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Sophia Bush is Brilliant Blue

Sophia Bush is Brilliant Blue

Sophia Bush is too cute for words in a blue mini and gladiator sandals as she touches down at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

The 26-year-old actress was seen clutching a copy of “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy. It was the March 2007 choice book from Oprah’s Book Club! “The Road” is a post-apocalyptic tale describing a journey taken by a father and his young son over a period of several months across a landscape blasted years before by an unnamed cataclysm that destroyed civilization and, seemingly, most life on earth.

One Tree Hill will be back with a sixth season, with new episodes starting @ 9PM ET/PT on Monday, September 1 following Gossip Girl.

Must-see favorite picture of the day: Sophia close-up

30+ pictures inside of brilliant blue Sophia Bush

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sophia bush brilliant blue 01
sophia bush brilliant blue 02
sophia bush brilliant blue 03
sophia bush brilliant blue 04
sophia bush brilliant blue 05
sophia bush brilliant blue 06
sophia bush brilliant blue 07
sophia bush brilliant blue 08
sophia bush brilliant blue 09
sophia bush brilliant blue 10
sophia bush brilliant blue 11
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sophia bush brilliant blue 17
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sophia bush brilliant blue 19
sophia bush brilliant blue 20
sophia bush brilliant blue 21
sophia bush brilliant blue 22
sophia bush brilliant blue 23
sophia bush brilliant blue 24
sophia bush brilliant blue 25
sophia bush brilliant blue 26
sophia bush brilliant blue 27
sophia bush brilliant blue 28
sophia bush brilliant blue 29
sophia bush brilliant blue 30

Credit: Tom Vickers; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, WENN/Apega/Agent47
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  • Viktor

    I love one tree hill

  • Couper

    Nice Shoes.

  • Megan gamble

    love the shoes and dress
    look great together

  • t

    That’s a nice shade of blue.

    So she did call the paparazzi before arriving at the airport to take her pictures again?

  • aj

    eeew, her are feet are so disgusting when you look at the close up…

  • jesuswearstennishoes

    She is one of the few celebs I like. I always felt bad for her after she and Chad broke up. I also love that she adopts Katrina rescue dogs instead of pretentious little purebreds to stuff in her purse like Paris.

  • alex

    Is she naked under the dress?

  • :)

    She simply stunning and adorable. Can’t wait to see her at the ESPYs.

  • Natalie

    She’s the most beautiful person in the world! Love her!!

  • micha

    LOL She does have nasty feet. Kind of deformed looking. I don’t like her dress. Makes her look frumpy.

  • Shanni

    she looks good after coming off a plane love her dress and shoes can’t wait for one tree hill to come back!!

  • Julia

    That’s the questions : Did she wear underwear

  • jen

    Sophia looks gorgeous. I’m excited to see her on the ESPY’s.

  • anonymous

    her feet and legs are horrible. but she’s all ugly, after all. not even the plastic surgeries could help

  • Shanni

    ^what was the point of that

  • Natalie

    Here you again. Are you REALLY that fucken stupid and jealous of Sophia???

    You always have something bad to say about her.

    What plastic surgery has she gotten?? I have two words for you:

    Sophia is all natural from her head….all the way down to her pretty little toes. So don’t hate.

    Enough said.

  • Liora

    She’s beautiful as always !!
    Love the dress and the shoes , the blue looks great on her .

    Can’t wait the ESPY and the TCA’s

  • Shana

    Sophia looks so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jenni

    I can’t believe that even though she just got off from a plane, she still loos so stunning.
    I just love her!!

  • Candice

    I LOVE her outfit!!!!!

    That blue color looks really beautiful on Sophia and I love her bag and sandles too.

  • Jenny

    Anonymous you crazy she’s So Beautiful…

    Go SOPHIA!!
    @Julia : She’e wear bra and thong i think

  • Liora

    Have you seen the close-up ? She’s amazing !!!
    Her face is perfect !!!

  • Karen

    She is simply stunning.

    Love You Sophia!!!!

  • Lance

    Sophia is just so flawless. And her beauty is so incredible.
    She looks picture perfect.

  • Julia

    yes she looks so lovely

    @Jenny : Still not sur abouut the thong

  • lol

    i swear the same 5 people post comments to bash her everytime jj posts pics. they need different hobbies.

    she looks lovely.

  • Portia

    Average at best. She can’t act for shit.

  • Too funny!

    I wonder what book she is reading. Love the dress, the shoes are not something I could wear at all. Doesn’t wear underwear! LMAO. You people are nuts. I can see the line of her bra in some shots. I guess I should hunt for panty lines also. lol Airline employee get paid from the paps if they inform them when someone is arriving or departing. I guess celebs call the paps to follow them around. Sophia looks really pretty. I hope she gets a pedicure soon.

  • Danny

    you FF bashers are a sick bunch. Let it go already.

  • jen

    those are some of the ugliest feet I’ve ever seen.

    Sophia, you earn so much money, at least take care of your feet.

  • tamra

    I’m pretty positive that Sophia calls the paparazzi sometimes, not always. She definitely called them when she went to LA about two months ago.

    And she needs a pedicure desperately. Her feet look hideous.

  • abby

    so so so so so Pretty. I love her. :D

  • Carrie

    She’s fantastic

  • Lucy

    I’d love to look like her. Some people are just blessed. LOL I saw panty lines.

  • susan

    I love the whole ensemble. The dress style and it’s color is beautiful and the shoes are way cute. She’s on one tree hill?? I think you got that wrong.

  • Leanne

    “Anonymous:” your that chick who posts crap about sophia everywhere gosh its so easy to tell who you are considering you post the stupid “plastic surgery” BS everywhere grow the hell up your clearly of jealous of her your comments are so stupid and what you know about sophia could be written on a postage stamp meaning you know nothing ;)so keep those remarks to yourself ;) . who are you to call anyone “ugly” anyways and she Isnt but you seem have this really “ugly” attitude its not nice at all

    anyways what i was gonna say is she looks so pretty such a natural beauty :)

  • tamara g

    Jared you make her sound like some supreme goddess. She has wrinkles, pimples, and blemishes just like everyone else in addition to pretty standard facial features. She’s an ordinary looking gal. What’s the big deal?


    I see the FF bashers are always very quick to bash sophia as usual** some people are seriously very sad . If you dont like sophia just dont leave a comment and go look for a page with chad and the girl or whatever lol so stupid

    Sophias so pretty and all the bashers are just jealous plain and simple

  • Nikkie

    Stop sophia is stunning she’s so beautiful.

    Stop yes she weat underwear , the bra line is visible and I though she wear thong

  • Trish

    God people if you dont like her then dont come and watch her pictures… Why torture yourself if she is “sooooo ugly”… She is pretty girl… To all the haters I would love to see a picture of you guys… You guys are pathetic… Is okay if you dont like her, there is nothing wrong with that but stop the bashing for christ sake, ignore her pics and keep looking forward…. And to the sophia lovers there is no need to bring chad into this….

  • Alicia

    The book that Sophia is reading is called “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy.

    She looks so beautiful. I swear, she is one of the most beautiful and hottest women in Hollywood.

  • Kayla

    I completely agree with you. Some of those FF bashers are so fucking insane that its pathetic.

    They just can’t handle the fact that Sophia is so talented and so gorgeous.

    There’s like 4 or 5 of them who keep on coming back using a bunch of different names everytime, pretending to be a 100. Its actually really hilarious to watch.

  • amanda

    She’s 26? She could easily pass for 30.

  • Tasha


  • jenny

    Yeah it is pretty pathetic… There is nothing wrong with no liking a person, but there is obviously no reason for bashing… It is really inmature and completely idiotic… Stop selling yourself short…Look at yourself before bashing I bet you guys aint that pretty… By the way she looks gorgeous, her eyes are insane…

  • Kevin

    Tamara g, child, you must be blind.
    The reason that Jared makes Sophia sound like a supreme goddess is because Sophia IS a supreme goddess. I’ve looked through every one of those pictures and there wasn’t one picture where she looked like she had any wrinkles, pimples, or blemishes. She is so FLAWLESS and naturally BEAUTIFUL.

    No one is perfect, but I think Sophia comes pretty damn close.

  • Amelia

    Did she call the paps again?

  • Gina

    She really doesn’t look 26 there.

  • Stacy

    Some people are so blessed with such extraordinary beauty……case in point—-SOPHIA BUSH.

  • Tricia

    Did she call the paps? lmao If you don’t like her don’t look. Sophia gets attention because she is LIKED. You don’t like her okay then Go Away! That color looks amazing on her. haha that fan taking her pic is hilarious, so funny! I bet it made his day.