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Heidi Montag Goes On Jeopardy

Heidi Montag Goes On Jeopardy

No, The Hills‘ feminist hero Heidi Montag was not a contestant on the television quiz game show Jeopardy!

But she was one of the answers on last night’s episode! SRSLY!

Under the category of “TV Women” for $1,600, here’s what the answer read:

Lauren and she stopped speaking after she moved in with Spencer on MTV’s The Hills, Duh.”

Yes, that Lauren Conrad, that Spencer Pratt and yes, THAT Heidi Montag.

What is this world coming to?!

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24 Responses to “Heidi Montag Goes On Jeopardy”

  1. 1
    PardyHardy Says:

    I was watching that, I almost puked.
    I liked that there was actually a question I got right though.
    Ugh…I hate those MTV wh*res

  2. 2
    CA Says:

    Did any of the contestants get the answer correct? That’s the BIG question…

  3. 3

    what is this world coming to ????? that is the lamest thing i have ever heard


  4. 4
    woZie Says:

    Haha that’s pretty funny! And I always thought Jeopardy was boring!LOL

  5. 5
    Portia Says:

    This is bad news. That fake bimbo is so worthless.

  6. 6
    Sharon Says:

    Yeah its Jeopardy Idiots edition.

  7. 7
    Diego Says:


  8. 8
    kristi Says:

    Wow, that’s sad. Society is officially going down

  9. 9
    rockstar Says:

    LMFAO. She was a Jeopardy! question?
    Ha, she’ll be bragging about that in the next 24 hours on some talk show that got her to fill in at the last minute because they were desperate for a guest.

  10. 10
    mike_ Says:

    hahahahahaha she probably paid for them to put that question in.

  11. 11
    pebbles Says:

    good question jared…what is this world coming to?

    you know it’s almost the end of the world when…

  12. 12
    pebbles Says:

    good question jared.

    you know it’s the end of the world when…

  13. 13
    LN Says:

    I’m sorry – Heidi is a “feminist hero”? Whaaat? I’m pretty sure I haven’t worked my ass off in school and at work these past twenty years to be in the company of that kind of feminst. What does she DO exactly, besides Spenser?

  14. 14
    manny Says:

    what a ******* bimbo!!
    what adults would actually know the answer??

  15. 15
    amy Says:

    i hate the hills……..boring

  16. 16
    Sara Says:

    Hahahahaha!! Good post Jared… but did the people get it right?

  17. 17
    tina Says:


  18. 18
    tina Says:


  19. 19
    Mari Says:

    I was thinking the same thing as #2 & #16. Someone has to let us know if anyone got it right. Sometimes I think I am the only loser that watches This Hills. Surely someone intelligent enough to be on Joepardy doesn’t watch The Hills!

  20. 20
    girlsugar Says:

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  21. 21
    danz Says:

    well like it or not they are a part of pop culture at the moment. They don’t deserve it but there are plenty of other useless “stars” who are actually seen as important figures.

  22. 22
    yoyomabeotch Says:

    Again with the bullshit ‘feminist hero’ crap. I sincerely hope you are only trying to be witty. She is in no way a ‘feminist hero.’ She’s a joke, she should have saved her money and got her face fixed instead of getting new boobs.

  23. 23
    Kay Says:

    Im with # 4. hahaha

  24. 24
    shell Says:

    all of yall are haters.. but yall make the world go round.. u know if you were on jeopardy you woulda got the answer right though..

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