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Jennifer Garner: Pregnancy is a Gogh?

Jennifer Garner: Pregnancy is a Gogh?

Gogh Gogh Van Gogh!

Jennifer Garner continues to battle pregnancy rumors on Tuesday as she heads to the Children’s Art Studio in Brentwood to channel the inner Van Gogh with daughter Violet.

Jen, 36, has recently been seen in fairly loose fitting clothing, continuing to fuel rumors of a bun in the oven.

Just a loose shirt or is this really a baby bump? You decide.

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jennifer garner pregnancy gogh 01
jennifer garner pregnancy gogh 02
jennifer garner pregnancy gogh 03
jennifer garner pregnancy gogh 04
jennifer garner pregnancy gogh 05
jennifer garner pregnancy gogh 06
jennifer garner pregnancy gogh 07

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  • mia

    I think she’s preggers! It’s a beautiful thing to be and I hope the media leaves her and her family alone. You and your hubby make beautiful bambinos Jen :)!

  • Janie

    That would be great if she is pregnant. The Afflecks are such a humble and beautiful family. Congratulations if she is, I love them! :)

  • sara


  • kristi

    I hope she is. They need to have a baby boy who looks like Ben so they can both have a mini me.

  • kristi

    Haha, Mia! I just read what u said! thats funny!

  • angela

    she wore almost the exact same outfit in august of last year, so i’m not entirely convinced.

    however, it’s funny (or sad) to see how the media quickly turns whispers of marriage troubles to bumpwatch.

    violet’s pretty adorable, so i’m sure if they have another child, she or he will be cute as well.

    anyway, here’s a link of her wearing pretty much the same outfit:

  • ben/jen fan

    Glad to see security with them again. I have noticed that in the past few weeks, Jen and Violet have had a security guard/body guard with them. I think they need several.

    Hard to tell if she is or if she isn’t. The style of shirts nowadays, is baggy and even a size 2 model in a certain style can look 3 months preggers.

    Hope so, hope so………..but on the other hand it would mean even more paps following them around, yuck.

    Just hope that if she is, Ben and her don’t decide to sell the baby pics. That is just a weird trend lately…………one I think is way out of hand (6 million, 10 million, where will it end?).

  • mike

    I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Adoring Fan

    Oh the beautiful Affleck girls again. Don’t worryben/jen fan about them selling their baby’s pics. That is not their style. They didn’t do it with Violet and they won’t do it with this one either. Love them.

  • jelly

    probably yes, but not because her belly looks bigger, you can tell by the boobs first

  • Sarah

    I think it’s just the shirt.
    But if she is prego, that’s great.

  • Lillianne

    I feel so bad for her that she can’t go outdoors for a single minute and not be bombarded by paps. Every day, day after day. I can’t imagine the stress that would cause.

  • amanda

    camon! it’s not a baby bump, for sure! ¬¬* if it was she’d have to be pregnant for a long time to reach that size.

  • yessiree

    just from the looks of the picture it seems like the shirt is just realllllllly lose and since she’s slightly bent forward I think the top gives the illusion that she’s pregnant.

  • a realist

    Wow, our Jen Jen is pregnant. I hope it’s a boy this time.

  • ben/jen fan

    #14, you are right about the shirt in the 2nd pic. In previous photos I thought she might be, but in these pics, I am on the fence.

    Not sure if it’s because of the rumors, Violet is getting older, paps getting more aggresive, but until a few weeks ago, I don’t remember seeing body/security guards with Jen and Violet. Never see one with Ben, until a few weeks back at the market.

    I think it’s a good thing, scary paps. Anyone else that follows Garner/Afflecks every remember security/body guards with them?

  • Gina

    She really does look pregnant in these pictures, especially the first picture.

  • emmelia

    Violet and Jen always ignored the paparazzi when they were out at the park/out and about etc, and had fun regardless.
    now violet seems more affected by the paparazzi presence. she used to laugh and be happy even in front of them, now she seems not to like to see them. ive noticed that in the last few sets. i can only assume thats because shes picked up on bens negative reaction and attitude towards them, and her mothers. you know how perceptive kids are.

  • aww

    I just love them !!!!
    Violet is the most beautiful little girl :)

  • come ooooooooooooooooonnnn

    congrts to them :o)

  • bea

    Well, wil be fantastic for Violet in this moment have a sister or brother , the time will say us if this rumor is true or false, but anyway, I would love she be pregnant.

  • amy

    I hope they are having a new baby to add to their cute family, but i’m not sure just the fact she is wearing baggy clothes is anything to go by and as for maybe having a slight belly she might just be letting herself go a bit nowadays, as she doesn’t have to train like she did when she was in alias and she was very flat stomached in that.
    I know in baggy clothes i could pass for pregnant so i’m sure some of the hollywood girls can too.

  • remember da truth

    I still don’t understand why constantly following someone, getting up close to them and bothering them, and scaring their children is not an arrestable offense if you also carry a camera. If you didn’t have the camera, you would be hauled in for stalking and harassment.

    Poor Violet, not having a moment’s peace. I hope Jen is pregnant, as it would be good spacing for Violet and Jen. But poor Jen having to deal with the added pap presence, as ben/jen fan astutely pointed out.

    Right about what Amanda says — she’d have to be REALLY pregnant for the bump to be that size. The “bump” seems to go away when she’s standing up straight and Violet is holding the shirt down with her legs.

  • Melanie

    Let celebrities decide when they want to announce a pregnancy! I don’t think she looks pg, but if she is, it’s her business, and we’ll know soon enough. The first trimester can be risky for some women, and I actually agree with Ashlee Simpson keeping hers to herself until she was past that time period. In the meantime, get out of their faces!!

  • Angi

    In the first and fifth pics you can see the front of her jeans is pushed down slightly, usually in low rise jeans it lays flat there at the zipper unless you have a belly that is large enough to push the front down. So, I’d say yes, she’s pregnant. She’s probably not far enough to be wanting everyone to know yet though. I wish the paps would give her some space.

  • Sonia W

    The headline is totally misleading.
    When does she ever “battle” the rumor? She doesn’t say yes, never denies it.
    So who’s battling?

    Love Vi as always. Hope she outgrow the paps really soon.

  • newport beach, 92660

    Oh god the Paps are like stalking her. But then again that’s basically what they do for a living.

    I do doubt she’s pregnant, she would have said it already.

  • I think

    she’ll never say she is. we’ll see it in time
    her movies are coming out next year and so she won’t be doing any interviews – no one will be able to ask her except the paps but she never talks to them ;/

  • Edumacated

    Definitely pregnant. It’s not just the shirt. She has started carrying Violet in a manner whereby she holds Vi’s leg up to partially cover her belly. She has done this in several recent photos. It’s obvious she is pregnant.



  • ben/jen fan

    #30 “who is your new boyfriend?” Like you said, her bodyguard/security detail. She has had several lately. Even, see them (farther away) when she has been out with Ben.

    Most of the security/body guards she has had with her in the past few weeks are wearing wedding rings. So what now. stars can’t hire good looking body/security guards? Why does everything have to be like that. A professional man doing his job. Gosh! #30 hope you were just joking.

  • ben/jen fan

    BTW, the video is on Youtube.

  • Dana

    What do you mean “battling” pregnancy rumors? Where is this battle? She probably hasn’t said a word one way or the other…anyway, congrats if she is. It will be nice for little Violet to have a playmate.

  • well

    Ben got her a bodyguard to protect her of her pregnancy.

  • Xx-SWEETY-xx

    That is definitely a baby bump for sure!!!

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