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Zac and Vanessa's July 4th Vacation Pictures

Zac and Vanessa's July 4th Vacation Pictures

Earlier this month, High School sweethearts Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens jetted off for a romantic July 4th weekend together.

The couple wound up flying to Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean and stayed at the exclusive Amanyara resort, which goes for up to $8,000/night. Zac, 20, and Vanessa, 19, weren’t shy about their affection with one another, cuddling up and making out in between scuba diving and kayaking.

InTouch has more exclusive pictures in their latest issue, which hits newsstands on Friday. Watch the report from E! on Zac and Vanessa‘s July 4th vacation below!

Zac and Vanessa‘s July 4th Vacation Pictures

UPDATE: Apologies, images removed. Watch the vid above!

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Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • Jo

    Super cute, I hate her lol

  • SAM

    I am in love with these two, they’re so cute.



  • ewxzanessaxsucks

    okay, gross.
    i almost puked when i saw these.

    not so disney now huh, kids? that’s SO dumb. say what you want, but vah needs to be more like ashley..
    ashley’s MOM went with her & jared and she’s 23.
    these kids probably gave eachother away long before this.


  • ewxzanessaxsucks

    okay, gross.
    i almost puked when i saw these.

    not so disney now huh, kids? that’s SO dumb. say what you want, but vah needs to be more like ashley..
    ashley’s MOM went with her & jared and she’s 23.
    these kids probably gave eachother away long before this.


  • emmy cute !!!…love them….

  • Keyla

    they are so good together, hope they will last for good….

  • anne


  • Caz

    Can you say publicity stunt?

    I have no respect for either of these two.

  • anon

    pics can be found @!!! Best site for up-to-date vanessa hudgens news and pics!!!

  • sara

    #169- midnightwonder

    I was going to write a longer post, but I agree 110% with what you said. im not happy at all about these photo. zac and vanessa did not invite us fans on their vacation with them. i know the photos are out there, but i’m not going to freak out over them.

    i’m really sad this happened a second time around that they tried to go on vacation and now people get to sit around and analyze what each picture means and make their own assumptions.

    i don’t know what to do either but all i can do is just chose to not look. i’ll see you guys all on the next thread, which i can only hope will be pictures from a public event not private vacation photos like this.

  • mernam

    yaaaay finalyyy im soo happy!!
    theyre still going strong and i love that!! yaaay go zanessa

  • sara

    Also, i do not agree with those of you saying this comes with the territory of being famous.

    that’s not true. the reason gossip magazines and paparazzi exisist is because fans want to see these kind of photos. you bitch that it’s not fair and you feel bad for zanessa, but in the same sentence you ohhh and awe over how cute and great they are.

    it’s a cop-out to make yourself feel better to say something like the celebrities should know better or know what they signed up for. maybe it’s more like you should know better and keep your nose out of private matters that don’t concern you? it’s easy to not feel compassion or empathy because these aren’t YOUR private photos, or private photos of your brother, sister, or friends being posted all over the internet.

    i don’t need vacation photos of them to prove some point that they are in love or see them unguarded and i also don’t really care at this point if you guys dont agree with me either, because this is MY opinion, not yours, you can take it, leave it, or ignore it. like i said, i don’t really care either way.

  • sonessahudgens

    omg!!! love them both!!!!

  • Michelle

    Sara #216
    You said it first :)

  • zanessaax3

    i can’t waittt!!!!


  • gözde

    hi my name’s gözde i’m a Turkish and i’m from turkey
    oh my got!!!!!!!
    zanessa is sooo cute,beautfull
    i love you Zanessa!!!
    zanessa forever!!!!!!

  • Karen

    If you don’t like rambling essays nobody is forcing you to read them. When you see a post that has more than 3 words to it, just skip it.

    What are you talking about? You don’t think that Ashley being 23 years old is doing the SAME THING Zac and Vanessa re doing on their vacation? I think it seems more reasonable that going away with your boyfriend on a romantic getaway that you don’t take your parents. But Ashley can do as she likes.

  • vannie

    Zanessa is Adorable!!!

  • Merle.v

    Aaaaa. Love!

    Zanessa <3

  • sara

    they are in love !!!!
    so cute

  • zanessa

    zanessa is amazing ,and zac is really hot

  • dadad

    i love zanessa!!!!

    ewxzanessaxsucks you want to bring your mom along with you when you want to have a private time with ur boyfriend!!! i wonder that wat you did!! you must be gay!!!
    got nothing to do with ashley..i like her
    the haters must be jealous of zanessa!!
    don’t bash vanessa…i love her…she’s a great role model….


    The guys said they have been going out for about a year which I think is wrong because they started going out at HS 1 so that should be about 2 1/2 years right?


    The guys said they have been going out for about a year which I think is wrong because they started going out at HS 1 so that should be about 2 1/2 years right?

  • smdwh2

    looks like they are having a really good time!

  • misty11

    i like the pics but i feel bad for zac and vanessa IT WAS A PRIVATE VAC..

  • ZAira

    yeah..they look hot!!!..^_^..

  • Libby

    And spotted they were.

    At the very least, Zanessa didn’t seem to be aware of the paps’ presence, or if they were, they didn’t let it get to them. They look so happy in all the pics. Good for them.

    To all those who were shocked about the straddling pics, you all have to be the biggest hypocrites on earth. Don’t you people realize that none of us should be seeing any of this in the first place? They paid good money to be able to do these private things. If they get photographed in these compromising positions, it’s not their problem.

    Zanessa Forver!!!

  • ashyboo

    zanessa is the cutest couple ever!!!!!!
    i love all of vanessa’s suits and zac’s too.
    also that pic when nessa is sitting on zac one word….. WOW.
    i really didnt see that comin

  • gigi (:


    first pics ever . THANKS SO MUCH JARED.
    gente , que emoção – ZANESSA NO HAWAII ( parte 2 )
    BRIGADA MESMO JJ – meu , mais perfeito ? HÁ , pago pra ve babys (:

    zane forever . (L
    beijo pro Brasil (:

  • kwelly

    zac and Vannessa been going out for 2 and 1/2 years. Ridgh!!!

  • tanya

    AWWW how cute. Soon we will be reading about the baby they made while on vacation. She looks like a sexy vixen who’s humping him right there on the beach and he’s loving it. Guess we ain’t in Disneyland anymore! Can hardly believe they are only 19 and 20yrs. old…….. $8000 a night for the room?? They could have done the dirty for less I’m sure. Just another example of spoiled brats, lots of money and sex!

  • shopgirl

    Thank you for posting this Jared. They look so relaxed and happy from what I can see. I love Zanessa! Can’t wait to see the pics from the magazine.

  • victoria

    (206&205) ewxzanessaxsucks,
    Since you don’t like them, then don’t read posts about them. I’m tired of haters bashing on them. It was your choice to click on the link. Why are you comparing Vanessa to Ashley? They are BESTFRIENDS. It was Ashley’s choice to bring her family and her boyfriend and it was Vanessa’s (or maybe Zac’s) choice to go alone with her boyfriend for a romantic weekend (well, maybe more than a weekend). We all know the HSM cast aren’t going to be “Disney” forever. They can do whatever they want without people like you comparing them to the
    others, especially their friends.

    I agree with sara(214) on the barely known fact that the reason celebs are followed are because the fans want to know what they are doing. The only reason magazines pay so much money for pictures like these is so people will buy their magazine. They know people are curious about what the celebs are hiding behind the personality they show.

    Although I am strongly dissapointed that the paps had ruined their private vacation that they had not invited us to go on (even though I would be glad to go if they invited me! =D), the pictures do say a lot more than the words they say in interviews.

  • go sox

    OMG, aren’t these wonderful PUBLICITY shots??? Oh, and where are the ones of Lovato and Jonas? And other Disney leads? You people, honestly, are just nuts. Take your heads out of the sand.

    I totally agree with midnightwonder…..I’m very upset they were found. This is just not fair to them; makes me wonder if they’ll never want to take another vacation again. This SHOULD have been private. What more could they have done? It’s just so sad.

    Libby, I agree with you on the pics………….we weren’t supposed to see these!! This is how a couple “plays” when they know they’re somewhere alone. They’re having a blast. There is absolutely nothing wrong with what they’re doing. Now, on the other hand, if they were on a California beach, knowing everyone was watching them, and they were “frolicking” like that and PDA-ing everywhere, then, YEAH, I’d say it was inappropriate. But NO WAY did they know they were being photographed!!

    I must say though, the smiles and cuddles say it all.

  • yolanda

    Yikes….wonder if they’ll be marrying soon or just screwing regularly for the world to see. As for the PAPS…..these two thrive on the attention and love the exposure, don’t kid yourselves. Don’t feel sorry for them, they gain in popularity and wealth everytime photos are snapped. Their agents probably tipped off the paps. That’s Hollywood!!!!

  • athena

    YEAH!!! So happy to see some pics…I was wondering where they were…Can’t wait til they get back in the states.

  • bunni

    In the real world who really cares about these two “young people” copulating at an expensive resort that the rest of the world will never be able to afford?

  • bud

    The paps did not RUIN their vacation. They were frolicking about and having a great time for the cameras. And in addition to that they gain more popularity with the pictures . People on this site are so naive about how it really works in movieland.

    Wow Ms. Vanessa seems to be keeping her boy happy. Bet Zac loves to be straddled by that little sex kitten! Hope she’s on the pill.

  • beverley

    I have to say that I’m really sad that these pictures have come out…..but not at all surprised.

    Pictures of Zac and Vanessa together must command huge prices,and it was only a matter of time before someone gave in to the pull of making money.

    go sox,
    I agree with you that they could have done nothing more than they did to try to keep this vacation private.As you say,they are just a young couple enjoying themselves on a beach,they aren’t doing anything wrong or inappropriate…it was meant to be PRIVATE.

  • audrey

    that video was so HOTT :p
    haha they’re still smiling! [:

  • kristin

    What’s with all the vulgarity? They were having a good time, I don’t think anything their doing is that big of a deal- ESPECIALLY since they thought they were alone. Young children frequent this site, there’s no need to act like a pig.

  • bob

    listen if you don’t like them, then that’s your opinion
    keep it to yourself, nobody really cares about you

    cuz the truth is, THEY ARE HOT !!!
    they are not cute, they past that a LONG time ago, now they are at SEXY !!

    and ewxzanessaxsucks:

    would you really want your mom to be there on a romantic vacation?? I mean, don’t you think that’s just awkward and gross?? shesh, that’s like…gay


  • Malia

    Frankly, I wonder if these pics were taken by paps. They’re not very good quality. I realize they’re grainy and taken from far away. But since this is a private resort, I’m thinking someone staying there recognized them and saw the chance to make some money. And I think they did have privacy for about five or so days before any pictures were taken.

    Amanyara is a private resort. You can only get in if you are a paying guest. And the prices range from $1,000 to $8,000 a night. True, a pap would dish out $4,000 for four nights in order to get the pics because I’m sure that whoever took them got a cool million.

    If you remember, the first ones in Hawaii, the pap left Zac a note with a CD of the pics saying, “Thanks for the Range Rover.” And that was when they were relatively unknown.

    And that is why Zac tried his best to make this one private, by using a private jet with a blocked itinerary, and booking a private resort. Sad, but I don’t think they’re ever going to get a private vacation anymore unless they go to SLO and maybe hang out a Pismo Beach.

  • Cindy

    Looks like Zac and Vanessa were having fun and that is what really matters the most. They both needed a rest and it looks like they got it. Yes, they were sptted by the paps , but it doesn’t really look like they were aware of them. I’m sure they know by now there are pics out everywhere which is sad , but at least they had fun and didn’t do anything that any other normal couple would do. There is nothing unusual or x-rated in any of the pics. They are in love and they are showing some affection end of story.

  • fran

    Wish these two would get hitched already and put us all out of our misery of having to come here and read about them and their escapades.

  • Zanessa4ever

    OMG OMG OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Malia

    Looks as if a few people stumbled out of the cesspool and onto this thread by mistake.

    From their demeaning comments and foul language, they clearly belong on Perez Hilton’s sleaze site where the underbelly of society lives beneath slimy rocks and in worm-filled gutters.

    This young couple, who has been dating for three years, is like a fresh ocean breeze or an evening sunset.

    Sadly, those who live in a slimy world have never experienced anything as beautiful as an ocean breeze or evening sunset.

    They just don’t get it.