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Hayden Panettiere Gets a Wake-Up Call

Hayden Panettiere Gets a Wake-Up Call

Hayden Panettiere films her new fall Candie’s television commercial, which is a direct lift from her new music video “Wake Up Call”.

The video was styled exclusively by Candie’s apparel, footwear and accessories, available only at Kohls.

Hayden says, “The concept of my video is to give a guy who doesn’t treat his girlfriend well a wake up call and show him all the different aspects of a woman’s personality. Candie’s is the perfect fit because their styles are diverse and benefit the video as they show off all of the different sides of my character in the video.”

When Ryan Seacrest asked the 18-year-old Heroes hottie about the songs on her new album on the KISS-FM radio show, she said, “They’re a little bit eclectic [but the music] changed so much over the years just because my life experiences and who I am as a person is obviously reflected in the music.”

Below, Hayden dons a wig during filming for her Candie’s television commercial and music video “Wake Up Call.” You can listen to it at and (streaming only) beginning July 17.

Hayden Panettiere Sings Her Single “Wake-Up Call”

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  • kehinde

    dat bitch cant sing peace 1st


    ow ok my head heart you cant sing girl stick to acting your great at that OWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  • eddie jones

    I love Hayden :)

  • http://WWW.AFTONBLADET.SE Sweden91

    stick to acting hayden. Singing is not ur stronger side. it sounds fake, paris hilton fake. du är en väldig falsk person, hayden

  • Sweden91

    visit my blogg!

  • alanna

    I don’t like her voice, but the song’s good.

  • mickey

    Why do all these wanna be singers go reggae/island vibe? Is it because they are trying to copy Rihanna?

  • Vio

    eww don’t sing please!

  • Suzanne

    I love Hayden. her style, movies, and well I hope singing. Can’t wait to hear her album.

  • Jo

    Don’t like the “reggae/island vibe”. Sounds bad, stick to acting hayden for fuuuuck’s sake

  • natalia


  • Mike

    love her..

  • bejeebus

    celebs need to stick to one thing (hopefully, their best thing) or two things (if they can’t help themselves) and leave it at that. this desperate greedy egotistical habit of trying to get into EVERYTHING is truly getting annoying. whether it’s music, acting, fragrance, clothing, shoes blah blah blah…..hayden certainly isn’t the first, only or last celeb to do this. they just oversaturate the market with whatever cr@p they can get their names on….and it’s TOO MUCH. makes people start to get sick of them.

  • ada

    It isn’t that bad and at least it sounds like her voice and not like a computerized robot.

  • LyLy (france)

    god, she should stick to acting….
    but kristen bell can sing ( )

  • babyt

    she’s a pretty girl, no doubt about that. Sexy? not so much. She’s really trying toooo hard. It’s kinda annoying to even sit through that quick glimpse of the video.

  • AERO

    I actually really like it.

  • zahltjetzt

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    Residents in Nice protested this evening outside Lenval Hospital, speaking out against what they say is the mayor’s undue attention to a celebrity birth over the murder of a local youth which, they say, received little attention from officials in the southern French city.

    The local family, originally from North Africa, told X17 video cameras they demand justice for their 22 year -old son who was stabbed. The crowd chanted “We want justice!” A protester added that city officials have not paid attention to the boy’s murder and that they have not been allowed to return his body home.

    The man said Nice’s mayor, Christian Estrosi, has been “celebrating the birth of the twins with Brad Pitt, meanwhile there has been no murder investigation and the killer [of the 22 year-old boy] is still running free in the city.”

    Protesters became enraged and some even tried to enter the hospital. Anti-riot police were brought in and Brad and Angie hired three extra bodyguards to secure the hospital.

    Could this be a wake-up call for Brangelina? We respect the couple’s charity work on philanthropy but is the spectacle of their children’s birth and their $70 million-dollar French chateau overshadowing a country’s own, more important news? No doubt it is, but is that Brad and Angelina’s fault or ours, the media’s?

  • grawr

    I miss the old days, when actors worked on being brilliant first, before branching off into other things.

  • bejeebus

    EXACTLY…..they seem to be content with mastering “mediocre” before moving on to the next area they can be average in. very few brilliant shining stars anymore. it’s all about fame, marketing and money.

  • Julien

    Why did she have to ruin it and get into singing!!!! She’s so great in Heroes, I hate to see her bash her image by getting into this crap…

  • theoriginalbiotch

    a crap ar@e song is it me or does this chick resemble a twice divorced vegas lounge singer. honey, lay of f the warpaint.

  • N

    This song’s really grown on me. It’s not what I’d usually listen to, but I like it. I wish her the best of luck with the song and the album.

    Also, most people who train as actors also train as singers as well, that’s why some decide to be both actors/singers. It’s not a strange thing in the industry, it’s exactly the same as theatre, so I don’t see why people say she should stick to one thing. I’ve heard worse voices than her, at least Hayden can hold a tune.

  • click

    SUCH great song… shes veryyyy talented..

  • happyfeet

    i liked ‘try’ and ‘go t girl’ or stuff like that. but why on earth is she doing a bad-Rihanna thing? that sounds weird.

  • alice

    Massive failure.

    And she looks terribly tacky in those Candie adds.

    She should stick with being a mediocre tv starlet.

  • Jen knows more than you think

    Why is a Rihanna suddenly “responsible” for her own sound. Best I know, she isn’t a writer. Most of her credit is due to a skilled set of writers & choreographers, a hot body & good look, a decent set of pipes. She’s what, 19?

  • Castaway

    WENTWORTH MILLER TALKS ABOUT THE PILLOW, SKELETON KEYS AND THE HANDCUFFS!!!! CHECK OUT THE VID ON see his reaction to the creative fans behind those gifts!!!!

  • cINDYLOVER1969

    She sounds a bit like Rihanna there, only less nasal. And as anyone who’s seen “Bring It On: All Or Nothing” will testify, Hayden already *acts* better than Rihanna…

  • susie

    Don’t care for her, but cool song.

  • Sarah

    Um…I think she should stick with acting.
    Although, it is a catchy song!

  • Jose

    It’s terrible, she should really stick to acting. Her voice is HORRIBLE!

  • angeline

    She’s pretty and has a really nice body.
    Her singing sounds a little like Britney/PCD/Jordan Pruitt.
    Idk it just reminds me of all those stuff.

  • trashylittleskank

    Hayden, you just turned 18……act like a teenager for once. You have your entire life to grow up and be a woman. Why you are trying so hard to rush it is beyond words. Your parents are TRASH 1. for letting you date a 32 year old man who obviously has a thing for prepubescent teens. 2. letting you go to clubs and hang out with Paris and drink and smoke when you were only 16. 3. for dressing you up as the woman you are not but obviously want to be and whoring you out because both of their cheesy soap opera careers are over and the bank has all but dried up. You are a KID. Go to college and act your age for once and dump your pedophile boyfriend.

  • Midget

    she is a troll…go away already.

  • Luckyl

    #34 Get over yourself. You can’t tell her how to act. She didn’t just turn 18 she’s gonna be 19 next month. She’s not rushing anything, she’s been working for a long time and has a good work ethic. She’s always been close with her family, she’s involved in causes and charities, she is healthy and comfortable with herself and isn’t starving her body. She doesn’t go clubbing because she obviously got past that a long time ago, I’m sorry that you can’t let that go. She’s very driven and now she’s focusing on singing with the help of Candies she is accomplishing the things she wants so I don’t see the problem

  • chantall

    i luv her but she couldnt sing forher life!!!!

  • kim

    Cut it out! She has no aptitude for singing!

  • KLL

    I expected more from her. I thought she was more mature and knew better, but apparently not. She proved me wrong about her. She’s a moron. And her music is crappy.

  • Jessica

    I loved her!!

  • ♥♥jaNina♥♥

    nice ! i like whatever you wanna do..I want to meet you..