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Zac and Vanessa's July 4th Vacation Pictures

Zac and Vanessa's July 4th Vacation Pictures

Earlier this month, High School sweethearts Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens jetted off for a romantic July 4th weekend together.

The couple wound up flying to Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean and stayed at the exclusive Amanyara resort, which goes for up to $8,000/night. Zac, 20, and Vanessa, 19, weren’t shy about their affection with one another, cuddling up and making out in between scuba diving and kayaking.

InTouch has more exclusive pictures in their latest issue, which hits newsstands on Friday. Watch the report from E! on Zac and Vanessa‘s July 4th vacation below!

Zac and Vanessa‘s July 4th Vacation Pictures

UPDATE: Apologies, images removed. Watch the vid above!

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357 Responses to “Zac and Vanessa's July 4th Vacation Pictures”

  1. 1
    LOLA Says:


  2. 2
    LOLA Says:

    OMG! I’m first for the first time ever on a Zanessa thread! lol!

  3. 3
    LOLA Says:


  4. 4
    kim Says:

    UGH imma gag

  5. 5
    Zahira Says:

    OMG supper cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1st page?!!!!

  6. 6
    me Says:


  7. 7
    kristi Says:

    They are too cute

  8. 8
    tiff Says:


  9. 9
    Malia Says:

    The pictures don’t look very clear. Obviously the paps were far away.
    And, I don’t think TEN DAYS is a weekend vacation. :)

  10. 10
    lola Says:

    omg i love them

  11. 11
    Guy Says:

    Now that’s a sexy body! I’m talking about Vanessa Anne Hottie!
    See, Ashley’s body is flat, no curves, and too skinny.

    Vanessa in a bikini > Ashley in a bikini

  12. 12
    lola Says:


  13. 13
    Sam Says:

    Thats so cute i think zac’s kissing her neck in one of the pictures

  14. 14
    jéssica Says:


  15. 15
    maddie Says:

    yay first !
    i’m happy to see them together, but i’m sad too cuz they didn’t like these pics revealed right ?

  16. 16
    Malia Says:

    Love Zac’s assortment of swim trunks and Vanessa’s bikinis.

    Hope they had tons of fun and that the paps didn’t get in their faces and ruin their time alone.

  17. 17
    Michaela Says:

    Awww hope they had a nice time. By the pictures looks like they dis =]

  18. 18
    Alison Says:

    they are to cute!
    i love them so much

  19. 19
    Alissa Says:

    awww, they are so cute! thanxs for posting jared!

  20. 20
    student with no money Says:

    ahh to be 20 and have the means to “jet off” to the Turks. Pretty sure my dates at 20 were dinner and a movie….

  21. 21
    Michaela Says:


  22. 22
    kristin Says:

    i love it ! i’m sorry the paps found them but… :]

  23. 23
    DEE Says:

    I agree with #11….Vanessa is prettier and has a better body than ashley.

  24. 24
    zANESSA_HE Says:



  25. 25
    czar Says:

    ooh sexy! i love it!

  26. 26
    LOLA Says:

    I have a feeling this post is gonna get like a thousand comments!

  27. 27
    anna Says:

    Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow=)ilocerhem and they got hot

  28. 28
    Ally Says:

    DAMNN not so disney now. huh?

  29. 29
    jj Says:


  30. 30
    KK. Says:

    very cute!!
    I LOVE THEM <33

  31. 31
    anna Says:

    much better than Ashley

  32. 32
    jéssica Says:

    I agree with #11

  33. 33
    Malia Says:

    From July 4th (when they left) through July 15th is ELEVEN DAYS.

    That’s the longest weekend I ever heard of. Actually, that’s like five weekends. :lol:

  34. 34
    goz Says:

    so hot
    so cute
    so zanessa!

  35. 35
    : Says:

    They put a lot of thought into it, and were probably hoping for privacy. (private jet, private resort) I’m sad they were found, and that the paps were there hiding & taking pics for a lot of their vacation based on the how many pictures there are. They were there for like 11 days though so hopefully not all of it was caught on film. I guess at least mags waited until the very end to release the pics. They look good, adorable and happy though so I hope this doesn’t ruin the fun they had. I am still amused by the fact that zac is using a disposable camera.

  36. 36
    Vanessaaaalooverrr Says:

    AHHHH!!! i<3itt<33

  37. 37
    Jen Says:

    woahhh. I never thought I would see a pic of Vanessa on top of Zac straddling him…omg..

  38. 38
    GABBYY Says:

    uhhh you suckkk

  39. 39
    anna Says:

    much better and wise with the hiding and much better than the losers of ashley ans jared. Jashley is like the cheapier and wannabe version of zanessa jaja and they have better bodies

  40. 40
    sally Says:


  41. 41
    SAM Says:


  42. 42
    zANESSA_HE Says:


    + fotooooooooos

  43. 43
    Jennifer W Says:

    zanessa are great and they deserved this time together and im glad to see they had fun because they deserved it

  44. 44
    cyn Says:

    ZANESSA <3!

  45. 45
    haily Says:


  46. 46
    mike Says:


  47. 47
    unknown Says:




  48. 48
    ju Says:

    they are disney but ain’t no jonas brothers @@

  49. 49
    nancy Says:

    ahhhh they’re so hot together

  50. 50
    zANESSA_HE Says:

    AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh amei os bikinis da Vane!!!!!!!!

  51. 51
    czar Says:

    ssooo sexy! i love it :)

  52. 52
    rtytryt Says:


  53. 53
    sophia Says:

    They are an ‘it’ couple. They are young Hollywood. They’re HOTTTTTTTTT

  54. 54
    Troy Says:

    At least it appears they didn’t have the paps right in their faces and the pictures were taken from the distance. They were able to enjoy their R &R..

  55. 55
    ashlee Says:

    they must be coming home tonight cause zac has to tape the espy awards tomorrow night. or maybe they came home last night. hope they had lots of fun. hee hee. love zac’s assortment of swim trunks. he’s soooo cute.

  56. 56
    Katie Says:

    OMG – they are adorable. Such a cute couple and I’m happy for them…go here for more!

  57. 57
    Katie Says:

    OMG – they are adorable. Such a cute couple and I’m happy for them…go here for more!

  58. 58
    liza Says:

    they are the bestttttttttt!!!!!!! Zanessa 4 ever! i love them! :)

  59. 59
    shay Says:

    so happy to see them but im kind a sad because they want this vacation to be private. Go Zanessa!!!

  60. 60
    zANESSA_HE Says:

    melhor que tudo!!!!!!

  61. 61
    susan Says:

    They’re a cute couple. GET IT ON!!!

  62. 62
    em Says:

    aww adorable! <333

  63. 63
    em Says:

    aww adorable! <333

  64. 64
    haha Says:

    “not so disney now huh?”


  65. 65
    niky Says:

    hooo zanessa! love them, thanks jared awwww!!!!

  66. 66
    Boji Says:

    Whoa! Just as I imagined, palms swaying in the breeze, canooing/kayaking, lazing on the sand, playing in the waves, heart to heart talks and idle chit chat, smooching,canoodling, soaking in the sun and plenty of pda. They look like they’re on their honeymoon and just as much in love as a year ago. Aaawwww.

  67. 67
    Malia Says:

    Wonder how long it took the paps to discover them. I hope hope they only found them in the last few days of their vacation.

  68. 68
    zanessa♥.. ewjashley Says:

    besides its seems like ashley wants attention because she seems very happy in the beach with the papz…. anna im in your teaam:)

  69. 69
    josh Says:

    they are adorable but they deserve privacy! i’m glad to see this amazingly adorable couple so cute and happy but i would rather them be able to keep their vaca to themselves b/c they deserve it, and u can tell they tried it with the private jet and private island.. its sad but so cute at the same time!

  70. 70
    Ju!!! Says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORI!!!! jjajajaja mori mall!! jaja son hermosos!!

  71. 71
    rockstar Says:



  72. 72
    zANESSA_HE Says:

    só sexta as fotos? T.T

  73. 73
    Lily Says:

    lol Jared; I thought you’d get the photos earlier :P

    But anyway, Zanessa are so cute!

  74. 74
    Mejx14 Says:

    ahhhh there sooo cuteee togetherrr!
    been waittingg for thiss foreverrr.
    loveee zanessa.

  75. 75
    ju Says:

    omg I am sooo poor; 80.000 dollars on this vacay ;(

  76. 76
    bee Says:

    wanna credit VABN && Chel for all the caps && vids Jared?

  77. 77
    Tracy Says:

    So cute! <3

  78. 78
    zanessa4ever Says:


  79. 79
    Naomi Says:

    Whoa, what’s with the comparison to Ashley? Guys let’s keep this solely on Zac and Vanessa.

    I’m a bit conflicted as well. They went to so much trouble to keep this private, I hoped they would accomplish that. However, I’m enjoying seeing them having so much fun and looking so relaxed. I hope they managed to get a few private days.

    I agree Boji, I thought they looked like they were on a honeymoon. They look so much in love and carefree, I love it!

    Really loving V’s full figure, she’s so naturally gorgeous. I guess they should be returning tomorrow then. I’m glad they had this time away.

  80. 80
    stillthereforme Says:

    Cute pictures. Love them.

  81. 81
    igotyou Says:

    A lovely vacation paid for by Disney :D

  82. 82
    kristi Says:

    agree with #11

  83. 83
    tara Says:

    woah oh oh! Vanessa straddling Zac! WOW i thought i’d never see that! They’re both such hotties!

  84. 84
    zANESSA_HE Says:

    eles são tão sexy!!!!

    tomara q tenha video!

  85. 85
    tameka Says:

    They are sooo cute. My fave is the one with Vanessa sitting on zac’s lap in the red bikini!!! Sexy!!!

  86. 86
    MIMI Says:

    So cute. I love Them forever

  87. 87
    Amy Says:

    HOly S H IT!!!!!!! THIS IS SOOOO F-ing CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    they are the PERFECT COUPLE>> !!!! ahh

    ten times cuter than any other couple out there that attempts to look as cute as them in a bikini and shorts!! ahh

  88. 88
    Malia Says:

    I hope Disney paid for it. Hope it was part of Zac’s HSM3 contract. That would be awesome. Also, hope all the cast members are getting a percentage from all the HSM goodies that will be coming out.

  89. 89
    KAtie Says:

    OMG. they are soo cute, i love them

  90. 90
    rokstur Says:

    zac is hot and vanessa is sexy!

  91. 91
    chris Says:

    Whoa, she’s like, straddling him! wow, that’s hot

  92. 92
    Kikigirl101 Says:

    Aww! That’s so cute!! I love the picture where Vanessa is like straddling his waist or something. IDK it is not Disney at all. More kinky and seductive almost! lol! I love seeing that side of Zanessa!

  93. 93
    josh Says:

    why were the images removed??????

  94. 94
    josh Says:

    why were the images removed??????

  95. 95
    laurenloveszanessa Says:

    pleaseee? lmaoo.

    love the vanessa-stradling-zac picture.

    SO HOT.

    zanessa <333

  96. 96
    OMG Says:

    Umm in the 4th pic it looks like Zac is licking Vanessa.

  97. 97
    marisol Says:

    soo hot I love

  98. 98
    laurenloveszanessa Says:

    why where thye removed?!?!?!

  99. 99
    jenny Says:

    what happened to the images?:(

  100. 100
    amy Says:

    OMG! I’ve been waiting for this!!!!!! YESS! they’re soo perfect and amazing together! :D im deff buying the new issue of In Touch!
    lovee zanessa!!!! <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

  101. 101
    Boji Says:

    They did get some privacy as it took nearly 2 weeks before the pics came out and they seemed unaware of prying eyes. Just goes to show how so not fake their relationship is , looks like any other couple enjoying their private vacation.

    Another point in fact is they are recognized worldwide as a couple, deem it good or bad.They can’t hide under the radar of the internet . Who ever has internet access will find it hard to ignore this young couple and know that there’s money to be made from pics of them.

    Those of you Zanessa fans, let’s not get it started again with comparisons to other couples. You’ll just bring out the Ashley defenders and start the hate posting.

    Vanessa, like Zac has a different bikini on each day. She looks real hot in her red bikini and they look so genuinely affectionate and comfortable with each other. Again, Aaaawwww.

  102. 102
    leslie Says:

    You have to buy In Touch magazine to see the pictures. It will be in stores this Friday.

  103. 103
    x] Says:

  104. 104
    Pit Says:

    and what does the one biniki say? is it something about Rock and Roll – seems Zac had a t shirt with a similar saying in LA during the days V was in NYC just before they left on vacation.

  105. 105
    chris Says:

    here’s a link to the pics

    I think

  106. 106
    Malia Says:

    I agree, Boji, they look so comfortable together. The way Zac kisses the side of her head and has his arm around her neck. So sweet.

  107. 107
    LILIANE Says:

    Oh My Gosh… It’s PERFECT *-*

  108. 108
    nicole Says:

    OMG OMG OMG i have been waiting for ever for them to come on jj! i loved it! super sexy! they looked like they had a nice time!

    zanessa rocks, haters you suck!

  109. 109
    Clarissa h. Says:

    i don’t know what to say anymore, they are SO perfect, they look SO happy , it’s something beautiful to see .
    I love zanessa more than anything . I’m very glad to see that they love remains strong . ♥
    zanessa live in love !

  110. 110

    Awesome. Zanessa rocks!

  111. 111
    Pit Says:

    my favorite is the pic walking wrapped in each other’s arms and Zac kissing V’s head, my 2nd favorite is the one with them taking the picture and we see them from behind holding each other and my 3 favorite I don’t see here but they are kayaking – the one where V is in the front and Z is seen behind her the look of fun on their faces is priceless.

  112. 112
    Angeline Says:

    Very cute! They are a very good couple <3

  113. 113
    Clarissa h. Says:

    and they are HOT ! OMG !

  114. 114
    Fan Says:

    I am sorry that Zac and Vanessa didn’t get their privacy from the pap. I just hope these pictures don’t ruin their romantic vacation. They deserve to be alone and retain their privacy. It does look like Zac and Vanessa are on their honeymoon. I truly hope that Zac and Vanessa enjoy themselves and have plenty of relaxation. And really enjoy the love and affection that they have for each other.

  115. 115
    Kim Kardashian Says:


  116. 116
    Tatiane Says:

    Oh My GOD
    It’s PERFECT

  117. 117
    AL Says:


  118. 118
    kristi Says:

    #98 haha whatever floats their boat

  119. 119
    z+v=zanessa Says:

    love them!!

  120. 120
    april Says:

    Love them !! Kinda mad that they were “found”, but it looks like they had fun ! Very, very cute.

  121. 121
    Malia Says:

    Now or Never:

  122. 122
    avril Says:

    look very sweet
    I love them so much

  123. 123
    UK Says:

    These two are made in heaven. Vanessa is the teen hotie and wana be. There is no comparison btw her and anybody. The most beautiful couple ever.

  124. 124
    Val Says:

    They’re too cute together

  125. 125
    shahzia Says:

    i dont like it when zac and vanesaa go out.its just so annoying!
    zac should be alone rather than be with zac

  126. 126
    Boji Says:

    Pit, thanks for the info on Zip line, here it is known as flying fox and my daughter loved it when they had it at camp.

    They did get to enjoy themselves as the looks on their faces and appearances show it and how unguarded they are so unlike other recent pics when they were well aware of the paps.

    Malia, it is the Hawaiian vacation all over again. I hate to admit it but I’m guilty and loved seeing them enjoy their private vacation, intrusive it may be. This is what a celebrity has to put up with, unfortunately.

  127. 127
    Karen Says:

    OK, so she is staddling him. That’s not so terribly shocking, is it? It’s not like they are doing something obscene. And it is a scene that is repeated time and time again on the beach by young couples. If you want shocking be in someplace like Ft Lauderdale during Spring break when hundreds of college kids hit the beach and then you will come back here and talk about how “G” rated Zac and Vanessa’s photos are. Plus, we have no idea what this picture is all about other than the pap trying desperately to snap a picture of them in a compromising position. You do see how blurry the photo is, don’t you?

  128. 128
    shahzia Says:


  129. 129
    ♥ZanessaFan4Lyfe♥ Says:

    Finally Jared;)…lol

    LOVE THEMM..there so cute man!!!

  130. 130
    ♥ZanessaFan4Lyfe♥ Says:

    Finally Jared;)…lol

    LOVE THEMM..there so cute man!!!

  131. 131
    umm; Says:

    imma gag;

  132. 132
    Boji Says:

    Karen, I can imagine what goes in some of the viewers’ minds when they see Vanessa and Zac in that position. I should say, I see nothing wrong in it and it is all in the mind of the viewer as to the sexual connotation of this posture. If you have a dirty mind everything no matter how innocent will take on a different meaning.

  133. 133
    kat Says:

    OMG they are so hot!!

  134. 134
    marie Says:

    zanessa <3
    so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  135. 135
    madsters Says:

    heres another video of them

  136. 136
    madsters Says:

    heres another video of them

  137. 137
    emilie Says:


  138. 138
    Malia Says:

    I agree, Karen. I see nothing shocking about any of the pictures. In that particular one, they’re both in their swimwear at the beach, and she’s sitting on his stomach talking to him.

    Don’t get why people think that is shocking. Looks as if they are in a secluded spot and that picture is obviously take from afar. But, still it was meant to be private, and I’m sure they won’t be happy when they find out that shot was taken.

  139. 139
    Liz Says:

    I don’t often suffer from celebrity envy, but oh to be 19 and have millions of dollars.

  140. 140
    aNTONELLA Says:

    nothing wrong i mean come on they been together for 2 years what so bad about that noone evre got stradlled or straddlesed there boyfriend

  141. 141
    asd Says:

    Lauren @ 07/16/2008 at 1:31 am

    lol don ask ppl to die

    u die first ok?

  142. 142
    Pit Says:

    Boji, it’s nice to know you and I are on the same wave length about these two. It’s funny we were dreaming of where they were and what they could be doing and even said they may be in the Carribbean this afternoon and then tonight find out that is exactly the part of the world they were in. It’s not far from the Island I told about where Paula Deen had gone with her family on vacation last summer and did the zip line. They were actually very near there !! So ironic.

    As for the pictures – I have a daughter going into the 10th grade and she has a 12th grade boyfriend. We chaperone school band trips and we have a pool at our house – nothing Zac and Vanessa are doing in these pictures is any different from how teenagers interact around pools and at the beaches – we just have to chaperone them. even the one last year from Hawaii where they are laying down on the beachside or poolside chair upset some people but I am telling you – this is normal teenage behavior and they are not being provactive here.

  143. 143
    Malia Says:

    You can always report inappropriate comments by clicking on the Report Abuse button at the bottom of the comment.

  144. 144
    Shanni Says:

    ok i was really starting to accept tht fact that they weren’t gonna be found and *Boom* it’s everywhere i really hope ppl dont judge them for thier pics cause IMO V on Z is very sexci and i see nothing wrong with it ,thier young adults and have been in a relationship for awhile now plus they look so freaking happy with each other how can u hate on that

  145. 145
    jon Says:

    damn. they’re so hot! that straddling pic is so not disney. hahaha

  146. 146
    nathalia do brasil Says:

    vanessa is beautiful
    zanessa so cute
    i love zanessa

  147. 147
    Becca Says:

    Where are the pictures?
    Can someone PLEASE post them?

  148. 148
    nicole Says:

    awww how cute

  149. 149
    Amy Says:

    oh my gosh! the straddling pose isn’t a big deal.. HEELLLOOO did anyone see Sienna Miller topless earlier.. with her maan .. hey atleast they’re not showing anything here .. maybe later on in their hotel room but not here ..

    As for you Lauren.. Your funny .. I think it’s unhealthy that you are wishing for people to die .. hmm .get help =)

    && I LOVE LOVE LOVE how there is only one hater on this thread.. seems like they are the most lovable couple ever ..

    well one atleast now .

  150. 150
    zanessa 4evaaa! Says:

    I was waiting for more beach photos of Zac for the LONGEST time since their trip over a year ago in Hawaii…..OMG….FINALLY! (cute, lol, different shorts for everyday….soo hope he’s gay…)

  151. 151
    rissa Says:

    OMG! that’s adorable! they are soooooo cute together! i love zanessa! i’m so glad they are happy together ^-^ and hasn’t it been like way over a year now?

  152. 152
    MISHY B Says:

    HOTTT! aww sucks that the paps found them…but they look so freakin’ SEXY together! ZANESSA STAY STRONG! what a body on VANESSA, ZAC HOLD ON TO THAT!!!

  153. 153
    lidz Says:

    OMG!!! they’re sooooo cute!!!! LUV zanessa :P

  154. 154
    zanessalova Says:

    damm heaps of people are saying cute by the looks of these photos their past cute SEXY!!!!! lol i love zanessa i agree Vanessa has a better bikini bod than ash but io love them both still go ZANESSA and ASHNESSA

  155. 155
    BabiiVFanforeva Says:


  156. 156
    chelsey Says:

    Thank is all i got 2 say:)

  157. 157
    leslie Says:

    #156 rissa @ 07/16/2008 at 1:59 am
    yea, it will be three years in july or august.

  158. 158
    Zanessa_Luver Says:


  159. 159
    rosielee9 Says:

    I don’t see what the fuss is about there a young couple who Vanessa has said there very comfortable with each other so I see nothing or rude in any of the photo’s, but of course you just know people are going to pick out the one with Vanessa sitting on Zac and make something out of nothing just to have yet another go at her, bet if it was the other way round that would be a different story.

    It’s to bad the pap’s found them but at least for most of the trip they got the privacy and relaxtion they obvioulsy wanted and deserved.

    My daughter sits on her boyfriend like that sometimes to and I see nothing wrong in it.

    And as it’s been said Zac and Vanessa have been a couple for a while now and they look very happy so good for them.

  160. 160
    dadad Says:


    love zanessa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  161. 161
    dadad Says:

    LOVA ZANESSA!!!!!!

  162. 162
    cheryll Says:

    vanessa looks like a **** hehe anyway she’s and zac were so HOT!

  163. 163
    ME Says:




  164. 164
    Zanessa=forever Says:

    I almost flipped when i saw this!!! the pictures are soooo cute. i feel ba though cuz of the paps. they should just have some relaxing time when there are none. thanks for posting!
    How come the pictures were removed? i hope they get back up.

  165. 165
    katherine Says:

    the video was so cute!!

    anyone got any links for te pictures???

  166. 166
    midnightwonder Says:

    I am so sooo sad because they were found. I have no words to describe the paps anymore. And you know what makes me more irritated? No fans met them during their trip, at least nobody blogged about it. It was a perfect vacay, until now.

    Obviously, Zac and Vanessa chose the location where they could enjoy privacy and chose a private plane to get there because they wanted to hide from the world even if it meant they had had to pay more. Sadly, it seems they were followed from day1(look at Zac’s trunks: one of them is the same as what he was wearing in the boarding pictures) and their whole vacay was documented without their knowledge (Hawaii 2.0 anyone?). It seems that there was only one photographer again because the pictures were posted only now, at the end of their trip, again. (When there are more than one paparazzo, they are in a hurry and compete with each other to get more money for the exclusive pictures.) Last time the photographer was “awarded” with a Range Rover if I am correct. And it was sooo not fair. (I know that they are human and only doing their job but doesn’t it sadden you?) I am wondering what the award would be this time. A private jet??? A house??? An insland in the Caribbean? It is creepy, isn’t it?!

    Last time Zac and Vanessa had no idea about having been followed. It seems that they were unaware of it again. Previously, Zac said that during their first vacation they had not counted themselves as big stars to having been followed to Hawaii and when the pics appeared that was the wake-up-call of how far they got in the industry, so to say. Now they knew they were bigger names and expected to be followed but possibly hoped the quest of the photographers would fail. It seems they were wrong, again. (I do not blame them: who thought they would be followed in the Caribbean?) Talk about déja vu.

    But I hope they had a relaxing and lovely vacation. They have to come back soon (but only if they had not flown under the radar) because of the ESPY (recorded on Wednesday). When they will be spotted in LA again, I am sure these pictures will be fuel on fire and they will be hounded by photographers more than ever. How sad is that! Talk about privacy.

    To sum it up, I am very sad and disappointed. They do not deserve this. They worked hard to get where they are and I am sure they would like to be famous for their work and not for their off-screen romance that meant to be private. Don’t you see it? The more they want to hide the more paps follow them. The more they want to be silent about their relationship the more questions are asked during interviews. In the last few weeks, there were no interviews without inquiring about their sacred relationship although they refuse to talk about it and everybody knows it!

    I am not sure what the best strategy is anymore. When they were “just friends”, everybody was interested in them because they were so secretive about their private lives. When they started to refer themselves as a couple, everybody was interested in them because they were (and are) so cute. Zac and Vanessa admitted almost at the same time that they were (are) dating to please the curious people. And what happened? Everybody remained interested in them. It is a vicious circle. If one day they chose to go on separate ways, I think one of the reasons behind it would be the pressure (the media and fans). I know they are nice people with good head on their shoulders so I believe they support each other as much as their private lives. But can you blame them for wanting some privacy? I do not think so. So God bless them and I wish all the best.

    (Sorry because of my rambling, I got carried away a little bit. And a big hurray to Jared for removing the pictures!!!)

  167. 167
    zanessaforever! Says:

    This is the cutest ever !!
    Umm is it just me but who thinks they did IT ! lol
    Looking at the pic of Baby V on Top of Zac well ….
    I guess pictures tell a thousand words LOL


    Zanessa Forever!!

  168. 168
    Natalie Says:

    OMG!!!! I want that magazine!!!!! lol
    ZANESSA FOREVER!!! they’r like the cutest coupple in the world!!^^

  169. 169
    Ashley Says:

    Aww how cute! I can’t believe Vanessa was straddling Zac. WHOA! So not Disney-like. It also makes me wonder what they do in their hotel room *shudders*.Even though I think it’s so cute to see these pictures I also think it’s so sad that the paparazzis saw them & invaded their privacy.

  170. 170
    yets Says:

    So Cute but i know Zac and vanessa dont want to see this.
    But be strong zanessa your fans are always here for you.
    Looks so in Love together>

  171. 171
    Anne Says:

    awwww, they are so cute and are looking so happy <3

  172. 172
    Boji Says:

    What do couples do in their hotel room is very much their own business. Thank heavens, at least they have that privacy. So what if Vanessa is straddling Zac. He is her bf and she’s not doing anything other than sitting on him. She is clothed remember and so is he. We have seen worse and more suggestive poses with other couples. They are not answerable to anyone as this is their private vacation so to suggest otherwise is in the mind/eyes of the viewer. I can see absolutely nothing wrong with it. We and the paps are the intruders, I may add.

  173. 173
    Z+V FAN Says:

    is intouch sold in Australia ??

  174. 174
    lalalala Says:

    ZANESSA=LiVE iN L0VE<333
    ZANESSA=LiVE iN L0VE<333
    ZANESSA=LiVE iN L0VE<333
    ZANESSA=LiVE iN L0VE<333
    ZANESSA=LiVE iN L0VE<333
    ZANESSA=LiVE iN L0VE<333

  175. 175
    Z+V FAN Says:

    is intouch sold in Australia?

  176. 176
    Boji Says:

    midnightwonder, I can understand your sentiment, but we have to understand and I’m sure Zac and Vanessa fully understand what comes with the territory of being a celebrity. From her last interview, I think Vanessa has learned to accept them as part of her profession. It is all about popularity and demand. Just take heart that they did have some privacy to a certain extent. The pics in themselves show how unguarded they are and that they were actually enjoying themselves.

  177. 177
    stephana Says:

    bah! im sad and im happy. happy cuz we get to see zanessa, sad cuz well,their privacy was invaded. v is lookin fine!

  178. 178
    geana Says:

    omg!!!!!!!!!!!! i love zanessa!!!they ROCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!

  179. 179
    TEALEAF Says:

    I hope they got to spend time alone to themselves before the paps were there to bother them.

    You can see just how much they are in love and enjoy just to be with each other. They fit perfectly together like a hand and glove.

    I have two teen age grand-daughters, 15 years of age, and the comments being made about kids on beaches or just playing is normal. I too, have supervised. Some people look at some things in the wrong way.

    Zac and Vanessa are young adults who were on a PRIVATE vacation and, as usual, their privacy was once again invaded. How would we like it if our every move was put on display for all the world to see. I know they are celebs but every time they set out to have their moment to be together or to take their personal activities, that is invasion of privacy where a line is being crossed.

    I love this couple. They have grown and matured in both love, wisdom making decisions both in their life and in their careers. They are not perfect. Their like any of us, they are humans.

    I am ashamed to say I did like to see them enjoy themselves and to see once more the love they truly have for each other. I hope they are able to cherish it.

    Zac and Vanessa Fan———Love Zanessa

  180. 180
    midnightwonder Says:

    Boji (179):

    I can see that they look happy in the pictures and probably had a very good vacation. And I also believe they know more than you and me what it means to be a celebrity these days. Obviously, they love each other and have each others’ backs as Vanessa stated in her CD cover.

    I am not a psychic or a future-teller. I do not want them to go on separate ways. I only stated that it is a possibility because of the high demand. I have faith in them because they have already proven to the world that they support each other no matter what. I love them because of it. And I am rooting for them.

    But I cannot say I am not worried because the whole situation makes me irritated. And I am not talking about Zac and Vanessa but in a general way. People got paid just because they snap pictures of a vacation that meant to be private. It is just so wrong on many levels. I know that it is not a new phenomenon at all but that not mean I can accept it. I think there must be a line where agencies say that enough is enough. But I realize that this line can be found only in my dreams.

    I am not a little girl anymore. I know that money rules the world and having a newspaper with an A-lister celebrity on the cover is a very good business. But do any of you really think these pictures are good for them? Of course, the stars got more attention and such, but the photos do not improve their acting skills or help them landing in very big roles. Call me a freaky old-fashioned person, I can live with it, but I truly believe the work of an actor is more important than some private vacation photos. Sadly, I think only the minority of the fans agree with me in this question.

  181. 181
    ASHLEY Says:

    cool pictures.

  182. 182
    Alexandria Says:

    its sweet how they grew up together through high school musical, almost like; real high school sweethearts since they both never really had the whole “high school experience”. its sweet to know they have couples like this in hollywood, though vanessa admits she’s not into the whole “hollywood party scene” which is why i love her. she’s gorgeous! with a sweet personality to match. its no wonder zac is madly in love with her… i wrote so long but they are just toooo cute for words :)

  183. 183
    jade Says:

    midnightwonder #167

    One of the downsides of being a celebrity is the intrusion and/or
    losing of ones privacy. This problem escalated when the paparazzi
    were commanding bigger bucks for those photos/infos of popular stars and driven by the “economic law of supply and demand” by both magazines and fans. And it is so sad because they went to a great length of boarding a private plane for a private vacation. I believe that their priority was for PRIVACY and that is why they did not join Ashley here in Hawai where I reside. I don’t think that they were aware of any presence of a paparazzi taking pictures of them because they look relax and open with their PDA’s….

    I am just wondering how they were found out–unless some
    so called trusted friends called them and found out where they were.
    Both of them should have each own private cellular phone number to be used just for the two of them.

    I hope that they are all right and well rested especially for Vanessa’s incoming busy schedule next month.

  184. 184
    laura Says:

    omg, they are so cute, but why have jared taken the pics down?? that’s a bummer, it does look like he is kissing her neck and yea i never thought i would see the day that vanessa straddled zac lol :D
    thanks jared

  185. 185
    kevin Says:

    MIDNIGHTWONDER stop writing essays. Go ramble in your blog or something. I agree with everything that Boji #179 said.

  186. 186
    zav-loyalist Says:

    God bless to both of them.. Hope they will still be together forever…. Live in Love Zanessa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  187. 187
    jannica Says:

    “zanessa is the great couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  188. 188
    laura Says:

    they are so sweet and it is a bit pathetic when people compare vanessa and ashley to each other, they are best friends, they are not in competition with each other at all, i mean, i’m never in competition with my best friends, they are so sweet, and cute, and thanks jj for posting the video, now i just need a link to the pics.

    they were trying to have a private vacay but obviously the paps found them which is a bit annoying but in a way i’m glad that we got to see them. is zac kissing vanessa’s neck or is he just kissing her?? because it looks like he is kissing her neck but to be honest, i don’t know??


  189. 189
    Nicole Says:

    OMG!! The Cutest Couple Ever..

  190. 190
    _zanessa_hudfron_couple Says:

    “zanessa is the most great couple”……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  191. 191
    Diana Says:

    Cute couple.

  192. 192
    Nicole Says:


  193. 193
    Nessabubs_xo Says:

    they are sooooooooooooo cute!
    wow they look so in love!
    its so…. AMAZING!

    is this magazine out in england?! :O

  194. 194
    jade Says:

    for post #186

    Note: On the second paragraph should read as so-called instead of so called. I can’t find a feature here where you can edit/correct a word,
    sentences, and spelling after posting.

  195. 195
    midnightwonder Says:

    kevin (188):

    “MIDNIGHTWONDER stop writing essays.”

    Care to explain why? I. DO. WHAT. I. WANT. If you don’t like my comments, skip them. Period.

  196. 196
    Zakkina Says:


  197. 197
    lilly Says:

    awesome pics!

    i feel bad by looking at them but hey they are cute :]]
    oh my zanessa

  198. 198
    Daniela Says:

    So cute!!!!
    and sooo HOT!!!!!
    love them…..go ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i didn’t remember she have such a hot body….
    and well Zac oblivious too…..

  199. 199
    Daniela Says:

    So cute!!!!
    and sooo HOT!!!!!
    love them…..go ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i didn’t remember she have such a hot body….
    and well Zac oblivious too…..

  200. 200
    tameka Says:

    Wat in the world is ^ with people?? They expect Zac and Vanessa to wear the same bikini(Vanessa) and shorts (Zac) EVERYDAY??? So wat if they packed a new outfit for everyday?? Thats sanitary. Who in their right mind would wear the same pair of shorts or the same bikin everyday. Just dont got nothing good 2 say, so you call him gay because he has a different pair of shorts for each day??? Come on!!! That is sooooooooooo childish!!!!!!

  201. 201
    Jo Says:

    Super cute, I hate her lol

  202. 202
    SAM Says:

    I am in love with these two, they’re so cute.

  203. 203


  204. 204
    ewxzanessaxsucks Says:

    okay, gross.
    i almost puked when i saw these.

    not so disney now huh, kids? that’s SO dumb. say what you want, but vah needs to be more like ashley..
    ashley’s MOM went with her & jared and she’s 23.
    these kids probably gave eachother away long before this.


  205. 205
    ewxzanessaxsucks Says:

    okay, gross.
    i almost puked when i saw these.

    not so disney now huh, kids? that’s SO dumb. say what you want, but vah needs to be more like ashley..
    ashley’s MOM went with her & jared and she’s 23.
    these kids probably gave eachother away long before this.


  206. 206
    emmy Says: cute !!!…love them….

  207. 207
    Keyla Says:

    they are so good together, hope they will last for good….

  208. 208
    anne Says:


  209. 209
    Caz Says:

    Can you say publicity stunt?

    I have no respect for either of these two.

  210. 210
    anon Says:

    pics can be found @!!! Best site for up-to-date vanessa hudgens news and pics!!!

  211. 211
    sara Says:

    #169- midnightwonder

    I was going to write a longer post, but I agree 110% with what you said. im not happy at all about these photo. zac and vanessa did not invite us fans on their vacation with them. i know the photos are out there, but i’m not going to freak out over them.

    i’m really sad this happened a second time around that they tried to go on vacation and now people get to sit around and analyze what each picture means and make their own assumptions.

    i don’t know what to do either but all i can do is just chose to not look. i’ll see you guys all on the next thread, which i can only hope will be pictures from a public event not private vacation photos like this.

  212. 212
    mernam Says:

    yaaaay finalyyy im soo happy!!
    theyre still going strong and i love that!! yaaay go zanessa

  213. 213
    sara Says:

    Also, i do not agree with those of you saying this comes with the territory of being famous.

    that’s not true. the reason gossip magazines and paparazzi exisist is because fans want to see these kind of photos. you ***** that it’s not fair and you feel bad for zanessa, but in the same sentence you ohhh and awe over how cute and great they are.

    it’s a cop-out to make yourself feel better to say something like the celebrities should know better or know what they signed up for. maybe it’s more like you should know better and keep your nose out of private matters that don’t concern you? it’s easy to not feel compassion or empathy because these aren’t YOUR private photos, or private photos of your brother, sister, or friends being posted all over the internet.

    i don’t need vacation photos of them to prove some point that they are in love or see them unguarded and i also don’t really care at this point if you guys dont agree with me either, because this is MY opinion, not yours, you can take it, leave it, or ignore it. like i said, i don’t really care either way.

  214. 214
    sonessahudgens Says:

    omg!!! love them both!!!!

  215. 215
    Michelle Says:

    Sara #216
    You said it first :)

  216. 216
    zanessaax3 Says:

    i can’t waittt!!!!


  217. 217
    gözde Says:

    hi my name’s gözde i’m a Turkish and i’m from turkey
    oh my got!!!!!!!
    zanessa is sooo cute,beautfull
    i love you Zanessa!!!
    zanessa forever!!!!!!

  218. 218
    Karen Says:

    If you don’t like rambling essays nobody is forcing you to read them. When you see a post that has more than 3 words to it, just skip it.

    What are you talking about? You don’t think that Ashley being 23 years old is doing the SAME THING Zac and Vanessa re doing on their vacation? I think it seems more reasonable that going away with your boyfriend on a romantic getaway that you don’t take your parents. But Ashley can do as she likes.

  219. 219
    vannie Says:

    Zanessa is Adorable!!!

  220. 220
    Merle.v Says:

    Aaaaa. Love!

    Zanessa <3

  221. 221
    sara Says:

    they are in love !!!!
    so cute

  222. 222
    zanessa Says:

    zanessa is amazing ,and zac is really hot

  223. 223
    dadad Says:

    i love zanessa!!!!

    ewxzanessaxsucks you want to bring your mom along with you when you want to have a private time with ur boyfriend!!! i wonder that wat you did!! you must be gay!!!
    got nothing to do with ashley..i like her
    the haters must be jealous of zanessa!!
    don’t bash vanessa…i love her…she’s a great role model….

  224. 224
    Andy Says:

    Cute, thanks

  225. 225
    CAROLIN Says:

    The guys said they have been going out for about a year which I think is wrong because they started going out at HS 1 so that should be about 2 1/2 years right?

  226. 226
    CAROLIN Says:

    The guys said they have been going out for about a year which I think is wrong because they started going out at HS 1 so that should be about 2 1/2 years right?

  227. 227
    smdwh2 Says:

    looks like they are having a really good time!

  228. 228
    misty11 Says:

    i like the pics but i feel bad for zac and vanessa IT WAS A PRIVATE VAC..

  229. 229
    ZAira Says:

    yeah..they look hot!!!..^_^..

  230. 230
    Libby Says:

    And spotted they were.

    At the very least, Zanessa didn’t seem to be aware of the paps’ presence, or if they were, they didn’t let it get to them. They look so happy in all the pics. Good for them.

    To all those who were shocked about the straddling pics, you all have to be the biggest hypocrites on earth. Don’t you people realize that none of us should be seeing any of this in the first place? They paid good money to be able to do these private things. If they get photographed in these compromising positions, it’s not their problem.

    Zanessa Forver!!!

  231. 231
    ashyboo Says:

    zanessa is the cutest couple ever!!!!!!
    i love all of vanessa’s suits and zac’s too.
    also that pic when nessa is sitting on zac one word….. WOW.
    i really didnt see that comin

  232. 232
    gigi (: Says:


    first pics ever . THANKS SO MUCH JARED.
    gente , que emoção – ZANESSA NO HAWAII ( parte 2 )
    BRIGADA MESMO JJ – meu , mais perfeito ? HÁ , pago pra ve babys (:

    zane forever . (L
    beijo pro Brasil (:

  233. 233
    kwelly Says:

    zac and Vannessa been going out for 2 and 1/2 years. Ridgh!!!

  234. 234
    tanya Says:

    AWWW how cute. Soon we will be reading about the baby they made while on vacation. She looks like a sexy vixen who’s humping him right there on the beach and he’s loving it. Guess we ain’t in Disneyland anymore! Can hardly believe they are only 19 and 20yrs. old…….. $8000 a night for the room?? They could have done the dirty for less I’m sure. Just another example of spoiled brats, lots of money and sex!

  235. 235
    shopgirl Says:

    Thank you for posting this Jared. They look so relaxed and happy from what I can see. I love Zanessa! Can’t wait to see the pics from the magazine.

  236. 236
    victoria Says:

    (206&205) ewxzanessaxsucks,
    Since you don’t like them, then don’t read posts about them. I’m tired of haters bashing on them. It was your choice to click on the link. Why are you comparing Vanessa to Ashley? They are BESTFRIENDS. It was Ashley’s choice to bring her family and her boyfriend and it was Vanessa’s (or maybe Zac’s) choice to go alone with her boyfriend for a romantic weekend (well, maybe more than a weekend). We all know the HSM cast aren’t going to be “Disney” forever. They can do whatever they want without people like you comparing them to the
    others, especially their friends.

    I agree with sara(214) on the barely known fact that the reason celebs are followed are because the fans want to know what they are doing. The only reason magazines pay so much money for pictures like these is so people will buy their magazine. They know people are curious about what the celebs are hiding behind the personality they show.

    Although I am strongly dissapointed that the paps had ruined their private vacation that they had not invited us to go on (even though I would be glad to go if they invited me! =D), the pictures do say a lot more than the words they say in interviews.

  237. 237
    go sox Says:

    OMG, aren’t these wonderful PUBLICITY shots??? Oh, and where are the ones of Lovato and Jonas? And other Disney leads? You people, honestly, are just nuts. Take your heads out of the sand.

    I totally agree with midnightwonder…..I’m very upset they were found. This is just not fair to them; makes me wonder if they’ll never want to take another vacation again. This SHOULD have been private. What more could they have done? It’s just so sad.

    Libby, I agree with you on the pics………….we weren’t supposed to see these!! This is how a couple “plays” when they know they’re somewhere alone. They’re having a blast. There is absolutely nothing wrong with what they’re doing. Now, on the other hand, if they were on a California beach, knowing everyone was watching them, and they were “frolicking” like that and PDA-ing everywhere, then, YEAH, I’d say it was inappropriate. But NO WAY did they know they were being photographed!!

    I must say though, the smiles and cuddles say it all.

  238. 238
    yolanda Says:

    Yikes….wonder if they’ll be marrying soon or just ******** regularly for the world to see. As for the PAPS…..these two thrive on the attention and love the exposure, don’t kid yourselves. Don’t feel sorry for them, they gain in popularity and wealth everytime photos are snapped. Their agents probably tipped off the paps. That’s Hollywood!!!!

  239. 239
    athena Says:

    YEAH!!! So happy to see some pics…I was wondering where they were…Can’t wait til they get back in the states.

  240. 240
    bunni Says:

    In the real world who really cares about these two “young people” copulating at an expensive resort that the rest of the world will never be able to afford?

  241. 241
    bud Says:

    The paps did not RUIN their vacation. They were frolicking about and having a great time for the cameras. And in addition to that they gain more popularity with the pictures . People on this site are so naive about how it really works in movieland.

    Wow Ms. Vanessa seems to be keeping her boy happy. Bet Zac loves to be straddled by that little sex kitten! Hope she’s on the pill.

  242. 242
    beverley Says:

    I have to say that I’m really sad that these pictures have come out…..but not at all surprised.

    Pictures of Zac and Vanessa together must command huge prices,and it was only a matter of time before someone gave in to the pull of making money.

    go sox,
    I agree with you that they could have done nothing more than they did to try to keep this vacation private.As you say,they are just a young couple enjoying themselves on a beach,they aren’t doing anything wrong or inappropriate…it was meant to be PRIVATE.

  243. 243
    audrey Says:

    that video was so HOTT :p
    haha they’re still smiling! [:

  244. 244
    kristin Says:

    What’s with all the vulgarity? They were having a good time, I don’t think anything their doing is that big of a deal- ESPECIALLY since they thought they were alone. Young children frequent this site, there’s no need to act like a pig.

  245. 245
    bob Says:

    listen if you don’t like them, then that’s your opinion
    keep it to yourself, nobody really cares about you

    cuz the truth is, THEY ARE HOT !!!
    they are not cute, they past that a LONG time ago, now they are at SEXY !!

    and ewxzanessaxsucks:

    would you really want your mom to be there on a romantic vacation?? I mean, don’t you think that’s just awkward and gross?? shesh, that’s like…gay


  246. 246
    Malia Says:

    Frankly, I wonder if these pics were taken by paps. They’re not very good quality. I realize they’re grainy and taken from far away. But since this is a private resort, I’m thinking someone staying there recognized them and saw the chance to make some money. And I think they did have privacy for about five or so days before any pictures were taken.

    Amanyara is a private resort. You can only get in if you are a paying guest. And the prices range from $1,000 to $8,000 a night. True, a pap would dish out $4,000 for four nights in order to get the pics because I’m sure that whoever took them got a cool million.

    If you remember, the first ones in Hawaii, the pap left Zac a note with a CD of the pics saying, “Thanks for the Range Rover.” And that was when they were relatively unknown.

    And that is why Zac tried his best to make this one private, by using a private jet with a blocked itinerary, and booking a private resort. Sad, but I don’t think they’re ever going to get a private vacation anymore unless they go to SLO and maybe hang out a Pismo Beach.

  247. 247
    Cindy Says:

    Looks like Zac and Vanessa were having fun and that is what really matters the most. They both needed a rest and it looks like they got it. Yes, they were sptted by the paps , but it doesn’t really look like they were aware of them. I’m sure they know by now there are pics out everywhere which is sad , but at least they had fun and didn’t do anything that any other normal couple would do. There is nothing unusual or x-rated in any of the pics. They are in love and they are showing some affection end of story.

  248. 248
    fran Says:

    Wish these two would get hitched already and put us all out of our misery of having to come here and read about them and their escapades.

  249. 249
    Zanessa4ever Says:

    OMG OMG OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  250. 250
    Malia Says:

    Looks as if a few people stumbled out of the cesspool and onto this thread by mistake.

    From their demeaning comments and foul language, they clearly belong on Perez Hilton’s sleaze site where the underbelly of society lives beneath slimy rocks and in worm-filled gutters.

    This young couple, who has been dating for three years, is like a fresh ocean breeze or an evening sunset.

    Sadly, those who live in a slimy world have never experienced anything as beautiful as an ocean breeze or evening sunset.

    They just don’t get it.

  251. 251
    mrs.joe jonas Says:

    these pictures are like the other ones on their hawian trip from last summer

  252. 252
    go sox Says:

    fran, I guess we could say the same about Jolie and Pitt.

    And Cindy, You got that right!!

  253. 253
    erin Says:

    they are soooo cute!

  254. 254
    gABY Says:

    i love zanessa
    oh my god !
    this is what I wanted to

  255. 255
    ONeday Says:

    they should get married already! they’re so hot and still soo cute, just like 2 and a half years ago.
    btw, it’s nothing vulgar in their behaviour, they’re on holiday, they can do what they want!

  256. 256
    8v Says:

    Seriously, most of the haters here are narrowminded, foulmouthed peeps who always find fault in everything that Z & V do. Sucks for actors who always have to be scrutinized by the public whether they are on vacation or just having private time together. I know that Z & V are aware that it comes with the territory as they are now public figures but some of the comments here are just plain harsh, judgemental and derrogatory towards them as people. How sad. Makes me actually wish that they were just able to keep this whole vacation a secret and away from prying eyes.

  257. 257
    Carol Says:

    zanessa are stupid
    I’m bored, because Zanessa.

  258. 258
    Cerestial Says:

    wow,they dun mind the pics in mag n furthermore,on E! news XD
    & lol..zac overpacked? xD
    haha,Way ter go,zanessa~ YOU bof r de best XD!!! Love ya~~

  259. 259
    Naomi Says:

    This is why I really hoped they were not spotted. Something beautiful, precious to them and private has now being exposed for rascals and nincompoops to analyse and dirty with their gutterlike minds that can not comprehend anything except it’s twisted and perverted.

    For those blabbing, I wonder what would turn up if a hidden camera was placed in your bedroom or anywhere where you thought you were alone. I suspect much worse.

    It’s clear from the effort and expense they went to that they assumed they were alone in a deserted beach and I personally don’t see anything wrong in what they’re doing. They’re just like any normal and decent couple. It’s their personal and private time and they owe nothing to anybody during that time. If V wants to sit on her boyfriend on their private time and said boyfriend is enjoying it, it’s their business not anybody’s. The boyfriend is hers not yours.

    I’ve said this before but Z&V are darned if they do and darned if they don’t so I’m glad they’re ignoring everybody and getting on with their lives.

  260. 260
    mhay Says:

    their back!!!!!!!
    so happy to see them again.

  261. 261
    newport beach, 92660 Says:


  262. 262
    Boji Says:

    I agree with Malia in that these pics were in fact taken by the locals, staff or someone vacationing there who recognized them and knew there was money to be made. I however, think it less likely that the paps would follow them all the way from the States. Much as I like this couple, I don’t think they are big enough celebrities to warrant such pursuit.

    Only sleaze bags with nothing else on their minds will look at an innocent picture in a different light. I remember seeing a pic of Jennifer Aniston sitting on Vince Vaughn in exactly the same way, again it was taken by a pap. So does this mean they were also doing the dirty? I just can’t get over the narrow mindedness of some people. And as Go Sox said even if they did it was meant to be private and whoever took the pics was intruding. I guess that makes me a voyeur.

    I am also not going to pretend that I don’t like seeing pics of my favourite couple showing PDA much as I hate for them to have no privacy. I don’t believe I’m being hypocritical here as I did plead guilty in going ooh and aww over their pics. I can honestly say that I was very upset when Vanessa went through a bad time last year. But to see her and Zac so happy and relaxed and frolicking around it is hard for me to be upset, annoyed maybe at the thought of them being found out. I knew it was too good to be true.

  263. 263
    newport beach, 92660 Says:

    lmao i’m gonna buy this Us Weekly just to see them up close and observe Vanessa Hudgens’s bathing suits. Some of these pictures i think they would have liked to keep private.

  264. 264
    misty11 Says:

    if you don,t like zanessa DON,T COME HER ON THIS STORIE.
    i love zanessa and im happy there a back in town

  265. 265
    hugepleasure Says:

    guys look at that cute pic!!

  266. 266
    newport beach, 92660 Says:


    Who are you talking to??

  267. 267
    jade Says:


  268. 268
    delphine Says:

    They are so cute <3

    Zanessa for ever

  269. 269
    willam Says:

    creu…creu…creu…creu…creu…creu…creu vanessa

  270. 270
    V-loyalist Says:

    Hmmm.. is Ryan Seacrest feeling jealous or what? he seemed shocked to see them so sweet and lovey dovey to each other..LOL just kidding..we know Ryan has a crush on Vanessa :)

    Anyway..It’s nice to see them having a blast and a wonderful vacation, in few more weeks Vanessa will start to get busy again with her State Fair tour.

    Sigh…What a sexy couple :)

  271. 271
    xxktxx Says:

    Hope they had a nice time!

  272. 272
    dory Says:

    Ryan Seacrest is envious cos he’s after Zac Efron…he has the eyes for Zac…

  273. 273
    layla Says:

    omg this is the cutest thing i have ever seen. SO CUTE!
    i loooove zanesssa!

  274. 274
    Jennnny Says:

    Uh….ew. *gags*

    That’s so gross.

    Vanessa is such a ****.


  275. 275
    xxktxx Says:

    there both adults now so they can do what they want they have grown up since hsm but loads of people still think they are kids. I feel bad for them cos they try 2 have a romantic holiday but get caught on camera. But I cant say Im not happy they were ;)

  276. 276
    ANI Says:

    Vanessa hudgens está kda vez m+ diferente.A inocência do hsm,já foi faz tempo .

  277. 277
    amy Says:

    vanessas a ****? omg. those pictures came out like a year ago! besides they were taken even before hsm! so just forget it! shes not like that anymore!

  278. 278
    A-lister in training Says:

    i agree

  279. 279
    Remy Says:

    I wouldn’t exactly call their vacation ruined or anything. I mean.. they didn’t JUST go to the beach.

    I love her Ed hardy bathing suit.

  280. 280
    layla Says:

    hahahah dory! :D
    thats funny!

  281. 281
    ZAnessa4eva!!!! Says:

    awwwww wayy to cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

  282. 282
    kristy Says:

    Does anyone know for how long they’ve been together? And they look really cute.

  283. 283
    rhay Says:


  284. 284
    sara Says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwww they look so CUTE

  285. 285
    christy Says:

    ahh there so cute!! i luv zacs different swim trunks! haha and oohh getting a little steamy there arent we?? ZANESSA LIVE IN LOVE!!!!

  286. 286
    nadine Says:

    awwww!!! they’re soo cute together!!! i love them and Vanessa looks sooo beautiful!!! Zanessa 4-EVER!!!

  287. 287
    rosielee9 Says:


    Nobody makes anybody read about Zac and Vanessa everybody does it through choice so if you don’t want to read about them then why come on a page and do just that.

  288. 288
    Karen Says:

    Jared has a new thread on their vacation with the pics he had to take off this thread last night.

  289. 289
    Viiih Says:

    OMG! They are sooooo cute k3

  290. 290
    xsrtgrtsr Says:

    lgg ,vhbib kc fj cfnb m,bm,


    , ç[
    ] k


  291. 291
    abi Says:

    this is so magic cute

  292. 292
    abi Says:

    so adorable they look happy

  293. 293
    Gabriela Says:

    I Love HSM So Much 4ever and Ever!!!


  294. 294
    Gabriela Says:

    Zanessa e Lashley p/ sempre e sempre e sempre e sempree…


    Eles se amam mtoo!!!


  295. 295
    josiee Says:

    loooooooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee zanessaaaaaa!!!

  296. 296
    rAISSA Says:


  297. 297
    omg Says:

    oh oh im about to puke!!!!!! bleeecchhhh…. oh there it goes….

  298. 298
    Me Says:

    OMG I luv them i want them to get marriedin the future!!!! hopefully i’ll be invited!!!!!!!!!! please!!!!!! that would rock!!!!!!!! WHats wrong with haveing diff swim trunks for each day.?? he probably has them so why wouldnt you use them!!!!!!!

    YOU ROCK MY WORLD!!!!!!!!! Byee!!!

  299. 299
    moon (: Says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah *-*
    qe lindos :D

  300. 300
    Zanessa-love4life Says:

    They are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute <3
    Just cuz they starred in a Disney movie, doesnt mean that they cant show their affection for one another like that. They’re young & in love and no one can stop them.
    I’m happy theyve been in a relationship for like 3 years almost, and still love each other like that!
    Zanessa Rules!

  301. 301
    justjaredfan Says:

    i love them.
    geez 8,000 a night? you no where they spend their money

  302. 302
    Ynuiacha Says:

    Dalhe adolescencia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  303. 303
    gemma.x Says:

    aww i love zanessa

    vanessa is like my role model

  304. 304
    karenn Says:

    k kuradaaa amo a zanessaa

  305. 305
    veronica m. Says:

    vanessa has some beautiful curves and i love her bikini she doesnt look to skinny or too fat and a lot of ppl thinks she’s fat but shes not she just has curves which she roxs at havin them and i think zac agress toooo lolo

  306. 306
    veronica m. Says:

    vanessa should be like the #10 hottest female celebrites or watever ther called instead of ashley cause vanessa is sexy and has a great body and so does zac!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love himmmmmmmmmmmmm

  307. 307
    go sox Says:

    They sure look like a lock for “Choice Hotties” !!! They sizzle!!

  308. 308
    yaya Says:

    aww they look so cute and happy together

  309. 309
    yaya Says:

    btw i love vanessa bathing suits and zac swimming trunks it the gold stars on it. and i think its pretty cool that they r using a disposable camera instead of a ditigal like most people would have.

  310. 310
    [[PEACE]] Says:

    i also agree with #11
    vanessa has a better bodie than ashley-who has a flat bodie,ashley i mean
    awwwww they are soooo cute and look in love!!!
    im happy for them
    ZANESSA ROX!!!!!

  311. 311
    KIM Says:

    I LOVE ZANESSA!!!!!!

  312. 312
    vanessa hudgens Says:

    not to be rude or anything but i was not straddling zaccy i was just talking to him and i went to get up but he wanted to talk more. and i was laying on him because he let me he is just a really really really nice guy. we love eachother a lot. oh and zac wants to say something. zac:vanessa is really really really nice, sweet, hot, cute, and very very sexy woman and she was not straddling me i let her lay on me and she did go to get up i wanted to talk more with her. and what is the big deal with that me and van dont care what you think about us we love each a lot. here’s van again. vanessa: he is right we dont care about what other ppl say gtg zac and van: bybe bye

  313. 313
    zanessafan4eva17 Says:

    i love them i’ve been hoping for another zanessa vacation they are so cute together

  314. 314
    vanessa hudgens Says:

    not trying to be mean or anything but i was not straddling zaccy i was laying on him and just talking to him and i went t get up and he wanted to talk more. what’s the big deal if i was straddling him. zaccy is the most nicest guy in the world. hold on zaccy wants to say something. zac:it is not a big deal woth van on top of me. we were just talking and i did just wantef to talk more because i love her so much. here’s van again. vanessa: i love him too so much we are just trying to send time together because of the state fair next mouth we are not going to see each other for awhile and with us filming two differnt movies so far away from each other. and just finishing high school musical 3. zac and vanessa: bye bye love you

  315. 315
    grace Says:


  316. 316
    Amelia25 Says:

    Beautiful couple!!!

  317. 317
    victorya Says:

    ohh my vanessa hudegns is beautiful is that I can have a sitre I can faler with her heart, I love hsm

  318. 318
    samantha Says:

    cicarelli 02 \o/

  319. 319
    samantha Says:

    cicarelli 02 \o/!!!

  320. 320
    Zahira Says:

    There’s pictures of them arriving back home check them out!

  321. 321
    Vfan Says:

    I like to see Zanessa but I hate when girls wear bikini’s it looks gross to me.I would never do it.

  322. 322
    troy Says:

    #210 publ…Publoo..*wait* “Publicity Stunt:” YAAAYYY!! I did it. It was harder then I thought.

    Oh and by the way I even less respect for you after that inane post.

    The unmitigated stupidty of posts like #210, #235 and #241 just to name a few never ceases to amaze me.

  323. 323
    angelica Says:

    how can it be publicity, they look so natural to me. they seem to be so happy and relax with with each other………………they just click together.

  324. 324
    ZanessaFan Says:

    [B]HOTTEST COUPLE IN HOLLYWOOD!!! Gotta love ‘em!!![/B]

  325. 325
    nicole Says:


  326. 326
    nicole Says:


  327. 327
    Zanessa Says:



  328. 328


  329. 329
    Lucy Says:

    I hate her!!!

  330. 330
    hilvane Says:

    eu adoro eles (zac e vanessa)e achei tudo romantico y lovi you

  331. 331
    **Carly Says:

    Aiiii que fofos!!!
    Eles são um amoor juntos

    Zanessa é o casal mais fofo do mundooo!!!!

  332. 332
    Horselvr45 Says:

    Shut up haters!! They r. Just makinout and having sex!!!!!!!

  333. 333
    Karen Says:


    I know I’m going to hate myself for even going here but why do you persist in posting things that are not so? I’m trying to believe because you are so young you just don’t quite understand some things BUT these two are NOT having sex in this photo and actually they aren’t even “makinout”. This is one of those photos that was probably clicked at a perfect moment to make it look like something is about to go on etc. For example they may have just been wrestling around since Zac is supposedly very ticklish. They may have been playing around and she jumps up on him like this to start tickling him and that is why he is up on one arm ready to defend himself against the onslaught. Many things could be the reason for that picture that is purely innocent. They may have just been enjoying a serious and intimate conversation and when two young people love each other they want to be close. BUT first and foremost they are not “having sex” in this picture and I seriously doubt even if they were in a secluded area of the beach that they would try doing that in that place. They knew there could be a chance at being caught at such a thing. Since they don’t don’t even have “full-on make-out” sessions where people can watch them—because they are private about such things, and thank heavens they are—-it is highly unlikely they are doing anything in regards to what you said.

  334. 334
    Rockstar-Lollipop Says:

    Awwww Hehe =]] So Adroable!

  335. 335
    Horselvr45 Says:

    I meant in their hotel room #334,!!!!! I got that sex commet from!!!!! Yall go to and u will see wat I’m talking about!!!! I Will post a. Link on Monday or Sunday and you guys will see wat I’m talking about!!!!!

  336. 336
    charlene Says:

    stop insulting ashley people ashley choose to go to hawaii cause she likes it and did not want the paps to ruin what she loves so she went anyway i admire that and shes a great girl

  337. 337
    della Says:

    omg! love all the pics. both v and zac looks good together. hope they will be married in the future.

  338. 338
    zanessa-fan forever ♥ Says:

    on everone writes that Vanessa is a ****! But they are only jealous because Zac loves her! Vanessa is NOT a ****! ZANESSA FOREVER!!!

  339. 339
    lisa Says:

    i strongly agree i think vanessa is 10x prettier than ashley i mean ashley’s body doesnt look very womanly i mean she has no curvez in her body it lookz so dead and boring i cant believe ashley beat vanessa on the hot 100! ashley isnt ugly but she’z nothin compared 2 vanessa but i seriously think the papperazzi should seriously give em some privacy i mean if i wuz with my boyfriend i wouldnt want people 2 take picz of our romantic time together!

  340. 340
    rebeca Says:

    eles se amam e isso basta para nos sermor felizes pelas felicidades deles agora se eles se separarem ou o hsm acabar eu vou ficar um poço de furia perpetuo pelos dois

  341. 341
    floor Says:

    vote for vanessa PELASE

  342. 342
    girlie Says:

    I Love them.. they are the cutest couple ever. I hope they had tons of fun and that the paps didn’t bug them too much.

  343. 343
    Manuela Says:

    nhaa …. eu acho q ele deve larga dela e fika cumigooo … lol ….



    amoOoOo ^^

  344. 344
    destiney Says:

    OMG! I thought that vanessa was a nice,sweet,non naghty girl… but i thought rong…… shes nasty……. she posed naked on youtube…… get her some help… if she can she will probly try and make them shove there **** up her…..

  345. 345
    dontneedtoknowmyname;] Says:


  346. 346
    Nathy Says:

    Acho eles um casal muito lindo, fofo, acho o Zac muito gato e a Vanessa muito linda!!
    Sem comparação ela e a Ashley de biquini, a Vanessa tem curvas e é linda, a ashkey é uma tabua, sem curva é estranho!!
    Acho que nesse feriadão o clima tava quente entre o Zac e a Vanessa!!
    Tomara que dure muito, e muitos anos


  347. 347
    dhayves Says:

    I love Zac i love Vanessa i love HSM because is cool is funny is gooood I LOVE DISNEY CHANNEL

  348. 348
    dhayves Says:

    I love Zac i love Vanessa i love HSM because is cool is funny is gooood I LOVE DISNEY CHANNEL

  349. 349
    brittany Says:

    youer right that vidoi is sexey and zac efron looks like he is going to have a kid.

  350. 350
    umm Says:

    i hate you vanessaaa*!!!

  351. 351
    Elissa Says:

    they are the most cutest couple i have ever seen!im a huge fan!

  352. 352
    zanessa's #1 fan Says:

    Zanessa is such a cute couple they look so man cute together and zac is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  353. 353
    Ashely o'connel Says:

    ow my God! they are so lovely!
    I love them so much!
    Zac is the greatest!!!

  354. 354
    Ashely o'connel Says:

    ow my God! they are so lovely!
    I love them so much!
    Zac is the greatest!!!

  355. 355
    brittany Says:

    this is like the cutest
    ily ZANESSA :]

  356. 356
    natasha Says:

    I LOVE YOU Zac efron e vanessa hudgens !!

  357. 357
    carolina Says:

    eu amo a vanessa eo zac e o maior gato

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