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'Sex and the City' Sequel in the Works

'Sex and the City' Sequel in the Works

A sequel to the Sex and the City movie is in the early stages of development, HBO confirms to Entertainment Weekly.

And why not? Since its debut in theaters at the end of May, the first spin-off movie from the series has racked up a ridiculous $345 million.

“We’re really heartened by the fans’ enthusiasm,” Michael Lombardo, president of HBO’s programming group, said at the cable network’s annual press tour in Los Angeles. “Absolutely, there is a lot of energy behind doing another SATC movie.”

However, the lead actresses (Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Cattrall and Kristin Davis) aren’t rushing to do the sequel as to not risk disappointing their loyal fans.

WOULD YOU WATCH a sequel to the Sex and the City movie?

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  • tayler (miley cyrus fan 4eva)

    Maybe lol.

  • Jo

    I AM SO HAPPY :)

  • Ivana

    SJP looks like a GHOST…….

  • moviewatchingfamily

    Still can’t really get into this but I wish them well with the sequel.

  • Emily

    Yay.. of course ill watch it.. but as the girls said, i don’t think it would be as good but then again they may surprise us!

  • You/Me

    How many single women are out there??! $345 million!!?? That’s crazy, who would choose to watch this over any of the other better movies that came out at the same time?

  • mike

    I love it!!! And yes people chose this over other movies…and it was good!!! I went their the opening day…and tickets were totally sold out for 3 days!!!!!!!! I was like OMG!!! People really do love this movie!!! I am one!

  • elizabeth

    oh i’ll def watch this! I was in love with the first one and so was my sister and two friends. When we watched it the first day it came out the audience was nothing but girls except for one gay guy and a married guy that was prob dragged But the whole audience was sooo into it and it was exciting. I can’t wait and I hope the cast really decides to do it.

  • :)

    Mike is gay

  • Larisa

    ^^And you are DUMB!!

    I would watch it but i hope they dont make a sequel, the movie was a nice closure dont ruin it!

  • Halli

    Strike while the iron’s hot, I suppose. I support SATC so I’m happy about this.

  • Jill

    I never watched the show (checked out one episode and switched the channel after ten minutes of monumental ennui) so I won’t watch either movie.)

  • tracy

    ugh-the first one sucked

  • soxfan0215

    i will for sure

  • troy

    I sat and stared at the screen during the movie’s extensive *and bloated* running time then it ended. I got up from my seat threw my empty soda cup and popcorn bag in the trash and thought “Well that was a total waste of twenty bucks and two and half hours of my life.” So no I most definitely will not be seeing a sequel.

    In all fairness it wasn’t terrible but I just didn’t get it. But apparently a lot of people do and so there will apparently be a sequel. Go figure.

  • Kris

    I was ready for the sequel while still sitting in my chair at the theatre.

  • depeche

    First part was about the wedding, it will be about the divorce….

  • Annika

    I wouldn’t watch it, because the end of the movie felt like final closure.

  • vicki Pasadena, CA

    I watched the show religiously and loved it. Saw the movie and was struck by how used I felt at the end. Not only was the movie too long by about 15 minutes, the sub plots (trip to Mexico and Jennifer Hudson story line) were totally irrelevant. I also saw the overhead microphones 12 times during the movie, bad editing. I will not see the sequel, i choose to remember the series as being smart, funny and touching.

  • kidi

    Of course I would! The movie was fabulous, darling.

  • lond0n

    I would totally watch a sequel to the Sex and the City movie !

  • larryfromlondon

    Are they crazy ? Yes the movie made a huge success but the reason is people wonder the movie but u know it was a bad movie and next film will have lower gross .. Sequels don’t work for this type .

  • atrium

    I Just Love Love Love the Show
    So Does the Movie
    Glad for so Good Succes
    and the Main – Success in the Show or in the Movie is Because of the Good Team, Screenplay and the Best Sence of Humour…

  • milka

    I would go to the movies to see it but I hope that they don’t do a sequel. I think that all their stories have been told.

  • lovergirl

    Of course I will watch it!!!!

  • Helena

    I liked the film, but they should bring the TV show back. It was much better.

  • terriblefilm

    I loved the TV series but the movie was TERRIBLE! Totally against the spirit of the original show. It was so anti-woman and especially anti-working woman. Insulting and frankly quite boring. I HATED it and will absolutely not see the sequel if they make one. Ditto for all my girlfriends that I went to see it with…

  • katie n

    It was a good fun movie. There were many couples at the theter I watched it and the men seem to enjoy it for what it is; a fun, light hearted movie. It is good to objectify men from women’s perspective as men do in all the other movies. I would definitely watch another one.

  • katie n

    I guess it is hard for men to take their own medicine. You know when women use men as arm candy and beautiful play things. I loves the series for that reason and will love another movie for that reason.

  • no

    No n,ever watched the series and didn’t watch the movie so will definitly not watch a sequel.

  • atelier

    i will definately seeit, that was the best romantic comedy in years, not saying that it was fabulous, amazing, full of amazing fashion and great actresses.

  • Stefanie

    I love this movie! give me more of that show!! PLEASE :D

  • ana (:

    yaay! of course i would watch!

  • yeahhh

    yes!! i loved this movie alot!!

  • Clara

    Ugh.. I loved the TV show, but the movie was not that good.. rather disappointing and sappy. I don’t think they should make a sequel.

  • osneebe

    I definitely would wait to catch it on DVD, the movie held a nice similarity to what the series was, but that’s about the extent of it.. a similarity.

    I personally feel they pushed the envelope with the movie, they turned it into a soap opera filled with twists , they modified the characters and took the focus away from what we all expected it to be.. I was disappointed.

  • salma

    jared you made my day

  • groovacious

    I’d most likely go and watch it but I don’t think a sequel is necessary. I mean what is it gonna be about? They can’t keep reusing the same plots.

  • laura

    Oh for god’s sake. A tv show and a movie is enough.

    Sex And The City 2.. PLOT: Carrie go’s mad bechoots the whole cast.. then theause she ripped her dress and then s black hole comes..

  • egdn

    they are really good. do you know they open their blog on…….. . that is a hot dating club. they said they hope their fans support them.

  • bryant

    I loved the movie! I thought it was fantastic! I would totally watch a sequel! I do wonder, though, how good a sequel would be because this definately felt like closure for the series… I would definately see it, mostly out of curiosity.

  • cera

    I hated the drawn out Carrie-John (Big!) plot-line that was based on lack of communication and not listening to cell phone messages – - that whole first wedding scene/trip to Mexico was frustrating to watch. Still, I love the show & movie and still love that the characters are so imperfectly human. Cried like a baby when Miranda and Steve got back together on the bridge and loved the Samantha as pissed-off Sushi scene. Hilarious! I liked the fashion in the TV shows a little better, but it’s was still a great girls night out, so, yes, I’d go see the sequel! If they do it, I hope that they can give Big his kahones back, but keep him still in good relationship w/ Carrie.

  • betty

    I like’d the movie, but everything went so completly different as in the series. The reationship from Sam was not how she would have had (al the funny bedscenes)it ..from the start in LA and then dumping him. Why going to LA in the first place?!?! I would have wanted to she more of Charlotte and her family. The whole movie was sponserd by the the big fasion names like in the magazine with the wedding dresses was way to much.

  • Bonnie B

    I wouldn’t MISS it for the world. I loved the series…watch all the re-runs, own the whole series………….but as much as I was disappointed in the movie at first. I saw it again and loved it. I missed so much the first time. I was basically just looking for the story content……the 2nd time, I watched it ‘differently’ and felt HOME! I loved it…

    Only ‘Sex and the City” junkies would understand. I bonded with this series, movie with my 22 year old Granddaughter!

    Again….I would ‘run’ not walk’ to see the sequel….

  • Vshizzle


  • Ryan Mac

    I already can’t wait!

  • suZe

    I love SATC. It is definitely one of the best shows to make it to HBO and then the big screen. The movie was good, but I really wasn’t expecting the same magic as the show had, it’s very difficult to pull off 4 years later I think. Unless the sequal is to come out within 2 years, I couldn’t see it being good. But the crazy thing is, is that I would absolutely still see it. I love the charm of all the characters, and especially Carry. I say do it, but try to recapture the excellent nonchelantess of the show and not the last movie.

  • pj


  • plannbb

    Just bring back the the TV show and be done with it. What’s going to happen next, 5 more sequels?

  • Linds

    I really thought the movie tied up the loose ends… but HELL YES I’d see the sequel!