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Bar Refaeli Receives Red Rose

Bar Refaeli Receives Red Rose

Bar Refaeli leaves Villa Lounge in West Hollywood holding a red rose on Saturday, but with no sign of boyfriend Leonardo Dicaprio!

So if not Leo, then who?

Bar, 23, has recently been recruited by X-Men and Rush Hour director Brett Ratner to pose in a a swimsuit issue for Jewish magazine Heeb. The issue will coincide with the first Jewish swimsuit calendar to celebrate the Jewish New Year 5769. Other models include: Moran Atias, Esti Ginzborg, Donna Feldman, Neta Bell-Silber, and Adi Neuman.

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Credit: Garry; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • megan


  • T&M.

    I don’t like Bar for some reason. She’s beautiful, I’ll give you that, but she doesn’t have a friendly feel to her. And I especially don’t like her and Leonardo together.

  • skdjdj

    ^^^Yes you’re first loser, now you can die happy

  • mike


  • Lillianne

    T&M, do you base that solely on a paparazzi’s photograph or do you know her personally? Just askin.

  • anti-Bar

    Unfortunately Bar is still with Leo. They went on a vacation together after Leo finished filming his most recent movie. Believe me if they did break-up Bar wouldn’t be allowed into Villa, which Leo partly owns.

    Bar will stick to Leo because he’s her cash cow. Without Leo she’s nothing!

  • Laya

    She is fugly, I just don’t like her.
    Not that she cares hehehe

  • lt

    Not pretty. If it wasn’t for Leo’s name, she wouldn’t get any work at all.

  • Lula

    She’s gorgeous!! She and Leo make a cute couple!

  • Mike

    She looks stunning. I heard she and DiCaprio were in Mexico last week. It was written on a Mexican blog …. I wonder what car she is driving…?

  • Danny

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww what did she do to you? Did I miss something? She’s pretty and he has to like her some a reason, no matter how long it last. # 7 ~~~Laya come on now ( Fugly?) Cute. That comment made me smile.

  • P

    She looks great here.

  • Mandy

    ehh. i dont like her.

  • me

    I think Bar looks realy pretty sometimes, and then really homely other times. Here she looks really lovely. I watched an interview with her about the Bravo series she is hosting called Iconic America and I was so disappointed! She came off as so stupid! I agree with the post that says if she didn’t have her connection to Leo she wouldn’t get this attention. I think it is funny how she totally hides from the paps when she is with Leo, but then totally eats up the attention when she is away from him! Comes off as kinda fake and shallow, if you ask me! Hey, didn’t know that Leo owns part of Villa – interesting!

  • ihb2

    Does anyone have the link to the information that says they went on a vacation together?

  • layla

    Hey. I’ve got a question…
    Did Leo really say he’s intimidated by intelligent women?
    I’ve heard some things but I’m not sure.. I’m pretty certain one of you guys know..

  • Sarah

    well layla he is a scorpio and scorpio’s are intimidated by ppl who are smarter than they are

  • anti-Bar

    Sorry ihb2, I don’t have a link. My friend told me that she read it on some Leo fan site. My friend loves Leo but hates Bar like many of his fans. I don’t really care for Leo especially since he only goes out with bimbos.

  • anti-Bar

    me; I saw the same interview and yes Bar’s an idiot. She speaks English fluently so it’s not the language that’s the problem. I’ve read in some Israeli blogs that Bar is known in Israel for being stupid. It’s obvious that Leo doesn’t love Bar for her mind because she doesn’t have one.

    Layla; Leo did say in an interview in Venezuela of all places that intelligent women intimidate him. It goes without saying that Bar would never ever intimidate him.

  • ihb2

    Leo and Bar will not last! They look good on the outside but on the inside its all empty and superficial. All Bar haters don’t worry. They wont last! : ) Leo is very smart but just because he, it doesn’t exclude him from having faults. He is VERY dumb in the woman department but he will learn. Your friend knows or read no such thing about them going on vacation. I know what fan site she is talking about and people were guessing that he was probably on a vacation with her but no one knows for sure. That’s not to say of course that they’ve broken up. I think Bar gets more out of this “relationship” than Leo. But one day it will blissfully end.

    If Leo and Bar broke up she would still be able to get into Villa I believe. Leo might be dumb in the woman department but he isn’t that classless as to block an Ex from coming into some place that he partly owns. Furthermore he doesn’t have those kinda emotions about Bar to think of blocking her. Its THAT superficial. Unlike Gisele who he cant stand to see her with Tom Brady and runs and hides.

    When Leo and Bar break up it will not be gut wrenching for either of them. It will be ANNOYING. Leo will be upset that he doesn’t have a steady bed buddy and Bar will be upset that her meal ticket has expired.

  • once again

    she does have a good pr …..on message boards i belive 95% is that someone in behalf of her is posting….they keep milking about her posting old photos with leo and bar just to keep photos in news…
    she does hide from paprazzi when she is with leo,but i would not be suprised if she stars to hide from them while she is alone ” just to act”.

  • sky

    how tall she is, cause she appers to be much shorter than for example gisele,on her myspace it says 179cm ,it is hard to belive that

  • fire_angel

    Why is that with Leo she hides her face and looks annoyed at the paps and when alone she seems quite happy to have her photo taken?

  • sky

    because she wants to please leo in every single way.She is like a puppy.

  • nikomilinko
  • wola

    smart girl, smart girl showing the ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ihb

    What ring? Does it look like a special ring to you? It`s the same as the one she wears on her other hand. This is not the first time she shows off some kind of ring on that particular finger. It`s getting boring! Do you really think Leo is going to marry her?!
    I have seen that interview with her about her Bravo show, at least I tried to watch it. She came out as dumb, boring and she lacked originality. It was so incredibly uninteresting just like all her pictures.
    Leo was available to comment on his new watch charity last week and it is hard to believe that he would have let the media bother him on his getaway.

  • ihb2

    I think wola was being sarcastic. I wouldn’t even call those things rings. They’re more like pieces of wire.

  • wola

    no i don`t think it is “special ring” , i just think she shows it just to be in the news

  • ihb

    It`s so obvious that she is trying to show off that ring and she keeps doing it again and again. Maybe in her dreams… She wasn`t really seen out in public with Leo for a while so I assume it was time for some PR activity.

  • wola

    no, i think she shows the ring to stay in the news

  • Laura

    Whenever Bar & Leo are photographed apart I get excited they broke up and then they always end up together. I think Leo drifts along with these mindless models because all he wants right now is a partner for sex, shopping, partying, eating out and going on cool vacations. Hopefully if he decides to settle down he will find someone with a little more substance.

  • Emma


    its getting so annoying at all the horrible comments people make about this girl!!!

    if they get married they get married and if shes engaged, shes engaged!!!!

    If Leo loves this girl then let him be happy…….

  • Lauren

    I agree!!!! it’s their own lives and we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors,

    they are both known to be private about their love lives ………

    who knows what will happen!! i hope they stay together, they make a sweet couple… when in the public eye

  • Saskia

    Does anyone think it looks like shes wearing Leo’s watch???

  • ihb

    Well, don`t you think that there might be a reason why people leave all those negative comments about her?

  • mati

    She is shining, so beautiful. To me that ring can be absolutely an engagement ring and yes why not maybe she is wearing also a Leo’s watch-

    So lucky girl Gosh ! and that red rose then…..

  • ihb2

    Engagement! haha! Dream on. Never will happen. Another kinda of engagement maybe. Leo has an engagement with Bar in his bedroom every night, and Bar has an engagement to be seen beside every possible camera in LA. I wouldn’t be surprise if she went into 7/11 and it was the first thing that she sniffed out.

  • Cath

    what i like her about is that she doesnt have to make much of an effort to look pretty. why shouldnt she be with Leo, shes lucky that she can get him!

  • lilly

    Engagement? Give me a break! That doesn`t look like an engagement ring and someone wrote it earlier that Bar has the tendency to show all kinds of rings ( always different ) when in public. Her whole career is based on her relationship with Leo, she needs publicity. It `s disappointing that he is still dating her…

  • ihb2

    So the only reason for someone to be with another is because they’re pretty. How shallow. And pretty people are a dime a dozen in LA. and the world for that matter. If Leo broke up with Bar today he would have NO TROUBLE finding her replacement. There is NOTHING special about her. She is down right boring. And their relationship is in its 11th hour!

  • mike

    I was hoping some of the jealous idiots here would grow up… but it’s simply impossible! I find it amazing to read how certain morons hope her and DiCaprio will break-up! Too funny. Take a look at her watch, it is a Swiss one. Very pretty… wonder who gave it to her??

  • Cath

    your quite right!!! Mike, Grow and get a life and stop dishing out petty comments when you dont even know and besides….. Her and leo could be really happy together!!!!

  • Laura

    I’m sure they are happy together; Leo has a trophy gf which is usually what he goes for and Bar is no doubt in love w/Leo. What’s not to love about him? I’m not jealous of Bar, she is beautiful, but what is there to envy about someone who only pursues a shallow image based lifestyle.

  • S

    Yeah, I have to say I am all for people’s opinions and all, but I don’t get all the hate against this woman. Anytime something is posted on her, she gets tons of comments, many negative. She is not really well known, so why does she warrant such hateful reactions? Who cares if she is dating Leonardo Dicaprio, live and let live!

  • ihb

    I have no problem to say I cannot stand this girl and I do hope Leo is going to dump her soon. And if you have a problem with comments like this, don`t read them.

  • lizzyy

    I cannot really explain why but I never liked Bar. Just another pretty face…

  • ihb2

    Giving someone a watch equals= true love especially when you’re rich and that watch cost nothing in the grand scale of things! lol

  • Just Another day

    Leo I know one day you will break up with this girl when someone you truly love and care for enters your life. It must be hard though in shallowood and a guy does have needs….

  • ihb2

    S…she is not well known and that’s how she will stay. As soon as Leo dumps Bar you’re going to hear how much “Bar news” gets reported.