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Reese And Jake Are A Perfect Paris Match

Reese And Jake Are A Perfect Paris Match

Jake Gyllenhaal and girlfriend Reese Witherspoon enjoy a weekend getaway with her kids Ava, 8, and Deacon, 4, in Paris, France on Saturday.

The foursome are just in town for a few days, while Jake is on film break. (They took the Eurorail into town together on Friday.) The 27-year-old actor has been busy in London filming Prince of Persia: Sands of Time.

10+ pictures inside of perfect Paris match Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon

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jake reese paris 02
jake reese paris 03
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jake reese paris 05
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  • buckeyegurl


  • ISA

    I love these 2 together! They look cute and a happy family

  • PardyHardy

    Next to Brad and Angelina, I think these two are my favorite couple.
    They just seem so adorable.

  • boring as hell

    What’s with the long faces? No smiles?

    They are not having a good time in Paris.

  • LOL!

    Just Jared are you blind AND stupid?

    What perfect match, they are bored to tears with each other.

  • reese is a bad mother

    Why Reese isn’t with her kids?

    Who is that black guy?

  • WTF

    When will this fake “relationship” end?? I’ve been over it for a long time.

  • http://#72and#73,yourcommentsmakeyoulookliketotalidiots. no

    Love them!!!

  • Erica

    These two look super jazzed to be together…only NOT. And don’t blame the paparrazzi either. Jake has lost any semblance of hot he once had, and together with Reese they manage to generate the heat of an (old) grilled cheese sandwich. At best.

  • cHRIS

    Neither of them looks happy and the one photo of the kid shows him NOT smiling or anything. He looks bewildered like “where are they dragging me to now”? The big black guy must be their bodyguard and general factotum.

  • cHRIS

    “cute” “happy” etc., Come off it you idiot. Look at the pictures. They don’t look cute at all or happy. They look bored and pissed.

  • kelly t

    Oh Jared you are such a sellout. These two suck together. Why does Reese have “I’m about to wash my face” hair? Why do they always seem miserable? Yuck worst couple IMO.

  • jakes mom

    FAG and his HAG.

    It’s just a pity the kids get dragged into this charade.

    Reese looks awful. A miserable old hag.

    Jake looks more like a fag than usual. That top doesn’t do him any favors.

    They are both so boring.

    Nothing cute or hot about them.


  • tati

    Just jealous idiots hate them. They are Hollywood stars, rich, beautiful and in love.

  • Jake_luvr

    Goodness, he is looking HOT HOT!

  • fanny

    I’m not jelous at all bb I feel bad for Jake she seems like a controlling uptight bish.

  • hothothot

    Jake looks scrumptious. The haters are so lame. Give it up, girls. He’s with Reese and they are for real. Lucky, lucky Reese. First Ryan and now Jake. From good to great.

  • nina

    Jake looks like a fag. Reese is so unattactive

  • bcguid

    they are really good. do you know they open their blog on ……………… . …………..that is a hot dating club. they said they hope their fans support them.

  • Elizabeth

    Reese’s hair looks fabulous in that picture of her with the pink blouse! I really admire her. She seems totally grounded and intelligent. Best of luck to them both.

  • Blackworm

    I’m not convinced that these two are for real. They sure don’t look happy in these pics. I don’t know. Wasn ‘t it about a year ago that she broke up with him for a month or two? I’m not sure I see marriage in their future.

  • minime

    Reese looks so depressed. I bet you she never got over her ex Ryan no matter how hard she tries to replace him.

  • Meredith

    They are a great couple! Both are really good actors and seem like wonderful people. They are beautiful together and her children just add more charm to the mix. They are my favorite Hollywood couple–hands down. The best!!!!

  • yawn

    most boring couple ever.

  • carolina

    THey do not look happy at all.Bored actually!

  • Florida

    Wow – and a lovely time was had by all. lol

    Ain’t too late, Jakey boy – run like Hell.

  • josie

    Jake looks like he’s dressed like Heath Ledger…dont you think?

  • do not want

    Jake seems like such a douche lately. Was he always like this?

  • toni

    “Jake looks like he’s dressed like Heath Ledger…dont you think?”

    I was thinking the same thing!

  • Laya

    Jake have to dump this old biatch NOW. He looks SO unhappy

  • stela

    Jake continues hot!

  • cc

    Is it just me or do Jake and Reese look upset of not happy? She’s got her arms crossed and he’s got his hands in his pocket. I hope they’re still happy together, because i would hate to see them break up. I really like them both and think they make a great couple! :)

  • cc

    I’m sorry but they do look miserable…look at their body language. She’s got her arms crossed, he’s got his hands in his pockets, both have long faces? Hmm hope there is no breakup soon, because i really like them both and would like to see them happy. :)

  • Ivana

    They just arrived to Paris, give them a time….. :-))))

  • k

    my friend and her family are over there right now. i wonder if they ever saw them….

  • sebastian

    jake is the hottest male in hollywood.


  • Luna

    my god, she is so depressed and ugly

  • name

    Jake is prettier than Reese. But that doesn’t say much. Reese is looking awful these days. Time’s ticking Reese. Better get that plastic surgery as soon as possible.

    By the way, Jake, being a “pretty” guy is not a good thing. Toughen up you F.A.G. And no, a beard does not make you man.

  • http://justjared.buzznet Debra

    They are not the next Brad/Angie. I am sure they care about each other. But there is not much heat coming off them. Reese in just a normal gal. Jake well I don’t know. He is acting way older not that he is with her. Sorry. They are a cute couple. NOT a HOT couple.

  • bv

    Mon Jakey,tu es magnifique!!!

  • http://justjared marie

    He is sooooooooooo fine

  • bit

    Ugh, the haters are PATHETIC.

    Jake and Reese look wonderful here. Good for them!

  • Loreli

    Wonder why she has been so uptight lately in all the photos.
    She comes across as a controlling bitch. She obviously has her pretty boy/man on a tight leash. Can’t let the hot Parisian boys hit on her man!

    Come out of the closet Jake!

  • s

    The Hollywood lovers of prostitute Reese Witherspoon can’t kill the paparazzis like in USA.
    The paparazzi Todd Wallance after a discution with her in Disney Park was be found death in Brendwood in Hollywood where she lives…
    Try to kill more paparazzi prostitute Reese Witherspoon in Paris and London.
    It is impressive was a women like Reese Witherspoon with adiction with an@l sex can do to control her Toyboy.
    The ex homosexual lover of Jake Gyllenhaal lived in London and worked by Reuters.

  • s


  • Amanda

    cute pics!!! reese looks absolutelyyy amazing in that last pic (#13)!!!! she does look kinda sad, butt nonetheless flawless and beautiful. Cute family!

  • shayna

    I agree with most of you posters here. This couple does look very unhappy, and boring as hell. If they were like alot of the celebs that you see on vacation, they all look happy and holding hands. I don’t see the chemistry here, and frankly haven’t for quite some time. And Jake certainly has lost all of his appeal ever since he hooked with Reese. Reese is definitely showing her age.

  • Ivana

    There are so many pictures of them in Paris…..
    Jared, back to work !!! :-))))))

  • nemia

    Yawn, some of the same lame comments about how “boring” they are, “fake”, etc. Go away if you dislike them so much. I wonder what you all look like or act in your everyday lives because you sure sound like immature children.

    IMO, they are talented actors and are just living their lives. Good for them.

  • Elaine

    I think they look mad and pissed that they have photogs in their face even in Paris. I’m sure they smile away from the cameras.