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Heidi Montag Meets John McCain's Daughter

Heidi Montag Meets John McCain's Daughter

The Hills’ feminist hero Heidi Montag and Republican Presidential candidate John McCain‘s daughter, Meghan McCain, grab lunch together at the Ivy on the Shore restaurant in Santa Monica, Calif., on Tuesday afternoon.

Back in April, Heidi publicly declared, “I’m voting for John McCain. I’m a Republican and McCain has a lot of experience.” Since then, McCain shared that he never misses an episode of The Hills.

FYI: Meghan McCain has her own blog at, which aims to connect with the younger American voters. Unfortunately, the site is currently on summer hiatus.

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Credit: Andrew Shawaf, Kevin Perkins; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • alskfalksfd

    At least she’s a republican. That’s pretty much the only good thing about her…

  • Jacqueline

    are u kidding me?

    jared, can you please stop posting posts about her. she makes me puke

  • ug

    omg her boobs are soooooo bad looking
    nice low cut top HO-di!
    and that hair-bad ,bad, bad
    put some dimension back in that with some low-lights
    so plastic looking and NOT in a good way
    has that Michael Jackson-plastic look

  • lolol

    Like she knows anything about politics, experience or even what being a republican is. She’s just one of the many things wrong with humanity.

  • please


    young republicans make me ill

  • Shanni


  • kristi

    the dumbass forgot to mention she still hasn’t registered to vote yet


    lmfao wow, seriously Heidi Montag has no talent whatsoever. why is she even getting any attention?

  • Erica

    um, somebody needs to tell heidi that you are not allowed to use your cellphone when you’re driving anymore.

  • aloha

    where’s her values and morals if she is a Republican?
    She’s so liberal and Hollywood with her ways.

  • fsdgdfsgf

    another reason not to vote for McCain…

  • Regis

    Please make it stop. She sounds so ignorant in every interview. Why do people interview her anymore. Heidi, go away. You are not a good role model. I love how you say you are Christian, and you shit on everyone.

  • tawi-tawi

    solely because of these pictures I would vote for Democrats…if I were a Republican! :)



  • Yezzer

    Heidi and spencer have to be the most annoying pair of irrelevent monkeys to ever swim the atlantic.

    I dont even know them and i cant stand them. I just dont know what it is with these two posers

    I dont even post on this damn board but, i with them all on this


  • john

    anyone who thinks JARED should stop posting hedi CUNTBAG posts say “I”

  • john

    anyone who thinks JARED should stop posting hedi CUNTBAG posts say “I” !!

  • Hilary

    Never, EVER refer to Heidi as a “feminist hero” again….she is neither a feminist (if she were, she would have kicked Spencer to the curb a looong time ago) nor is she a hero.

    Please, please, please….stop giving her press! Maybe then she’ll realize that she is a worthless media-whore and just fade away like everyone wants her to.

  • Shakira

    Good for Heidi Montag for saying she is a Republican out loud in Hollywood which is Republican-phobic. I admire her for speaking up and I admire her choices. Heidi just went up in my estimation.

  • Shakira

    Forgot to mention. John McCain’s daughter is beautiful.

  • shir

    && They have the same hair.

  • kendra

    they are both cunts.

  • kendra

    they are both cuntsssss
    haha there we go

  • elise

    who the fuckk would honestly listen to what heidi montag has to say about politics????
    she doesnt know shitt.
    she can go ahead and vote for mccain and screw up this country. go for it loser.

  • elise

    who the fuckk would honestly listen to what heidi montag has to say about politics????
    she doesnt know shitt.
    she can go ahead and vote for mccain and screw up this country. go for it loser.

  • Simone

    she is a republican – looser! only loosers vote for them!!!! and McCain’s daughter is fat!!

  • Cathy

    haha, look how she’s posing for the paps, it’s so retarded, the only thing one can do is laugh out loud. this post shows well that the level of IQ amoung McCain’s voters is clearly minus zero

  • remember da truth

    If you people were any smarter than Heidi Montag, you wouldn’t be posting at all if you really thought she didn’t deserve the attention! Don’t you get it — more hits, more threads, more attention! DUH!! Ignore is the only way to get her to go away, if that’s what you want.

    I find it VERY funny that McCain’s daughter has her blog on summer hiatus when now is the time to connect to young people, and now is the time to help her father as the election is only four months away!! Yeah, brilliant, Meghan McCain — you’re as out of touch as your father!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    heidi’s hot.

    everyday her celebrity gets bigger and bigger.

  • Shaun Industry

    Anyone can declare they’re anything. I bet Heidi Montag doesn’t know the first thing about politics. Stupid celebrities should just keep their mouths shut. Smart celebrities are different, but Heidi Montag is airhead.

  • Helena

    Obviously Meghan doesn’t want her Dad to be elected, otherwise she wouldn’t be hanging around with Montwat!

  • joy

    Jared and the people commenting on this website are truly ignorant. You all have no clue who McCain really is. If ignorance is what you want to look to, then, just look to and vote for the wishy-washy Obama. Good God this world and its hate and stupidity is going straight to Hell!!

  • D

    hahaa. john mccain’s daughter looks like she just pooped her pants in this picture. like father, like daughter i guess.

  • kelly

    Have u guys heard that she ever appeared on the hot hook-up club ********? That sounds amazing, I know. But
    there are a few hot photos of her there and quite a few hot boys are found in her circle there. I did try to send her a wink there. lol

  • http://huffingtonpost chaz

    Here we go again idiots voting for bigger idiots.

  • Travis

    Great. The two most vacuous wastes of air I could possibly imagine. That will surely aid McCain’s crusade.

  • Travis

    Great. The two most vacuous wastes of air I could possibly imagine. That will surely aid McCain’s crusade.

  • faust2001

    They’re interchangeable, aren’t they?
    Great generation.

  • Erma B

    shouldn’t she be off fighting in the war?

  • Rushlimbald

    Of course she’s a Repiglican…. she’s a sh*tbag!!!!!

  • bartonfink

    which one is which?

  • Bakunin

    A young republican is like a premature ejaculation.

  • stop heidi

    A Republican/McCain supporter, fake breasts, bad hair, and awful fake-plactic personality! Yup, she’s got all the making of a winner, lol! Oh what a pathetic person & people wonder why American are so highly “admired” throughout the world. Cheers!

  • Manamongst Hussein

    remember da truth you’re so right…she has never held down a real job. She doesn’t care about politics, she has some limited world of simple minded anti-intillectual face feeding days of shopping. Of course she’s the one running those credit cards up so high…not to mention mama.

  • Beth

    the only reason these two are even remotely famous is because they have rich parents. I’m so tired of these Hollywood kids (like Rumer Willis) showing up all over the place just because their parents are famous. Most of actually have to work for what we want. Not these two.

  • onlyinamerica

    That must have been one hellava lunch discussion. Trust fund girl meets plastic bimbo to discuss the state of our union. LMAO!

  • f

    Republicans are morons. Real Conservatives, not so bad.

  • Veronica

    “feminist hero”!?

    You mean the chick on the show who’s boyfriend is a controlling cry-baby? The chick that thought a great music video is her bouncing around the beach in a bikini?

    Not only is she not a hero, she’s the shallow and dumb wanna-be villian. Does McCain realize that no one likes Heidi?

    She is trying to use this for pure-publicity- come on now, The Ivy? I dont live in LA and I know thats where strs go when they want to be seen (ie. Melanie Brown made an appearance there with Eddie’s ex). And McCain’s daughter is just trying to hang out with cool kids, too bad this is not necessarily the one you want to be seen with.

  • huh

    i wish this bitch would kill herself

  • nikki

    her being a republican makes so much sense. now i realize why i dislike her so much.