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Mary-Kate Olsen Has Rehab Shoes

Mary-Kate Olsen Has Rehab Shoes

Mary-Kate Olsen leaves her boyfriend’s house in Hollywood on Sunday.

The former Full-House star has reportedly spent time in a holistic spa the day after she collapsed in a public parking lot in an attempt to cleanse her body of the heavy drinking that she had done the night before.

A source close to the actress told Star magazine, “Mary-Kate seriously needs to get to rehab, but she doesn’t think she has a problem. She thinks she’s young, hip and entitled to live her life as she sees fit. But it’s affecting everything.”

10+ more pics inside of Mary-Kate‘s rehab shoes…

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mary kate olsen boyfriends house 01
mary kate olsen boyfriends house 02
mary kate olsen boyfriends house 03
mary kate olsen boyfriends house 04
mary kate olsen boyfriends house 05
mary kate olsen boyfriends house 06
mary kate olsen boyfriends house 07
mary kate olsen boyfriends house 08
mary kate olsen boyfriends house 09
mary kate olsen boyfriends house 10

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  • Aishah

    And first.

  • Stefanie

    aww look what happened with little michelle :(
    weird shoes..

  • Olga

    she looks fat …. maybe she gain weigth a little bit? just look at her legs… short jeans must be in large size

  • Ryan Mac

    I love mary kate but I just don’t like that shorts!

  • Ryan Mac

    I love Mary Kate but I just don’t like those shorts

  • Helena

    The shoes would be nice with something else.

  • mike

    wow some people are so critical..she is not fat…i bet a lot of you are not skinnier than her….so quit hating…

  • Ryan Mac

    The shorts are totally not flattering! I hate them! The Chanel flats are sick!

  • Amanda

    A day long detox at a spa from too much drinking isn’t exactly rehab. I think you’re exaggerating things quite a bit. And I’m pretty sure a lot of people have gotten fall down drunk at least once that weren’t daily party people.

  • Ick

    I wish the gladiator shoe trend would go away or that they would at least be in high heel form more. They aren’t flattering on most girls at all. And all the chubby girls will still wear them just because they’re in style and they’ll just look ridiculous.

  • tas.

    who really have proofs that she’s on drugs though?
    Her sister know what’s she’s doing, and i’m sure if mary kate is introubleAshley would be there to support her/tell her she needs help.

    you guys dont really know whats goin on behind close doors.

  • Regina

    Here we are again with the POINTLESS gossip. Detox = not rehab! She looks great, anyway.

  • Anon

    And I should even care about MKO because…

    R.I.P. Heath. We still love you, mate!

  • laura

    I dont think shes on drugs tbh.. she looks really clean and healthy..

  • well

    I have met people in NY who hang out with her and say how much of a cocaine addict she is… she definitely has a drug problem.

  • nikomilinko
  • jolly braidy

    go to rehab, girl!

  • me

    love her a lott!!
    she´s just gorgeous

  • meeee

    wow, she doesn’t look deathly skinny for once. That’s good to see!

  • meeee

    wow, she doesn’t look deathly skinny for once. That’s good to see!

  • naomi

    Anon # 13 I have the same feeling. :(

  • yeah

    when you wear 10 inch heels and skinny jeans you look a lot thinner then when you wear flats and cinched up shorts. Lauren Conrad has shown this as well. I bet she weighs the same.

  • pinkydoo

    It looks like she’s wearing leg braces. They are not flattering. Honestly, do these people ever look in a mirror or do they have stylists dress them. I think stylists want them to look ugly.

  • http://yahoo naju

    i love her gladiator shoes!

  • http://yahoo naj

    love her shoes but hate her!

  • dr fill

    Those Russell Crowe shoes are butt ugly.

  • LuckyL


  • JD

    Doesn’t the freak know Halloween is still months away??

  • vicky

    You guys are mean, She’s not fat. I bet everyone who said that is a whole lot fatter than she is. Get over it anyway what she does is her business, I hate the way people think they have the right to know everything and have an opinion on everything that go’s on in someones life just becuase they’re a celeb. You don’t.

  • http://YAHOO JSBME

    I tell my older sister the exact thing, she may be doing better than a few people that doesn’t means she should run her mouth as stagnant water. She’ one of them that loves the bible only for her beneficiary, and I told her she can’t use Jah Jesus Christ Good Lord neither commands Him. For example, first it says to remove the defect of your eyes before telling another to remove theirs. Also, she likes to say Jesus Christ I command you to chase the evil spirits from inside the house, you didn’t brought Jesus Christ into existence, He did and that’ one of the highest disrespect because Satan said that he will corrupt earth of the same command. That’ why king Solomon taught all humans manners. “He said Jah Jesus Christ Good Lord I prefer your wisdom please, to fulfill all of your commands because it’ your wisdom that obeys your commands. Mary K; is grown and only she, Jah, Jesus Christ Good Lord know best of herself.

  • paige

    mary kate=skank
    ishe use to be a rolemodel of mine
    till i found out she does coccain, pot & other types of drugs
    she really is a bitch

  • paige

    mary kate=skank
    she use to be a rolemodel of mine
    till i found out she does coccain, pot & other types of drugs
    she really is a bitch

  • Impala

    Paige (# 31, 32), there is like totally no proof she is, so why do you all just stop accusing people without there is a reason ?!!!!

  • sayitstraight

    Why won’t she talk to the cops about Heath Ledger?

    She has a guilty conscience that’s why she fainted and looks so miserable

  • Courtney Gallucci

    May Kate is fine, the reporter has no idea what twin’s lives are like. Like i loved how all the twins are always either favored or ignored…. it’s a different story when it’s you, huh. At least I had someone to look to while I was little that was a good person while my dad was horrible and abusive. My mom is a twin and she had it rough. Duh…

  • Courtney Gallucci

    Mary*** once the reporter will stop being retarted then I will stop being retarted.

  • Courtney Gallucci

    oooh, looks like the “news” reporter had too much fat cakes.

  • Courtney Gallucci

    P.S. xD