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Claire Danes is an Ischia Fest Freak

Claire Danes is an Ischia Fest Freak

Claire Danes slips into a teeny-tiny red bikini as she catch some rays outside Hotel Regina Isabella with and British boyfriend Hugh Dancy in Ischia, an Italian island in the bay of Naples.

Danes, 29, and Dancy, 33, are in town for the Ischia Global Film and Music Fest. Terrence Howard is also around for the Ischia Fest.

When not taking a dip in the pool, Hugh was seen reading “Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army” by Jeremy Scahill. The book details the rise of Blackwater USA, a private military company, and the growth of security contracting in Iraq and the War on Terror.

The day before, Danes and Dancy were spotting laughing and cuddling (pictured below) during the Sky Gala dinner party held at the Hotel Regina.

10+ pictures inside of bikini-clad Claire Danes and shirtless Hugh Dancy

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claire danes hugh dancy ischia 01
claire danes hugh dancy ischia 02
claire danes hugh dancy ischia 03
claire danes hugh dancy ischia 04
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  • lauren


  • meeee

    damn. she’s freaking skinny.

  • moldeeni


  • mon

    GOSH, she’s ugly.

  • happyfeet


  • Me

    Wow, Ive never realized how skinny she is. She looks good though =) Her bf is very handsome too.

  • d

    looks like someone is forgetting to eat.

    maybe she stills feels guilty over that Billy Crudup fiasco.

  • EvilLynn

    She’s always been teeny. Even way back in the “My So-Called Life” days. I don’t think she’s a starver. She looks happy with this dude, at least.

  • me

    She looks like she has anorexia. Way too thin!

  • Yasmine

    go away haters! she is not too skinny. maybe u r just too fat.

  • c

    she has an amazing body! her belly is perfect, but she doesn’t have boobies. haha.

  • LuckyL

    If she had a little less of a boy body and just a little bit more curves she would look 10,000 times better.

  • von

    ZERO boobs. they’re almost concave….sexy…..ew.

  • Angi

    You aren’t healthy when your ribs stand out so visibly… plus eww, it’s very ugly looking. To each his/her own though and I’m sure some people find the look beautiful. I’m not one of them though.

  • LuckyL

    Yasmine @ 07/16/2008 at 4:27 pm

    go away haters! she is not too skinny. maybe u r just too fat.
    Hi Anorexia Bulimia!

  • Celine

    I don’t like her anymore since she pulled a Sienna with Billy Crudup…ew

  • Gina

    She looks like a skeleton with how her ribs are sticking out.

  • bejeebus

    a little too thin but she still looks better here then with clothes on. i bet if she had more boobage, people wouldn’t think she was anorexic. glad she hasn’t gotten them augmented and is staying natural.

    enough niceness from me though b/c i still think she’s a nasty ho for getting involved with billy crudup while his girlfriend (her name is escaping me right now but she stars on showtime’s weeds) was seven months pregnant with their son….and yes, i think he’s a ho also.

  • who?

    OMG – she is really skinny! Does she eat???

  • skinny minny

    Another celeb with an eating disorder!

  • eh

    loveeeeee her body.

  • Aylin

    Damn. She have the perfect bod but not the boobs!

  • Castaway

    WENTWORTH MILLER TALKS ABOUT THE PILLOW, SKELETON KEYS AND THE HANDCUFF!!!! CHECK OUT THE VID ON see his reaction to the creative fans behind those gifts!!!!

  • Anorexia is real!!

    She is way too thin and it seems really ignorant for some people to claim that she’s just “naturally” that thin. Nobody walks around looking like the Grim Reaper sans robe “naturally” These women are sick and they need help, not denial.

  • Mika

    I like her body, but I think her torso is way too long for her to be in perfect proportion. I think this, along with the fact she is naturally slim, is causing some people to believe she is even skinnier then she really appears to be.

  • gab

    I am not all that fond of her. But Hugh seems like a stand up guy – not sure what he sees in her. Too bad Jen Aniston can’t find someone like this guy, that John Mayer is sketchy….

  • susan

    Oh my gosh! Claire need to eat something.

  • sonitera

    someone please get this girl a hamburger or 10

  • susan

    Oh my gosh! Claire needs to eat something.

  • cgy

    super long torso — that’s all.
    she’s not sickly.

  • Amber

    Damnnn..I’m skinny but not that skinny! I hate when peoples ribs are showing.

  • alexziel

    She is like flat flat LOL

  • Kike

    Wow, she’s really flat!

  • Alesha

    She looks sick.

  • Jose

    Her torso is longer than her legs, she looks so disproportionate…

  • Paige

    Whoa, I had no idea Claire had such a rockin’ body.. geezus!

  • pete

    OMG she’s way too skinny and has practically NO boobs

  • Shannon

    someone give her a cheeseburger asap

  • bla blah

    H O M E W R E C K E R !!! She stole Mary-Louise Parker’s man!

  • Emma hammish

    I used to look like that until I was 34 and got pregnant for the first time. People used to worry until they saw that I ate normal or even more than normal because I could. Now I have two kids and more meat on my bones and I love it. BUt my point is we all have different bodies and we burn food or calories at different metabolic rates and you cant really judge anyone being “too” skinny or “too” fat, because there really is not a normal and your “normal” might not be right for them. She looks happy.

  • leelee

    some ppl r born fat some skinny, it’s not her fault, at least she’s not fake … simple & beautifull all i can say

  • angeline

    She’s very slim.

  • Yasmine

    40, 41

    right on!

  • croquette

    when somebody gets a boob job, it’s wrong, it’s fake;
    when sb is natural, oh, he/she is “only bones”, or “has an eating disorder”, or is not “feminine enough”;
    when sb is not skinny, it’s because he/she is too fat
    it seems people feel uncomfortable in their own skins and can’t see other people who feel ok being the way they are

  • Annika

    She has no boobs! Eat something girl.

  • M.

    she looks so happy, he should be an amazing man, lucky her!

  • Nienna

    Emma hammish: I completely agree, one of my friends is very skinny too and she eats more than anyone I know….but still…..I´ve seen some photos of Claire and I never realized she looked like that… Her body really doesn´t look very beautiful and healthy, but maybe it´s for some movie she´s working on, who knows…. or maybe she was just going to have a huge meal :-)

  • jess

    she has a long torso. they’re a cute couple.

  • http://deleted bluemelatonin

    That is an ugly body

  • Isabella84

    That’s just disgusting! Totally anorexic. YUCK! She needs help.