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Sienna Miller & Balthazar Getty Caught Kissing

Sienna Miller & Balthazar Getty Caught Kissing

Sienna Miller has been caught kissing married man Balthazar Getty while vacationing together on the glamorous Amalfi Coast in Italy.

While on a boat together, the 25-year-old G.I. Joe actress was seen topless and the 33-year-old Brothers & Sisters actor was seen shirtless. The pair were seen swapping spit and kept their arms wrapped around each other all day.

A source close to Ms. Miller reveals, “Siena is totally besotted with Balthazar. Their relationship has gone from strength to strength over the past month and Sienna finds him utterly irresistible. Balthazar arranged for the trip to one of the most beautiful and exclusive parts of the Med.”

Sienna was last romantically linked to Welsh actor Rhys Ifans. Balthazar has been married to Rosetta Millington for eight years and they have four children together: Cassius, 8, Grace, 7, Violet, 4, and June, 9 months. The poor wife and kids!

Check out the NSFW pictures at UK’s The Daily Mail and The Sun.

DO YOU THINK Sienna Miller is a homewrecker?

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  • girl

    I don’t get this.

    It’s HIS choice to leave HIS wife and children. She is not leaving her children behind.

    HE is a homewrecker.

  • 60SPixie

    For everyone’s info, Getty has just made a statement that him and his wife are seperated so Sienna is no homewrecker! So what if she’s canoodling topless with a man who HAD a wife, at least Balthazar is a babe and WAAAAYYY better than that NASTY Rys “Fugly” Ifans! Sienna to me is awesome and I don’t care if people rate her as a slut, well with her body and hot looks she’s allowed to be a little slutty, you go Sienna! But I do think Getty has swooped a bit low, after all, he did just end it with his wife, plus he’s got four kids so yeah, but f***, Sienna can’t completely be blamed and labelled as a whore homewrecker cos she ISN’T!!!

  • john

    The majority of you need to get a life and stop focusing on celebreties….
    Tell you what made me giggle, a sentence that someone said: “I try to like Sienna but then she does this”.

    WHO CARES?!?!?


  • h

    i think people need to pay less attention to the media, or the media needs to cool it and stop peddling silly stories about such trivial things.

    nobody is perfect and to label miller as a homewrecker is somewhat harsh and unfair; people in glass houses should not throw stones.

  • Lana

    Unfortunately, we live in a world where cheating is happening more and more everyday. My problem with it is that there’s always someone who get’s hurt, try and work out your problems before comitting adultry and humiliating your family it’s called being an ADULT. I feel sorry for Getty’s family.

  • Roxanne

    Sienna Miller is beautiful….. i hav noticed dat shes comfortable being topless lol…. lucky her blessed wit a body lyk dat…. bt she is tooo hot 4 dat dude!!! bt den agen shes neva dated ne1 hot at all…. jude law ws ok… bt his affair wit tha nanny kind ov boostd Sienna’s career i reckon!

  • christine

    WHAT A DISGUSTING, SELFISH LITTLE PRICK!!!!!!!! What is with these selfish little WHORES nowadays,, they just do whatever they feel like with no regard to anyone else, or what is RIGHT and WRONG. I hope her stupid little ‘career’ goes right down the toilet,, which is where her morals are. What an asshole. May the hand of KARMA knock you down and shatter your heart and soul, just as you have done to an innocent person… and much more so…. you stupid piece of trash. I am so sick of these parasitic losers who are too lazy and stupid to find a single man, even though there are BILLIONS of them out there. But they would rather boost their own fragile ego by taking someone’s else’s husband away… it’s the only way they can feel better about themselves. It’s time other women stood up to these little jerks!!!!

    Hang in there, Rosetta.. you are the one with TRUE CLASS and DIGNITY here.

  • Lou lover

    Sienna and Daniel Craig had an affair and he is with Satsuki Mitchell.
    It’s either she does not care if men are taken and go for it or she is just so darn cute they can’t say no….. i think the latter…. she is getting a bad wrap becasue she is beautiful and sexy and like eveyone looking for love. Also remember she is not the only one doing the tango Balthazar and Daniel were both there willingly. It’s not her fault if both men are not happy in their relationships.

  • Sprmcandy

    Miss Sienna has a magic cunt my darling.

  • casey

    YES, she IS a homewrecker. Even if they were having “problems” they were still married!

  • whocares

    @Helena: get a life people.

  • whocares

    @Helena: get a life people.

  • whocares

    geta life get a life

  • SiennaSucks

    I’m sorry but Sienna Miller is a flaming piece of broiled shit! That topless picture where Balthazar is grabbing her chicken chest is disgusting as hell. It would have served her right if Balthazar’s wife caught up to her and beat the shit out of her in the street. I’ve never hated a celebrity the way I hate this worthless piece of dog slime! She’s not even pretty. She’s ugly as rat balls! Jude Law was too good for her and I’m glad he cheated on her.