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Lindsay Lohan Loves Labor Pains

Lindsay Lohan Loves Labor Pains

Lindsay Lohan and DJ Samantha Ronson walk alongside closely to one another during a break on the set of Labor Pains filming in North Hollywood on Thursday.

Rumors suggesting Lohan and Ronson were more than just friends started after the couple was spotted kissing and cuddling during a party at the Cannes Film Festival back in May.

Ronson showed her support for Lohan‘s music during a gig this week, by playing tracks from her new album at an exclusive party.

Lindsay‘s new album, “Spirit in the Dark” is scheduled to be released in November 2008.

15+ more pics inside of Lindsay Lohan loving Labor Pains

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lindsay lohan samantha ronson labor pains 02
lindsay lohan samantha ronson labor pains 03
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lindsay lohan samantha ronson labor pains 05
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  • K

    FIRST! Linds’ blue top looks good on her :)

  • Stefanie

    haha that fake pregnant belly suits her somehow ;D

  • jam

    is she actually gay then? i know it’s none of our business but she does seem to spend alllllllll of her time with sam

    whatever she is..she’s looking much happier and healthier xx

  • Mio

    omg,. they are so adorable! OMG.

  • mitra

    I realy don’t like her but surely she’s not a GAY

  • LuckyL

    Dude, I have no problem with this at all. Anyway, she’s been clean since she and Ronson have hung out. Ronson is like her probation officer.

  • Leah

    not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I don’t think Linds is gay. She has said in sevreral interviews how she needs someone to trust and Lord knows she doesn’t have that in her family, so Sam fills the need for best friend/family/minder/baby-sitter,etc. Same issue with Britney, they can’t handle being by themselves so they needs someone thisclose with them on a daily basis.

  • Jay

    Even if she is gay, so what, all girls have gay tendencies lol.

  • zanessafan


  • sash

    I beg to differ… Lindsay might not be gay, but she’s bi! Her and this gal are shagging… period. fullstop. Trust me, I would know…

  • sdw

    they’re SO shagging

  • nonynony

    haha cute. with the way the paps have been dogging these two every second they leave the house that they live in together, they sure aren’t dating anyone other than each other. how long are they supposedly staying celibate, doubters?

  • elin

    love lindsay

  • Nixo

    Love them together. Clearly in love. Congrats.

  • nikomilinko
  • tb

    They really are cute! Lindsay seems really happy!

  • say

    She has such a beautiful voice. I love her so much. BTW, I saw her ad on ‘Ric h kis s . c om’ yesterday. She has her blog, album, friend circle there. Very popular.

  • regina

    Take this awful girl (?) with this ugly hat away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lindsay ronson

    God. They’re so HOT together. If they’re not doing it, nobody in Hollywood is doing it. In addition to being hot, they seem totally happy. For real happy. Not Heidi and Spencer happy. Like actual human beings.

  • ratu

    is she really gay ? she looks like it. oh well….

  • sole

    i love them.. they’re so cute together.

  • Sabrina

    Lindsay is probably bi. I think they’re dating. Sam seems to be good for her and they look happy and in love. I wish them all the best.

  • mya

    If Samantha presence helps Lindsay to live a more “normal” life then what? It makes time that we know Lindsay is bi. I think that I knew it since her “friendship” with Paris who’s the same by the way..

  • Cassie

    Actually, their faces look very similar….maybe they are twin souls (rare to be on Earth during the same incarnation) who don’t have that awareness, yet.

  • LindsaySucks

    Lindsay Lohan is a stupid bitch. This girl keeps on making one stupid mistake after another. I have no idea what her fuckin problem is, but she needs to be locked up somewhere so she can be evaluated because there is something unbelievably WRONG with her.

  • china

    BLOGGERS ARE A BUNCH OF F’ HOMOPHOBES AS*HOL*S…How come when they are a gay couple they use “Rumours” or “Gossip” instead of actually using the “couple” word???? why ?

    ant stop tellign people to get married and have babies just cuz that makes a difference in your pathetic lonely life….bunch of losers all these have turned out to be…..possibly the cunts of these women on the blogs are just as dry as their humor…

  • Jullez2001

    I would definitely say they are a couple. Best friends just don’t have that kind of body language or walk like that together. This is how I would look if I was with my boyfriend, not my best gal pal.

  • tina

    I like these two together.

  • Tae

    yeah i agree with Jullez2001…it’s the body language… u can sense wat’s goin on. but neway, if she’s happy it shudn’t b ne of our business

  • stellar sophie

    so she wants to sway the other way, that’s ok…hopefully she won’t be shy about it. maybe the boys she was dating turned her direction and LiLo wanted to taste a little pink taco heaven?

  • Jaye

    This is what happens to you when your 15 minutes of fame drags over into 16 minutes.

  • esther

    You don’t suddenly become gay. She might be experiencing a little bit, or she’s always been bisexual.

    And she might also have a male lover that we never see. But her true relationship seems to be with Samatha.

    This is a Jolie-Shimizu type of relationship redux. Except that Jolie could afford to be much more discreet back in the day because there was no Internet, no blogs, no justjared lol

  • Wow


  • Sarah Kashani

    This is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING! Lindsey being a lesbian? OMGSH. This is gross! GOD only made Adam and Eve NOT Adam and Sam. This is outrageous. And what sucks is that people accept this Gay shit as if it was normal. IT’S NOT . . . period.

  • Sarah Kashani

    This is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING! Lindsey being a lesbian? OMGSH. This is gross! GOD only made Adam and Eve NOT Adam and Sam. This is outrageous. And what sucks is that people accept this Gay crap as if it was normal. IT’S NOT . . . period.

  • girlsugar

    Good article PS: **MIXEDLOVING.COM**becomes the outstanding niche interracial dating site recently . Thousands of new members FREE to join daily to meet dream date

  • FAB

    What an ugly woman. I have NEVER understood people’s fascination with her. She is NOT the girl that anyone would have looked back in high school, so I guess that it’s her fame and wealth, I suppose. Anyway, this relationship won’t last because Lindsay has too many issues. Besides, this SaMANtha person looks like a cheater, so I can’t see her staying with Lindsay. The minute that some HOT, sexy, real double-D comes around, she will leave Lindsay in the dust. Lindsay will then go back to her whoring ways…sleeping with any MAN who is breathing.

  • Mary


  • amanda

    of course she’s gay! and that’s not a big deal…
    let her be her. i’m not linds fan but i like they two together =D

  • Dontgetit

    how do 2 girls shag????

  • http://- Rach

    Yes they are so clearly seeing each other! I don’t understand why they wouldn’t want to make it public though?! Seems strange keeping it a secret… Lindsay is so hot though! I wouldn’t say no!

  • mancbabe

    i am happy for lindsay coz she as found someone to help her more than her family do. But if she was gona b wid a gal then she could of found a nicer looking one than sam, but its her choice not mine

  • lola

    go lindsay
    so wat if shes bi
    alot of people are
    for example tila tequila and
    alot of ppl love her
    so fu*k u ppl that r sayin
    shit bout her

  • ella

    theres nothing wrong with
    liking the same sex gosh
    u guys act as i shes commiting a crime
    for like a girl get over with it
    maybe she was bi all along
    but sam was the only girl
    that got her attention
    she mightve thought
    girl wew hot and stuff
    but sam got her attention
    gosh just get over it
    shes bi big whoop

  • mary

    LOVE IS 4 ALL…GREAT ATTITUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • guy

    AWESOME COUPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • akansha

    u guys rock 2gether………..

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