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Zac and Vanessa's July 4th Vacation Pictures

Zac and Vanessa's July 4th Vacation Pictures

Earlier this month, High School sweethearts Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens jetted off for a romantic July 4th weekend together.

The couple wound up flying to Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean and stayed at the exclusive Amanyara resort, which goes for up to $8,000/night. Zac, 20, and Vanessa, 19, weren’t shy about their affection with one another, cuddling up and making out in between scuba diving and kayaking.

InTouch has more exclusive pictures in their latest issue, which hits newsstands on Friday. Watch the report from E! on Zac and Vanessa‘s July 4th vacation below!

Zac and Vanessa‘s July 4th Vacation Pictures

UPDATE: Apologies, images removed. Watch the vid above!

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Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • Boji

    They did get some privacy as it took nearly 2 weeks before the pics came out and they seemed unaware of prying eyes. Just goes to show how so not fake their relationship is , looks like any other couple enjoying their private vacation.

    Another point in fact is they are recognized worldwide as a couple, deem it good or bad.They can’t hide under the radar of the internet . Who ever has internet access will find it hard to ignore this young couple and know that there’s money to be made from pics of them.

    Those of you Zanessa fans, let’s not get it started again with comparisons to other couples. You’ll just bring out the Ashley defenders and start the hate posting.

    Vanessa, like Zac has a different bikini on each day. She looks real hot in her red bikini and they look so genuinely affectionate and comfortable with each other. Again, Aaaawwww.

  • leslie

    You have to buy In Touch magazine to see the pictures. It will be in stores this Friday.

  • x]
  • Pit

    and what does the one biniki say? is it something about Rock and Roll – seems Zac had a t shirt with a similar saying in LA during the days V was in NYC just before they left on vacation.

  • chris

    here’s a link to the pics

    I think

  • Malia

    I agree, Boji, they look so comfortable together. The way Zac kisses the side of her head and has his arm around her neck. So sweet.


    Oh My Gosh… It’s PERFECT *-*

  • nicole

    OMG OMG OMG i have been waiting for ever for them to come on jj! i loved it! super sexy! they looked like they had a nice time!

    zanessa rocks, haters you suck!

  • Clarissa h.

    i don’t know what to say anymore, they are SO perfect, they look SO happy , it’s something beautiful to see .
    I love zanessa more than anything . I’m very glad to see that they love remains strong . ♥
    zanessa live in love !


    Awesome. Zanessa rocks!

  • Pit

    my favorite is the pic walking wrapped in each other’s arms and Zac kissing V’s head, my 2nd favorite is the one with them taking the picture and we see them from behind holding each other and my 3 favorite I don’t see here but they are kayaking – the one where V is in the front and Z is seen behind her the look of fun on their faces is priceless.

  • Angeline

    Very cute! They are a very good couple <3

  • Clarissa h.

    and they are HOT ! OMG !

  • Fan

    I am sorry that Zac and Vanessa didn’t get their privacy from the pap. I just hope these pictures don’t ruin their romantic vacation. They deserve to be alone and retain their privacy. It does look like Zac and Vanessa are on their honeymoon. I truly hope that Zac and Vanessa enjoy themselves and have plenty of relaxation. And really enjoy the love and affection that they have for each other.

  • Kim Kardashian


  • Tatiane

    Oh My GOD
    It’s PERFECT

  • AL


  • kristi

    #98 haha whatever floats their boat

  • z+v=zanessa

    love them!!

  • april

    Love them !! Kinda mad that they were “found”, but it looks like they had fun ! Very, very cute.

  • Malia
  • avril

    look very sweet
    I love them so much

  • UK

    These two are made in heaven. Vanessa is the teen hotie and wana be. There is no comparison btw her and anybody. The most beautiful couple ever.

  • Val

    They’re too cute together

  • shahzia

    i dont like it when zac and vanesaa go out.its just so annoying!
    zac should be alone rather than be with zac

  • Boji

    Pit, thanks for the info on Zip line, here it is known as flying fox and my daughter loved it when they had it at camp.

    They did get to enjoy themselves as the looks on their faces and appearances show it and how unguarded they are so unlike other recent pics when they were well aware of the paps.

    Malia, it is the Hawaiian vacation all over again. I hate to admit it but I’m guilty and loved seeing them enjoy their private vacation, intrusive it may be. This is what a celebrity has to put up with, unfortunately.

  • Karen

    OK, so she is staddling him. That’s not so terribly shocking, is it? It’s not like they are doing something obscene. And it is a scene that is repeated time and time again on the beach by young couples. If you want shocking be in someplace like Ft Lauderdale during Spring break when hundreds of college kids hit the beach and then you will come back here and talk about how “G” rated Zac and Vanessa’s photos are. Plus, we have no idea what this picture is all about other than the pap trying desperately to snap a picture of them in a compromising position. You do see how blurry the photo is, don’t you?

  • shahzia


  • ♥ZanessaFan4Lyfe♥

    Finally Jared;)…lol

    LOVE THEMM..there so cute man!!!

  • ♥ZanessaFan4Lyfe♥

    Finally Jared;)…lol

    LOVE THEMM..there so cute man!!!

  • umm;

    imma gag;

  • Boji

    Karen, I can imagine what goes in some of the viewers’ minds when they see Vanessa and Zac in that position. I should say, I see nothing wrong in it and it is all in the mind of the viewer as to the sexual connotation of this posture. If you have a dirty mind everything no matter how innocent will take on a different meaning.

  • kat

    OMG they are so hot!!

  • marie

    zanessa <3
    so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • madsters

    heres another video of them

  • madsters

    heres another video of them

  • emilie


  • Malia

    I agree, Karen. I see nothing shocking about any of the pictures. In that particular one, they’re both in their swimwear at the beach, and she’s sitting on his stomach talking to him.

    Don’t get why people think that is shocking. Looks as if they are in a secluded spot and that picture is obviously take from afar. But, still it was meant to be private, and I’m sure they won’t be happy when they find out that shot was taken.

  • Liz

    I don’t often suffer from celebrity envy, but oh to be 19 and have millions of dollars.


    nothing wrong i mean come on they been together for 2 years what so bad about that noone evre got stradlled or straddlesed there boyfriend

  • asd

    Lauren @ 07/16/2008 at 1:31 am

    lol don ask ppl to die

    u die first ok?

  • Pit

    Boji, it’s nice to know you and I are on the same wave length about these two. It’s funny we were dreaming of where they were and what they could be doing and even said they may be in the Carribbean this afternoon and then tonight find out that is exactly the part of the world they were in. It’s not far from the Island I told about where Paula Deen had gone with her family on vacation last summer and did the zip line. They were actually very near there !! So ironic.

    As for the pictures – I have a daughter going into the 10th grade and she has a 12th grade boyfriend. We chaperone school band trips and we have a pool at our house – nothing Zac and Vanessa are doing in these pictures is any different from how teenagers interact around pools and at the beaches – we just have to chaperone them. even the one last year from Hawaii where they are laying down on the beachside or poolside chair upset some people but I am telling you – this is normal teenage behavior and they are not being provactive here.

  • Malia

    You can always report inappropriate comments by clicking on the Report Abuse button at the bottom of the comment.

  • Shanni

    ok i was really starting to accept tht fact that they weren’t gonna be found and *Boom* it’s everywhere i really hope ppl dont judge them for thier pics cause IMO V on Z is very sexci and i see nothing wrong with it ,thier young adults and have been in a relationship for awhile now plus they look so freaking happy with each other how can u hate on that

  • jon

    damn. they’re so hot! that straddling pic is so not disney. hahaha

  • nathalia do brasil

    vanessa is beautiful
    zanessa so cute
    i love zanessa

  • Becca

    Where are the pictures?
    Can someone PLEASE post them?

  • nicole

    awww how cute

  • Amy

    oh my gosh! the straddling pose isn’t a big deal.. HEELLLOOO did anyone see Sienna Miller topless earlier.. with her maan .. hey atleast they’re not showing anything here .. maybe later on in their hotel room but not here ..

    As for you Lauren.. Your funny .. I think it’s unhealthy that you are wishing for people to die .. hmm .get help =)

    && I LOVE LOVE LOVE how there is only one hater on this thread.. seems like they are the most lovable couple ever ..

    well one atleast now .

  • zanessa 4evaaa!

    I was waiting for more beach photos of Zac for the LONGEST time since their trip over a year ago in Hawaii…..OMG….FINALLY! (cute, lol, different shorts for everyday….soo hope he’s gay…)