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Jessica Biel's Wedding Bells?

Jessica Biel's Wedding Bells?

Jessica Biel leaves an entertainment office in Beverly Hills and then heads to lunch at Alcove Cafe in the Los Feliz Area on Monday.

Although Justin Timberlake hasn’t proposed to his girlfriend Jessica yet, his grandmother Sadie Bomar has already chosen his mom’s garden located in Tennessee, according to the Sun.

Sadie, taking a backhanded swipe at Justin‘s ex, Cameron Diaz, said, “Jessica’s really sweet. She’s his age and isn’t possessive. I think their personalities are a lot alike.”

“I just want them to be happy. Justin should get married in his mother Lynne’s back yard in Tennessee. She has a big yard with beautiful flowers. I think it would be perfect.

DO YOU THINK Jessica and Justin will be hearing wedding bells soon?

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  • Annie

    He was with Cameron for four years and they broke it off- You never know!

  • nikomilinko
  • BO

    She has the potential to be as beautiful as Angelina (well almost), but for some reason she just doesn’t do herself justice.

  • Mary

    “DO YOU THINK Jessica and Justin will be hearing wedding bells soon?”

    Of course not.

  • Eyda

    dont know why but dont like her and dont think shes beautiful

  • N_N

    I have no idea like all of you lol
    He seems happy with her, she likes attention’n'stuff… both start to welcome papz.

    But I fell somethin shady in here.

  • vega

    nothing in hollywood lasts.

  • mIMI

    I think he looked really happy with Cameron too, and the fact that she was older was not a bad thing. I´ve read that his family didn´t like her and that made things not so great.
    He is too young to get married, and if the do get married, it probably won´t last.
    Jessica has a great body but only looks hot on magazine covers.

  • zanessa forever!

    I am a BIG NO on that one. Don’t see a future and Cameron and he were an adorable couple. Don’t know why they would infer that she was the controlling one, just can’t see it.

  • Emma

    HOPE NOT! :D I don’t like Jessica, especially with Justin. I don’t think that Jessica is so beautiful as everybody says. And I don’t mean that she should be pretty to be with Justin :D I just don’t think they won’t last.. Well who am I to say :D

  • Emma

    I meant “I just don’t think they WILL last” ^

  • remember da truth

    Vega, Hollywood is no different than anywhere else, except that as soon as two people start dating it’s all over the mags and they start talking about marrying the two celebs off.
    Everywhere people date, and break up and move on, eventually find one to marry, and most of those marriages break up, too. It’s called real life.


    cameron the sweets girl ever good bless her love love cameron

  • remember da truth

    I think Jessica is an exotic beauty, but like someone said, she doesn’t seem to care or take the time to ramp up the sexy factor. She’s just a down-to-earth girl who has NEVER shown she likes the paps and the attention (that’s jealous Justin groupies and those too invested in the relationship with Cameron).

    Cameron showed her true possessive and insecure qualities when AFTER they were broken up she screamed at Justin in public and made an ass of herself when he was talking to Jessica Biel. That showed a lot of what must have gone on in private, if she would make a scene in PUBLIC even after the relationship was over!!

  • ew

    She always looks greasy.

  • CC

    She’s so boring.

  • Mimi

    its not that Cameron is possesive, but if you are hurt when you brake up with your boyfriend of 4 years, and then you see him with somebody else so soon, it hurts and makes you angry. And it hurts more when everybody is seeing him flirt with someone else so soon and you are in the same room.
    So I think cameron reacted normally if that reaction was realy true.

    He looked happier with her, smiling all the time.
    But that is life, and he chose what maybe is best for him. We can only see them in pictures and have no idea what goes on in private.

  • onmyown

    # 7 vega @ 07/15/2008 at 7:12 am nothing in hollywood lasts.

    2-day romance in HW is a life time. Time stop – and in that slow motion speed, they will do it all – just typical HW. And in that context, 5 year with Cameron Diaz is about 50 year hook up – only 3 days were meaningful. Evolution is meaningless for 2-day romances.

    It’s best for this new lovers to get out of HW if they want to evolve.

  • remember da truth

    Mimi, you are right, but as you yourself say, that is life and he chose maybe what is best for him. You deal with it with dignity and maturity, if you have any self-respect or grace.
    It is NOT normal to scream and act like you’re a 15-year-old seeing your EX with another girl. TALKING, no less, just talking, at a party where everyone is talking to each other.
    It’s like Lindsay Lohan screaming at people in clubs who even talk to her exes — grow up, and get some class!! It’s why no one takes LiLo seriously. She acts like a spoiled little teenager who OWNS the men she’s dated, even after breaking up with them. You don’t suddenly act like that AFTER breaking up — that’s who you are all the time and it’s what drives men away eventually, and that’s who Cameron is. She is immature, and possessive, and stupidly didn’t control herself in public.

  • stella bella

    Hell NO!!!

    I definitely don’t see marriage in their future unless it is with someone else. I don’t think Jessica would be as popular as she is if it wasn’t for her hooked up with Justin. She may be skinny but I don’t see anything pretty or feminine about her, Jessica’s physic is a bit masculine for my liking. But if Justin likes broad shoulders, a flat chest, straight waist and hips then good for him, he is in she/he heaven.

  • remember da truth

    stella bella, are you sure you aren’t thinking of jessica Alba?

    This is the booty girl, with boobs and curves.

  • Ryan Mac

    She looks great in these pictures. I can see her an JT walking down the isle. Is it me or did she get a little work on her lips?

  • toni


  • anonymous

    NOI WAY is this TRUE I don,t believe that Justin Grandmother would talk to any tabloids about Justin
    and there is another story saying Justin mom doesn,t like Jessica
    like they reported with Cameron at the time and this story wasn,t reported by the Sun about Jessica And Lynn

  • anonymous

    She is being friendly towards the paparazzi because she has some movies that are going to be coming out in a few months also she just started her own blog so she is trying to build a huge fan base

  • Maria

    The magazines said the same thing about Cameron when Justin wwas with her. Saying how great they are and that they will get married. Now they do that with Jessica.

  • Kim

    None of you know Cameron so maybe you should all shut the fuck up! she was good enough to be with Justin for almost 4 years! and they are still friends today!

  • Carla

    I’ve heard that her publicist tips off the paparazzi and puts out fake stories!

  • kenny

    her lips look so messed up from the injections!

  • D

    Justin will get bored!

    And lord knows this butch is as boring as they come!

  • Monica

    Justin is nowhere near ready to get married or engaged. I think he is too career oriented.

    and Jessica Biel is too manly and boring.

  • Mike

    Her lips are about to eat her face! she should stop injecting them!

  • gINA


    Cameron was very possessive and jealous during the entire relationship. She always tried to rebuff female fans that wanted autographs shoving Justin aside saying “Let me take care of this”. Can we say jealous and insecure?

    Sorry if you’re with a musician know he’ll have female fans. Some may want to sleep with him while others may just want an autograph. Deal with it instead of acting like an insecure and jealous bitch. It may have been cute before, but after 4 years I’m sure her act got old.

    Cameron only showed the world at the Golden Globes what others said the entire relationship. You never hear of Britney or Jessica acting this way.

  • Jennifer

    Cameron didn’t act like that. That was the tabloids making it up. Just like they made up with story.

  • Steph

    I was at a Justin concert last September in LA and Jessica pushed a fan. And she was getting attitudes. She just seemed really rude and arrogant

  • Dear jared,

    I really wish you wouldn’t post TABLOID stuff. People take it way to seriously! Justin’s grandmother wouldn’t talk to tabloids. And when Justin was with Cameron, they would have stories like this too. Now that Justin is with Jessica, they are taking out Cameron’s name and putting Jessica’s name instead. It will happen with every girlfriend and with other famous couples too.

  • Ida

    Shes so UGLY

  • Karen


    You 2 need to shut the hell up. You have NO idea what you are talking about. You’re not cameron and you’re not Justin so you have no idea what went on between them. You guys re so guliable because you are talking about tabloid reports. Those stories aren’t true!

    get a fucking life!

  • Ty

    Her lips and nose look so fake!

  • Marie

    How can their personalities be alike?!

    Jessica doesn’t have a personality! She’s so boring and lame!

  • Mo

    this butch think she’s important! who the hell walks in a parking lot with sunglasses on! you can tell she thinks she’s the shit because she is dating JT! Walking around like her sh_t don’t stink!

  • Lala

    She tries to dress like a girl now. She never use to dress or act like this. Too bad her face still looks like a man!

  • gINA

    Karen-Bitch get some help. You really need it.

  • Uh

    Bangs on anybody looks hideous.

  • tais
  • Almanac

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