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Kate Walsh Smells and Tells

Kate Walsh Smells and Tells

Former Grey’s Anatomy actress Kate Walsh gets to sniffin’ some type of plant on a walk through her neighborhood with a friend in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The 40-year-old actress recently was involved in a celebrity footwear auction with the charity “Clothes Off Our Back”. Kate designed a pair of RODO shoes and the olive pumps were auctioned off to benefit children’s charities. Kate‘s auction just ended at $480. Shoes designed by Kate Winslet went for the highest price of $9,500! Check it.

ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEA what Kate is sniffing?

10+ pictures of Kate Walsh smelling and telling…

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kate walsh smells tells 01
kate walsh smells tells 02
kate walsh smells tells 03
kate walsh smells tells 04
kate walsh smells tells 05
kate walsh smells tells 06
kate walsh smells tells 07
kate walsh smells tells 08
kate walsh smells tells 09
kate walsh smells tells 10

Credit: Most Wanted; Photos: Flynetonline
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  • vicki Pasadena, CA

    Looks like rosemary to me.

  • Jay

    It’s MARIJUANA!!.. Lock her up


    la Lavande _ fleur Provençale

  • Marlis

    it’s definitely lavender!

  • Rox

    Rosemary. I love Kate to pieces! Anyone else think she looks a little thick in the thigh area? Looks like she’s gain a bit of weight.

  • Courtney


  • S.

    2 weekends in a row? Thank you JJ!

    She is looking gorgeuous, and it’s the second time she is around aromatic plants.

  • Karla

    Aww Kate looks so gorgeous.
    Love the pics, thanks.

  • Kattieee

    She designed shoes??? coool !!!!! I want them
    will they give for us buy? I want something designed by Kate
    she is wonderful

  • Kattieee

    kate is amazing!!!! can we buy the shoes that she designed???

  • jamie

    New Kate pics to kick off the super Kate week. We have Kate presenting at the ESPYs, and at the TCAs (for PrP). Yay. Thanks Jared.

    She looks adorable and oh so pretty.

  • Rayray

    Haha #2. :)

    Yay, new Kate photos! I love her cut-offs.
    Thanks for the photos JJ.

  • ben


  • a realist

    Yep, it’s lavender. I grow lavender plants in my garden. The smell is just heavenly.

  • S.

    I tend to mix up lavender, and rosemary, so I went to Wiki, and it looks much more like rosemary

  • joan

    Lavender….rosemary does not have the purple flowers at the end like lavender does. Believe me while rosemary does smell good you do not want to take strong smell of it like that. It is tooo strong.

    I think she looks good for a lady walking around her neighborhood not out for a photo-op.

  • laura

    she is so pretty…I want her in grey`s anatomy again!!!

  • Jen

    Thanks for the photos :)

    It does look like lavender. Kate seems to have developed an interest in gardening lately. There were earlier pics on Bauer of her choosing plants.

    Can’t wait for the PrP panel at the TCAs on Thursday. Photos & news !
    Jamie – Are the ESPNs this week ?? Didn’t realise it was so soon :)

  • Jen

    P.S. Wow, those Kate-designed shoes shot up in bids. They went for way over the reserve figure. Lucky bidder who won them.

  • Carrie

    I like those silver gladiator sandals Kate is wearing.

    Soooo looking forward to Season 2 of Private Practice – it’s been too long. I might have to buy the DVD release just for the Kate special features !


    she is so beautiful!
    thanks for the pics!!

  • the fly

    It’s nice to see her so often here ! I like her outfit too, it suits her. And I’m glad she’s not hiding her red hair under a hat this time !
    As for the “mysterious plant”, here is my verdict : lavender.

  • ~katie~

    Love Kate. Love Kate photos. Thanks JJ

  • jamie

    Jen, I believe I read the ESPYs are filmed on the 16th but not aired til a bit later like the 20th or something like that. So the pics will be actually out on the 16th. Sorry if my dates are a bit off.

    Thanks everyone for all your flower knowledge. I know nothing about flowers.

  • heather

    I can’t wait until the contract JJ signed forcing him to post pics of Kate Walsh is fulfilled. Who really cares about this chic? Honestly, does she look that great? Not so much.

  • Jen

    Bitter or jealous much Heather ;) Jared posts pics that people want to see. There is an obvious demand for Kate pics, not so much for others. And it’s nice to see something other than Angelina/Brad today !

    Thanks Jamie for the ESPN update. YAY ! More Kate pics LOL

  • Maddie

    Ah Heather…I care! I lovvvveeee Kate Walsh! If you dont wanna see pics of her then just skip through them! DUH! Dont just come on here and bitch about it! I skip through most of the stories posted on here! I dont bitch about them, some people might actually be interested in them! So just keep your mouth shut!

  • Hannah

    Aww, I love kate & addie. She looks cute and casual. Thankss for the photos.

  • Matt

    Lavender I think. Kate is gorgeous.

  • maggie

    I think it is lavendar. Are we certain she is not pregnant?

    i think Kate looks great. Heather you are entitled to your own opinion, but if you don’t like pictures of Kate, why look at them at all?

  • Nataša

    Thank you JJ!
    It’s lavender.

    Yay! PrP panel at the TCAs, ESPYs, ET on set, interview series from AOL TV. It’s great to be a Walshaholic. :)

  • Kate walsh is a cow

    MARIJUANA! UGH! Old and horrid woman.

  • Kate walsh is a cow

    JJ, please stop to write “former Grey’s Anatomy”. She has her stupid show now. It’s an insult to write “Greys” near her stupid name. VOMIT!

  • Jack

    Thanks for the pictures Jared! I love Kate Walsh. She is a beautiful person on the inside and out. She is very sweet in person too.

    I believe she is smelling lavendar.

    Thank you again Jared.

  • Amanda

    She is smelling lavender, thanks JJ.

  • addilover

    beautiful!! i love kate! thanks jared!

  • Megan

    JJ, for once I agree with #32. Please stop refering to Kate as former Grey’s star. She does have a new show that improved with every episode. She no longer has to play second fiddle to a whiny excuse for an actress who is only going on her popularity. Kate is also on a show that employs highly intelligent, highly talented actors rather than the ego inflated, writer bashing ones on the former show.

    I love Private Practice.



  • helen

    Rosemary, she’s probably going to use it for her dinner tonight

  • KATE WALSH the best!

    thanks 4 the pics! She looks absolutely amazing!

  • Adoring Fan

    It is so rude to come on a thread just to trash talk somebody. No one is forced to comment or even view the pics if they have no interest in the celeb.

    As for me, I love Kate. She is beautiful.

  • castaway

    looks like rosemary to me or maybe pine. take a look at this

  • me

    Thanks for the Kate pics. Love KW. She is nice talented gorgeous with the best personality.

    I want her sandals.

  • KateWalshIsABeauty!

    Kate is so gorgeous, and I think she looks amazing! Thanks Jared for all of the pictures!! Us Walshaholics should be in heaven this month, I know I am!

    Kate walsh is a cow – You seriously need to think up a new vocabulary. I mean, who says horrid anymore? Honestly, buy a f*cking thesaurus. ;)

    #37 – I agree 100% Kate has her own show now that I personally think is amazing. It’s filled with unbelievably talented actors and actresses. I still like Grey’s, but I don’t exactly love everyone that is on it. Only a few actors and actresses still remain my favorites on that show. The others I think are not exactly extraordinary and need a major reality and ego check. Newsflash! Some of you aren’t as amazing as you think! Get over yourself!

    #41 – I totally agree. No one is forced to post on here. Also, if you don’t like Kate why the hell are you constantly looking at her pictures? Hmmm… I think someone’s jealous. Or maybe you’re the “fat cow.”

    And Jared, thanks so much for the pictures! But will you please put Private Practice star and leave out the mention of Grey’s. She has her own show now and is well- known for it. She doesn’t need the mention of Grey’s for people to know who she is.

  • Tash

    Thanks for the waslhahol in the midst of all the Brangelina hype JJ!

  • allison

    It’s def rosemary

  • bcguid

    she is really sexy. seems that she is very hot on………………….. ………………that is a free dating club. she must go there to find someone. i also saw her hot pics and videos on that web. unless you watch it, you won’t know how…she is.

  • zoe

    dont really care what she’s smelling but she looks great!

  • Emma

    I love Kate. She does look great. Can’t wait for all the Kate goodies this week.

    Thanks Jared for the new photos.

    I honestly don’t know why people bother commenting on stars they don’t like, particularly poster #32, who seems to stalk KW threads just to bash her. I suggest that poster gets a life before it’s too late !!

  • Mindy

    Rox #5 – She’s definitely far from fat but yeah, I agree, she does seem to have put on some weight.