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Christina Aguilera Sings America The Beautiful

Christina Aguilera Sings America The Beautiful

Check out Christina Aguilera‘s new “Rock The Vote” PSA! (Rock the Vote works to engages youth in the political process by incorporating the entertainment community and youth culture into its activities.)

The 27-year-old powerhouse singer cradles her now 6-month-old son Max Liron, swaddled in the American flag, as she sings “America The Beautiful” a capella.

It’s time to make history, it’s time to rock the vote.

Join Christina and rock the vote at

Christina Aguilera Sings “America The Beautiful”
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  • mike

    go GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alanna

    I don’t like her that much, but her voice is incredible.

  • Jennifer W

    that was very sweet and nice

  • gypsy marie

    She looks very pretty in that picture!

  • anna

    i love christina, but i don’t like her makeup. she seriously need to fire her makeup artist or lessen the 10lb look.

  • Dani

    she looks very um interesting in this hahah but the commercial itself is great and obviously her voice :) She said it was hard for her not to belt cause she is so used to blowing but she had to be softer cause of the whole baby idea.

  • stellar sophie

    go christina! at least she’s someone in young hollywood that knows how to contain her sanity.

  • http://justjaredcom eating girl (fat girl)


  • http://justjaredcom eating girl (fat girl)


  • iminlovewithjoejonas

    her daughter is so beautiful

    JOE I LOVE U°°°

  • Shaun Industry

    That was lovely. I love Christina!

  • iminlovewithjoejonas

    o that´s a beautiful girl she´s so sweet!!!!!


  • yuck

    tranny with clown makeup. poor little baby must be scared to death of his mom’s face.

  • sexiimaama

    Considering how much I don’t like her, that was amazing.

  • Jim

    patriotic kitsch. Doesn’t get any worse. Take your make-up off your face and go and get actually registered as a voter. Then we see how we take it from there. Hypocrite.

  • britney’s bitch….

    I registered to vote, and now I have jury duty this week. Biggest mistake of my life. Don’t register!!!!!!!

  • jen

    Fuck America. Fuck voting. Our country is already fucked.

  • jade

    She is amazing!
    luv her til death!

  • George

    She has an amazing voice!

  • adri

    Amazing commercial!!!
    She’s the best

  • http://justjared ASHLEY

    get rid of that clown look you might be scaring your baby!!!!!!

  • AC

    Cute babe. …

  • AC

    Cute babe. …She’s so hot and pretty. Seems she is also on interracial dating service ~~~~b l a c k c e n t u r y. c o m. I saw some pics looks like her very much at that club. I will double check it :)

  • Blog Envy Is The New Black

    Glad there they shot this in a way that didn’t exploit the baby too hard.

  • eww

    That singing was atrocious. She obviously can’t sing without it being enhanced.

  • hypnotikal

    eww shes disgusting

  • chantall

    i love her and she is really pretty

  • crum

    Anyone that says that Christina Aguilera can’t sing is obviously stupid. I agree that she does need to use a little less make up but she’s still beautiful.

  • Taylor

    She looks jaundice.

  • moviewatchingfamily

    Nice seeing her and her son.

  • TINA

    Whats wrong with her son you never see his face!!!Max will never be scared of clowns hes been around a clown since birth.

  • kaykay

    so for those of you who are saying her “daughter” is precious… it’s actually her son! hence the name MAX. anyways, she’s the most amazing singer ever. whether she sings high or low, loud or soft, no one can compare!!!!

  • me

    the fucking haters [ assholes btw ] who say xtina looks like a clown or scares her baby , u know what? your joke is not even funny ! not a fact, because she’s actually one of the most gorgeous stars out there! she has talent for real and maybe u hate on her just because you’re soooo jealous of not having all she got thnx to her TALENT, BEAUTY AND CLASS!!! go get a life….you’ll never, EVER reach her ankles! she has everything including sexiness, FANS, love, happiness, beauty etc….so your hatred, you can keep it in your bloody A*SS!!!!!! :D

  • me

    TINA ……maybe the other clown won’t scare him but i HOPE he will never have to see your face because his heart will not take it…he’ll die of fear seeing ur horrible face! xtina RULE…her voice is unique, she’s way more beautiful than y’all and it is such a waste of time to stay here hating on stars, don’t yall think so? don’t u have a life? if u say that i do the same….well, i maybe do but i have a life and i just give my opinion,or defend some talented people out there from nasty ignorant dumbAszs like yall….you dont know what ur talking about…stay ignorant YOU HAG!!

  • me

    this was very sweet…xtina is an amazing artist…the best ever…fan for ever and ever!!

  • Diana

    Love it

  • FroFro

    Christina is great! Best voice of any of the white girls out there (Pink is next) and I love her style and uniqueness. I would love to hear her belt that song, but consider the baby is sleeping, soft and sweet will do.

    If you dont vote, you dont get to btich about what you think is wrong with the country. If you didnt care to vote for or against something then why should you care now?

  • Tattman

    help spread the word about the importance of voting — register to vote and get Rock The Vote cartatts at (company is donating portions of sales to Rock the Vote).

  • JJ

    beautiful ;D

  • palvasha

    how fuking cheesyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy