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Hayden Panettiere Engagement On The Way?

Hayden Panettiere Engagement On The Way?

Hayden Panettiere wraps up filming a scene for the upcoming season of Heroes and heads homes in her Porsche Cayenne on Thursday in Los Angeles.

Her Heroes costar and boyfriend Milo Ventimiglia is planning to propose, according to In Touch.

The 31-year-old actor recently confided to a friend that even though Hayden is only 18 years old, he wants to get engaged this year.

Milo was looking at rings in late June,” the pal says. “He really likes Cartier and intends to spend around $200,000.”

Halo met on the set of Heroes and reportedly began dating in January.

10+ pictures inside of possibly engaged-to-be Hayden Panettiere

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hayden panettiere engagement 03
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hayden panettiere engagement 05
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Credit: PhamousFotos; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Hello

    I don’t think she will say yes. She is only 18, she has to much living to do. He is ready to settle down but I don’t think she is.

  • cheryll

    2ND! i love hayden! it’s up to her if she will say yes or no

  • Leah

    yeah but she thinks she is 18 going on 30 so it should work.. take it from me, way too young.

  • =)

    Pathetic both of them

  • nikkita

    IF this is true, theres always divorce, but that costs alot of money lol.

  • bla blah

    Do you notice they announced their being a couple once she turned 18?? Coincidence?? LOL!

  • Cassie

    It is up to her if she does or not not anyone else. But i don’t believe any thing in touch writes

  • jk

    for a chubby gal, her boobs sure are tiny. i get why she refuses to lose weight. if she lose few pounds, her chest will totally be flat.

  • louis

    this is stupid. total BS.

  • ///


  • Portia

    Can you say creepy!? Damn. I dont think any 30 something grown ass man should ever even think about getting married to a barely legal girl.

  • Jas

    I absolutely HATE these two together. He’s a pervy abuser and she’s a skeeky stuck up child. Good luck.

  • eddie jones

    she was 5 when he was her age, what a sicko. Can’t he get a girl his own age?

  • Mary

    Older men are more mature than guys that are around her age. She seems very mature for an 18 yr old so there is no reason why these 2 can’t be together.

  • michelle depp

    Boy, she is built like Britney Spears & that’s not a good thing! She looks like a linebacker!

  • Portia

    Mary, that’s bullsh1t and its an excuse for old pervs to get young girls.

  • chilly_powder

    That would be the most stupid decision from an 18 year old ever!
    Seriously people in Hollywood have a brian the size of a kidney bean!

  • Miapocca

    she is not exactly chubby..just one of those no matter how much money they have they will never be what society considers great looking…eg is Tori spelling, b ut sh ehas a great personality to go with it…

  • Miapocca

    well..getting married at 18 is a bit much of a drag for somenone who has tons of time to wait..seems like Milo will soon relaise that he is at a different stretch in his life than teh little girl and thats what breask up a lot of relationship…its also selfish to ask an 18 yr old to marry a 31 yr old when teh 31 year old know damn sure she is not up to that point in her life….whatever , its hollywood anyway, even the over 60′s get divorced!

  • gigi

    oh please
    last time he proposed it ended up in a break up
    I dont believe in weddings at all .. specially not in hollywood weddings

  • cecile

    That’s why she doesn’t have sex with him before marriage ??
    i don’t see anything else…

    so pathetic !

  • American

    It’s InTouch. Don’t believe any of that

  • Sam

    She looks pretty. And I don’ believe the engagement rumors.

  • chantall

    wow i dont believe this!!! no way she is way to young this has to be a rumor she is def. not ready to settle down

  • Or

    for some reason she looks weird to me in these pics. maybe because she doesn’t have makeup on but she looks older to me in these.

  • Ana

    Hayden is not chubby like some comments are saying she is very healthy and fit. u guys are so blind if u don’t see that!!

  • shannon

    ok first i hate how everyone in hollywood follow trends first the posh hair cut Hayden has it now, a little to late and now the Maxi dress short ppl should never wear that length dress it doesn;t suit her body type although the yellow looks great on her!

  • lanolin….like sheep’s wool

    I am sure that the engagement rumors are false. In Touch is one of those tabloids that never prints anything true. Besides, I think that if Milo was gonna propose to Hayden, he would tell her, not someone else who in turn is gonna tell a tabloid. Engagements should be a surprise and it would suck to hear that you are being proposed to that way. I’m calling BS to the whole thing.

  • orange clockwork

    Hayden looks good she looks very summer- like

  • LuckyL

    Hayden looks good like always :)

  • http://lolwut? >_

    Yay ♥ Milo is gonna get married to his childbride!!!!1 ^_^/

    i want a childbride like hayden ^_^

  • http://ooo the pedo and the whore!

    Milo is a sick pedo with mental disabilities and maladaptive fetishe. He has been preying on her since she was 16… how sick is that!? milo is creepy old man.

  • 2u

    ^You know #31 and #32 it’s obvious you are the same person. stop spamming.

  • izzie

    i don’t believe this!
    she’s just 18
    if she marries that guy, she’ll be missing half of her life

  • Whatever

    She’s a kid BUT she’s such a mega famewhore that if he is a big enough dumbass to propose, she’d definitely say yes. Then jump on some couches and sell her fairytale romance to Ok!

    Haven’t liked her since Remeber the Titans. Just another fake self important screwed up child star. Rehab and 5 failed marriages – here we come!

  • CC

    She looks gorgeous, I love that dress.

    About her being too young to get married, it’s different for actors who have grown up in this industry… she had to grow up a lot faster than your typical teenager, and if she was immature she never would have gotten a man like Milo in the first place.

  • American

    What #28 said. It’s a tabloid. Don’t believe it.

    Well she’s not five and he’s not eighteen, #13. They’re two consenting adults. Why don’t you worry about your love life and let them worry about theirs.

    Selfish how, #19? If she’s mature enough to date a much older man, she’s mature enough to accept the responsibilities that comes with it. Like marriage proposals which she could say yes or no to.

  • age is jus a numbr peepdizzlez

    i have been dating a 38 yr old man since I was 15 and now i am 29 and we’re still together.

  • mila

    wow, how can u react for rubbish like this?? totally not true!! milo? propose? soon? i don’t think so….

    abd #38, :O

  • girlsugar

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  • Victoria

    I doubt Hayden’s parents will be happy about their young daughter getting engaged to Milo.

    I don’t have a problem with a 12 year age gap, if the youngest person is in their twenties, but for a 30 year old guy to date an 18 year old girl ……. it does seem a bit pervy!

  • peter

    I bet her momager is spreading the rumors like always.

  • danz

    I used to love Milo but he’s just creepy to me now

  • Evelyn

    So, why not? They are both adults. They can take care of themselves. Get engaged already.

  • Kay

    Apparently Hayden is quite the mature girl for an 18 year old. Her ex boyfriend was a few years older than her too…

  • chep

    um she already wore that dress to this bowling thing she went to,. it looked disgusting the first time and looks even worse now with that horrid hair but she has around her fat head. who said these guys are going out in the first place. non of them have confirmed it publicly (to a magazine). she just wants him coz she is some stuck up princess and think she will become more famous if hes her boyfriend.

  • caitlin

    i love them but she is to young and i dont even think this is 1 ounce true

  • halo fan

    i’d say yes :P

  • Novan

    I’m just waiting for the upcoming trainwreck. It should be fun to see this creepy 30 year old trying to worm his way into an 18 year old vajayjay.

  • Beyb

    This is gross and them make me dislike Milo even more.