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Sienna Miller & Balthazar Getty Caught Kissing

Sienna Miller & Balthazar Getty Caught Kissing

Sienna Miller has been caught kissing married man Balthazar Getty while vacationing together on the glamorous Amalfi Coast in Italy.

While on a boat together, the 25-year-old G.I. Joe actress was seen topless and the 33-year-old Brothers & Sisters actor was seen shirtless. The pair were seen swapping spit and kept their arms wrapped around each other all day.

A source close to Ms. Miller reveals, “Siena is totally besotted with Balthazar. Their relationship has gone from strength to strength over the past month and Sienna finds him utterly irresistible. Balthazar arranged for the trip to one of the most beautiful and exclusive parts of the Med.”

Sienna was last romantically linked to Welsh actor Rhys Ifans. Balthazar has been married to Rosetta Millington for eight years and they have four children together: Cassius, 8, Grace, 7, Violet, 4, and June, 9 months. The poor wife and kids!

Check out the NSFW pictures at UK’s The Daily Mail and The Sun.

DO YOU THINK Sienna Miller is a homewrecker?

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164 Responses to “Sienna Miller & Balthazar Getty Caught Kissing”

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  1. 126
    rien Says:

    Jazz, really?! Did Rhys say that? I must read it. I love Rhys so dearly, thanks for the information.

    O yes, As far as Sienna’s concern, she will blame Jude for everything (even for the global warming if it’s necessary!). When Sienna was still with Jude, she cheated on him with Daniel Craig. Forgiven because Jude had cheated on her. Score 1:1. And now what? She cheated on Rhys because she has learned from Jude how to cheat? The next thing she will do, she will blame on Jude too if her films flops.

    Poor little thing this Sienna. Bad Jude. Did Jude introduce her to Getty? Yes? Bad, bad, bad Jude!

  2. 127
    sheryl Says:

    I love how all the internet sites are touting this as her “Italian romance” instead of the sleeze-fest that it actually is.

  3. 128
    Pole Says:

    Good for Rhys that he’s seeing her for what she really is!

  4. 129
    Pole Says:

    @Sheryl: whoever her “people” are they are fantastic. It’s amazing how she doesn’t get a very different sort of headlines!!

  5. 130
    sheryl Says:

    Yeah, Pole, completely true…what’s the favorites for Jude? “Love rat”? “Philanderer”? “Cheater”? All over this woman? What a joke!

  6. 131
    Pole Says:

    It’s amazing what she can get away with aparently. Next, some will blame this on Jude :-(

  7. 132
    sheryl Says:

    Oh, I’ve seen where some (not many) already have, where they’ve said she’s only doing this because she was traumatized by Jude’s affair…no lie…it’s absolutely amazing how they view her as this innocent little girl that Jude scarred for life…nevermind that she’s the exact same girl she was then…Jude only got so much attention because he was already famous, and nobody paid much attention to what she was doing yet.

  8. 133
    mery Says:

    Sienna live her scandals.
    Her affair with Getty isn’t the firts, and this isn’t the last.

  9. 134
    Please... Says:

    She’s the same ***** now as she was back then, when Jude left Sadie for her. The only reasons ****** left Jude was because she was publicly embarrassed and probably realized she couldn’t tame him after all, especially after she purposely rubbed that relationship in his wife’s face. She flaunted her little show prize pony as if she was above getting treated like a disposable toy.

    Wouldn’t be surprised at all WHEN this Getty dumps her ass for another ho, he’ll take a beating in the press like her people did to Jude.

  10. 135
    Pole Says:

    Did Jude really leave Sadie for her? I thought they just hooked up really quickly after the split?

  11. 136
    sheryl Says:

    No, Pole, he didn’t leave Sadie for Sienna. They had already made last ditch efforts to save the marriage, where Sadie ultimately filed papers, by the time Alfie started filming. The real tabloid rumor at the time was that Nicole had broke up the marriage, for which she ended up suing and winning a settlement.

  12. 137
    Pole Says:

    @Sheryl, that’s what I thought too but the idea that Jude cheated on Sadie with Sienna is certainly out there – I’ve seen it several places today. Either way – I think it’s evident that Sienna didn’t need to learn how to cheat from someone!

  13. 138
    sheryl Says:

    Well, yeah, the idea is out there, but it’s just part of the hype around Jude. From what I can gather, Sadie finally filed for divorce in August 2003…filming for Alfie began in September 2003…

  14. 139
    Pole Says:

    Yeah, I think it’s just more made up crap about Jude. Good thing he’s not with Sienna anymore!

  15. 140
    GingerSpot Says:

    I’d blame B.G. but men are useless when their meat-sticks are doing the thinking for them – which is most of the time.

    As for Sienna – ew. I’m laughing at the memory of her tears, whining and crying when Jude Law got his dinky stinky with their nanny a few years ago. But what kind of karma is she creating for herself? Sienna’s soul is ugly and putrid.

    I hope they get syphilis.

    I also hope that Getty’s wife/kids get a nice settlement and find some peace for themselves.

  16. 141
    sheryl Says:

    “I’d blame B.G. but men are useless when their meat-sticks are doing the thinking for them – which is most of the time.”

    He is definitely part of the blame.

    “As for Sienna – ew. I’m laughing at the memory of her tears, whining and crying when Jude Law got his dinky stinky with their nanny a few years ago. But what kind of karma is she creating for herself? Sienna’s soul is ugly and putrid.

    I hope they get syphilis.”

    And this doesn’t sound like it came from an ugly and putrid soul? Just sayin’…while I don’t agree with their behavior, wishing such awful things on people doesn’t exactly do much for your own karma…although I admit I do wish bad things for people who physically harm children and old people.

    “I also hope that Getty’s wife/kids get a nice settlement and find some peace for themselves.”

    I absolutely agree with this.

  17. 142

    while jude was engaged to her she was seen sitting on on the lap of leo dicaprio before jude ‘s episode. with the nanny…he realized he made a mistake but he didn’t know how to get out of it… was so public…..i am so thankful that he is not involved with this woman anymore. she is ambitious, promiscuous and calculating……

  18. 143
    Sue Stonehinge Says:

    I don’t believe in the concept of “homewrecker.” No one can get in the middle of a stable relationship. Could someone have stolen Paul Newman from Joanne Woodward? I don’t think so. There is no other woman in the world for him. He loves her. If Balthazar Getty was firmly bonded to his relationship with his wife, if she was the end-all and be-all to him, NO ONE could come in the middle and “wreck their home.” He would not be available. Obviously, he is available. It is just unfortunate that he did not get out of his marriage in a kind and mature way before he engaged in a relationship with another woman in public and caused unnecessary pain and embarrassment not only to his wife, but to his four children. Sienna and he deserve each other. If he would cheat on Rosetta with Sienna, he will cheat on the next woman with Sienna. A match made in heaven!

  19. 144
    Sue Stonehinge Says:

    Addendum to my note of 8:35. I mean that if he would cheat on Rosetta with Sienna, he will cheat on Sienna with the next woman.

  20. 145
    Sue Stonehinge Says:

    Angelina Jolie did not break up Brad’s marriage. If Brad had been happily married, he would not have been available to fall for someone else. And they went about their relationship in a mature and kind way. First he split with Jennifer before he went public with his love for Angelina. And they refused to engage in public discussions of their private lives. They were very admirable in their managing of the situation, something that I could not say about Jennifer. They also refrained from signs of public affection for years. No sense in hurting Jennifer more by having the magazines and papers print pictures of them kissing in public.

  21. 146
    rien Says:

    @Sheryl and Pole

    From what I heard, Sadie divorced Jude for his “irresponsible” behaviour after the birth of Rudy, and not because of Sienna.

    I know that Sienna will blame Jude for everything. Jude is the name that made her famous. Do you think she will let that name “easily” go away? Fat chance!

    I don’t believe in rapid changing. You can lie to somebody somewhere some times, but you can not lie to everybody everywhere every time! And I think that what Sienna is. She played herself as the innocent girl when Jude cheated on her (if you followed her carrier before Jude, you know that she had never been that innocent), and then right on, landed on Daniel (meanwhile having Jude), excuse me, that doesn’t make sense to me. If she was soooooo traumatized by Jude’s action, then why the first thing that she did was doing the same thing? After that, Rhys. Telling the whole world, that she could not stand Rhys’ jealousy (what a sad innocent girl, don’t you think?), pretending as if she was with her ex, but actually she was with other. Sienna was, is as Sienna is, and that is as Sienna has been.

    And if there was an Oscar for this kind of performance, she would receive it many time!

    @Sue Stonehinge
    I don’t understand the concept of Homewrecker. I only know, if you are married, you have the obligation to stay true to your partner. Before you break the marriage, if you have other relationship with other, publicly or non-publicly, than it is cheating or use the word for it, adultery.

    Pitt might not spread the banner on public, but he was still married when Angelina was pregnant with his child. And if he could cover it from the public that doesn’t make him better. Separation is not divorce. If the partner died during the separation time, the one who has the legal right to bury the partner is the wife/husband and not the lover.

    I don’t understand the opinion that is okay for anybody to search for love outside the marriage when the partner can not give it. Worse than that, blame the partner. Jennifer was not the one who cheated, it was Pitt.

    As it is with Rosetta Getty. Now It is Getty the one to blame. Why? Because his partner is only Sienna and not somebody like Angelina?

  22. 147
    rien Says:

    Don’t misunderstand me, Sue. I think, Getty and Sienna are the one to blame. And my sympathy go to Rosetta. I pray that she will be strong enough for her children.

  23. 148
    Jj Says:


    I’m a forty year old woman and let me tell you you are really naive if you believe that. No matter how stable a relationship is there is alway that moment of weakness, or that season of difficulty, and for another party to swoop in and exploit and take advantage of that is truly callous and selfish to the utmost.

    What Ms. Miller does not realise is that Mr. Getty ( Sr.) was not one to give much to his kids, he put the majority of it in his museums and there won’t be much of Baltazar’s trust left over after his wife cleans him out – and deservedly so — left over for Sienna! So the joke is on Sienna!

    I’m boycotting “Nottigham” and any and all of her films!!!!!

  24. 149
    name Says:

    She’s such a hypocrite. No better than Jude Laws nanny.

  25. 150
    Abbey1120 Says:

    shame on Sienna! immoral *****!

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