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Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel are a Kress Couple

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel are a Kress Couple

Justin Timberlake and girlfriend Jessica Biel leave Kress nightclub together after its grand opening in Los Angeles on Friday.

The couple were offered free wieners by a passer-by, which they accepted before they drove off! Mmm, late-night hot dogs!

The Chicago Tribune has a great article that Justin wrote himself–it’s just random thoughts. Here are some snippets:

– I know Ray Allen pretty well. I’m excited to say congrats to him. I’ve never met [American auto racing driver] Danica Patrick. I’d like to meet Danica. I think she’s talented.

– When I was a kid, my idols weren’t Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. It was Michael Jordan. I was convinced I was going to be a basketball player but I never grew. But I think I’m doing OK.

– In recent years, I would say Tiger Woods. I think Tiger Woods is the Michael Jordan of this era. The most recognizable athletes are probably him and David Beckham. I would probably say my favorite athlete is Tiger Woods.

Read the full “Out Loud With Justin Timberlake” article at the

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Credit: Josephine Santos; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • magali

    really love this couple !
    they are HOT !

  • leon


  • gala

    ITS grand opening

  • justintimberFAKE!!

    His girlfriend is more of a man then he is. He is such a little bish!! such a *****!!

  • justinlimberfake

    damn they wont let it through. let me try again. His girl is more of a man then he is. Limberfake is a lil’ bissh!!

  • mike

    dont be a hater…i love Justin!!!! <3

  • T&M.

    Aw, I love this couple. I think they suit each other very well. And I absolutely love Justin and simply adore him. It’s nice to see him happy after Britney and then Cameron.

  • yuri

    i love Justin  ♥

  • goldend

    those are some random douchey toughts.

  • Ann

    I love them as a couple.

  • moviewatchingfamily

    They seem happy so why wish ill upon them? They haven’t done anything to cause harm to others as far as I know? Just trying to understand some of the hatred.

  • Amie

    They seem so beautiful together. I like that their ages are close together and they have more in common.

  • Paul

    I like them because they don’t who re for attention.


    PHOTO OP! They haven’t been seening together since june.

  • tb

    Justin is so into himself I’m surprised he finds time to be into that she-man.

  • Larisa

    LOVE Woods and Beckham pesonally because they got soul and true talent and care about their sports so i agree with him about that, but ya otherwise what a silly article.

  • thebestever

    Wow, do these two ever have any chemistry. Sorry I just can’t stand her she’s clearly using him, and is as fake as a 3 dollar bill.

  • sara

    her face looks so greasy

  • poser!

    He reminds me of someone’s creepy perverted little brother. Biggest out there!! fakeass whiteboy!!

  • abailey6666

    justin is on top of his game that when you see the jealous bitches come out to play justin and jessica are happy and are together do you think they read this shit anyways bitches”

  • Kate

    Is she trying to cop Cameron with those earrings

  • Lu


  • comback3t

    Talk about OVERHYPED. He is a GRADE A TWAT!!

  • You/Me

    Ahhhh, so now he is trying for the John Mayer random thought cool factor? lmao….I used to like him but after he made a few comments about reality stars, MTV, politics, and the environment and he sounded so arrogant … was like “Who the h*ll do you think you are…..Justin, you are just an entertainer like every other celeb out there”!

  • http://lorlopeck angela

    don’t waste our time with those two guys, , they always put on the “leave us alone, you make us mad” look, but thats all fake,

  • LOL

    You/Me I can’t believe you said that. John Mayer has NO Cool factor. When I was watching John Mayer jog up to the paparazzi camera I notice he looked so awkward and off time. I realized Mayer has no rhythm at all. The other guys on stage must help him stay on beat. Mayer look like an awkward clumsy white boy that can’t dance in some of the concerts I went to.
    Mayer is pathetic and is so full of ego. I can’t stand that douche bag and his phony publicity stunt life. This ex-Mayer fan could not dump that jerk quick enough. Seven years of following that jerks career was to long.

  • karen a

    I understand the black men get angry because a white boy is getting so much attention for singing black music, but at least Timberlake isn’t a Vanilla Ice. Vanilla Ice wasn’t into the music. He just did it to make money. Timberlake sings the music because he loves it.His mom played black music in their home. So, he’s not a fake. He’s not a rough gangster like 50 Cent. And he dates his own race. It seems that’s what everybody wants to applaud — the rough gangsters who are always shooting up —–in more ways than one.

    Justin Timberlake doesn’t care what anyone says, so I respect him. He gets bashed by blacks, but he also gets bashed by the racist whites. I respect him for doing what he wants to do inspite of criticism. He works his b-u-t-t off and doesn’t accept defeat easily. He’s also very talented. That’s why he is so successful compared to that Robin Thicke guy who is also talented but seems pretty weak. I also like Justin’s music very, very much. The jealous people need to stop the hate.

  • Maria

    She has a man face and an overrated body. And no talent. Her publicist also tips off the paps occasionally.

    Justin can do way better!

  • tia

    shes so freakin manly. they would have ugly babies

  • dr fill

    He’s killing his career having a man-girl like Jessica as his girlfriend. She looks more like a guy everyday. Of course Justin’s balls have not yet dropped.

  • Justin Timberlake Jessica biel

    These two are a hot couple, don’t care what anyone else thinks. lol.

  • Nia

    They are a beautiful couple. He has a lot of jealous haters in the business. When his Cd surpassed John Mayer’s Cd-John and his fans got jealous of Justin and started bashing him on the message boards that’s when I decided that I did want to be a John Mayer fan any more. John started acting like a douche when he could not be #1 when in fact he did not put much work in his continuum album. He was busy playing around with Hollywood chicks. I brought Justin’s Future Sex/Love Sounds Cd and not continuum.
    I was a Janet Jackson fan also and on her message boards they also started slamming Justin when his record started doing really good.
    When Justin started his come back from the so call ni–le gate scandal it renewed anger from some of the other fans, I still like Janet she is a sweet lady and I wish the best for her career.
    Some artist like John can’t stand when they are not #1. He was being a a$$ about Justin success. He said stuff that was to fuel mindless fans into hating him. Later he did a little tape of him self coping one of Justin’s song. Some bitter fans were trying to say John sounded better which was a joke. It’s sad that this industry has become so cut throat. Which is stupid because there should be room for every one.

  • me

    He’s talented, hardworking and enterprising. That’s why I like him. He has become a good music producer and composer, and has improved the way he writes his and others’ lyrics. Truly a good artist. Hats off for being one of the best entertainers/performers of this new century, too. Good luck, JT.

  • me

    Ah, I almost forgot: who is the dude in the corner of the main picture?

  • Elizabeth

    I don’t know what it is, I heard Justin say that he’s happy with her and I would assume she’s happy with him (free press for her!), but I just don’t like them together. I can’t say this for anyother couple in Hollywood, maybe it’s because I think she’s using him, she looks like a man, never smiles, constantly doesn’t wear makeup so we have to look at pics of her looking greasy and unattractive. I hope they don’t last, I think he can do sooooo much better! I wish him all the happiness but I just don’t think its with this girl. Hope it doesn’t last..

  • i’ve been steady sayin

    I’m glad they’re happy together and wish them luck, but I don’t think Biel will be the girl for JT in the end.

    JT could surprise the turds out of everybody and marry a black woman eventually. If he did, I think it would be someone really beautiful who he is madly in love with who is kind of like him in likes and dislikes- not totally enmeshed in black culture – more middle of road. I can easily picture him with a sister. He almost looks like he is mixed with black… something about his hair and features.

  • Mike

    I like timby, but I know his stress to get a class girl as Jessica (shows in his reportoire, is’nt it?)

    I hope she will not shealter in his name, becourse she belongs on the screen!