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Ashley Tisdale: Speedo Scenes are Awkward!

Ashley Tisdale: Speedo Scenes are Awkward!

Ashley Tisdale says hello to a female friend while sitting in her mom Lisa‘s car outside an L.A. coffee shop on Saturday morning.

A half-hour later, the 22-year-old High School Musical star popped into Chris McMillan hair salon in Beverly Hills for another hair treatment.

Earlier this week, Ashley was interviewed today by Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM radio show to talk about her new ABC Family movie, Picture This! Listen here (mp3).

This Tizz was also interviewed by TVGuide. Here are some excerpts:

Were there any growing pains, though, when your career was taking off? There are so many trust issues playing out in the movie, it seems that would be tough to navigate. My parents are really supportive. They obviously wanted me to have a very normal childhood. And that’s why I worked at a clothing store, because they wanted me to understand the value of a dollar, and how hard it was.

You’ve said that carrying Picture This! was a big challenge for you. Were there any other personal hurdles in the movie, or scenes that were tough to nail? Anytime you have a kissing scene with someone it is very awkward. And he’s in a speedo, and you’re in a lifeguard suit – it’s embarrassing and awkward, and you just meet the person, so it’s weird. But I’m always up for a challenge. The most challenging was the prosthetics [in the mall scene], I had an allergic reaction to the prosthetics. The stuff they use to put it on the skin made me itch.

10+ pictures inside of Ashley Tisdale on her way to getting her hair done again…

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  • eh


  • eh

    first e

  • alexa

    haha i love ashley!

  • eh


  • sarai

    love her shoes and she’s beautiful =D

  • Helena

    She looks like a bimbo, so it’s no surprise she comes across as a bimbo in interviews.

    “…it’s embarrassing and awkward, and you just meet the person, so it’s weird. ” It’s called acting, dumb, unprofessional hóe.

  • elizabeth

    first page, yay!
    i love ashley, even though i prefer Vanessa…

    HSM rox sox!!

  • hanna

    wow helena why don’t you go make out with some one in front of cameras that you first met. oh right, you probably have since you’re a sluuuuuuuut

  • ally

    i love ashley!!

  • Helena

    Whatever. She’s meant to be a professional actress. She’s acting like a little teenager.

  • Cheyanne haycock

    the big bag suits her well, her shirts a little wierd, the pants are good though
    the outfits ok overall but a better shirt would make it better
    and she’s a bimbo? HA! atleast she didnt have naked pictures of her on the internet
    Im sure this new movies going to be good

  • Lian

    Thanks for the pics. (:
    But the link to Ryan Seacrest’s page isn’t working… 8/

  • mernam

    ya smthings wrong with the link!!


    go to my oyutube watch my vids and add me

  • suzy

    she is 23

  • Suzanne

    I hate that shade on her lips. But she is doing good and I wish nothing but the best. I have no reason as to not like her.

  • Jo

    Don’t really like the girl, I don’t care, but love the outfit =)

  • haha

    Her tacky purse that she likes to show off and a shirt that displays her lack of boobs. At least the sunglasses are hiding her hideous eyes. The movie sounds so typical and predictable. Even at the very least it doesn’t even have the appeal of beauty. Lmao at people acting like they know her. So what just because it’s not on the internet, it doesn’t mean she isn’t a bimbo. who knows what slutty shit she does on her own time. Either way she is a whore for attention.

  • um

    She didn’t do an interview with Ryan Seacrest. She did one with Billy Bush, even your link is to Billy Bush’s website.

  • Caz

    Unprofessional? She’s a normal person not a robot who’s only purpose in life is to act, she’s allowed to feel awkward and embarrassed and it doesn’t make her any less professional for saying that she felt that way, it just makes her honest.

  • kaah

    i love you ashley(diva)

  • nina

    She looks pretty.
    I like her with her hair up.
    And nice bag too.

  • (:


  • um

    She didn’t do an interview with Ryan Seacrest. The interview is with Billy Bush, as your link even says even though it doesn’ t work. She is not good looking which the outfit emphasizes and the movie looks & sounds predicable. Failure.

  • Lindsay

    yes she did do an interview with ryan seacrest, thats just not the link to it

    go to

  • Sabrina

    Ew ew ew ewwwwwwwwwwww,shes SO ugly and she makes me sick and i have a top just like that but mine is just a little darker,but she makes my favorite top look cheesy she shouldn’t be wearing that she doesn’t look good in it at all shes look disgusting in it.

  • Megan

    Gross shes totally disgusting look how sweaty she is and really gross
    and her fake ugly tan,shes a fake herself,like fake tan fake nose fake face.Shes nothing but a FAKE ashley tisdale arrrr,i hate herr so much she should go away for her life into a shell and stay in it forever and ever.Haha.Like she has NO talent she can’t sing she can’t act she can’t dance,shes useless.

  • cj

    ash looks great, wonder what she did to her hair, a lot salon visits lately, LOL. CAN NOT wait til pic this tomorrow night! i am not sure whay haters would view and comment, they need a life. Ash rocks and is a great role model!!!!! ruben here’s a great article

  • nichole

    hey does anyone know if the purse is a gm or a pm?

  • kate

    Um shes ugly

  • soo pretty

    Ashley looks GORGEOUS.

  • LuckyL

    She’s 23 Jared.

  • Niki

    cute ash!!! i love you!!!!!!

  • kiki


  • Grape

    so pretty!
    love u, Ashley!

  • wrehgf

    she is always very hot, no matter here or on i read many news about her, also her hot pics and videos.

  • Massie

    She’s 23 nawt 22

  • ZanessaFan4Lyfe

    Love her :)

  • ZanessaFan4Lyfe

    Love her :)

  • chantall

    wow kissing a guy in his speedos thats soo AKWARD

  • Lauren

    ASHLEY IS GORGEOUS! Get new eyes dumbass!

  • Stephie

    thanks 4 the pics!

  • girlleader1

    LUV HER!


    speedo scenes would be awkward!
    i would have a hard time concentrating!!
    i can’t wait for tomorrow!!
    picture this is gonna rock!

  • stephanie

    i LOVE her shades!!
    but i think she could have done better than that shirt!
    she still rocks though =]

  • vanessafan

    has anyone ever noticed that she’s copying vanessa’s style by buying free people clothing, just like vanessa? vanessa has always said that she tries being an individual with her style and started developing a more hippie/boho look. now look what ashley’s doing.

  • LOLA

    ^^^Yes, i’ve noticed!!!

  • charlene

    ::sigh:: looks like the haters are infesting the boards again i guess i have a lot to respond to thanks for bringiong up her posts though that makes jared want to post more stuff about her so thanks a lot :)


    To Haha, Ashley is not looking for attention infact she wants to get away from it hence her dislike for the paparazzi. She ios a beautiful girl. There is no reasoin for you to go insulting her in such a way. Picture This sounds like a great movie, like a movie i would want to see even if Ashley wasnt in it but the fact that she is just makes me want to see it even more because Ashley is a very talented individual. And what is all this about looks anyway? Who cares about that? Its whats inside that mattes and Ashley is a great person unlike some people on her such as yourself. And before you even ask how I know this, its because I met her and it was the best experiance of my life. We chatted like friends. She is the sweetest girl ever and even if she was ugly which shes not btw what does that matter really? It doesnt matter AT ALL. And so what if she doesnt have huge boobs she still looks great.

    To (:, she does not such nor does she need a stylist. Ashley has great fashion sense. I love her clothes and have even invested in a few for myself.

    To Sabrina, ::sigh:: not you again. Andn what is it with you and looks? who cares how someone looks? is that ALL the reason you have to dislike someone? If so thats really pathetic. You should find a more substantial reason and stop being so shallow. oh and you should be blessed and feel special that you have the same top as this great girl.

    To Megan, wow so much rage, so much hate for a girl you dont even know. Now tell me how does that make any sense at all? Why exactly do you hate this gfirl so much? Please do tell me and give me a reason that actually makes sense will you. Ashley is not fake, so she got a tan, she was at the beach ya know. Shes lucky. I burn. As for her nose how many times do you have to be told. She did it for health reasons why wont you listen? Do you have any proof that would mean that she was lying? No I didnt think so so you really shouldnt go around calling others a lyier. I happen to believe that Ashley would never lie to us and I have seen some things were she has had trouble breathing due to that problem. I’m glad its fixedd now as for the rest of her face whats so fake about it? btw Ashley has stated numr=urous times tat she was very scared during the operation and that she didnt want to have to do it but she had no choice. She also said she never wants to have to go threw that ever again and she stated that she does not believe in plastic surgery what more proof do you need? if she was lying I highly doubt she woudl go to all that trouble of saying all of that stuff. And even if she had had plastic surgery so whaty? whats the big deal? Its a nose get over it. Shes still the same girl why does it mater? its not your body. Its a nose who cares? geez its not the end of te whole here people. And if she had no talent I highly doubt she would have ever got any jobs because people would not want to hire someone with no talent as they woudl just lose money. She is a very talented girl just accept that. and dont call someone useless. just b/c you dont like them dont mean hey are useloess. everybody has a point and place in this world and is worthwhile thats just heartless to say something like that.

    now for all you haters plz do tell me why you hate her? give em a good reason and btw how old are you?

  • Nicole

    Haha good one charlene still sticking your nose in other people is business.Lolz sabrina,and megan thats funny i totally agree with you.

  • stephana

    guys, did you notice that vanessa wore that same top in maroon on the ad for the first look of hsm3? i prefer it on ness though…