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Nicole Richie's Novel Turns Into TV Show

Nicole Richie's Novel Turns Into TV Show

Nicole Richie just confirmed that her 2005 coming-of-age novel, The Truth About Diamonds, is being transformed into a TV show. The former Simple Life is even going to be part of the production, natch.

“I would definitely produce and definitely be in the show,” the socialite tells E! “[But] I don’t know if I need to be the star of this show. I’ve got a lot going on right now.”

The Truth About Diamonds is about this girl named Chloe Parker. She’s a club kid with a drug problem but manages to get her own series of “reality commercials” with her friend Simone. The book tells about Chloe’s struggle with fame, drugs, and romance.

WOULD YOU WATCH Nicole Richie’s book-turned-TV-show?

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  • Orange Clockwork

    OMGosh, this new centering format is ATROCIOUS.

  • Luu

    she’s gorgeous

  • chilly_powder

    probably lame… but there’s so much trash on tv already and people still watch, so… who cares really?

  • alyssa b

    i might. but who knows how good or bad it will be.

  • Jose

    Hahaha, she looks so stupid with these glasses. Damn, she’s ugly. And that’s just gonna be a lame autobiography.

  • ashley

    haha I read her book, it was okay.

    I don’t know about this being a show though.

  • You/Me

    Not to rain on Nicole’s parade or anything but why is her book so different from what we read in the tabloids every week??? I wouldn’t read the book OR watch the show.

  • jasmine

    I can’t wait.
    love her :)

  • jasmine

    she is so adorable that book was really amazing.
    i read it like 6 times :)

  • jasmine

    If you don’t like her then don’t watch.
    her fans that love her and have read the book will be watching :)

    hating no necessary!

  • stefanie

    No, wouldn’t be interested.
    Perhaps the “Gossip Girl” crowd would be.

  • PardyHardy

    I’d watch it.
    I friggen hate this new layout. It feels like my page isn’t fully loaded, but it is, thats just the way it looka.
    Seriously Lame man…

  • Madison



  • emilie

    i would totally watch it!

  • troy

    It would depend on the cast but it sounds like it’s basically just a clone of “Gossip Girl.” And since I watched three seconds of the first scene of that show, turned the channel and never looked back I would have to say probably not.

  • Nicola

    I am so freaking excited for this.
    i am obsessed with Nicole.
    its a must watch and a must buy on DVD.
    I think Nicole should play chloe’s good side in the book and another actress to play the wild chloe.

    loves it!

    check out my blog:

  • sammy lattito

    Nicole is hot and just getting hotter everyday. I love her. her show looks like it is going to be really good they had the clips from the pilot on it looks like it is going to be good.

  • amy

    i don’t think this is going to be interesting enough for me to watch it …..haha, it’s true that she looks stupid with those oversized [atrocious] sunglasses..way too huge for her tiny face goddamn! i think she was hotter back in 2003/2004 when she had more than bones as her body! ..anyway, she’s kinda beautiful but she’s just a fashionista, right? she has a classy style and does absolutely NOTHING else than that….come on, what’s her fame? what has she done worth it? why is famous?a stupid show called “simple life”, in which she just showed how superficial and stupid she is? ahhhhh..i swear…anybody can be a celebrity nowadays..ANYBODY !!

  • mickey

    In that picture she looks like Joan Rivers with a tan.

  • ashley

    lmao i didnt even noe that she had a book
    like hell i would come close to watching her on t.v

  • cutie

    Wow, she’s FUGLY in that pic! She looks like (the thin) Star Jones, but has for a while, with those bulgy eyes and the big head! Hmm, all that work to whiten herself up and look and sound like the black Sarah Michelle Gellar hasn’t worked for Nicole!

  • Rick

    i’m so excited…will be watching, can’t wait

  • Camille

    Can you imagine the style and fashion of the characters.
    the trust fund babies.
    hollywood divas style like paris and kimberly stewart
    the emo dudes like elijah blue
    bel air princess like nicole richie
    so EXCITING!!!

    i mean if you haven’t read the book, you should its really amazing.

  • oh

    So, it sounds interesting..but I think its time for hollywood to start producing shows about poor people and what they go thru..just a thought

  • kidslimsouth

    Wow. I didn’t even think she could read, let alone write a whole novel. Good for her!

  • ellen887


  • Naomi

    The book was quite good, but i definately won’t watch that B.S!
    Seriously, we see enough of this shxt on t.v every single day.
    it will be a flop, for sure.

  • who cares


  • nikki

    YESSS !

  • UGH

    She’s so tacky and the people who find her all glamourous are tacky as well. She’s an insult to all the chic young women out there. She’s part of the generation M. MEDIOCRE

  • Erica

    You know, I really wish Nicole Richie would let up with the self-loathing and stop trying to fool us with the endless raggedy blonde weaves. Honey , we KNOW you are at least half black because you have stated as much yourself repeatedly. I have no idea why she tries so hard to hide her frizzy hairlines and dark brown hair, BABY pictures don’t lie Nicole. We all know what you used to look like (a hell of a lot more ethnic). Michael Jackson #2 right here

  • remember da truth

    Don’t like the sunglasses.

    But Nicole producing while she has the baby and Joel is touring is a good idea. Nicole would be great acting in a sit-com.

    She is smart, which is why she outgrew Paris. The girl has a lot going on. Those who are frustrated because she’s famous, well, YOU do something special to show what you think it should take, then shut up, okay?

  • Suz

    She looks like Carol Channing-seriously. That is not a good thing for those of you who don’t know who Carol Channing is.

  • Helena

    Horrible picture!

  • Yes ..Why Not..

    Sure i will watch it. The chick picked herselfup dusted herself off and is not playing the young HW brat anymore (as far as i know).
    Everybody deserves a second chance. I dont believe most of what i read anyway onless the actual person is giving an interview.

    So yeah.. be there square.

  • caroline

    where’s the auditions for the parts? ;D

  • Alex

    I WILL BE WATCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    me and all my friends LOVE her. she is so perfect!
    i have an autographed copy of the book. I went to her book signing. she is sooooo pretty in person and so tiny but her skin is like flawless.

  • Georgina

    can’t wait.
    love the book and i love her :)

  • bored