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Uma Thurman's Strange Bikini Belly

Uma Thurman's Strange Bikini Belly
  • Uma Thurman gives weird bikini pictures or is she pregnant again?
  • Miley Cyrus‘ grandma is so pretty
  • Anyone else catching Jessica Simpson fever?
  • Pete and Ashlee get back to baby business
  • Khloe Kardashian is going to jail
  • Conan O’Brien discusses NBC’s failing gay grade from GLAAD
  • Katie Price and Peter Andre are adopting
  • Katy Perry wants to kiss Miley Cyrus
  • Apple has sold 1 million of the new iPhones since they hit shelves Friday.
  • Paris Hilton is reportedly trying to have a baby with boyfriend Benji Madden. The heiress is angry that pal Nicole Richie is getting more attention than her and has sworn off drugs and alcohol in an attempt to try and conceive.
  • At tonight’s All-Star game, Sarah Jessica Parker and Sheryl Crow will help introduce the next phase of the Stand Up to Cancer campaign, which includes a PSA with Jessica Biel urging fans to text a $5 donation while at the game.
  • Whoopi Goldberg will join the cast of Broadway’s “Xanadu” this summer while The View is on hiatus.
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  • Maria


    oh yeah… mileys grandma is one sexy beast *rolls eyes*

  • Jenny


  • Jess

    weird pose

  • mike

    Love Whoopi!!!! I will buy tickets soon!!!!! <3

  • Helena

    Isn’t it a bit odd that Katy Perry (whoever she is) wants to kiss a 15 year old?

  • Nick Lachey USA Fan

    Hmm tough call. From 1 angle, she really looks like she may be pregnant. On another, it’s tough to tell…

  • http://MIVIDALOCA maria :)

    I agree with Helena.
    it’s freaking weird.

  • Anon

    O.M.F.G. That is the most terrifying news ever!!! Paris Hilton trying to conceive???? This really should tell you what a strange, mentally unbalanced, nasty piece she really is, deep down underneath!

    She is eaten up with jealousy over Nicole getting her life on track. This started even before Nicole got pregnant. Paris felt like Nicocle wouldn’t last with Joel and she would keep drinking, drugging and messing up. But she didn’t .Nicole showed she’s a better person. Paris went to jail, acted all hysterical, like a spoiled baby, trying to get out of serving time. But Nicole, stepped up, did what she was supposed to, and did it quietly.

    People said Nicole and Joel wouldn’t last after Harlowe, but they seem fine. I just wonder what Benji sees in shallow, jealous Paris. She has always been whorish and she drinks and does drugs, too. Benji better be careful. Forever is a long time. He does not want to father a kid with that scum.

  • remember da truth

    Jeez, Anon, I could have written every word you said, I agree with you WHOLEHEARTEDLY!!!

    Most people say that Nicole was changed by motherhood, but she was already getting on track from the time she dumped Paris, then DJ AM, and started to visit a nutritionist because she knew she had a problem. This is a girl who looks life straight-on, and if there’s a problem, she seeks a solution.
    Even her drug use was self-medicating because she didn’t know at her young age how to handle evreything she was feeling as a displaced girl. Paris just does it out of aimlessness and boredom because she IS boring.

  • remember da truth

    I don’t think she’s pregnant — yet. On thin women, that stomach pooch is a hard thing to remove. They carry weight there rather than butt and thighs. Uma isn’t a slave to working out, so she’s probably just carrying some weight.

  • kelli

    You guys should be more responsible and not report on fabricated gossip. That piece about Paris Hilton is so obviously made up its sad.

  • Troy

    So Katie “Jordan:” Price and Peter Andre are going to adopt? That’s lovely there are so many kids out there who need loving homes. I just one have one question: Who the hell are Katie “Jordan” Price and Peter Andre?

  • yasbella

    lauren conrad is wearing the same dress as khloe kardashian

  • ericka

    Uma isn’t pregnant. It’s the angle, her age, the fact that she’s had a baby, she’s so thin and she’s probably most likely bloated. The baby pouch bloats a little giving the appearence of pregnancy …i’m pretty sure she isn’t.

  • zene

    Uma’s preggo. If it were skinny girl tummy it would be higher, mid section, not from the uerus on up. Good for her.

  • pookie

    it’s a weird pose. maybe she’s preg, maybe not. she’s had 2 kids and tummy muscles aren’t as tight after that even with sit ups or whatever. i’m pretty thin, small build and i’ve had 2 kids too and no matter what i do, after i drink water or whatever my tummy sticks out on the bottom like that unless i suck it in. plus, look how funny she’s posing – looks like she’s sucking in the top a bit. we’re way too hard on women!! seriously, i weigh between 103-105 pounds and I was bloated one day and a woman asked me when i was due. sometimes women have bloat!! sheesh!

  • remember da truth

    No, Zene #15, skinny girl tummy pooch is from belly button down, the hardest muscles to hold in. And love handles, if you’re short-waisted, but Uma is long-waisted so it all is in the tummy.
    Situps wouldn’t make that go away, it was to be special exercises like reverse situps, done religiously, and Uma doesn’t care — she’d rather live a normal life and raise her two kids and date and be private than care what bloggers think of her tummy pooch!

  • Daziree

    Helena I agree with you…why would she wanna kiss a 15 year old and think it would help both of their careers…thats so disgusting to wanna kiss a 15 year old and your grown..that would make both of them look bad especially katy perry’s

  • Beth

    Uma looks to me to be stretching and doing some stomach breathing exercises. Note that her back is arched.

    Geeeez wow! Some people can really put a hate on Paris! Jealous much? Given all she has accomplished, do you honestly think Paris couldn’t get sober and on track if she really wanted to? She has more resources than most people. Paris can do anything she wants.

  • DP

    It’s hard to say if she’s pregnant.

  • Jay



    she is amazing angel , i will love her no matter what, i wish i have the chance to meet with her one day.

  • RYAN


  • umafan

    She has definitely got some special feet! Here is complete gallery of Uma Thurman’s feet: