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Katie Holmes To Guest Star On 'Eli Stone'?

Katie Holmes To Guest Star On 'Eli Stone'?

Katie Holmes makes a surprise visit to the Union Station set of the ABC comedy-drama Eli Stone in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

The 29-year-old actress reportedly filmed a cameo for an upcoming episode for the show’s second season. Eli Stone is about a “thirty-something attorney, whose name is the title of the show, begins having larger-than-life visions that compel him to do out-of-the-ordinary things.” Jennifer Aniston was also rumored to have filmed a cameo for Eli Stone, but that rumor was debunked.

Also on set with Katie was her husband and fellow actor, Tom Cruise, and their daughter, Suri, 2. Katie was seen wearing black gloves the whole time and carrying around a Starbucks cup. Tom‘s mother, Mary Lee Mapother, was also seen on set and pictured below.

UPDATE: ABC president Steve McPherson updated reporters today about Katie‘s role in the second episode of the upcoming season of Eli Stone. He said, “It’s a great role for her. There’s actually some singing and dancing she does and she’s exquisite. We’re shooting it over the next few days. It’s a really special piece of business. For a show that we really creatively believed in, it helps us from a promotional standpoint.”

10+ pictures inside of Eli Stone guest star Katie Holmes

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  • skankyHO

    Suri is such a beautiful little kid. They need to stop giving her that bottle though…she is way too old to still be on the bottle.

  • melmel

    Shes growing up so fastttttttt……

  • tia

    she is SOO cute. for a while there she kinda looked like an alien

  • null

    What’s up with the gloves? They were in LA, right? It was, like, 83 degrees today!

    Suri’s very pretty.

  • $$$

    She’s very pretty girl!

  • MMM

    I think it is Katie filming. Her hair is done, she has on make-up, and those gloves!?

  • dawn

    Are you sure Tom is a guest star and not Katie? Just asking based on these pics.

  • adfdasfads

    wow, suri’s finally seen wearing the same outfit twice in public. her hair looks cut, and a little curly. the dress makes her looks really frail and skinny. she’s pretty tall. she’s a cute kid.

  • PardyHardy

    ‘his wife and fellow actress’
    sounds so funny, it makes Tom sound like a woman.
    love it.

  • aE

    She is so NOT cute! Suri looks like there is something “special” about her. She looks really bad. They are hiding something about this child.

  • Suzie

    Actually that’s Katie’s Mom. And I agree that it might be Katie who filmed that role.

    Suri is so adorable!

  • usana

    Maybe its Katie appearing in the show not Cruise? Cute family and cute baby.

  • :)


  • Frances

    Thanks JJ and what a beautiful family!

  • Kylegotgame

    Wow, I wanted to watch that show but I forgot about it, but I will definitely tune in now that I know there is an extra reason! Lol, that dude is also the ex husband of Angelina Jolie!

  • chef

    Looking forward to Katie’s projects and the films
    of Tom Cruise. More pics please?

    the best family in HWood and the precious baby

  • Factoid

    correction Jared: that is not Tom’s mother but Katie’s mother Kathleen with the white hair.

  • db

    I read somewhere that Katie takes medication (don’t know what condition it’s for, though) that gives her a low body temperature, so she wears sweaters and gloves even when it’s warm outside.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    suri’s gorgeous. (pervert comment)

    she has so much personality. =]
    like a little adult.

    #1 hollywood family.

  • ewww

    Tom is going downhill. from movie to TV and next is on the street. hehehe.

  • beattles


  • Yuck

    GIVE NICOLE HER CHILDREN. that is all.

  • vanya

    I’m sorry, but this child looks off . She has such an expressionless face. It doesn’t have anything to do with her smiling or not smiling. A child who isn’t smiling can still look alert. Suri doesn’t have that look. It’s actually quite disturbing.

  • suri

    Suri is sure “special”. you know retarded.

  • American

    So much for the whole ‘Katie Holmes can’t be anywhere ner her family’ crap.

    TV is no longer thought of as a last resort. It’s very respected medium now.

    There’s nothing wrong at all with that little girl.

  • pr person

    Something is …. off…. with those pictures of Suri. Was she not feeling well and they brought her to the set?

    Then the pictures where Cruisazy is carrying Suri… why the change of clothes for her? Looks like her hair has been trimmed and she has bangs once again but are those pictures even the same day? Different clothes, hair cut?

    Way to go and ruin tv. Hey Cruisazies…. STAY AWAY! Nobody likes you. Everybody thinks you are a joke and weirdo’s. Nobody wants you to ruin their tv shows!

  • LT

    Suri is out shining and upstaging both of her parents! She is a child Godddess Icon to be reconed with! TomCat better watch out…Suri is soooo much more photogenic and popular!!!!!!

  • tnt

    Looove this family. *doing happy dance now*

  • ninjas

    Tom looks hot and so young for his age.
    Katie looks adorable and like her do.
    Suri is a doll as always.

  • ??

    Is Tom producing this show?

  • melissa

    There is nothing wrong with Suri. The poor girl looks sleepy like they woke her up from a nap. She is a beautiful child.

  • funny

    Suri is getting uglier and uglier.

  • pr person

    Ooops… looks like Suri has her bangs back in the other pictuers as well…. silly me.

  • Marieme

    This is really cool. It’s such a great show and it will be so much fun seeing Tom with Jonny. Can’t wait!

  • Carly

    Too cute for words.
    love the dress

  • nina

    Tom Cruise obviously can’t get any job from the big screen, so he goes to the small screen. Really shame. He has to feed his family. I guess he will take whatever he can get.

  • …..

    IS THAT AN ALIEN ON KATIES CARDIGAN???????????????????


  • hmmmm, Just saying……..

    picture 4 – what is in Katie’s pants -crotch area? is that a peen in there?
    must suck that in pic 4 she is taller and in pic 10 she has to bend-down/stoop next to him or tom is walking on stilts!!

  • zoe

    suri’s going to grow up very beautifully. that dress looks great on her. they finally cut her hair and she looks cute- kind of like her mother.

  • sharon


  • dc

    I wonna hug Suri. aaaawww she cut her bangs. Im happy to see Suri with her grandma and ofcourse always a treat to see Katie and Tom.

  • aloha

    Suri is really a beautiful blend of Cruise & Holmes.

  • ann

    By all that is holy, Suri needs a medical evaluation ASAP. She may not be autistic, but there may be sensory integration issues at play here. It’s plain to see in the recent sets of papparazzi photos, e.g. the soccer stadium ones, the 4th of July Telluride ones, and now these. Contrast them with the bright-eyed engaged child in the Germany and France photos of last year. Early intervention is so important.

  • Are u kidding me?!?!?!

    OMG! What the heck is wrong with Katie? Why would anyone need gloves in 85 degree weather? She looks ILL! Something is definitely wrong with that girl. Whatever it is, the change in Katie over the past couple of years is really scary!

    Also, Suri looks strange as well. That child is expressionless lately. She’s so beautiful but something is just not right there either!

    I don’t know what it is and I’m sure the hardcore fans will have a million excuses but you guys need to really look at Katie. After seeing these pictures I’m really scared for her!

  • jk

    thank god, they cut suri’s bang finally.
    she is back to being cute again. waht a lovely gal

  • American

    He’s way too famous and popular for that to happne, #36.

    Quit playing doctor and stop overnalyzing that little girl, #43. There’s nothing wrong with her at all.

  • Anon

    Shouldn’t someone have a personality in order to be deemed cute? Their daughter doesn’t look like she has one. She is like a mannequin, there is no interaction with those around her, she just stares. I mean, surely, she is too young to be brainwashed already.

    His mother keeps getting skinnier and skinnier while her hubby would be termed jowly. Tom, please let your wife eat something.

    Katie is going back to TV? good place for her.

  • Anon

    Katie, you can change your hairstyle all you want, you look shitty. You are not even 30 years old and you look like you are ready for the heap.

  • Trocaria


    I am with you on this. PEOPLE: can the “oh look at the perfect family” bit for one damn minute and look, really LOOK at Suri and Katie. SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT!!
    I do not say this in hate or for low effect. I say this as one who has been there. Something is going very wrong.

  • Suex Nomi

    Oh my God, what normal person in their right mind calls a LITTLE GIRL a “child goddess”?
    Unless of course it’s a PERV.

    Doing much time or just haven’t been caught yet?