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Reese Witherspoon is Nina Ricci Royalty

Reese Witherspoon is Nina Ricci Royalty

Jake Gyllenhaal isn’t the only one who has work in Europe!

Actress Reese Witherspoon, 32, slipped into a beautiful red gown for a Nina Ricci photo shoot under the direction of renowned photographer Mario Testino in Paris, France on Tuesday. (Reese wears Nina Ricci on the red carpet a lot–like at the the 2007 Golden Globes and the 2007 Oscars.)

The day before, Jake was seen out and about with Reese‘s kids, Ava, 8, and Deacon, 4, on Avenue Montaigne in Paris.

10+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon looking like Nina Ricci royalty…

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reese witherspoon nina ricci 02
reese witherspoon nina ricci 03
reese witherspoon nina ricci 04
reese witherspoon nina ricci 05
reese witherspoon nina ricci 06
reese witherspoon nina ricci 07
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80 Responses to “Reese Witherspoon is Nina Ricci Royalty”

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  1. 51
    cHRIS Says:

    it’s pretty funny the way they kept walking seperately so the paps couldn’t get a shot of them together.

    Dumb comment, they have no reason to hide the fact that they are together. It is well known and they admit it. You didn’t notice that the pictures of him without her were taken at a different time when he was wearing different clothes.

  2. 52
    q Says:

    Who likes to smell and eat escrement likes Reese Witherspoon

  3. 53
    adrianne Says:

    Thanks God: Reese went back to LA. Now , our wonderful Jake can work in peace in PoP.

  4. 54
    mc Says:

    i dont think jake is ugly, (with beard yes)but reese is better lookin and im a woman

  5. 55
    cHRIS Says:

    I wonder if Jakeypoo had a chance while in Paris to check out the best of French cuisine. He likes to cook, but his cooking ia pretty crude Italian stuff, not at all up to the standard of the best in Paris. I hope he went to at least one of the Michelin three star restaurants there and found out what gourmet cooking is really like. Not that he could reproduce it of course. His best dish, I hear, is spaghetti with truffles. Almost anybody could cook spaghetti with truffles if they had enough money.

  6. 56
    sam Says:

    ^^^^ YAWN. Someone needs to get a new routine with their comments because trying to be a “expert” on anything, let alone an actor you don’t know only makes you sound very, very creepy and pathetic.

    I like Jake and I don’t have a problem with Reese. I say let them live their lives as they wish. Only they know what will make them happy or not. I look forward to seeing Jake in PoP and any movies he makes. He is very talented and sexy imo

  7. 57
    Anne Says:

    Reeese looks wonderful, she’s great!!!

  8. 58
    k Says:

    Reese Witherspoon is a prostitute of Hollywood studio and Jake Gyllenhaal work for Homosexual, weapons and vidio game Mafia.
    They are dirty!

  9. 59
    Get a life sicko Says:

    K, YOU are the one that is very, very dirty and pathetic.

  10. 60
    clarice Says:

    Jake works to Hollywood Industry and hs own life. He is smart boy! I love him!

  11. 61
    k Says:

    Jake Gyllenhaal is one of corrupt actors in brothel Hollywood…
    Reese Witherspoon is a mediocre actress whose has lot of lovers in Hollywood. They give good place in films and she is responsable for lot of monotonous and failure film of Hollywood . These lovers are very violents and they killed a paparazzi, Tood Wallance in Brenwood after she had fight with him in a Disney Park.
    They would like like Mafia that the people have afraid of them.

    Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal are very dirty prostitutes whoever they are there are brothel athmosphere, drugs friends and Mafia for children trade for homosexuals, weapons Mafia and Video Games Mafia too…

    Reese Witherspoon practice prostitution in parties of cinema and use the same dress of another actresses to take the men of them and seems like the women of men she would like to go in bed…

    Her children has a very bad example at home and the learn to be prostitute with her and with the family of Jake Gyllenhaal too.

    Jake Gyllenhaal and their friends like Angelina Jolie , Cappolas and Barrymores etc… practice nepotism and they are mediocre actors and actresses.

    The look like of Reese Witherspoon became worse and worse every year and only the old men whose go to bed with her like to see her deformed face in cinemas!.

    Jake Gyllenhall is a mental retarded. He is a perfect doll for the bad caracter of Hollywood directors!!!!

  12. 62
    kelly Says:

    holy bs, Batman!

  13. 63
    nemia Says:

    Yes, K is full of BS and is the real ****** here.

  14. 64
    k Says:

    And you like the smell of escrement and clean the butt of mediocre people of Hollywood!

  15. 65
    cHRIS Says:

    Jakeypoop needs to get busy and get hisself some pubbbblicity fast, or we’ll begin to forget who he is. His Prince picture is gonna be delayed a year before release, they say. Jakey….you can’t live forever on publicity about Reesy. You need to get drunk, drug yourself near to death, crash into a tree a 4 am, or somethin’….just enough to get some puuuubbbblicity. You can’t survive as a Hollyweird star without pubbbbbliiiiiccccity.

  16. 66
    sandra Says:


    We ´ll have Brothers and Nailed before PoP. Jake will survive peacefuly!

  17. 67
    cHRIS Says:

    Jakeypoop, Jakeypoop, come out come out wherever you are. You are hiding away. We need to know you are still alive. BTW when I say “come out” I don’t mean sexually. I really think you are more or less straight.

  18. 68
    sandra Says:

    Jared, send paparazzi to Morocco, Chris can´t live withou Jake!

  19. 69
    cHRIS Says:

    Jakey is too good to be interesting. He needs to get drunk or take drugs or smash up some cars or get into some big fights in order to be interesting. Nice boys are dull. Jakey is a NICE boy and boy is he DULL.

  20. 70
    K Says:

    Jake Gyllenhaal is a dirty prostitute men.!
    He works for prostitution Mafia of Homosexuais whose like sell boys though adoption in homosexual market…
    He works for Weapons Mafia and Video Games Mafia whose win more money with their products then Hollywood with their films. The Viodeo Games has lot of responsability for our violent sociaty and the worse result in notes at school of our children.

    Jake Gyllenhaal is a perfect so@ o! a bit@h!

    Hollywood is a brothel with a collection of people with bad character!

  21. 71
    what Says:

    WTF, again K you are disgusting on every level.

    Chris you really need to get your own life.

  22. 72
    K Says:


    It isn’t my blame. The blame is the dirty Hollywood film industry. The level of this film industry is for mental retarded, corruption and prostitution!!!
    They don’t respect our home with their dirty films. We haven’t to respect for the most actors whose work over there.
    I will repeat again….It would be wonderful if Hollywood would make a film for the HOMO SAPIENS…

  23. 73
    get a life Says:

    ^^ insane, really insane.

  24. 74
    cHRIS Says:

    Where is Jakeypoop? In hiding? Is he doing his movie in the UK? Or what? The movie’s coming out has been postponed. Has production stopped? Did Jakey ever finish “Nailed”? If Jakeypoop were in Hollyweird we’d see him out and about with his true love La Withers, right? But he is nowhere to be found. Maybe they had an argument and aren’t together anymore. Who knows? Anybody know?

  25. 75
    carbocraze Says:

    jake is the real thing. my heart skip a beat everytime i saw his pic. damn.

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