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Miley Cyrus & Lucas Till Hit The Beach

Miley Cyrus & Lucas Till Hit The Beach

Miley Cyrus enjoys some motion in the ocean with shirtless costar Lucas Till while on break from filming Hannah Montana: The Movie in Malibu, Calif., on Friday afternoon.

Miley, 15, and Lucas, 17, were also accompanied by another female friend.

In the film, Mr. Till plays the kinda-sorta-maybe boyfriend Travis Brody to Miley‘s character, Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana.

DO YOU THINK Miley and Lucas make a cute couple?

10+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus and Lucas Till splish-splashing in Malibu…

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Credit: Hot Shots Worldwide, Louise Barnsley/Nate Jones; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, SplashNewsOnline
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  • karoline phantom

    and shes GORGEOUSS <3

  • jolie

    he hott.

    here goes nick number 2

  • dani cunt

    WOOT, i love her.

  • dani cunt

    [number one]

  • Heather

    aww they are a cute couple! just went to the beach last weekend. these pics make me wanna go out again : )

  • ally


  • Zanessa_Luver

    that boy is hott! lol He and Miley look good together!

  • kristine

    shes a whore

  • JashleyLover

    they r cute together.
    visit my youtube

  • JashleyLover

    they r cute together.
    visit my youtube

  • anonym

    no nick is cuter
    and her and this guy r so
    not togeyther
    i love miley she rocks!!!!

  • jam

    ewww, pic 2. ‘insert here yaaaa’lllllllll!’

  • nunny

    well actually #12 i dont want her w/ nick at all
    but the guuy is ok looking :)
    but shes to big of a whore for her to deserve either guy
    just telling the truth

  • Zanessa_Luver

    they are a very great couple and he is so hott hahaha lol

  • shannon

    for a 17 yr old he’s a hottie!

  • Dristevski

    Woot……check out his bulge in the side shot…..yum yum

  • Christina

    I see a couple!..
    but yeah Nick is way better.
    i dont like her at all, but i just like her songs.
    i saw the list of the cast and adam gregory is HOTT!
    and jake ryan is going to be there. ANOTHER HOTTIe- Cody Linley!
    the till dude is alright. dont know for sure till I see the movie i guess.

  • Alexandra

    OMG they look so cute together :D
    Lucas is so cute!
    Miley look so awesome

  • wtf!

    FUG.FUG.FUG. Thats her.

  • eva

    ok stop bashing on miley she looks awesome .lucas is hot but
    IM A PROUD NILEY SUPPORTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alyssa b

    he’s pretty cute! I think they look cute together! good choice!

  • leslie

    I LOVE Miley…she’s so cute..she looked like she was having lots of fun as usual…
    And damn that Lucas has a hot-ass body. I’d be ALL over that too.
    They have to be going out cuz he’s with her EVERWHERE (Universal Studios, Starbucks, pet store, restuarant, at the beach for the past 2 days while she was practicing and filming and today) and they seem to have a little too much fun if you know what i mean.. more than just friendly….damn he has a sizzlin body. I’d be frolicking all over the beach with him for everyone to see and not even give a shit.
    yes sir… I want more!

  • denise


  • Tori

    Damn that body is a wonderland…Go Miley.
    I’d have him following me everywhere too…….With his sexy ass.
    Love ya Miles

  • a

    is it me or does she have a hunchback? [picture 5] and is she trying to look sexy with a wet tshirt because its not working. ughhh shes so annoying. shes one of those people that wont go away

  • stepho metho

    wow.. she looks so happy.. thats great for her. and Lucas is smhexy! Yummy! XD

  • CLfev

    Wow, he’s hot. hahaha! Don’t know who he really is (Imdb that later.) but, yummy.

  • Tori

    Damn his body is a wonderland…..Go Miley
    I’d have his fine self follow me everywhere too….with his sexy ass!
    And Miley looks so happy and cute she is really skinny too (well she’s always been but wow she’s like a stick).
    But uhh yeah, I want some more of that hot piece of ass that is called Lucas. Girl, you got yourself a good one.
    Love ya Miles

  • Rogier

    Miley is hotttttt
    and he is totally checking her out on the photos xd

  • Emma

    omg miley rocks!!

  • asdasd

    she’s so annoying. she has a rat face.
    she looks like a hunch back in those photos.

  • sarah

    hes kindof cute but i dont like him and her together shes wayy to good for him and im super stoked shes in the water i wouldnt think i would ever see her in the water at the beach and im glad shes not in a bathing suit cause man she would be like a slut i bet

  • sam

    holy crap! he’s fine!!!!

  • Wow

    Ummmmmmm she is a terrible everything! She has no talent and needs to go away! OMG Miley Cyrus GO get a life! Stop trying soooooo hard.

    You’re never going to be in a movie, the only movie u r going to be in is Hannah Montana. Once you start in TV you can’t go to movies.
    If you are in a movie it will flop.

    FYI— you r mad ugly and your costar is way hotter than you! That must make you feel really really sad Miley. To have a boy hotter than you.
    Well what can I say. You cannot go anywhere without makeup on because without it you are but ugly.

    Miley, it is time for u to go home back to “hick” vill in Tennessee where you belong. You can’t even dress yourself nicely when going to a AWARD show. You put on dresses that make you look fat or are too big on you. WOW get some style sense at start acting proper.
    Hhahahaaa Oh and you probably have no hair left from all the extensions that u put in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    He’s so hott!! But not hotter than Zaccy!!
    They’re so cute together!!
    They look better than Niley!!


  • ANDY

    WOW!!! If I was 2 years younger I would totally love to hook up with him, he is super SEXY, and with a hell of a body, and Nick J is so NOT hotter than Lucas, Nick is cute, but not really what you can call “HOT” may be if you conbined the 4 of the Jonas Brothers you can get a decent looking boy, cause they are super far away from being HOTTIES.

    MIELY looks super cute, and it’s like she said , just cause she hangs with a guy doesn’t mean that they are dating. She can have friends, and hang with them whenever she wants,

  • http://none Katie

    Gross That guys is butt ugly! Uhm NO! Shes better off with Nick J

  • heyyyo

    how cutee

  • Brooke

    #35, you are COMPLETLY jealous, i can tell. Why don’t YOU get a life and let Miley be. If she’s ugly, (which she isn’t, btw, I’d like to see your ugly face without makeup) just forget about it and live your own lfe instead of ruining another’s.

  • Diana

    They look cute together, but I don’t know if like a couple. He seems nice, and looks well …. FINE, but he looks Idk, maybe later, but not now, at least that’s just me, and I m kind of sick of the whole haters stupid comments of ” Go back” and “Hilbilly”, I tough you guys were sure Selena and Demi were gonna take Miley’s place, you guys are just showing some “maturity”, that is quite amusing .

    “here goes nick number 2″
    Nick never went out in public with Miley, not even as friends so I don’t see how this can be related, Nick is in my opinion a cute boy, not the nicest person ever, cause lately is getting to his head, a lot of pressure maybe?IDK, but he is ok, I won’t say I hate him nor dislike him, But I do hate the way he never talks at interviews, but to adore HIMSELF.

  • krung krung

    that lil S L U T.

  • Natx3

    Ew. She looks like white trash. Wow her posture sucks!

    I have that shirt though :)

  • Natx3

    Ew. She looks like white trash. Wow her posture sucks!

    I have that shirt though :)

  • Jojo

    Some of you are so stupid and immature.
    These picturesa are adorable. But of course youll find some sort of flaw with EVERYTING she flippin does.
    LET IT GO… Moveeee on with your lives.

    She looks cute.

  • kate

    She actually has a really great body.
    She looks in shape.

  • melu


  • brandi

    She is so pretty. She looks really nice with her hair up like that and she has gorgeous eyes. And she’s super skinny and in shape..I wish I was like that.
    But yeah she looks like she’s having so much fun.
    And DAMN Lucas is hot as hell…niiiiiiiice ass body.
    I’d hit that anyday.
    See ya later Nick J….. ha ha
    And stop with all the “go away Miley” comments why won’t you do that?
    We don’t want you on her posts.
    Go Miley!!!

  • anna

    Miley RULES!!!!!! SHE looks awesome, she is having fun, like a normal teenager, I tought that was what haters wanted to see her acting her age, but when she does , she is a Slu*. well GROW UP haters.

  • eh


  • joe klinsman

    i hate her >:(
    she is soooooooooooooooooooooooo ugly