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Jennifer Lopez is a Checkerboard Chick

Jennifer Lopez is a Checkerboard Chick

Jennifer Lopez joins designer Oscar de la Renta for an Elle magazine fashion shoot in New York City on Monday.

Of course, the 38-year-old triple threat wore one of the designer’s dresses from his Spring 2008 collection for this special photo shoot!

The pair posed by an outdoor stone checker board at a Manhattan park. Jennifer was seen standing and leaning over the table, which she left her purse on. De la Renta was seen sitting on a wooden park bench.

20+ pictures inside of checkerboard chick Jennifer Lopez

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jennifer lopez checkerboard chick 01
jennifer lopez checkerboard chick 02
jennifer lopez checkerboard chick 03
jennifer lopez checkerboard chick 04
jennifer lopez checkerboard chick 05
jennifer lopez checkerboard chick 06
jennifer lopez checkerboard chick 07
jennifer lopez checkerboard chick 08
jennifer lopez checkerboard chick 09
jennifer lopez checkerboard chick 10
jennifer lopez checkerboard chick 11
jennifer lopez checkerboard chick 12
jennifer lopez checkerboard chick 13
jennifer lopez checkerboard chick 14
jennifer lopez checkerboard chick 15
jennifer lopez checkerboard chick 16
jennifer lopez checkerboard chick 17
jennifer lopez checkerboard chick 18
jennifer lopez checkerboard chick 19
jennifer lopez checkerboard chick 20
jennifer lopez checkerboard chick 21
jennifer lopez checkerboard chick 22
jennifer lopez checkerboard chick 23

Photos: Anthony Dixon/WENN
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  • AHH!


  • Teresa

    It looks like the top of the dress didn’t fit and they added material and safety pins. She looks beautiful though.

  • natalia

    CUTE DRESS! ^^

  • *

    I have never been a big JLo fan (don’t dislike her either), though I think she does have talent, & I have always thought she was extremely pretty and sexy…but her face has really changed since the pregnancy…it’s kind of odd—never seen that happen before—her nose is beak-like now and there is something missing in the eyes that was there before.

    it’s really weird. she doesn’t look like herself to me.

  • victoria

    1st!!!!!!!!!! I love that dress. J. LO looks great in it. Would love to see more pictures of the twins though. She looks like motherhood agrees with her, because every picture shows her smiling and looking happy and healthy.

  • Couper

    Hahaha, love the chain of safety pins and skin colored material.

  • AHH!

    dude…are you dumb?
    like…can you read…?
    i was effing first.

  • Maria

    Cameron diaz wore the same dress.

  • Janie

    I don’t like her. She seems very selfish and self-centered!

  • mike

    gorgeous…as usual… <3 (i don’t think she is selfish…and besides how can you judge someone you have never met…thats like me saying something about you when i don’t even know… :)

  • Mediterranean

    I like her and think that she is talented.

    But why didn’t she wear the dress which fitted her?

  • Vio


  • ew

    The lipstick has got to go. It’s not even the same red as the dress.

  • Monica

    Don’t like her at all! Can’t stand Marc Anthony either!!

  • pelon1

    she looks amazing, i love jlo she rocks i’ve met her father he is such a sweet man she looks like him, i can’t to see her in another movie and her twins are adorable, i don’t think she is self centered she spends alot of time with children that are sick

  • mina

    I love the picture with the fence it is so New York.

  • ally

    i spy scott barnes and ken paves too..always needs her hair and make up! she does look good though and in a good mood smiling and waving for the photogs

  • zen

    Love to see her with Oscar, love dominicans.

  • Guz

    This was just posted on another website. Just another example of how disgusting Jennifer Lopez is!!!!

    Jennifer Lopez has reportedly revealed that her five-month-old twins, Max and Emme, NEVER wear the same outfit twice. A source told the Mirror,

    “Jennifer was approached by a charity and asked to donate some dresses for a celebrity auction. She agreed and donated a gorgeous £5,000 frock.

    She also offered some of Max and Emme’s clothes, telling organizers that she NEVER lets them ‘repeat’ outfits. Jennifer told them that some items cost over Û1,000 (£500 / 795.40 USD) each.”

    Source: Mirror

  • eileen

    Jennifer Lopez is a witch. Thank goodness Ben Affleck married Jennifer Garner instead of this self absorbed hag!

  • Blog Envy Is The New Black

    She has lost that certain something about her. She is not as vibrant as she once was. The marriage and twins stress is showing in her face.

  • teacup

    I think she looks amazing. Always does. If she doesn’t put the same outfit on her twins twice that’s her perogative. She’s got the dough so she can dress them the way she wants and outfit a day – Awesome! That doesn’t make her self absorbed. . And as for you #20 being happy Ben, didn’t marry her ? That’s the best thing she ever did not marry that man. If she had she would be as miserable as Garner is.

  • jared just post pics dont writ

    jared sweety it’s from his resort 2009 collection.

  • amy

    oh my gosh she looks fabulous! :D it’s like she never had twins at all……i thought she wanted to take an entire year to rest and concentrate on her tots?? LOL i guess it’s impossible for her! i used to love her but her diva attitude kinda annoys mariah carey!….anyway, she’s gorgeous but i’m not sure she did many useful things recently or is about to change something in the music/fashion/movie industry..kinda overrated actually but see, all those useless supposedly “artists” out there like britney, pussycat dolls and company earn so much money without even deserving it…..where has the music industry come to? lol okay, that’s enough with the out of subject speech but i just wanted to let you know that there are people who actually see the danger caused by the fact that untalented ppl ‘n, even my lil dog could be a star !! goddamn!!! :p anyway, i guess we need beautiful icon to make us believe in a hopeless dream which is that becoming a star is impossible! i understand myself..


  • mariann

    This vain selfish biitch certainly forgot where she came from!

    Who the hell has their kid wear an outfit once and then get rid of it!!!! There are children in this world that do not even have any clothes.

    What happened to “Jenny from the Block”? She also has NO talent!

  • cathy

    Isn’t her husband gay?? I thought I read that somewhere!! He looks like a skeleton!! He probably has Aids!!

  • sparky

    her babies are ugly like their daddy!

  • Lynne

    She is very pretty but she totally acts like a diva. I don’t care for her.

  • Mary

    Are you kidding? If she was not J LO she would not be on the cover. Too chubby for photos and totally diva. What new mother is out as much as she is>>>

  • Stephanie

    How the hell could she have married Marc Anthony? YUCK!

  • teacup

    She married Marc, because she loves him and he loves her. Her twins are beautiful and like I said if she wants to dress them an outfit a day more power to her. If you all had the money she has you would be doing the same so cut the C%^&p! You people are always saying she has no Talent, really!! that’s why she has number one movies and her music sells. Could it be because she’s a POWERFUL LATINA THAT YOU DON’T LIKE HER. Whether or not you see her movies or buy her records 50 people in this blog doesn’t matter when she has millions of fans around the world that dol Ya’ll Can Eat Crow!!!!

  • lol

    is she still an actress?

  • bcguid

    Would love to see more pictures of the twins though. She looks like motherhood agrees with her, because every picture shows her smiling and looking happy and healthy. do you know she open her blog on a free…… …….. she must hope her fans go there to support her, but her pics in the blog are reeally good.

  • liza

    She got old- and shes wearing a dress that doesnt fit her- don’t understand why she didnt get it fitted… guess the diva attitude didn’t solve that problem.. she still rocks though :D

  • lol

    LOL at #20. Tell us how you really feel!

  • sily

    #20 Jlo dumped the alcoholic now he’s Garner’s problem. Garner is having another uglie spawn…cuz violation is so uglie!!!!! Ben is stuck with the boring as byotch…she looks like Steven Tyler…oh, he’s boring too…Garner said he’s a couch potatoe…proabably watching p#rnography movies while she is out with violation posing for the paps.

  • truthfully

    Jennifer looks fab as usual.

  • boogaloobobo

    Yep… La Lopez is startin’ to look old… I agree with #4 about ‘the change’…

  • Ryan Mac

    I think the shoes are great! I don’t get the earings! She does not seem as “glowy” as she used to prior to having the twins but she is human. Cathy said Marc probably has AIDS you should know you don’t say that about people. With photoshop I’m sure she will look better.

  • minime

    JLo is gorgeous. Eat your heart out haters! She is glowing sexy and she defines beauty. I haven’t seen her this HAPPY since Ben broke her heart. One day she will thank God she didn’t marry Ben judging from how miserable he looks every time he’s seen with Jen Garner, who actually does look a lot like Steve Tyler. Ben always looks like he’s about to kill someone, always miserable. Cut the crap about how Garner is so much sweeter than JLo. She didn’t get on that show for being sweet. Behind Garner’s sweet facade, I hear she’s a complete beotch, perfect match for Ben. Teehee

  • to teacup

    JLo only married Marc to save face because Ben left her at the alter then dumped her ass! Unfortunately he didn’t get away from the paps –they are actually interestd in him not her.

  • LuckyL

    She looks better plumper.

  • LuckyL

    sily @ 07/14/2008 at 10:36 pm

    #20 Jlo dumped the alcoholic now he’s Garner’s problem. Garner is having another uglie spawn…cuz violation is so uglie!!!!! Ben is stuck with the boring as byotch…she looks like Steven Tyler…oh, he’s boring too…Garner said he’s a couch potatoe…proabably watching p#rnography movies while she is out with violation posing for the paps.
    Lol, I agree with so much in this post despite its exaggerations.

  • nikomilinko
  • jessica

    i like her dress:)

  • Jess

    Totally hate those enormous hoochy ghetto earrings and that horrid red lipstick (looks a million times better when she wears neutral colors) — it just takes away from the beauty of her dress and the simple hairdo. She looks like a hoochy quinceanera from the ‘hood!!

  • Hate fat@ss JLo

    #20 & #25 RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!

    JLo is a vain, conceited, self-absorbed, over-inflated ego, pompous, uppity beyotch who tries to come across as ordinary and unassuming, but she is soooo arrogant and so into astronomically expensive material things, and expensive tastes. “Jenny From The Block” — PLEASE!! She can keep that matchstick husband of hers with the big Mick Jagger lips and dark sunken eyes! hahahaha!! Beaner!

  • berlinerin

    To all the haters…stop judging her. Offcourse, she has changed… It`s only human, we all would change if we came from rags to riches like Jlo did! She has mantained her status in Hollywood, which is very hard to do, so let her be!

    She is a hard working women and a fighter I love that about her…You go girl let them talk

  • CC

    Remember when she was at the top of the A-list? Ah, memories.

    I love the dress she’s wearing.

  • Sammie

    Jennifer Lopez is a selfish, selfcentered, egotistical BIITCH!!