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Ryan & Abbie and Coffee Mates

Ryan & Abbie and Coffee Mates

Ryan Phillippe and girlfriend Abbie Cornish step out together in West Hollywood, Calif., for some shopping on Wednesday.

The couple was later seen grabbing iced coffees together to cool down.

New on DVD this week is Ryan‘s movie, Stop-Loss. Boys Don’t Cry director Kimberly Peirce explores the U.S. government’s policy of allowing Iraq War soldiers to be returned to combat. Also costars Timothy Olyphant and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

10+ pictures inside of coffee mates Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish

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ryan phillippe abbie cornish coffee 01
ryan phillippe abbie cornish coffee 02
ryan phillippe abbie cornish coffee 03
ryan phillippe abbie cornish coffee 04
ryan phillippe abbie cornish coffee 05
ryan phillippe abbie cornish coffee 06
ryan phillippe abbie cornish coffee 07
ryan phillippe abbie cornish coffee 08
ryan phillippe abbie cornish coffee 09
ryan phillippe abbie cornish coffee 10

Credit: ME; Photos: Flynetonline
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    lakers for life



    lakers for life

  • Shana

    She’s a HOE!

  • Crustacean

    People wonder why Pretty-Boy Ryan is with Witch-Chin Reese or Cankled Abbie. Well it’s obvious. He wants to BE them.

    He doesn’t care about looks in a female, because he is the one with the looks. What he really wants to do is take out his anger and self-loathing on girls who have what he wants — acting talent. He finds women more powerful than himself — seduces them — and then tries to sting them like a viper, cheating on them, wounding them emotionally, to bring them down. Then he feels better about himself because he has ruined someone and brought them down to his level.

    If Abbie knows what’s good for her, she’ll run. Ryan is even more dangerous now than he was with Reese, because his looks are fading. He doesn’t even have that weapon anymore. He could easily turn psycho with jealousy when Abbie’s fame skyrockets.

  • mike

    It’s funny how people take so much time to analyze other people’s lives… lol :)

  • kiki

    … and here comes the hatefull comments… God…
    I love this couple, Abbie is an amazing actress, and she’s beautiful.
    the haters need to go and watch Candy.

  • GAL

    OMG how big a loser do you have to be to sit around analyzing an actor you don’t know and then type it all up and post it everywhere you can? I like Ryan and Abbie together and the moron haters make me like them even more.

  • GAL



    HI REESE!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • SAndra

    Hey does anyone think they are getting married? What could be in that box?

  • GAL

    1. Crazy Person

    2. REESE

    Who posts this stuff?

  • jennifer simmons

    love ryan he is a cutie.. even if he did my girl wrong,

  • amy

    ryan is smoking hot……

    it’s so funny how the two of them (he and ex-wife reese) took SO MUCH time to find other partners LOL

    yea, i know…they had to move on, but hey ! the reese/jake story was kinda right after the divorce! and this now…….funny! they DID love each other!

  • Emma

    I LOVE Ryan and Abbie! They look so good together… happy, real and comfortable.

  • Emma

    I LOVE Ryan and Abbie! They look so good together… happy, real and comfortable.

  • jose

    LOVE these 2! They look great.

  • boys suck

    guys who are dicks

    1. ryan phillipe
    2.ethan hawke
    3. chad micheal murray

    they probably all bone eachother too

  • Kelly

    Yeah I actually really like these two together.

  • whats up

    There is nothing image contrived about this couple they are just normal people who have cool jobs. Question IMO i think it says alot about Reese that she cannot take her children out of town these days unless a nanny comes along. They are your kids look after them yourself. That is what I respect about Ryan he seems to do the work himself not hire it out.

  • Hey

    This is a very cool couple they seem very normal. Love them lots of luck to them.


    he’s soooooooooooooooo damn deliciiiioouuuuuuuuuuss

    ow Gosh

  • Jill

    How can you like Ryan he looks like a drug addict? He acts like he is the victim I have never heard him take responsibility for his actions like when he is tell the paparazzi that they are low life scum so now they are taking pictures at his house good he deserves like he thinks he’s almighty. How that career going? Abby run as fast as you can because this man isn’t worth it. I hope he got a big settlement from Reese because that is the only sizeable paycheck he will ever have unless he gets clean and sober.

  • ouchouch

    LOL at the comment that says Ryan wants to be them. I never heard anything so ridiculous.

    There’s a lot of haters, but there’s also just as much of team Ryan and Abbie out there. It’s good to see both Ryan and Reese find happiness and kept it civilized with their children.

    Oh and look at that Abbie isn’t fat AND she’s wearing horizontals. It’s cute they’re wearing matching hats.

  • the_boyfriend

    What fun reading this thread.

    He’s Handsome.

  • hailey

    she’s better looking than reese

  • go sox

    Does anyone think they look like brother and sister in the top 2 photos?

  • lexi

    I think they look like twins, so cute together!!! Anyway why are Reese’s fans so bitter? Do you think women who have been dumped or treated badly by men naturally associate themselves with Reese? I think so, Ryan has never looked so healthy or happy. Reese seems happy too. Maybe sooooooooomeday her fans will get over it!

  • Elle

    Is she pregnant? That would KILL Reese, even though she’s “moved on”…..

  • naomi

    Abbie is gorgeous! she looks awesome even without make up… in fact, I think she looks younger too.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    that chick is way hotter than ryan’s fugly ex.

  • bla blah


  • Whatever

    It’s refreshing to see some intelligent posts on these two for once. There’s only a few (such as the loser one by bla blah before mine)rude anti Ryan and anti Reese posts. I’m used to posters proclaiming (as if they were BFFs with Reese or Ryan), that Ryan and subsequently Abbie cheated and ruined Reese’s life or vice versa.

    There was never any evidence of cheating, people break up, especially in Hollywood. And if anything, Ryan has been a lot more lowkey with his new relationship then Reese has been with Jake. Both have moved on. Ryan & Abbie are cute together.

  • Erica

    Never thought I’d say this, but I think Ryan actually upgraded when he got with Abbie after his marriage to Reese broke up. Plus, these two have been going strong for awhile WITHOUT the necessitation of marrying/staying together just for their kids (unlike Reese and Ryan). And I’ve got to admit that the whole Reese/Jake coupling comes off as extremely platonic and basically asexual. I won’t believe those two are having sex with each other until Reese’s second shotgun wedding takes place.

  • Ruth

    I cannot believe how Reese has become the “guilty party” in many of these posts!

    I admire the way Reese has behaved during the divorce and afterwards in what must be one of the most difficult situations to live through – the breakup of a marriage because the husband has met someone else. Reese is a class act and I wish her every happiness.

  • yl

    they´re ridiculous together. there´s space enough for about 5 other people walking between them *lol* and her “style”, just like i wrote days before: she dresses like a singing family that is famous over here in germany. but i can imagine why;)

  • girlsugar

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  • darr

    She looks cute here. I think she went back to blonde. Ryan is hot as usual.They make as sexy couple. I have no problem with Jake and Reese they are cute together. I’m happy R & R are both settled and happy.

  • Puce

    Hey, I’m absolutely NOT a fan of Reese, but how come Angie is a homewrecker and she is a “slut” for certain persons, and Abbie is the best woman ever for Ryan ? Helloooo ?

    What is wrong with you people ? They started their romance during their movie together ! Does it ring a bell ? But nooo, Abbie is cute and Angie is the devil ! pffffff…

  • diane

    Ryan is such a nice person I am glad he’s happy

  • cHRIS

    He is better suited to her than to Reese Wither…..she is not such a big success that she makes him feel overshadowed and inferior. Reese was too successful for him to be comfortable wtih her.


    He cheated on his wife with that!!!!!!! On the other hand, it’s good to see that Reese has finally found herself a “real” man.

  • go ryan

    He finally looks happy and relaxed. Jake looks miserable and stressed like Ryan used to.

  • minority report

    I like them together they have a cool vibe going on.

  • lyf sux

    its really sad dat reese and ryan divorced…i like reese but m krazier abt ryan nd kinda jealous of Abbie…lol….but da good thing’z dat dey hav 2 cute kids nd reese has jake now nd ryan has abbie…so i guess thing’z worked out 4 da best….nd bsides i love ryan…i think he’z really really hot :) especially in Cruel Intentions…he was jus amazing <3 ….hope 2 see more good films !!

  • Abbie rocks

    Abbie is beautiful, but even more beautiful without make up, like in this pics..

  • Debra

    Can’t believe he risked his marriage to the beautiful and talented Reese for this chunky skank.

  • molly

    Abbyho looks like Mortisha on the adams family. She sucks.

  • Molly 38

    Ryan and Abbyhoe are both liars and cheaters. A home was busted up here. If Ryan wanted out he should have said so instead of flaunting his dirty laundry in public.

  • gtfo

    Reese fans step down. You’re a miserable lot.