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Victoria Beckham - "Allure" August 2008

Victoria Beckham -

Victoria Beckham (in Donna Karan) takes the August 2008 cover of Allure magazine. Here are some snippets from her interview with the mag:

On how she’d describe herself: “I’m incredibly ordinary, a normal-looking girl, and I just make the best of what I have.”

On the rumors of her never eating: “I’ve been accused of not eating for 10 years. If I hadn’t eaten that long I’d be awfully hungry.”

On wanting a fourth child: “I’d love to have a girl – just for all the clothes I’ve got to hand down.”

It all started out by wearing flats to Disneyland last month and now in Allure‘s cover shoot, Posh is not wearing a single stiletto.

This is mayjuh!

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  • CMco

    Love it!


    Nice cover. She sounds like a lovely person.

  • nobevaga

    she looks beautiful(:

  • bcguid

    she is really sexy. seems that she is very hot on………… ………. that is a free interracial dating club. she must go there to find someone. i also saw her hot pics and videos on that web. unless you watch it, you won’t know how…she is.

  • mike

    love her…. <3 let the hating begin…

  • vbecksrocks

    I love her and the pictures inside are even better, she looks so soft and natural, and comes across down to earth, with just some self discipline.

  • jdfdj

    she’s a cool chick.

  • Larisa

    She looks beautiful, always thought she has such a unique great face features but what i LOVE is how honest and self-effacing she is.So refreshing to see someone in Hollywood say straight out they think they are ordinary looking and not beautiful at all.

    And i hope she gets a daughter, its hard for me to get around the fact that she has 3 kids alredy at her age and body weight, but what i AODRE is the fact that she has no stylist, its completly her own look and i love that, always liked her style even when i had no idea about her life (prior to moving to US).Victoria i love you and i hope you never ever leave US or i will be bored because i have no interest in rehab going, no underwear wearing starlets we have here, you are my guilty pleasure.

  • Larisa

    Her friend J.Lo could learn a thing or two from her, being a diva can be a good thing.I just love how cute she is and totally different than in pictures, she has so much personality.
    And what is up with his thing discrimination because she wears high heels all the time?So what?I was raised by a mother who always wore heels and had a wonderful childhood, its a womans choice, so let her wear her fab shoes if she wants to.

  • Lillianne

    I wanna see a Posh babay.

  • god bless the beck’s

    i adore victoria she’s such a sweetheart ,downtoearth and SO chik!!!
    she looks fab on the cover in fact she always looks faB!!!

  • T&M.

    Aw, I’d love to see David and Victoria’s daughter, if they ever have one. No doubt she’ll be gorgeous just like her parents and brothers.

  • jaye

    On wanting a fourth child: “I’d love to have a girl – just for all the clothes I’ve got to hand down.”

  • Nando

    Very pretty! She seems like a nice woman. :)

  • Jaye

    On wanting a fourth child: “I’d love to have a girl – just for all the clothes I’ve got to hand down.”

    ok that statement is just stupid.
    She’s not beautiful ( an over-used word), she’s average looking as she says. Photoshopped, but average. Even photoshopped she looks more ‘human’ than she does most of the time. She does know how to work her clothes though. Not everything she wears is a hit, but she doesn’t miss much. However, some of her ad campaigns are hideous.. I don’t know why they want to make her look so ridiculous. .

  • uhhuh

    I must be the only one but she irritates the FU.CK out of me!

  • nahla

    the cover is like 90′s Posh. I love her look !! LOVEE HER!

  • Gina

    A stunning cover. Lucky lady.


  • duyen

    love the cover!!

  • Dana

    I love her!!!! Ever since the Spice Girls she was always my fav.! I think what she is doing with her clothing line is amazing, she is really hands on with her line unlike other celebrities. She gets such a bad rap but she is such a sweet person, I adore everything she does!

  • Face

    The best cover I’ve seen of her, it shows her natural beauty, not the tanned designer overload that people know her for. =)

  • Sarah

    I like her.
    She seems nice.
    She’s adorable, too.

  • Mary

    Wow photoshop does do wonders!!!!

  • danz

    I love V.B!! She looks really pretty on this cover.

  • Eme

    I love vicky :D

  • possible

    If she is wearing flats and not wearing high heels to the interview. She is pregnant!!! You guys must be blind?

  • LuckyL


  • vanya


  • dawn

    Great cover. It looks not like V Beckham. Except if she has gained weight recently

  • nikomilinko
  • ZzaRaZza

    wow, she looks almost human here, amazing photographer

  • beAST

    She is awful and seriously full of herself. Can’t stand this nasty skank

  • Sammi

    If you believe all that s*** you must be stoopid…..C’mon

  • indiesr

    I’m not a big fan of Posh, but she is definately toning it down to fit in in America. When she got here she was way over the top, and stated in an interview that she never were flats, they hurt her feet, etc., But it seems she is doing a total makeover of her image…just to fit in.

    BTW, even though its photoshop, she does look good on the cover.

  • Please!

    EVERYTHING this woman DOES and POTRAYS herself to be is F-A-K-E! I feel sorry for those of you who can’t see through her. She is an A-CLASS SNOB/B****, who is arrogant and self-absorbed to the core. All you read in that interview is “FLUFF”- don’t be “fooled”- that is NOT the “Real” Victoria Beckham. The “Real” Victoria Beckham is a fame-$$$-obsessed shrew of a woman who would sell her firstborn for a high-enough price-tag and if it would guarantee her more “media exposure”… she is NOT to be admired, she has NOT contributed ANYTHING of IMPORTANCE to this world EXCEPT being a greedy, self-absorbed, selfish greed monger who is ALWAYS looking for more, more, more… NEVER satisified with ALL that’s she got. She walks around with a high-end sense of “entitlement” thinking the world owes her everything in it because she’s Mrs. Victoria Beckham- please! if she never hooked up and married DB- she’d be EXACTLY where she deserves to be- no where fast! All she did was “get lucky”- no talent bragging rights in that- all she is is an over-glorified housewife, shopaholic and clothes-horse- nothing more, nothing less. She’s NOTHING of “importance” in the grand scheme of the hollywood- celeb world. Anyone believe for 1-nanosecond that if she got preggers with #4 she would garner the amnt. of round the clock attention that Ange/Brad did? NO WAY! At least not here in the States… she’s a living legend in her own warped mind!~

  • zoe

    whoa someone’s really pissed off #35. how long did you take to write that comment?

    im not a fan of hers but i think she has a great sense of fashion. she’s average looking but knows how to stand out in the crowd by creating her personalised look. although she may seem cold in pictures, she actually seems very down to earth in interviews. she jokes and laughs a lot. i also want her to have a baby girl- it’ll be great.

  • maria

    I love Victoria!!!

  • Gossip GIrl

    i love her!!!! TEAM POSH!!!

  • Celine

    she’s such a cutie : )

  • Celine

    she’s such a cutie : )

  • Victoria

    Victoria may not be considered to be beautiful outside by many people, but from what little I have read about her and from watching her interviews she does seem like a beautiful person inside.
    I think the Beckham’s are pretty cool!

  • LuckyL

    Lol, I only get the people who go psycho to defend someone’s good personality, but the one’s who go psycho to tear someone down? Loooool, just a couple sentences, or some -facts- would do

  • Just me

    Gorgeous cover and lmao at #35. All that pent up anger towards someone you dont know must be diffucult. Go on love let it out….feel better now? here’s your bottle…bed time :)

  • Just me

    Gorgeous cover and lmao at #35. All that pent up anger towards someone you dont know must be diffucult. Go on love let it out….feel better now? here’s your bottle…bed time :)

  • vonyA




  • vonyA


  • Christine…i love you vicky

    She looks so beautiful and peaceful in this picture. I always think she is rocking her look…You go Victoria…i love you

  • sam-sam

    Girl please stop acting like miss perfact. We all know u have an eating problems.

  • Ash

    She’s never looked better!

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