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Jessica Simpson's Country Album Drops 9/9

Jessica Simpson's Country Album Drops 9/9

Jessica Simpson‘s much-anticipated country album, Do You Know?, is due out September 9!

“It’s going to be a great year,” her father, Joe, tells Us Weekly. “It’s 9-9 – she’s into nines this year. We hope it’s a wonderful joy. It feels really good. She is extremely happy.”

The music video for “Come on Over,” her first single, debuts on her Web site TODAY (you have to register and log-in) and on CMT next week. Head on over to to watch the vid, which was show by Liz Friedlander at the Little Creek Ranch in southern California.

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  • kccody

    Really dislike the whole Simpson clan. Isn’t their collective 15 minutes up yet?

  • jaye

    Good for her. I hope it is successful.

  • stellar sophie

    pop music isn’t working too well for you eh jessica…puttin’ the money on the country.

  • mike

    people are such ignorant assholes….

  • well

    How about her “not anticipated or wanted at all” country album. Wish she would just go away permanently!!!!

  • Sharon

    I don’t think she is a bad singer. I just can’t watch her perform. She looks like she is having an epileptic fit everytime she sings.

  • Alyn

    I can’t stand people who say they are Christians but then turn around and act like w**hores in their music videos.

  • ashley

    This is a horrible picture of her. She looks frumpy. Her “country” album is going to do the same as her pop album ..horrible.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    um… isn’t she tired out putting out flop albums.

    this album will flop also. careers comes to an end

  • shannon

    ugh! can’t stand her but her hair looks nice in that pic

  • wow…

    “She’s into nines this year” Seriously?

  • http://myspace zanessfan!

    omg wow xP
    not good

  • http://myspace zanessfan!

    omg wow xP
    not good

  • sammy lattito

    Jessica is on that south aftrican hoodia plus … oprah was talking about it on her show the other day, they both use it here and there to drop weight,.. today on the front page of was a full page talking about it.

  • jennifer simmons

    love jessica simpson did anyone else see the oprah show where they were talking about south african hoodia plus this product they both have been using to drop weight? So funny here is Jessica who maybe has ten pounds and then there is Oprah.. need I say more?
    they had the article on that new site andI have to say it sounds like Oprah is going for a good 125 weight .. she is now weighing 148.. according to her.

  • CJ

    I hate Jessica Simpson, I think her whole family are psycho but some how I think this album is going to sell big in the country world. The Country world is kind of slow and they will greet Jessica with open arms. Look how Jessica has been playing the media lately. She has milked the media with stories from her break up with Tony to the “she is so hurt by what Pam Anderson” said about poor little Jessica. I’ll bet you the country world is buying into her phony garbage and put her album on top of the country charts.

  • Ann

    Jessica and her PR peeps have been flooding the media like crazy it’s so pathetic.

  • Myohmy

    I didnt see Dukes of Hazzard, just the trailers for it. I like her version of These Boots are Made for Walking it was catchy. She does this album just to keep her name out there to sell the goods that are making her mega rich (clothing line, lingerie, hair extensions, perfume, etc etc) I read somewhere her net worth when she divorced her Nick was around $50Million. So, I guess she is No country bumpkin LOL

  • Cassie

    A ho to one isn’t to another….maybe to right-wing Christians! Good for Jessica to have discovered her sexuality and, yes, she was too young and inexperienced when she married Nick Lachey. She has stronger ethic, willing to “work” and has proven herself to be a successful entrepeneurial spirit. I hope she and Tony Romo (an equal) keep their relationship private and it lasts forever!

  • LUCY


  • Seriously

    Jessica needs to fire her father and hire a real manager. I don’t think she’s that talented but her father is an absolute joke. Some of the things he saids in interviews make me cringe.

  • Amanda

    That’s a terrible picture of her.

  • Ann

    I think when she wore that real girls eat meat t-shirt she was trying to get at Carrie Underwood but that mess back fired on her. I’m glad Pam said that about her. Even if Pam take it back.

  • caitlin

    she cant sing vountry her version is SLUTTY COUNTRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • caitlin

    team carrie

  • JANE

    TEAM CARRIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Megan fox rocks

    can’t wait , love jess

  • Joan

    All of these stars are phony they pay pr people to suffte the Internet for their names and post. John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston use pr people to fix their names in the media. The PR people are the ones with talent all of these stars don’t have talent they can depend on.

  • Ruby

    OMG Im so sick of the Simpsons. Just Go Away.
    Jessica is the most attention seeking person ever and so is Tony Romo.
    The fans are going to crucify him if he screws up this season. Jessica is so dumb to step into country and start dissing on other artists. Its so lame.

    Not only is Carrie more successful and talented, she has a rockin body.
    Jessica is saggin everywhere or pudged out from beer, pizza, and sausage. She is such a joke. No one is taking her seriously in Nashville but Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson-the old timers.

  • CC

    Carrie Underwood owns her in every single way and always will. Give up, Jessica. No one cares about you anymore.

  • ama

    CJ, not true… Country is one of the hardest genres to break into… even with all Carrie Underwood has achieved, many in the genre don’t accept her… But her popularity (and the Taylor Swift girl who just outright CAN’T SING) shows that things are changing A BIT in country music… Were this ten years ago, Jessica wouldn’t have dared pull a stunt like this…but, you know…it MIGHT work. Still, she’s mostly selling her body and there have been MUCH hotter bodies in the genre (Shania Twain, Faith Hill) so I’m thinking she’s only going to be C List. Sorta like she was with her pop career…She will never be a huge deal but she might have a top ten hit or two…about like Kelly Pickler…

  • girlsugar

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  • Wow


  • Denver

    My predictions-1-Country music is forgiving and will take just about anybody. It is an easy ,easy genre to break into. If you have a name , pr team, face,bod, some marketability, you should be able to do something. Jessica S has all of that and they will be able to make some decent money in the millions. It is all about money and these girls,mostly girls, have the most marketable talents. Some are really so(Faith, Shaina, ) and others are just ok(Taylor Swift). Some are good but did not marekt themselves other than for their talent, like as in not marketing their bods and private lives( The Wreckers) and did so-so. These girls were really good and more true old countryandles pop country. Pop country is easy to doand is marketbale. You are right, ama, about old country. They still do not accept Shiana and gave her a hard time , but her popism sold $$$$ AND then her real talent shined through.
    2-Tony and Jessica will breakup by Dec. he is a player as he should be, I mean what would you expect from a guy with his popularity and money. he is way too young to settle with one woman now. The love of hislife is football as it should be. N oway would Jesica use getting pregnant trap because she is not two-bit golddigger. I hate those kind of girls and the dumb ass men who allow this to happen. She doe shave her tens of millions she has earned.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Their dad pimp makes me want to puke!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope they find some major shit on that loser and he goes to jail for tax evasion or something

  • Tina

    Oh my god, that photo is NASTY! It looks like Miss Piggy begging for sex, gross. I’ve just lost my appetite.

  • Ann

    Who cares? All the Simpsons are wacko.

  • jerzeegirl

    WTF!! Is this chick seriously still trying to sing? Hopefully it’ll all be over by 9/10 and she’ll go away!!

  • mikayla

    jessica simpson i have no faith in her and neither do a lot of people i think by her going country was her last try to make a name for herself in the music industry, when she says i was always country and i always wanted to do country “oh my God” thats a load of shit…no she isn’t country thats a lie she just wants to say that as an excuse what a fake bitch…she was a christian singer who turned pop singer she couldn’t sell records then and she wont now…it’s not the type of music she sings it’s her !..she doesn’t have a good voice she is not likable at all she is a joke…does she know this cant anyone in her camp tell her it’s either you have it and can be respected like the greats or you dont and become a has been i dont think she has come to realize this and if she has shes in denial…seriously jessica simpson a country star hahaha she wants to be carrie underwood well she in for a surprise she is no carrie, and she doesn’t have what it takes to be like her you carrie is going to wipe the floor with this fat chick….carrie needs to show her how its done!!