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Miley Cyrus: Yo-yo-gurt!

Miley Cyrus: Yo-yo-gurt!

Miley Cyrus, her momager Tish and other family members stop in for frozen yogurt after a long hot day on Saturday.

Looks like Miley is a fan of chocolate yogurt!

The Hannah Montana star has taken the spotlight yet again with more leaked pictures of her soaking wet as well as a picture of her wearing a “Nick J(onas?)” necklace. Publicity stunt? You decide.

10+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus eating yo-yo-gurt…

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miley cyrus yo yogurt 01
miley cyrus yo yogurt 02
miley cyrus yo yogurt 03
miley cyrus yo yogurt 04
miley cyrus yo yogurt 05
miley cyrus yo yogurt 06
miley cyrus yo yogurt 07
miley cyrus yo yogurt 08
miley cyrus yo yogurt 09
miley cyrus yo yogurt 10

Credit: PhamousFotos; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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145 Responses to “Miley Cyrus: Yo-yo-gurt!”

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  1. 76
    alyyy Says:


  2. 77
    alyyy Says:


  3. 78
    Jes Says:

    I’m not exactly a fan of Miley. I really am not.

    But I think that everyone calling her names and going on and on about how loose she’s being should grow up. Even if she is acting like one, she’s fifteen years old. Most of you are probably older than her. So, act your age. Be a little bit more mature.

    She makes bad choices. She needs to reasses her behavior.

  4. 79
    andrea Says:

    I really want some frozen yogurt now!! god that stuff looks so good. She looks a little sad in picture number 10(??) She looks like she’s purposefully trying to trim down for this Hannah Montana movie she’s currently filming. I hope she doesn’t lose her energy and her vibrancy just for the sake of being skinny. I really hope she doesn’t fall into that trap. I always admired her for her seemingly normal(and at times, fluctuating) physique. Cause, fro-yo is practically negative-calories if you know what I’m saying. I used to eat it in place of meals when I had anorexia.

  5. 80
    roberta Says:

    mileyyyyyyyyy <3

  6. 81
    castaway Says:

    She’s a future paris hilton. she’s out to get attention and then pretends to not know she’s being photographed. what paps would waste their time photographing a little 15 year old girl?? waste of film.

  7. 82
    mari Says:

    she’s a *****,what she is gonna say this time?

  8. 83
    Nickjfan4everr Says:

    The pic of miley in the car lucas till is right behind her in the backseat!!! THEY SPEND SOOO MUCH TIME TOGETHER!!!!

  9. 84
    juju Says:

    extremely b i t c h ..look at this uggs.. they are confortable.. as much as her ridiculous sense of style..

  10. 85
    francesca Says:

    miley rules, those pics were leaked bcuz her iphone was hacked

  11. 86
    Laura Says:

    Damn, I Love her OutFit,
    Well, I miss the real Miley :|

  12. 87
    Molly b Says:


    People keep saying that the “Nick J” necklace proves they dated. No it doesn’t, it could prove so many things, but who is to know. Only her and her sl*tty mind will know! She just wants male attention, well she ain’t gunna be getting any from Nick J, I can tell you that!

  13. 88
    sassyminnie! Says:

    okay personally.
    you cant say you guys hate anyone
    especially people like demi,selena. or miley
    cause yall dont know them and yea i think miley needs
    to stop with all her pics.
    maybe she is just doing them cause she cant get the
    attention she wants so she acts like a ****
    i really have no problem with it and yall shouldnt either i mean if thats what she wants to do let her do it and mind your own buisness.
    it will come back to her when her career ends or something like that
    so let her suffer and stop worrying!!!

  14. 89
    Katie Says:

    Hate her


  15. 90
    tarly Says:

    sigh thats why i dont like her anymore cause of those photos!!!! o yea and #30 i totally agree with you!!!

  16. 91
    Natx3 Says:

    Is it just me or does she get uglier and uglier every minute?

    Stop posting about this attention w..h..o..r..e..

  17. 92
    supporter Says:

    just leave her alone!

  18. 93
    frde Says:

    hey guys give her a break she probably dosent even know people are taking pics of her

  19. 94
    mileys biggest fan ! Says:

    fxck all you hatersss!!!!!!
    mileys the ****** best get over it already
    nothing you say wil change ne thing
    your just all jerks with no life but to search
    the amazing miley cyrus
    and sit here and be jealouss of her.
    **** offff haters.


    hhmmm none of you even know miley?
    so why are you tlakin crapp..mhm just get offfff

  20. 95
    Mileys 1 Fan Says:

    comment 7,2,8&10 AND OTHER HATERS
    u mother F-U-C-K-ERS

  21. 96
    Jo Says:


  22. 97
    Ripper Says:

    Selena and Demi are no talent wannabes who are leaching off of Miley’s success.

    When Demi was a no name and Selena was making guest shots on Hannah Montana, Miley was rockin’ the house and selling out concerts.

    And she still rocks!!!

  23. 98
    omar Says:

    Wow all you haters, are either older or younger than her. If our younger do you know what the word wh*** means. Cause your not using it right. ifyour older act like your age and not like astupid little kid.

    Like someone said you can’t really hate them for what you see in pictures and shows. Since you don’t know what they really are you can’t hate them. You might dislike them because of what they do(which is stupid).

    If you seriously hate someone because of her style, wow nice reason. Why not try to find a better reason to hate someone. Or don’t hate them at all

    All you used to be fans, aren’t true fans. If you were a true fan you wouldn’t care of what she makes. Cause you should now that everyone makes mistakes. It doesn’t matter if it 1 ,2,3,4, etc… people always makes mistakes.

    For the people who think “Demi and Selena are wonderful they never make mistakes…” my ass. They will make a mistake one of these days and you’ll sart hating of them. So shut your yap and don’t say **** about anyone

  24. 99
    ariana Says:

    she looks like a ***** eww

  25. 100
    bcguid Says:

    You are sexy…Just feel curious. I saw your photos and profile at a black dating site called……………….……………… last week. Your many photos are found there. Is that you? What happened?

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