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Balthazar Getty Puts the Squeeze on Sienna

Balthazar Getty Puts the Squeeze on Sienna

Brothers & Sisters star Balthazar Getty cuddles with a topless Sienna Miller while vacationing together in Positano, Italy on Friday.

The lovebirds spent hours snuggling up to one another in their hotel bedroom, enjoying the balcony view every once in awhile.

Sienna was literally beaming. She seemed completely at ease, very relaxed and very happy,” an onlooker said. “Balthazar had his arm around her most of the time, and they didn’t leave each other alone throughout the trip.”

Balthazar has been married to Rosetta Millington for eight years and they have four children together: Cassius, 8, Grace, 7, Violet, 4, and June, 9 months. Sienna was last romantically involved with Welsh actor Rhys Ifans.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of 25-year-old Sienna Miller fooling around with 33-year-old married man Balthazar Getty?

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sienna miller balthazar getty topless 02
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  • mo

    loves her

  • JUC


  • Annie

    mo: how can you love her? she is a true bitch.

  • gee

    What a slut!
    shame on you both!

  • Annie

    by the way, my boobs look way better than hers and I am older. Karma is a bitch…

  • Bubbaness

    Wonder how his WIFE feels being stuck with their FOUR kids while he’s out galivanting around with some homewrecker.

  • Lula

    It is obvious that they absolutely knew they were being photographed. What a pair of shameless famewh.ores.

  • tonya


  • Tim

    he has four kids, and is fooling around with Sienna? **** you Balthazar, hope your kids shun you for the rest of your life.

  • jami


    She prances around naked every opportunity she gets and now she is romping around with this man who is married with four children! HOMEWRECKER! SLUT. No excuses Sienna.

    And for HIM, he is a loser dead beat father to do that to his children and wife!

  • marion


  • tas.

    Is this chick always naked?
    of course he’s gonna not want to leave her side. cause she’s always naked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Summer

    Check out Coldlay on wwwdottheceelistdotcom

  • jami

    I’m bored of seeing this famewhore topless yet AGAIN! give it a rest already.

  • Jan

    I agree Sienna is in the wrong, but it takes two to tango – what about him leaving his wife & newly born child ?

  • trickymaus


  • Ekaterina

    Haha, the tattoo across his chest in the second pic is definitely his wife’s name. Geez, she is so much better off without him. And I didn’t think my opinion of Sienna could tank any further. Chick does what she wants when she wants and thinks of no one but herself. Oh, and she ripped off Kate Moss’s look.

  • Ekaterina

    Haha, the tattoo across his chest in the second pic is definitely his wife’s name. Geez, she is so much better off without him. And I didn’t think my opinion of Sienna could tank any further. Chick does what she wants when she wants and thinks of no one but herself. Oh, and she ripped off Kate Moss’s look.

  • http://justjared G harvey

    i cant believe she is fooling around with him so openly when his wife is supposedly in the same country!!!

  • jami

    Homewrecker, Slut, Famewhore, Shameless Cow, Classless C**t!

  • Andre

    What an asshole. I’m glad these pictures are out for the whole world to know what he is (and what she is). I hope his wife takes him for everything he has in the divorce.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    she is truly hollywood’s biggest whōre.

    i believe every rumor i’ve ever heard about her disgusting ass.

  • nk

    From the looks of the it, they belong together: a slut + sleaze ball = STD. I hope his wife milks all the $$ from this dirty loser.

  • MJ

    They don’t call her Sluttienna Miller for nothing!

  • Todd

    I was so hoping this wasn’t true as BG is married with four kids. There’s more here.

  • aundrea

    he is a piece of shit and i hope he gets every pound of karma for this! plus sienna is a whore and loves married men! i hope her so called acting goes down the drain along with her sorry looks!

  • anon

    she’s a fucking w-h-o-r-e!

  • lanolin….like sheep’s wool

    These types of pics have been popping up on sites around the net for a couple of weeks now and everytime I see them, it makes me sick!! I have personally never understood Sienna’s appeal and knowing that she’s such who-oore doesn’t help. Balthazar should be ashamed of himself, cheating on his wife and kids with such a cheap piece!!!!

  • Kate

    She is a slut with absolutely no shame and he is a waste of space. I used to think people unkind for calling her a slut, but they were being generous to her.

    Not to mention, she has no breasts to speak of, so I do not understand her constant need to show off nothing up top. She also cannot act(anyone seen any of her awful movies?) and is only famous for being in a relationship with Jude Law.

    She and Getty are both disgusting creatures. He is still a married man with four children. Ugh!

  • jami

    @ marion #11

    Jude was NOT married when he met and began dating Sienna. You are dead wrong on that one. He was already divorced from his wife, Sadie Frost, and he has 3 children with her.

    Don’t go blaming her past relationships on her current behavior! She makes her own disgusting decisions to shack up openly with a married man. He is a PIG too! shameless.

    I feel bad for his wife and kids!

  • sheryl

    She knows she’s being photographed. This is the same girl who claims to hate the paparazzi attention, yet she totally knows they are out there ready to photograph and she’s flaunting herself like the skank she has proven to be. I mean, how did they even know where she was unless they were tipped off anyway? They managed to find her in Mexico with Rhys, kissing and topless, only a few short months ago. She’s a famewhore and it’s shameless that, at least he, has no more respect for the mother of his children then to behave this way. Not to mention Sienna’s behavior, but I expected nothing less. She’s never had my sympathy because I’ve always felt her to be a low-class, attention seeking, opportunistic famewhore. All men should beware and expect nothing less (because Getty won’t be the last one…this little fling will end in no time, I’m sure..and Getty will be the sorry one because his family is destroyed…I hope his wife drains him dry)

  • carolina

    BG has more topless pics of her and him …And her Mother is seen in pics with her on this trip with Getty! Yipes!

    Was Jude still married to Sadie when they hooked up…I’ve heard both stories-yes and no! Who really knows…

  • kaylee

    Now thats the number one reason not to get married.

  • Helena

    Why did you censor her? Prude! Anyway, I find is disappointing that she’s dating someone while he has his wife’s name on top of his nipple! How could you do that?!

  • kaliaa

    I hope his wife finds someone who loves her very very much because this rat bastard is just disgusting. His whore is also unappealing.

  • sheryl

    #32, Sadie filed for divorce in August 2003, Alfie began filming in September. Sienna was absolutely not the reason for the divorce.

  • sheryl

    Oh, and Jared, “lovebirds”? Seriously? I think “lustbirds” is more like it. They’re not in love, they are in lust. It won’t last.


    OMG…let’s take his wife out of the equation and talk about the 4 KIDS. How could he do this to his CHILDREN. God hates ugly. They will get theirs in tenfolds. The are both shameful. DISGUSTING.

  • gnmc

    B**CH !!
    What a scummy couple. He’s garbage – I hope his wife and kids will be okay.

    Her career will TANK!

  • Deb

    I guess she wants to be Hollywood’s #1 and have all others beat in the sh*t dept.

  • Jazz

    Her PR people are on the move. Suddenly, Getty and his wife have been having troubles a year ago. Never mind that they were so happy with their baby who is only 8 months old and he was rhapsodizing how happy their family were a few months ago.

    The “friend” said that they were quietly separated. Never mind that friends are telling the tabs that she just found out about the affair two weeks ago and has fled to Italy with their 4 kids to come to terms as to how her husband could betray her this way.

    The “friend” also said that Sienna and Rhys are just close friends and that she was fond of him but he was more into her than her into him. She brushes off that relationship like it was no big deal while Ifans is moping around London wndering where the relationship went wrong. Just in january they were looking for a new house to move in and she two months ago she was gushing about her “love” for him.

    I would never trust anything that Sienna says. She’s a major phony, a whore according to some poster who said she and husband work in the industry and that Sienna is one of the biggest whores in Hollywood and has pulled a lot more scandalous stuff than this affair.

    Her PR must be really good!

  • cl

    I used to be a fan of him but I can’t stand him now. I won’t watch brothers and sisters antmore b/c of this. She is trash and he isn’t any better for doing this. The man has a 4 kids (one who is only 9 months old) and he isn’t even divoced. I have lost all respect for him.

  • Their both fcuking retards, god..and the nerve of him to be seen going out with someone when he’s fcuking married, what a fcuking shame, his wife should cut of his testicles.

  • ME

    I would imagine that he is separated from his wife.

  • mery

    I think too she know she is being photographed.

  • Ry

    I am saying this from experiance: Love is crazy. Up and down, but they look happy and you know what maybe him and his wife have already talked maybe they dont love each other. Maybe Sienna loves him. Maybe his wife doesnt. Maybe his wife wants him to leave, maybe she too has a boyfriend. Maybe just maybe Sienna ruined thier marrige. Probably. But none of you know the whole story so all you know is maybe. and maybe he loves her. maybe not but there is one thing i know that isnt maybe i know this definitly: none of us know the whole story.

  • mia

    @ Jami #30 Maybe she wasn’t dating Jude when he was married to his wife but she knew he had just recently cheated on his wife with the nanny when she met him and and that didn’t stop her from finding him attractive…that tells a lot!

  • bejeebus

    they are both nasty and selfish pigs…..but i am especially disappointed in him and his apparent disregard for how this exhibitionism may be hurting his wife and children. absolutely shameless. please please please let there be such a thing as karma.

  • mia

    @ Ry #46 Maybe you’re right but it still doesn’t look at all!….plus I don’t think that his kids will appreciate this no matter what the true whole story is!

  • Miapocca

    Jude law was already divorced..P diddy’s baby mama left finally becaust sienna was teh straw that broke the camels back…I dont know if she is looking for a baby daddy but she seems to like me with 3, 3, 5 , 4 children….Her mama obviouslly didnt do somethign right to even caught dead with this trash she raised in the same…some parents need to do us a favor and just not have kids…