Sham

    why american girls always look older ??
    why american girls have fat legs ??
    why american girls are so ugly?????


  • L_omg

    She looks so old. I thought it was her mom, too.

  • Mary

    Wow she got a stylist cause her style was so much more slutty than this.

    She looks really old like around late 20s

  • sandie

    She looks old, 30-35, seriously.

  • sandie

    1. why american girls always look older ??
    2. why american girls have fat legs ??
    3. why american girls are so ugly?????

    1. Fragile skin, too much sun exposure, too much makeup at a early age, no skin protection, too much drinking…
    2. Too much McDonalds and the others fat (fast) food places & not working out
    3. Well… maybe bad genes

  • wow

    To Sandie…screw you foreigner, quit dumping on Americans

  • Xio Pio

    Does anyone else think she looks like a Transvesti, I sure do, LOL.

  • Vio

    Why is she dressing like that?

  • chantall

    shes pretty she just looks OLD AS HECK!!!
    um idk if i will watch that….. i dont even watch the other one that much

  • Jaye

    You’d think they’d be more creative with the title. Just another excuse for this family to be on tv. Her mom and dad supposedly are going through a nasty divorce, but hell ya’ll the money has to keep coming in. Let’s work the only money train we have right now. Besides it doesn’t take talent to be on a REAL-ALITY show . lol @ that bozo Nick Hogan calling it that.

  • anonymous

    Someone had a boob job! Gross!!

  • whatever

    Sham and Sandie. Not sure why you felt the need to say ugly things about Americans, but the fact that you’re looking on an American celeb blog site and then trashing ALL Americans shows that you’re both ignorant hippocrites. Sure, there are lots of Americans who are overweight, overdone…whatever, but I’m sure wherever you’re from has its problems too. You shouldn’t hate all Americans just because your mothers are hookers who got knocked up by American business men.

  • tia

    wow she doesnt look trashy here lol she always dresses like a freakin prostitute!!! but she does look waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay older than she is.

  • Ally

    Ha ha! Totally agree with you #28.

  • Vshizzle

    Poor girl…She should be a 20 year old…not a 30 something pole dancer – she is not ugly…why does she cheapen herself….Her boob job is hideous.

  • amy

    I think she looks so old for 20, i’m 28 but i like to think i look a lot younger than her.

  • girlsugar

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  • Aline

    She looks like if she was turning 40….she looks too old.

  • Rogerdodger

    She has a face like Mt. Rushmore.

    And what a class act – using her family’s scandals (jail / divorce) to push her b.s. “reality t.v. / pop singer” career. She woud not have received any media attention but for the mess her family is in – and she’s pumping it.

    I have an idea for her reality show – it goes something like this: Brooke gets a part-time job at a restaurant and some federal education loans, and puts heself through college. In the process, she develops a sense of self, some character, and indeed – a soul. Ultimately, she finds a calling that she enjoys and is talented in, and goes on to live a productive fulfilling life, while contributing to society.

    I have all the respect in the world for Hulk Hogan – insofar as he is a salf-made-man who rose to a top place in the entertainment industry. However, I have a hard time stomaching what he has cultivated in his kids. He has helped develop two of the most clueless, spoiled, self-possessed harmful beings on the planet. Both of these jerk-offs need a few tours in Iraq.

    Until Brooke Hogan has everything that Hulk has fed her – including condo, cars, “singing career,” etc., taken from her – and is left to fend for herself, she has no business selling any kind of “reality.”

    Shame on her, shame on her little jerk-off brother, and shame on Hulk for creating them.

  • anon.x

    Well, before i say anything else can i just say i am not american but i am in 100% agreement with whatever because i agree that judging americans is ignorant especially since you dont even no them! and i wouldnt be associating americans with obiesety either because our country is not far behind if not infront or on a par! so people shouldnt tar americans witht he same brush after all there wouldnt be a decent show on television apart from coronation street if it wasnt for americans! right thats that bit now…brooke is a young girl and despite her family difficulties she is trying to get on with her life. i am not saying dont have an opinion but i am saying mine right now. brooke could be alot worse andtheres time yet for her to go off the rails so if you have jusged her now in a bad way, if she does go potty remember what you said when she was a normal girl trying to live her life. Good luck to her!

  • Non

    Wow I Can Tint The Green Eyed Jelousy Monster Below ,You People Are So Shallow ,Sure She Isnt Beautiful But She Far From Ugly !

  • fudge

    Heart!!!! Am i the only Brooke fan out there?

    Have been watching here:

    Where else can I watch – besides on TV?

  • youssef.


  • john


    I no brooks dad Terry, .. You all can say all the bad things you want to about them, its sad there familey split up they never act like they hade all this money and was to good to speak to people… Brooke is just a girl out having a good time and Brooke u better live it up while your young… I support you in anything you do i watch your show all the time i wish i was there hanging out with you all… people on here talking about you and your familey , they wished they hade your life and looks tell the familey i said hello and brooke please make up with your mom,she loves you and plus thats your mother she makes mistakes just like ever body else i wish her and your dad would get back …

    love you all