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Halle Berry Has a Dental Date

Halle Berry Has a Dental Date

Halle Berry (in Inhabit) heads to the dentist’s office in Los Angeles on Monday.

TV One Access along with guest co-host Tatyana Ali recently counted down the 16 sexiest black woman and Halle came out on top!

Tyra Banks, Alicia Keys and even Michelle Obama made the list.

DO YOU THINK Halle Berry is the sexiest black woman? If not, then who?

10+ pictures of Halle Berry‘s dental date…

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halle berry dental date 07
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37 Responses to “Halle Berry Has a Dental Date”

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  1. 26
    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] Says:

    halle’s hot, to bad there’s something about her that’s…. kind of…. ugh, boringg.

    no matter what the crackers say – she’s black. and she’s been considered black her entire career.

    whoever the fcuktard was that said “Iman” was one of the most beautiful…. it’s a really funny dummy.

    Iman = 1 man.

  2. 27
    groundhogday Says:

    I agree with alot of you in the fact that she is half white so why would they say that she is the most beautiful black woman? Yes, I know that America says that if you have any black in you then you are black, but they should choose someone who is more black than 50% for this contest. I agree with Berlinerin that this is an insult to black women. (By the way, I love Queen Latifa and she’s not all that black either.)

  3. 28
    Shar Says:

    berlinerin @ 07/15/2008 at 6:29 am

    Halle is beautiful, but she is not completely black. It is kindof an insult to all black women to consider her the most sexiest black women, since she is obviously mixed,it`s just not right…we have different features and hair texture, you can`t deny that fact! No offense Halle still love you!



    Alexandria @ 07/15/2008 at 11:08 am alexandria collins—myself—is the most beautiful african american woman–bump that, most beautiful woman!!! out there today!

    How damn right u are. And if every one of us black/hispanic/white/asian women thinks like that, this world would be a beautiful place. That being said,I am proud to be a beautiful black woman!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 29
    COmeback 3t? Says:

    Pam Grier

  5. 30
    Shar Says:

    …… (By the way, I love Queen Latifa and she’s not all that black either.)


    Queen Latifa has 2 black parents, she’s just light skinned from having ancestors who have mixed their genes with whites. I would know, I am 100% but i’m lighter than the queen, and my daughter is dark skinned,

  6. 31
    ladybug Says:

    iman is beautiful. meagan good is pretty darn sexy, as are beyonce and rihanna. candids of any of those three are sexier than candids of halle. sports illustrated model jessica white, also sexier than halle. i didn’t give it too much thought, but no, whether “bi-racial” or black, there are sexier black women.

  7. 32
    lala Says:


  8. 33
    Team lara croft Says:

    For the infamous dimwit dissing Iman: Iman has more beauty in one little tiny finger that most women do in their entire bodies. The woman is a GODDESS. Hands down. You wish. Also, if Halle is half black then certainly she can be considered one of the most beautiful black woman – since she is equally black as she is equally white. She can be in both categories. And she is on any given list – one of the most beautiful women alive so of course on a black list, she is going to be one of the most beautifull – she’d be one of the most beautiful women in Siberia if she was in the running. ALSO: it is all about DNA!!! You might find that a black woman with two black parents may have more “white” genes than Halle who has one white parent. So in fact, people that you look at everyday who look 100% black to you could scientifically have more “white genes” than a White person. There is that great study done on a man in Tibet and it was found that he was related to a man in South Africa. Imagine that! It’s theh DNA folks not the color of the skin. Halle says she is black, I take her word for it – she is black. Leave it alone and move along! And I agree – I should wait 18 years before adding Princess Zahara Jolie-Pitt’s name to the list. But she will be a knockout – guaranteed! And, last, it is Tuesday July 15, 2008: let’s be racially respectful to people and accept their decision on how they identify themselves. We are all one big glob of humanity and it is lovely! Like Brad Pitt says: let’s all sleep together so we can create kids of all shades and hues!

  9. 34
    Marsha Says:

    Sexiest Black Woman?

    Halle Berry is ONE of the Beautiful womans!
    I would say that Beyonce and Rihanna are the Sexiest Black Woman!!!
    They are soo Beautiful and Sexy!!

  10. 35
    Minority Races Hate White Crac Says:

    Minority Races Hate White Cracker People There So Ugly and White Skinned With No Culture:::
    White people with white skin no Culture don’t even like themselves because there not Exotic looking like the Minority Races (Asians,Blacks,Indian,Latinos,Hispanics,Pacific Islanders)we all have Dark Features,meaning Exotic Skin Tones,Exotic Features,Dark or Black Hair & Dark or Black Eyes and all Minority Races have Culture.

    White people have kids with your own white skinned race and stop trying to break the Minority Families up.White people hate there white skin, and there pointed noses,they are ugly in the face look like sick white pale skinned fools with no culture.

    White Cracker People are very Jealous of the Minority Race because we all have Exotic Skin Tones,Dark Hair & Dark Eyes,Exotic Features…And “WE Have Culture”

    The Minority Races are Asians,Blacks,Indian,Latinos,Hispanics,Pacific Islanders……..

    When ever I see a Minority Race in school,in the stores,walking on the streets I just smile because all the Minority Races are Exotic we stand out in a crowd White Cracker People look at us with Envy,and Jealous in there heart because we all look Exotic with our Dark Features.

    White Cracker People are trying to divide our Minority Families by have babies,marrying,and dating our Minority Races so there kids can have skin tones of course mixed cracker kids will never have our Full Blooded Features because they have White Nasty Cracker Blood running through there Veins and they still won’t have Culture because there kids are not pure there fake pale knock offs. HA!Ha!with know features and white blood running through there bodies all yes no Culture……

    Just Face it White Cracker stick to your own ugly race and keep having ugly pale white skin tones kids with pointed noses,different color hair and different color eyes and no skin tones and no Culture. Do you hate your white cracker self that much to try to divide the Minority Races Your Just Evil Devils……..

    Minority Races we out number white crackers let’s put them in there places (Last)

    Minority Races Rule The World……..

    The Minority Races are Asians,Blacks,Indian,Latinos,Hispanics,Pacific Islanders…..

  11. 36
    mimi Says:

    listen here to all who say hallie is black. She is half white and half black because one has to acknowlege that fact. are you saying that she came out of only one parent? that is pure ignorance. it’s sad that society will see her as only black. the point is when you look at her hair texture,face feature and her skin color then you know she cannot be pure black. I am not saying that being pure black is not beautiful beacuse some of them are but not all. Hallie Berry has a small nose,small lip and soft curly hair. let be real we can all tell when some is mixed. Also remember that there are white people with big nose and big lips also. face feature is what makes one beautiful not the color.

  12. 37
    kelly Says:

    @Minority Races Hate White Crac:

    You don’t mind using “white crackers” creations. As in computers. Do you loser.

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