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Christian Bale's Big Night

Christian Bale's Big Night

Christian Bale is flanked by Lauren Conrad (The Hills) and Blake Lively (Gossip Girl) at the premiere of The Dark Knight at AMC Loews Lincoln Center in New York City on Monday.

Emilie Hirsch and Maggie Gyllenhaal was also on hand for the festivities. (pictured inside)

75-year-old legend and co-star Michael Caine recently commented about his thoughts on who the best Batman actor of all-time, saying, “I think Christian is the best actor ever to play Batman. He’s also very lucky. He’s got the best writer and director ever for Batman, Christopher Nolan. That’s why I agreed to do it. I’d seen Memento and Insomnia so was a big fan of Christopher. Then I read Batman Begins and thought the script was brilliant.

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Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris; Photos: WireImage
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96 Responses to “Christian Bale's Big Night”

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  1. 51
    Anonymous Says:

    i really don’t care what other ppl think, i just think she’s beautiful

  2. 52
    Anonymous Says:

    of course i was referring to amazing blake!!

  3. 53
    Bessie_mae Says:

    Okay, jj, you are cool and everything, but why the hell did you choose to post these two non-talents beside Christian and put them in a post where they really don’t belong? I know this is a gossip site but at least keep it relative. LC and that Blake Lively girl have NOTHING to do with the Dark Knight or Christian Bale. I mean you could have just left it at Christian Bale, you didn’t have to tack on those two beside him for the sake of it. Like what the heck.

  4. 54
    Anonymous Says:

    of course i’m referring to amazing beautiful blake

  5. 55
    null Says:

    Wow. Maggie looks great. She normally looks a bit dowdy, but here she looks fresh and pretty.

  6. 56
    chantal Says:

    Bessie_mae, FYI Blake lively is such a talented actress, and she looks very good there! thankyou jared! and pelase never stop uploading pictures of blake and of blake n penn! ther are adorable

  7. 57
    QQQQ Says:

    C.Bale looks pissed as usual because like Batman 89 its the Joker who gets all the glory and attention and possibly many awards while he gets zero.

    His love interest looks like the joker in drag. Can you blame the guy for not smiling?

  8. 58
    why so serious? Says:

    How come Bruce Wayne looks poor
    and not well fed?

  9. 59
    zen Says:

    The Batman and Jokeback’s spotlight are overthrown because the public and media are going gooogoo gaaagaaa more on Brad Pitt and Angelina’s babies.

  10. 60
    vanya Says:

    Who’s the nut who keeps saying Bale is looking old and insulting Maggie. It’s probably that Katie Holmes nutjob with a million user accounts. Bale looks like a MAN! Botox-free and gorgeous. Maggie looks stunning. She actually looks human and non-Stepford-like. Thank the Good Lord, Maggie took over for that no-talent, zombie bride, Katie Holmes. Thank you, Warner Brothers for firing her!

  11. 61
    Anon Says:

    Emile Hirsh, Naomi Watts, Liev Schrieber, Danny DeVito, (The Penguin in the old Batman movies), were all there. Emil and Naomi were close to Heath. Heath became friends with Liev when Liev started dating Naomi. Heath used to date her and they remained best of friends. Heath’s family was there also, but went in the back way with Naomi and Liev. I think there will be more people at the LA premiere.

  12. 62
    tatiana Says:

    Dispite LC not being talented, at least she can rock a dress on the redcarpet.

    WTF is that hideous Blake Lively wearing? Strange silk jumpsuit? Her pose and face makes her look constipated.

  13. 63
    angel hair Says:

    what the hell were those two doing there? RUINED IT.

  14. 64
    anon Says:

    ^ clearly B listers trying to get media coverage despite no talent that’s what.

    get over these losers JJ.

  15. 65
    galloway Says:

    Wasn’t Morgan Freeman there as well? This is only the first of several premieres I believe…LA and London still to go.

  16. 66
    toni Says:

    R.I.P ,dear Heath,you should be there at the premiere of TDK.Your Joker is brilliant and unforgettable!
    So much potential,so little time….What a shame!! :(

  17. 67
    Justin Says:

    #27 Blake isn’t ugly, but she’s far from a knockout. She fills a niche on a show and can act, it’s not her looks that made her famous. As for being nominated for “hottie” of the year.. big effing deal. It’s probably some MTV award type thing, chosen by a bunch of simpletons who go by popularity and not much else.

  18. 68
    lala Says:

    I LOVE BLAKE LIVELYY! shes betta den that ugly leighton girl

  19. 69
    anonymous Says:

    Justin (67)

    I won’t comment on her looks, but her acting leaves much to be desired.

  20. 70
    chase Says:

    Maggie is fug.Blake is more prettier and has more to offer.

  21. 71
    Angela Says:

    I agree with #67 and #69 and don’t think much of Blake at all.

  22. 72
    Sandra Says:

    does anyone know who the designer of lauren’s dress is?
    it’s amazing … i wanna have it!!!!

  23. 73
    nikomilinko Says:


  24. 74
    Helena Says:

    God, who invited Lauren Conrad? I wish she’d go AWAY.

  25. 75
    Regina Says:

    They call this honouring Heath Ledger? By inviting by skánk from a crappy reality TV show? Maggie Gyllenhaal and Blake Lively look good, though.

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