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Brad Pitt is an Inglorious Bastard

Brad Pitt is an Inglorious Bastard

Brad Pitt met with director Quentin Tarantino in France on Tuesday to secure Pitt to play the key role of Aldo Raine in Inglorious Bastards, reports Variety.

Tarantino also plans to meet Leonardo DiCaprio on Thursday to play another lead role, Hans Landa.

Inglorious Bastards will shoot this fall in Germany and also in France, where Brad, partner Angelina Jolie, and their six kids have been residing.

Brad Pitt AND Leonardo DiCaprio? SOLD!

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  • bam!

    I do prefer Leo to Brad but them together in one film was probably my no.1 dream when I was a teenager, lol!

    Sounds interesting, though to be honest I think Tarantino’s recent films haven’t been as good as his older ones…at least in my opinion anyway.

  • besane

    Both professionally and personally, Brad’s life got much better by 10 fold. Angelina has been the greatest inspiration. Their children make Brad’s life whole. What an all-around upgrade from just a few years ago! Congrats Brad!!!

  • nike

    stop dreaming -

    It doesnt matter what you think. Making movies is all business. If he’s not in high demand, no movie exec will pay him and to pay him handsomely. Think for a second, it’s Tarantino who flew to France to talk to him, not the other way around.

    You can say whatever you want. Facts are facts, and no amount of your b.s. will convince anybody.

  • complexsimplicity

    If you think QT is gonna make another Pulp fiction then your crazy. his last few movies have been decent, at best.

  • catherine

    Quentin Tarantino desperately wants Brad Pitt. He flied to France to meet Brad. This doesn’t happen very often. Brad’s career is so hot.

  • Flippo

    Yay Leo!

    I was never into him during the whole Titanic craze but since he started doing films like The Aviator, Blood Diamond, The Departed, Gangs of New York, Catch Me If You Can etc, I’ve really become a fan of him as an actor & look forward to his films…really looking forward to the one he’s doing/done with Kate Winslet & that other one he’s done with Ridley Scott!

  • lol

    Technically speaking, Leo is a great actor, Brad is very good and clearly underrated.

    But those who think box office = Leo are delusional.

    Like his counterpart Kate Winslet, both are great but unable to draw box office figures for a decade. I don’t remembered the last time Leo had a hit and draw masses on his sole name.

    I hope that this collaboration will both show how much Brad can pull it off and how much the movie can be a hit because of the combination of the two of them as well as the script.

    As for the one who accused Brangelin’s fans not accepting other’s opinion, how hypoccrit to single out one side , it is also the other way around when others don’t respect their opinion.

    I personaly believe that Leo is the most intense actor between the two while Brad posesss the most charismatic and physical presence. Few actors have that difference. Brando was one of the rare.

    The combination of both should be explosive for the joy of all viewers.

  • julia

    What kind of an Idiot, stays all day on a thread of someone they can’t stand arguing with Fans.. It’ not like You are going to change the mind of The Fans.. You just come off as being increibly angry, stupid and completely clueless..
    Fans are here because We are Fans.. You are here because You need attention.. Get a Life..


    nike @ 07/16/2008 at 1:50 pm


    I wear you on my feet. Shut the f*** up!

  • Billy Bob

    Brad Pitt should retire in France since he has chosen French nationality for his new born.

  • Cassie

    Can people not just agree to disagree, without attacks. I am a brad fan but understand that others don’t. I don’t like tom cruse but lots of other people do.

  • sonia

    how sad your sick little lives must be, really, how old are you people? i am an adult, betting on stupid things such as actors abilities, take your meds and go back to bed, i talk with intelligent people not people in jail, or psych wards, just waiting to bash people.

  • ha

    What kind of an Idiot, stays all day on a thread worshipping a stranger. I’ll tell you. A crazy obsessed Idiot Stalker.

  • terissa

    Brad Pitt gross? NO WAY, you must have eye boogers or something because he’s GORGEOUS get those eyes checked pronto.

  • karen J.

    Brad is the man.

  • nike


    I own your ass . Shut the f*** up!

  • Jess

    Two great actors! I’ll watch it :D

  • nina

    Tom was a box office king but not anymore. He can’t act. He can’t get a job now. Brad is always hotter and sexier than Tom. I admire his risky choices on variety of the movie roles. He never chooses move roles based on BO. He is a real artist and fine fine actor.


    Actually, I own you! LMAOOO And it only cost me $80. You perfect for walking on! Stupid F***

  • karen J.

    #60 Damn jealous haters.Is that any of your business.


    nina @ 07/16/2008 at 2:02 pm Tom was a box office king but not anymore. He can’t act. He can’t get a job now. Brad is always hotter and sexier than Tom. I admire his risky choices on variety of the movie roles. He never chooses move roles based on BO. He is a real artist and fine fine actor.

    You sound like a child (with a crush) who doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Go do your summer school homework.

  • please

    Why must everyone on earth be compared with Brad, Angie and their kids? Leo and Brad are starring together, it a team work not a compettion neither is it a war.

  • sonia

    let’s not engage stupidity, i am very happy ,for brad, leo is ok too, but i really cannot wait to see brad.

  • oh Brad

    Brad PItt is hotter than ever. Very good actor.

  • love leo

    Love Leo – he is a really good actor and a very good looking handsome man. He was very good looking when he was younger but I like this mature look also.

    Good on the Pitts – planning the work schedules and locations around where they will be living – or visa versa — they really seem to plan everything very well.

  • kate

    I think Brad has about 4-5 movies waiting for him to work on. I can’t wait for BAR and CCOBB. Both movies look great.

  • http://justjared Felinelilly

    Thanks Jared for the new thread. :) I really like Leo and I love Brad so I’ll be seeing this movie.
    Hey Jared! You’re on People Mag’s “sites we’re loving” list! :)

  • jesuswearstennisshoes

    Pitt is a very wooden actor, much like another gorgeous man, Gary Cooper. DiCaprio has more range but his looks have taken a downturn. I guess it’s hard to have the two, looks AND talent, together nowadays.

    May I ask what a comment like “God Bless The Jolie-Pitts” is doing on a thread about BP’s acting?

  • eira

    wow! brad and leo together in a movie!!
    thats a must watch!!
    thanks ,JJ!

  • WOW

    by the way y’all are behaving i can’t tell the haters from the fans now

  • Run

    Brad used to be hot but then he fucked Angelina…her vagina has been known to suck the hotness out of all living creatures.

  • Fan

    Another 20million for Brad.So he flew all the way to see about being Powerful.

  • wtf

    Tom cruise is so yesterday. Brad will be hot forever professionally and personally. And Leo, whatever, who cares.

  • beautifful

    I can’t believe he will be 45 in December.

  • HE’S IT


  • beautiful

    Brad and Leo in a movie together?
    I’ll be there.

  • TF

    Both Brad and Leo are great actors, but I believe Brads role should have gone to someone else. Tarantino is kind of an ass! His movies, well most of them are awesome, but he is kind of an ass!!!!

    If you bad mouth Brad and Leos acting, obviously you have not seen or studied their movies.

    Brad: Leo:
    Se7en The Basket Ball Diaries
    12 Monkeys Titanic
    Fight Club What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
    7 Years in Tibet The Departed
    Interview with a Vampire The Aviator
    Jesse James Blood Diamonds
    Oceans11 Romeo & Juliet
    Thelma & Louise Gangs of New York
    Johnny Suede Catch Me if You Can

    ALL GREAT MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • groundcontrol

    Stop Dreaming @ 07/16/2008 at 1:33 pm
    Box Office Draw where???? In what country???? Brad Pitt is NO “box office draw”. sorry to break it to you. He does not make money at the theaters. He needs Angelina or George to do that. Even back in the day he needed Tom Cruise in Interview with the Vampire. Tom was always a bigger name than he was.


    If you understood how movie revenues worked you’d get how big a star Pitt is. He is also huge overseas. His US movies have done very well. Even Fight Club – though not at the BO – continues to bring in the money in the later revenue streams. He is a big and popular name which means a great deal for the later revenue streams which with most films account for 82% of a movie’s revenue.

    In more recent years, the Oceans franchise owes a great deal to his participation. I don’t know why you’d discount that. Both Pitt and the studios have made a fortune off those movies. Another example is Mr and Mrs Smith which made $478 million BO worldwide and almost $800 million with later revenue streams. How many of those does he have to be a part of for you to understand why he is in such demand? The studios get his popularity with bth men and women – it doesn’t really matter if you don’t.

    Smaller indie movies like Babel (which actually did VERY well) and Jesse James which Warner Brothers in their idiocy “dumped” are irrelevant to this discussion.

  • RachelSun

    This will be a great pairing. There’s no reason for Brad Pitt fans to bash Leo. It is the trolls that come in and start that crap and then blame the fans. Maybe Tarantino is back to doing good movies again. He went to personnally meet w/ Brad to get him to sign on. Tarantino is pretty good w/ casting. I mean who would have thought Travolta at that time would work for Pulp Fiction? But he ended up doing a great job. I hope this is true.

  • hello

    I read somewhere if Brad takes this role, he will the highest pay actor in HW.

  • groundcontrol

    Brad and Leo will be great. Maybe Leo will be his new Ed Norton.

    Now that Leo has aged a bit he is much more handsome and rugged. Both of these actors have grown in their acting chops through the years. This pairing in a WWII Tarantino film will be highly anticipated.

  • damn

    Yeah, Brad is in high demand.

  • Ashley

    Poor Brad Pitt USED to be so hot.

    As someone else stated Leo would rip him on the screen. Brad’s not a good actor and being next to someone like Leo in a movie, he’ll look like Lindsey Lohan. I’d pay to see that!

  • Oh yeah

    Leo ..hmm ok
    Brad is the MAN.. looking forward to this movie just becoz Brad is in it.

  • rossy40

    Most of the time I scan these posts for links to pics, news, etc. I may not have seen before… But from time to time I’ll post something – a comment, question, etc.

    To people like InFamous, etc., I find it quite strange that you follow the Jolie-Pitts from thread to thread, blog to blog just to insult them or call them “media-whores” & “attention-whores” – What does that make YOU & others like you? CELEBRITY-WHORES! That’s what. Can’t get enough of them.

    It would seem that if you didn’t like them, you naysayers would be doing something more productive with your time then coming here (when you keep saying you can’t STAND THEM) to insult people you don’t know, including fellow posters too.

    As I’ve said before, I’ll say again: I wouldn’t want some of you as my next door neighbors, much less a “friend”. If I was, & knew what two-faced, back-stabbers you were (that kind of personality is ALWAYS found out)… I’d have to constantly turn in circles (like a dog chasing its tail) to see if I’ve got a knife in my back from being figuratively “stabbed in the back” by a so-called “friend”.

    Oh well, I guess an internet Blog, threads & the ability to post whatever drivel you come here with, in your minds, validates your existence – It doesn’t to me. If you don’t like somebody, ignore them & go somewhere else.


  • Finally

    Brad used to be the pretty boy joke in Hollywood before Angelina.A man shouldn’t spend that much time tanning and waxing.Poor Brad 40 year of being called a pretty sure he’s glad to dump the minivan who only went to see his movies for his looks.

  • hmmmmm

    Brad will rip Leo on the screen re their looks and acting.

  • Gina

    This sounds like it could be a great project! And Brad can stay in France.

  • http://. marin


  • zahltjetzt

    Protesters yelling chants, calling for justice just outside of Angelina’s super-protected private hospital window may have woken up Brad, the new mom and their babies this evening …

    Residents in Nice protested this evening outside Lenval Hospital, speaking out against what they say is the mayor’s undue attention to a celebrity birth over the murder of a local youth which, they say, received little attention from officials in the southern French city.

    The local family, originally from North Africa, told X17 video cameras they demand justice for their 22 year -old son who was stabbed. The crowd chanted “We want justice!” A protester added that city officials have not paid attention to the boy’s murder and that they have not been allowed to return his body home.

    The man said Nice’s mayor, Christian Estrosi, has been “celebrating the birth of the twins with Brad Pitt, meanwhile there has been no murder investigation and the killer [of the 22 year-old boy] is still running free in the city.”

    Protesters became enraged and some even tried to enter the hospital. Anti-riot police were brought in and Brad and Angie hired three extra bodyguards to secure the hospital.

    Could this be a wake-up call for Brangelina? We respect the couple’s charity work on philanthropy but is the spectacle of their children’s birth and their $70 million-dollar French chateau overshadowing a country’s own, more important news? No doubt it is, but is that Brad and Angelina’s fault or ours, the media’s?