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Maggie Gyllenhaal - "Marie Claire" August 2008

Maggie Gyllenhaal -

Maggie Gyllenhaal (in Peter Som) dishes to Marie Claire in their August 2008 issue, on newsstands nationwide July 15.

The 30-year-old Dark Knight actress opens up about the highs – and surprising lows – of blockbuster-size fame and being a mom. Maggie also shares how she keeps her edge, her adjustment to motherhood, and dealing with the heart-wrenching death of neighbor, friend and costar Heath Ledger.

On her younger brother Jake Gyllenhaal: “We lived with him in Los Angeles when [my fiance Peter Sarsgaard] and Jake were making Rendition. Jake has a beautiful house, much nicer than a hotel. He’s great with kids – it comes naturally to him. He really has that touch.”

On the death of Heath Ledger: “We live pretty close to them. [But] it was disgusting. I had journalists call me on my cell phone. There were these two shy girls sent from some rag magazine to camp in front of my house. I came home with [my daughter] Ramona and I was so shocked and angry. These poor girls (Michelle Williams and daugther Matilda), it wasn’t their fault. They were out of their element.”

On turning the big 3-0: “I’m not the youngest person at the table anymore. I’m not the young precocious one. I feel like I’m engaging with people in a different way now. I am a woman. I’m treated with respect, as an equal.”

To read the full interview, visit There’s also behind-the-scenes photos from her cover shoot here. Bigger cover pic inside…

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  • Ryan Mac

    I just don’t know about this cover. It’s very blah

  • jane

    ugly; her tatler magazine all critics said she looks like Jack Nicholson.

  • evangelista


  • Helena

    She’s beautiful, but she’s engaged to Peter, not married.

  • astoria

    If you don’t want blah, you should check her cover on the tatler (uk edition). disturbing is the only way to describe it.

  • Carly

    so wrong for the part but probably just a body bag for the movie.

    Is this movie about Batman or about the Joker and Heath Ledger?

    im sick of it.

  • layla

    She looks great.. I really like her. Go Maggie!!

  • http://WWW.AFTONBLADET.SE Sweden91a.k.a MrsGyllenhaal

    Wow she looks great!, to think that she is going to be my sister-in-law when i will date jakepoo xD( in my dreams -.-” ) Jag älskar dig Jake <333 ( I LOVE U JAKE)

  • Jessica

    Am I the only one who thinks she’s unattractive?

  • nyc

    wow she’s not naked for once in a magazine or movie. Her trying to be humble and nice is so fake. Her saying America deserves 9-11 and America did it is so unforgivable.

    Jake is prettier,talented and more nicer than her.

  • efron

    jake gyllenhaal in a wig. EEECKKKKK

  • http://WWW.AFTONBLADET.SE Sweden91a.k.a MrsGyllenhaal

    Carly the poor guy died, the asked her and she told them what she was thinking. and yes it does come up every time the dark knight is mentionde. but his death was quiet a shock. it still is to those who has worked with him..R.I.P Heath = *

  • Monica

    She is very ugly!

  • Janie


  • Jose

    God she’s unfortunate looking!

  • Nicole

    you put it nicely so I will agree with you :)

  • rjk

    God, Maggie’s fantastic! Too cool!

  • Ali

    Love her acting and intelligence. Whoever styled this cover, though, needs a different job. Terrible dress and hairstyle. The dress looks like something from a Simplicity pattern book from the 50′s – horrible.

  • delia

    Love interest for Bale’s Batman? what a joke. The dress looks like a drape from the funeral home and she was almost killed in this movie when her dress caught her but she didnt roll but just screamed.

    Her face looks like death.

  • delia

    meant when her dress caught fire. Maggie’s acting is not good. Getting naked and doing a guy rough on the bigscreen does not mean
    riveting acting. Meryl Streep and Audrey Hepburn,Jolie,Cate Blanchett etc are great acting.

  • angeline

    Looks like jake.

  • Allon

    I have NEVER understood her so-called “appeal”.

    Her personality is blah and she looks like an old hag!

  • Rayt

    “These poor girls (Michelle Williams and daugther Matilda), it wasn’t their fault. They were out of their element.”

    Jared she’s not talking about Michelle and Matilda there, she’s talking about the girls that camped outside her house. Jeeeez

  • victoria

    24th!!! I’m sorry, I don’t mean to bash her, but she is not at all pretty. Poor Thing always looks tired and in need of an eye lift. I think she needs a new hair do also. I have seen better pictures of her.

  • tati

    “Is this movie about Batman or about the Joker and Heath Ledger?

    im sick of it.”

    Come on, get over it “Carly”!

  • Mary

    Maggie is great and interesting actress.

  • denise

    I love Maggie. She’s a wonderful actress and a good role model for all women out there.

    She’s a strong independent woman which is what this world needs.

  • Molly

    She is so fugly!

  • Karen

    She is NOT good looking!

  • eileen

    ugly woman!

  • Jen

    she is plain and boring.

  • Mully

    fugly tranny!

  • Crustacean

    No, the world doesn’t need a “strong, independent woman” who does lesbian threesome short films, who looks like a monkey and acts like one. It needs a modest yet intelligent Christian woman with spirit.

  • sellout

    She may not be bright, but she’s sure got an ego…

  • releka

    She was very good in Sherry baby.

  • Wha???

    Not in their element, Maggie? Why, because they spoke English?

  • Wha???

    Not in their element, Maggie? Why, because they spoke English? What would these morons like Maggie G. do if not for hollywood? The only thing she’d be qualified for is Ho of the week.

  • Larisa

    She is talented but please dont feature her in fashion magazines let alone on the covers, the girl is not photogenic or beautiful or has a good style.

  • bcguid

    Beautiful woman, you are making a great thing! did you joined …… …….. a site for free interracial people to date sexy women? I just found that many people here keep talking it these days! I need the answer from you!

  • Vfan

    I dont mean to sound offensive but who the heck is she???

  • so cute

    you ppl are so harsh, she’s pretty, talented and intelligent, unlike sooo many other talentless hollywood hoes out there … stop being such catty biotches and calling her “ugly” because you’re all just insecure yourselves. Why hate? Can’t be good for anyone, including you :)

  • Janie

    She’s amazingly talented! People keep saying she’s engaged, she’s married. Jake confirmed it on ellen! Gorgeous gril!

  • lola

    lame actress

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    no women should be that ugly.

  • Jess

    Guess Jake inherited the looks out of those two! She’s ….. ah, just not what you’d call remotely attractive. Hmm, unfortunate. Great actress, though! (like saying ‘good personality’!!)

  • remember da truth

    NYC #10
    If you’re going to make inflammatory statement, be prepared to back them up or you sound like a fool making crap up simply because for some reason you don’t like a certain celeb.
    Anyone who says “more nicer”, besides the fact that you don’t even know these people, is an illiterate idiot, so until you prove what you are saying, your trashy talk is not believable.

  • remember da truth

    VFan #40

    Rent Sherrybaby, or Secretary, or even Mona Lisa Smile. Maggie Gyllenhaal usually makes movies that go over the heads of the boring masses (see the people who discount her acting? most can’t even spell, let alone appreciate anything other than identical looking bimbos that look ike all the interchangeable starlets on reality shows and movies with car chases).
    Her vast arsenal of facial expressions and the heavy subject matter she chooses are amazing. She can show so much in her face alone, her acting has incredible range, the intensity and emotion and thinking and feeling that she puts on her face, but she usually avoids blockbusters like Batman. She prefers indie movies with interesting scripts and incredible roles.

  • remember da truth

    Carly #6 I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve heard so much about Batman I have no desire to see it. The Joker is getting a lot of attention because 1) it’s the flashier role and 2) there are a lot of people who want to see it for the morbid fascination of knowing Heath Ledger died.

    Heath Ledger was a good actor and it’s very sad, but none of us knew him. He wasn’t like Princess Diana who had been around for a long time and we’d watch grow into a woman and mother, either. Sure his family and friends are grieving but I don’t like using the unfortunate death of a person to market a movie and pull at our heartstrings to get us to go spend our money.

  • Gosh

    How ignorant and stupid people can be.

    How old is everyone here? 12??

    The world doesn’t consist of beautiful people only, you know?
    And looks WON’T tell you anything about a person!

    Go back into the kindergarten and tell your teachers to kepp you away from the net!


  • Andre

    She wouldn’t be bad looking if she’d get her nose job redone.