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Reese Witherspoon is Nina Ricci Royalty

Reese Witherspoon is Nina Ricci Royalty

Jake Gyllenhaal isn’t the only one who has work in Europe!

Actress Reese Witherspoon, 32, slipped into a beautiful red gown for a Nina Ricci photo shoot under the direction of renowned photographer Mario Testino in Paris, France on Tuesday. (Reese wears Nina Ricci on the red carpet a lot–like at the the 2007 Golden Globes and the 2007 Oscars.)

The day before, Jake was seen out and about with Reese‘s kids, Ava, 8, and Deacon, 4, on Avenue Montaigne in Paris.

10+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon looking like Nina Ricci royalty…

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reese witherspoon nina ricci 01
reese witherspoon nina ricci 02
reese witherspoon nina ricci 03
reese witherspoon nina ricci 04
reese witherspoon nina ricci 05
reese witherspoon nina ricci 06
reese witherspoon nina ricci 07
reese witherspoon nina ricci 08
reese witherspoon nina ricci 09
reese witherspoon nina ricci 10
reese witherspoon nina ricci 11
reese witherspoon nina ricci 12
reese witherspoon nina ricci 13

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  • stefanie

    Red Wedding gown????
    Could be, could be…

  • photoshop

    They are going to need some major photoshop skills to make Reese look good!

  • Tea

    More PR for Reese?

    That PR wh*re is gooing to be happy!


  • look again

    “The day before, Jake was seen out and about with Reese’s kids, Ava, 8, and Deacon, 4, on Avenue Montaigne in Paris.”

    No, that was Reese’s nanny with the kids, Jake was playing with his mobile. LOL

  • Sasha

    i used to like her but since she divorced ryan she seems to have changed a lot, and not for the better

  • fugly Reese

    They should cover her hideous looking forehead.

    Too bad they can’t do anything about Resse’s ugly chin.

  • t.

    WOW all i have to say

  • poor reese

    Poor Reese.

    Tthere is no clothes and make up that would make that bit*h look pretty.

  • mike

    yeah and im sure your much better looking than her right??? please!

  • Anon

    Look again perhaps you should watch the video on x17, it’s pretty funny the way they kept walking seperately so the paps couldn’t get a shot of them together. Also JJ why haven’t you posted the fireworks pics from last night?.

  • hey Just Jared!

    Who is paying you to post boring “news” about this bore?

    No one gives a f*ck about Reese Witherspoon except her PR team and few stupid fans.

  • Kiki

    “she seems to have changed a lot, and not for the better”

    Reese looks 45.

    All that faking and pretending, must be hard for her. lol

  • yawn

    Jake and Reese are boring PR wh*res.

  • Just Jared

    Haha, good one “look again”.

  • jake


  • Mediterranean

    I like this couple… They look cute together.

  • me

    Jake Gyllenhaal looks like Jared Leto’s brother. Would be funny to see their pics together- aka “find the difference”

  • jake g


  • me

    this dress is not Nina Ricci.


    Reese is a fag hag. Jake is so friggin gay

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    she looks disgusting.

    “someone please coer up that fivehead”

  • jesuswearstennishoes

    She looks like she wants to cut someone.

  • susan

    Red dress is very pretty. Looks like she lost a lot of weight since last time. Ryan…. not so good. :(

  • http://#72and#73,yourcommentsmakeyoulookliketotalidiots. no

    #21 you are disgusting.

  • louise

    please can someone make this horror of a woman go away. Mario Testino has so gone down in my estimation (yeah like he cares though),

    people, she’s an ugly domanating shrew, no one likes her except bitter and twisted divorcees on welfare.

  • I know

    She looks hot, love Jake and Reese. I huess JJ doesn’t have the rights to publish the fireworks pictures.
    I lot og jealous fangirls post here I see.

  • ***

    Just because someone thinks Jake’s gay he’s disgusting. WTF?

  • denise

    i sense jealousy among these comments.

    what ;makes her a fake bitch and a terrible person? Do you know her personally?

    She seems like one of the better one in hollywood and a celebrity who actually has a head on her shoulders. She is ALWAYS with her children, she helps charity all the time, she is a fantastic actress, and she is beautiful.

    so all you jealous haters should get out. I like her and Jake personally. I think they make a cute couple!

  • Elizabeth

    #29 You took the words right out of my mouth. Since when has being a mature, successful young woman meant being a hag?

  • oh snap!

    reese is soo UGLY jake can do better, but whatever i guess


  • laura

    she is a selfish bit..h

  • Abc

    #31, Reese is prettier than Jake.

  • Angela

    I don’t know why people are saying she looks bad.. you can’t really see her that well in these pics. She’s usually lovely, so I’m assuming she is here as well.. from what I can tell at a very far distance she looks great.

    Jake is looking a little Jared Leto-ish.. I like it.

  • Wondering

    JustJared, how much money does Phonyspoon’s PR team pay you? Reese looks like royalty? Yeah, horror royalty. That chin is sharp enough to cut diamonds with. I wonder if Mario Testino can truly make miracles happen with that camera of his-that’s what it would take to make her look better than her normal fug.

  • Burt

    She looks like an angry Mrs. America pagent contestant in that red dress.

  • cHRIS

    1. What on earth is Jake wearing in photo 6? Looks like some kind of drag.
    2. In one picture the sad little kids are shown, never smiling or laughing at all.
    3. Now we know why they went to Paris. Not for culture, but for MONEY, MUUlah, to get paid for showing their famous faces for MONEY.
    4. Jake never seems to be without a cell phone in hand. Does he talk to people ALL the time?

  • shayna

    She wears the ugliest funky street clothes I have ever seen on anybody. And all of the hair and makeup and fancy clothes they put on her, will not change her ugly looks for the better. And I’m sick and tired of seeing her fugly bitch face everywhere. Her and Jake are both positively worthless.

  • Fed up

    When is Hollywood going to get it through their friggin heads that nobody gives a shit about Jake and Reese and that noone finds them appealing. From all of the posters I have read over the past week or so, is that people are also fed up and can;t stand either one of them. Both of which are a bunch of nobodys. Time for Hollywood to dump these two and move on to others out there that have better potential.

  • solaris


    Since you wrote a comment on this thread, and tried to convince (even) Hollywood, I suppose you do care, don’t you?

    And btw, I am glad that somebody still can see that being beautiful is not all what you need to be successful.

  • dr fill

    If I was Reece, I don’t think I would leave Jake alone with the kids. They need to be able to make their own choices about sexuality.

  • Ivana

    So many people here love Jake, but hate Reese. Why???
    Because she stole your precious Jake…..
    Ok … I can understand girls , but guys !!!!!
    Guys obviously love to watch BBM so much :-)))))

  • cHRIS

    dr fill: Jake and kids alone together, a dangerous mix? Oh my! LOL

  • d

    Who like smell, eat escrement like Reese Witherspoon!

  • cHRIS

    Latest re Gyllenspoon: Jake has to take his shoes off and take out the garbage while he lives in Reese’s house. It figures. If you get to live in a 6 million dollar house for free you have to follow some rules and do some chores. But think of the money Jakeypoo saves. And he can’t swear either, so Reese-nanny is teaching the boy some manners. Bad boy, Jake. Now do as Mommie Reese says, and all will be well. Jakeypoo is such a Mommie’s boy. No wonder he never gets married or has any kids. He hasn’t grown up yet.

  • Ivana

    ” No wonder he never gets married or has any kids”

    Jake is only 28…….
    What he supposed to do??? Get married with Kirsten, while he was kid and regretted rest of life. What about George Clooney (47) who is still single, Christian Slater and many others. Heath maybe had little daughter, but he never get married. ( Miss him so much)..

    Reese do behave little bit bossy, but Jake obviously love it… :-))))

  • cHRIS

    If you are single at 47 you are clearly gay. Now I know all about George C. Jake ought to either be: a) getting married or b) producing some children. If he keeps moving into women’s houses for free he will look like a gay free loader. Lots of rich women (like Reese) adore gay free loaders. Good company and they don’t bother them in bed.

  • liv

    Chris you sound more childish and ridiculous with each comment. You should really get a life and get over your obession with Jake G.

  • anon

    Jake travelled to Morocco. It´s possible Reesse go to follow him.
    This woman is worse than FBI agent (argh!).

  • cHRIS

    liv: Yeah like all these idiot posters here who keep calling him “cute” aren’t obsessed with him. Don’t make me laugh so hard, it hurts my sides. What bothers you is that my posts have some brain content, unlike all the dumb posters who keep calling him “cute” cute cute cute hot hot hot hot, etc., etc.