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Christian Bale's Big Night

Christian Bale's Big Night

Christian Bale is flanked by Lauren Conrad (The Hills) and Blake Lively (Gossip Girl) at the premiere of The Dark Knight at AMC Loews Lincoln Center in New York City on Monday.

Emilie Hirsch and Maggie Gyllenhaal was also on hand for the festivities. (pictured inside)

75-year-old legend and co-star Michael Caine recently commented about his thoughts on who the best Batman actor of all-time, saying, “I think Christian is the best actor ever to play Batman. He’s also very lucky. He’s got the best writer and director ever for Batman, Christopher Nolan. That’s why I agreed to do it. I’d seen Memento and Insomnia so was a big fan of Christopher. Then I read Batman Begins and thought the script was brilliant.

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96 Responses to “Christian Bale's Big Night”

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  1. 76
    Ingrid Says:

    There were other stars there tonight, but for some reason, Jared hasn’t posted them. Blake’s co stars Penn Badgley (aka her bf), Ed Westwick, Danny DeVito, Ethan Hawke, Emile Hirsch and Josh Hartnett,

    Who cares anyway, it’s not a parade of stars, it’s a premiere to honour Heath Ledger’s performance.

  2. 77
    rory Says:

    oh, Maggie looks amazing! but who’s the girl with Emile?

  3. 78
    rory Says:

    and Jared, it’s Emile Hirsch not Emilie! lol :D

  4. 79
    stefanie Says:

    Maggie’s not pretty, but that dress is beautiful.
    Thumb’s up.

  5. 80
    Bitch Says:

    CB looks younger than usual at this premiere. Probably trying to attract a teenage audience.

  6. 81
    stefanie Says:

    Yo None #32: I saw him too. I was just walking up the street and trying to get pass all the crowds. I saw him signing stuff from a bunch of kids. He is a real star. I was walking past that huge row of photogs taking pictures.

    Of course, he was shorter than I thought. All these actors are shorter than you think.

    But it was really cool at the premiere.

  7. 82
    fresh Says:

    I agree—Blake and Lauren need to stay home. They shouldnt be there. Go see a movie with the regular folk cuz you are not A list.

  8. 83
    Kikx Says:

    Sorry to all the “fans” but I also don’t see the appeal of Blake. She’s so plain. Anyhoo Jared, why did you post pictures of all the losers that were there instead of the real actors?

  9. 84
    bla blah Says:

    I agree—Blake and Lauren need to stay home. They shouldnt be there. Go see a movie with the regular folk cuz you are not A list.
    Ditto. LC is gonna a has been 10 years from now anyways. She doesn’t have any talent. And all she’s famous for is being in a reality show.

  10. 85
    TOM Says:

    blake livey is simply amazing and hot!!!!!!

  11. 86
    kiki Says:

    For all of you saying LC has no talent, she has gotten pretty far in this business. Talent comes in different forms. Just because she isn’t an actor or singer doesn’t mean she has no talent.

    Bottom Line……. Blake and Lauren got to go to the premiere and do red carpet while the rest of you sit at your computer and trash them. I would have to say that you haters are sad people.

  12. 87
    angie Says:


  13. 88
    dee Says:

    teh dress that lauren conrad has on khloe’ kardashian just had it for her bday party!!!!

  14. 89
    Holly Says:

    Maggie is the worst leading lady for the bats. Hope she dies in the movie.

  15. 90
    gretel Says:

    i just love blake she is so amazing and so beautiful, thankyou jared!

  16. 91
    if it works for them Says:

    Christian Bale is a good actor. He seems very modest and down to earth, not to mention he is good looking too.

  17. 92
    lisa Says:

    Does anyone know who is that girl with Emile Hirsch? She is gorgeous, and he is hot!

  18. 93
    Jesse Says:

    LC is a reality show contestant? In order for that to be true, she would have to be on a show which contains a competition. “the hills” is filmed documentary style, like laguna was. Get your facts straight before slagging her off. She’s gorgeous and has every right to be there. If that was Linda Evangelista noone would be saying “She’s a supermodel, whys she there?” Maybe LC wanted to go and was invited. She’s still famous and draws a certain buzz. Its unfortunate that her presence there offends you.

  19. 94

    All the trash talking, hateful comments on Maggie Gyllenhaal are from one psychotic fan of katie Holmes. She has been posting hundreds of libelous comments on Maggie under different nicknames, here on Just Jared and on other blogs. She hates Maggie because she is the one which has been chosen by Christopher Nolan to play Rachel Dawes when Katie Holmes was canned.

    Her real name is Simonette Alanes. She is 34 years old, unmarried, and living with her parents (her mother name’s is Kohinoor Alanes) in Arletta, California. She is a phillippino immigrant and has never worked. She spends her whole days on the Internet and she is living at her parent’s expenses and stealing their credit cards regularly in order to buy stuff, magazines about Katie Holmes, her idol. Katie Holmes is her whole life. Simonette Alanes thinks that they fired Katie from The Dark Knight in order to hire Maggie … which is true, actually. And she has murderous thoughts and intentions when she thinks of Maggie.

  20. 95
    lindsay Says:

    i just saw the movie, and all i can say is: A M A Z I N G!!!

  21. 96
    Sammy Says:

    Wow. Lauren Conrad is actually a pretty nice girl. Girls and maybe some guys only watch her show because our lives are boring and their’s is obviously more exciting than ours. That’s the way my sister put it. Yes. Her family was rich and she got famous off of Laguna Beach, but MTV made it that way. She didn’t ask for it. She just made all her dreams come true. Lauren isn’t a waste of time. She’ll be the next girl with the cheap fashion lines everywhere to be possibly seen.

    Blake Lively has done very little things but now she has played a huge part in the celebrity world because she is now on the show Gossip Girl. If you take big steps, you can become famous too. These girls and guys didn’t become famous overnight. They actually worked for it.

    So if you got nasty rumors or comments to spread, just knock it off and keep it to yourself. Because what if your famous one day? People will say the exact same things as you.

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