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Selena Gomez Helps Save The Planet

Selena Gomez Helps Save The Planet

Disney’s up-and-coming tween queen Selena Gomez goes barefoot as she does a few chores around the house in Hollywood, Calif., on Thursday afternoon.

The 15-year-old Wizards of Waverly Place star waved and smiled for photogs as she was seen doing her share in saving our planet by taking out her family’s recycling bin.

Sweat pants by Westholme.

Wizards of Waverly Place airs on Sundays @ 6:30PM ET/PT on The Disney Channel.

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selena gomez recycling bin 01
selena gomez recycling bin 02
selena gomez recycling bin 03
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selena gomez recycling bin 05
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  • Amy


  • ezz

    She’s annoying !

  • Amy


  • melly


  • sofi


  • Selena fan

    Awww selena is so down to earth.
    shes great and aan awesome role model
    very prettty too!

  • letitbe

    EZZ you are annoying!
    She is cute. I wish her the best. Stop the hate.

  • Kasia

    i love selena
    she’s gorgeouss

  • http://ggggg me

    she is cute but miley is better

  • odierox

    ahh. that’s cute.

  • AJ

    Miley sucks! Selena all the way she’s more real and sweet.

  • anonym

    i love her

  • Luu


  • jade


  • PardyHardy

    I like her sooo much more than Slutty Cyrus.

  • Brett

    I LOOOVE her, she’s soo gorgeus, and I can’t belive she’s so famous, I mean I’m fifteen and I could never imagine being famous and playing in movies right now..

  • Brett

    I LOOOVE her, she’s soo gorgeus, and I can’t belive she’s so famous, I mean I’m fifteen and I could never imagine being famous and playing in movies right now..

  • sassy

    ooh i love her!!! yay she’s recycling!!!!

  • Vanessa Love

    Love Selena. She’s s cool!!!!!!

  • Portia

    Who is she already? Is she the non-slutty version of Miley Cyrus? Nice to know.

  • Ken

    That is cute. A child being a child, helping around the house (grudgingly, I am sure).

  • may





  • angel

    I love Selena! She’s so pretty!

  • maria

    WOW love her!

  • rebecca

    she is so much better than miley.
    miley is so fake and annoying.

  • Kat

    Why do people always start comparing her to Miley the second something is posted on her?! Why not compare to Demi then??
    It’s gotten so annoying.

    Anyway, I love all the disney girls.
    Selena is cute.. but nothing too special or unique, IMO.

  • giselle

    people do need to stop comparing selena and miley. they’re both different girls… and they both rock!

  • hi

    selena sucks

  • hi

    selena sucks

  • nina

    That’s cute.
    Nice to see her helping out.

  • Kat

    Saving the planet?
    It’s just garbage! Let’s not give her too much credit now.

  • rawya

    love her

  • rawya

    love her

  • Rayt

    How can anyone consider her “fugly”? Sure everyone has different tastes but srsly.. if that’s “fugly” then god help us all!

  • sabina

    awww. i love selena. she is so cool!

  • kaah

    I love Selena,and I hate Miley , Ecat

    I love somuch Selena,
    Te amo muuuuuito Selena!

  • Sarah

    Some of you need to grow up. Stop comparing Miley and Selena. Miley’s made mistakes but face it; everybody does. She does the same things any normal sixteen year old would do. She’s not as safe about it as she should be, but she’s still human. And so is Selena. You have no rights to be calling either of them ugly or bad rolemodels, because you have no idea what goes on through THEIR minds. Stop being selfish buttheads, and realize that they have hearts, too. It’s not fair to hate someone you don’t even know just because you’ve seen their face on TV. It’s really stupid to hate someone if they never did any physical or emotional harm to you. Stop being ridiculous, and grow up. Both of them are trying as hard as they can to keep a life as well as be followed by paparazzi all the time. You have people with cameras follow you everywhere you go, and try not to have some kind of scandal on the homepage of Yahoo the next day. It’s ten times harder for someone who’s personal life doesn’t exist without everyone in the world having access to it. So stop. They’re trying as hard as they can.

    I love Selena. She is gorgeous, and I love how she cares about the planet.

  • Kikigirl101

    She’s okay. I mean she’s better than Miley, but does anyone else think she has a big head?

  • bre

    W00t! Selena rules! *throws confetti in the air*

  • chantall

    i love selena its nice to no that celebs are trying to save the planet…
    yea i really need to start recycling

  • Maria

    Aw love her !
    All her haters are so stupid. They just hate her because she’s much more talented and prettier than Miley and because she was in The Jonas Brothers’ music video.

  • logan

    shes recycling!

  • Camila

    luvv selena!!!!! OMG recycle!!! yay!!!! better than fake Miley!!

  • PC2C

    selena is so pretty.

  • marty

    Sheeeeeeeeeee is great ! I always do it ;)
    selenaaaaaaaaa you rock !
    ps: ‘ezz’ you are sooooooooo stupid

  • marty

    and ‘hi’, also you

  • stepho metho

    she is so down to earth… i love her!

  • kkcc

    YAWN. what is with the CONSTANT pics of her?!?!?!

  • selena rocks

    Selena is awesome. But LMAO the paps have already found her house!! WTF? That’s kinda weird.

  • karley

    im sorry but she is really annoying
    and its soo funny how the jonas brothers are always trying to make demi and her famous