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Jessica Simpson Waves on the Waves

Jessica Simpson Waves on the Waves

Jessica Simpson soaks up the sun on a yacht in Lake Tahoe, Nevada on Sunday.

The Simpson sisters watched Jessica‘s beau Tony Romo play golf on the 17th hole of the Edgewood course from the lake.

Jessica held up her dog Daisy for photographers to see.

Check out the promos from Jessica‘s Fancy perfume.

10+ more pics inside of Jessica Simpson waving while on the waves…

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jessica simpson ashlee simpson yacht 01
jessica simpson ashlee simpson yacht 02
jessica simpson ashlee simpson yacht 03
jessica simpson ashlee simpson yacht 04
jessica simpson ashlee simpson yacht 05
jessica simpson ashlee simpson yacht 06
jessica simpson ashlee simpson yacht 07
jessica simpson ashlee simpson yacht 08
jessica simpson ashlee simpson yacht 09
jessica simpson ashlee simpson yacht 10

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • jk

    that bit-ch needs to just go away.

  • Emily

    that’s not ashlee, if you mean the girl in the red bikini. Anyway, Ashlee is not in those picutres. Sorry!

  • Emily

    Ashlee is not in those pictures. Sorry

  • Priscilla

    uhhh I don’t like her at all
    shes a fake….it sucks that shes from dallas :]

  • Billie

    She’s a pig! Oink~Oink~

  • Mad

    yeah thats what i thought its not her!

  • Nando

    That’s not Asslee… That’s Alli Sims, you know, Britney’s cousin now trying to bank on Jessica Simpson. LOL j/k

  • nikomilinko
  • Emma
  • like it is

    She’s a dime.
    Just a normal fun loving girl enjoying life.

  • va nay nay

    GO AWAY!!! Such a dumbass.

  • oh

    That’s ashlee’s old assistant.

  • Saz

    Why are you guys being so rude towards her?!? Don’t get it! I wonder who is the perfect person and role model for you in this world as there are NO perfect people. Let people be individuals as the whole world would be such a boring place otherwise – no need to make nasty comments re her, ni Jolie, ni Anniston, ni anyone!

  • cute

    Cute, I have that same juicy couture bathing suit!

  • Joe Simpson

    That girl craves attention. She nneds to walk off that weight instead of just sitting there.

  • SOS

    Poor Daisy looks like she wants to jump overboard. I would too.

  • hmmmm

    She has def gained lately . . . that suit doesn’t really do much for her either. I’m with you, # 15, lol.

  • tas

    I just find it hilarious that when Jess was married to Nick, he tried to get Jess to play golf, but she hated it. She hated football; basically all sports,
    and now she is following Tony around on the golf course, going to games, ect…. PHONY BALONEY!!! She still hates sports, but wants to keep her man, so she is being supportive. When the newness wears off on the relationship however, she will act just like the whiny, bratty, princess we all know she is. YUCK-O!!

  • bb

    Lets all say this together now.. ATTENTION WH0RE…….

  • LN

    I hate myself for wasting time commenting on her, but again I ask – WHY? What has this skank done to merit her “celebrity” status? No talent, no brains. I don’t get it.

  • uhhuh

    Agree with Post #1. She looks horrid in that bazooka colored swimsuit.

  • bee

    your all so jealous its pathetic she’s just being herself and enjoying life get over it!!

  • yeah

    She should wear a bikini like in Dukes.

  • deucey

    What kind of boat? (Only thing interesting in the whole article)

  • cowboys rule

    It’s just sad that you Losers have no life. The girl doesn’t even know you morons but you jealous bitches continue to hate on this girl because she has fame and fortune and a gorgeous qb boyfriend. Get a life and find a JOB or better yet take a gun and let your misery end.

  • yep

    #25 time to take your medication, right?

  • anyone know?

    Who makes her swim-suit… I really like it~!

  • Enoughofsimpsons

    Honestly, is she really news? I guess the football season will be ruined now because I’ll have to see her face plastered all over the tv. UGH !

  • Monica

    Jessica Simpson is white trash!

  • eeek

    shes fat

  • Janie

    Jessica Simpson has NO talent and NO brains. She is a “D” lister.

  • Paige

    #22 I agree and #27 the suit is by Juicy Couture and it is indeed super cute :)

  • rlr

    that is not Ashlee OR Ali – hello??!?? didn’t anyone see the recent pics of fatty Ali on the beach? She’s put on some serious lbs

  • Alesha

    She is so pathetic. Papa Joe is flooding the media with this hobag like that is going to make her a success. No way will I buy her Junk.

  • Re: # 32

    # 32 Paige:

    Thanks so much for letting me know, I appreciate it! :)

  • http://justjared whatever

    Those type of dogs always look so dirty matted!

  • LJ

    Sounds like there are a lot of jealous people on this topic. So many of you insist that you don’t care about this woman that you dislike so much, but you took the time to read the article about her and put a post down.

    Do any of you actually know her? And I bet most of you are much fatter than her. She looks great.

    None of you people actually know a thing about her. I know that I have not managed to put out some albums, get an MTV reality show, and star in movies, all while making the paparazzi give a crap about me. She seems to be doing it right if you ask me! She has a ton of money to go out and enjoy life with.

    Sounds like pure jealousy here.

  • Joh

    Looks like a 50-year old hooker that just popped out three kids and hasn’t lost weight yet.

  • katie Goricki

    fyi, lake tahoe is in california. I would know, I live a few hours from it.

  • bcguid

    she is really sexy. you even check out her sexy and beautiful photos, videos and

    blogs on ………….blacklatinmeet/user/ ………… that is a free

    interracial dating club.

  • truthfully

    Oy vey. Jessica looks like she is enjoying the good life and packing on the pounds in the process. Also, her famous “Double D’s” are looking a wee bit saggy. Not a good look.

  • wow

    Oh my gosh. Go to and search the words “beach chiffon halter swimdress” and it’s a Juicy Couture “swimdress” and see how it looks on the model. Completely different.

  • Zulu

    #37 – LJ:

    Do YOU know her? If so, why don’t you regale us with stories of how super-swell she is? Won’t you please enlighten us poor, empty, jealous souls as to the larger-than-life wonders that are Jessica Simpson?

  • batkizz

    Nando is right. the brunette isnt assley. this girls hair is too dark, the teeth arent right, and this chick has bad skin. assley has great skin. and plus, a dead giveaway: assley is well into her pregnancy. she would be showing like mutherfucka! this chick in the pic is quite thin, not pg at all.

  • eve

    I was thinking that girl in the black was that one chick from season 2 rock of love.. hmm

  • Tina

    She was wearing a Dallas Cowboys SWEATSHIRT in the California heat yesterday. LMAO. Talk about wanting the media attention.

  • yourmom

    Noticed she’s not wearing a suit from her line, thats cause the quality is crap. Also, # 18 you are right she HATED sports when she was married to Nick, and that was always her fans lame excuse why her marriage falled. She is phoney, and her fans a just plan stupid.

  • THE girl

    She is so pathetic. She doesn’t know what she wants; she doesn’t even know who she is. I think she must be a very hard person to love and to be around. She will end up alone in this worl after papa Joe leaves Earth…

  • Allie hampton

    Ewww! Those hair extensions have got to go! She looks like a mess most of the time, and all she needs to do is just use a brush! And “wear” her own hair. Grow it out, if you want it long. Extensions always look like what they are – fake hair.

    I can’t believe i am the only person who finds that stringy mess unattractive.

  • lovejesss

    she looks so nice!