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Jennifer Garner: Bottoms Up!

Jennifer Garner: Bottoms Up!

Jennifer Garner goes bottoms up as she makes a quick stop at the grocery store in Brentwood, Calif., on Saturday.

The 36-year-old actress is barely out of the store and she’s already downing her (root) beer! Looks like she enjoys her Virgil’s!

Check out Garner going green… she has a reusable bag with violet stripes and her daughter Violet‘s name on it!

10+ pictures of Jennifer Garner going bottoms up…

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jennifer garner bottoms up 01
jennifer garner bottoms up 02
jennifer garner bottoms up 03
jennifer garner bottoms up 04
jennifer garner bottoms up 05
jennifer garner bottoms up 06
jennifer garner bottoms up 07
jennifer garner bottoms up 08
jennifer garner bottoms up 09
jennifer garner bottoms up 10

Credit: Cousart-Ramirez-Rios; Photos: JFXonline
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  • amy

    She looks weird. Can somebody get this woman a stylist? Red carpets are not the only times you should look a put togeteher woman. Her style is always D- .. not cool at all..

  • Janie

    I always love the way Jen looks. Whether she’s on the red carpet, or not. She always looks so fresh, and relaxed. I love her!

  • no, g.f.

    i’m sorry, she looks like a bum.

  • Maria

    She is drinking a beer?

    It is assumed that she is pregnant

  • Nick Lachey USA Fan

    I do believe that is beer =P.






  • mike

    I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adoring Fan

    I love Jen too. She is so cool. I love that she does not buckle down and go with what some people would have her do. She stays true to herself. And yet, some folks swear that she welcomes the paps attention. Proof positive right here that she does not. Give her her props.

  • Virginia

    From the looks of these pictures she is NOT pregnant.

  • Adoring Fan

    Where are the pics of her drinking (root) beer? To #1 Amy, who needs a stylist to go the store? This is her down time. Poor Jen, she can’t even go to the store (even without Violet) in peace. I am really starting to dislike JJ. Captions are out of line on this one. What else is new?

  • Jen Lover

    Amy is so fucking stupid that it’s just funny now

  • ben/jen Fan

    Great pics of Jen having “downtime” and picking up some items from the store.

    She was “dressed up” Sat or Fri. when her and Ben, hand in hand, went shopping for a new car.

    She doesn’t have to dress to the nines everyday.

  • ZanessaFan4Lyfe

    uh huh…..

  • yawn

    counting down the days to hear of her divorce from ben.

  • #14

    thats so ollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllld get over it!
    I think she looks cute :)
    the woman is pregnant the boobs are bigger!!!

  • emmelia

    well, if she is pregnant as so many seem to think, then shame on her. what a selfish individual.

  • Jessica

    Why shame on her #16?

  • castaway

    She’s so pretty and looks so relaxed!!!

  • yo

    What are you all talking about? She is drinking a ROOT BEER–which is a SODA! And this brand of root beer also has no caffeine–which is probably why she is drinking it instead of a diet coke.

  • Lee

    Most people I know who dress up every single day are rich and feel the need to impress. Are rich and insecure of themself. Jen is fine the way she is. I’m sure she has no sense of style, but I’m sure she has better things to do than shop all day and sit in front of the mirror hours at a time. I’m sure all of you would be critiqued on any given day by your passerbyers for looking like a bum, teying to hard, etc.

  • Maxim

    You idiots. That’s Virgil’s Root Beer. Do you seriously think she would drink a beer before getting in her car and driving off?

    You’re a bunch of judgmental nincompoops. And she is pregnant.

  • anon

    Love her! She could give a crap about what she looks like most of the time even though she knows her pic will be taken since the paps sit outside their house. She’s comfortable with herself and her relationshiop and doesn’t feel she has to put on a show and dress up all the time. I’ve always thought that was refreshing. I mean isn’t that what most people would go to the grocery store wearing? but you wouldn’t see Posh or Kate or countless others dressed like that…probably wouldn’t see them shopping for their own groceries either. lol. To each his own!

    I have thought she was pregnant for a while, but maybe it’s just wishful thinking since they are such a cute family and V needs a sibling. She’s always using V’s leg or a purse to hide her tummy, wears flowy tops/dresses/sweaters and seems to have gained weight (I am by no means saying she looks big, not at all, but she was looking too thin in pics from earlier this year – and her chest is def bigger).

    Jen and Ben seem solid (even if they aren’t photographed toether all the time) and there is no way I’d believe the break-up rumors. We see little snipits of their life and that’s much more than they want us to see. They def don’t play to the cameras like some.

  • dolly

    Have some of you never heard of root beer before or are you just colossally stupid?

    Root “beer” = a non-alcoholic soda originally flavored with certain tree/plant *roots*

  • buckeyegurl

    dolly, these people are just colossally stupid! SHE’S DRINKING ROOT BEER YOU FUKCING IDIOTS! Some of you need to pay closer attention if you are going to take the time to leave comments showing exactly how stupid you are. Damn…LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • emmellia is an idiot

    Just sayn….

  • Lillianne

    Dolly, let me answer for them – they are colossally stupid and envious. Why else would anyone think she should look “put together” even when she isn’t on the red carpet? The only thing she owes me is a good performance when I pay $7.50 for a ticket to see a movie.

  • Lillty

    What an embarrassment Jennifer Garner is to her husband looking like a homeless woman. How can Ben be proud of her when she looks this bad.

  • http://jj jo

    oh for God Sakes, celebrities do not have to be picture perfect all the time…….and more power to her to have the confidence to go out in public with the papparrazzi like bees on honey, and dress however she pleases……she is shopping, not shooting a movie or attending a party……..& she is also a mother and wife, so KUDOS for her……and shame on the people that mock her for letting her hair down, and be natural………if more celebrities were like Jennifer Garner, then aspiring actresses would have more to look up to……….

  • http://jj jo

    and furthermore………LILLTY, It takes more than looks to make a man PROUD of his wife………………in fact, it is pretty well known that though looks are important……most men prefer a woman not all GUSSIED UP….they find it SEXY when a woman is confident in herself………

  • ben/jen Fan

    What exactly is Jen suppose to wear to the local store to buy food? If she were to “dress up” then the idiots would be on here saying things like “who does she think she is, better than us?” type crap.

    And if some of the posters on here don’t know the difference between Beer and Root Beer, then really there is no sense in responding to anything you have to post.

    Again, Jen was dress up when she was out with Ben looking for a station wagon to buy. Pics of them hand in hand at the car dealer.

  • Adoring Fan

    Alright! I got my girls with me today. Throwing down! Telling it like it tis. We got Jen’s back. All you losers better back the flock off. We are f a m i l y. I got all my sisters with me.

  • Roni

    How could you tell she is not pregnant from these pictures? You cannot see that. Root Beer is what you drink when you are pregnant because it has no caffeine.

  • Adoring fan is a retard

    Adoring fan is a 10 year old superfan deluded retard. Just wait the end is coming you know it is, maybe Jen can give you the phone number of her therapist because you all sound like you need it.

  • minime

    Hey look! Its Andrea Yates sister! Family is right!!! So much for fame, in four years, nobody is going to give a crap about Ben and Jen because they will be too old for our youth obsessed celeb society. Ben will either trade up at that point like Brad Pitt did or gracefully exit the Hollywood media circus with his lovely wife. Just you wait and see.

  • Adoring Fan

    In response to #33 Adoring fan is a retard (which you had a more original name). I love you too. xoxoxo

  • fresh

    looks like we found WALDO.

  • melani

    i love her glasses. does anyone know what brand they are?

  • gishhhh…..she is so ugly

    It’s not the clothes she is wearing, but the ugly face and manly body she was born with.

  • minime

    She looks a lot like Josh Hartnett there. They’d make a cute couple.

  • zoe

    i like her and violet. really dont like this look on jennifer but it is her life. she doesnt have to look glamorous 24/7. at least she always constantly looks fab on the red carpet.

  • well if it isn’t minime

    I thought I talled you to go fuck yourself mother fucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE JEN I heard she was with Ben at RICKY G’s comedy show last night

  • nysro

    Why do photoga take so many pictures of this boring (and a bit ugly) human being? She doesn’t do enough work to get this attention, and shes gotten uglier as times go by. I’m sick of seeing her and that damned daughter of hers getting out of a car. WHOOPIE!

  • Elle

    Because people like you nysro have made her the third most pop. celeb on this blog by commenting on her. If you dont want to see her any more dont comment. Duh!

  • Huge Jen fan

    ben/jen Fan – where did you see the pics of ‘She was “dressed up” Sat or Fri. when her and Ben, hand in hand, went shopping for a new car.’

  • Adoring Fan

    A lot of people like her but don’t want to admit it. That;s why they can’t help but click on her thread. They follow her career and enjoy her just like the rest of us but are to cowardly to admit it. They are obsessed with her and her daily life.

  • Cuulio

    There’s not a single photo here where she’s drinking beer of anykind.

    To the person who said her boobs look bigger. Well in these pics you can’t even see her boobs.

  • teacup

    No one is saying she should get all dolled up go to the store, but she should wear clothes that fit her, those pants are herendous and so is the top, and by the way what size are her sneakers they look huge maybe a size 13?? just asking??

  • ben/jen fan

    #44 Thanks for are a few links

    I’m Not Obbessed site has pics of Ben, Jen and Violet out this weekend, the caption says “out for dinner”.


  • THE girl

    She is great!!! She’s liko so cool and down to earth.

  • loloa

    some ppl replying are bananas. i dress like that all the time. i can appreciate someone who takes comfort in doing errands and hanging out in tennis shoes. i like sneakers she is not wearing those silly flat shoes with no support nor flip flops. i think she looks great she looks casual and ready to go. who wants to dress up all the time? she is sporty and pretty. how would u dress chasing a lil kid around all day certainly not in heels or anything u’d regret getting a perm. stain or tear in.