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Rumer Willis Has Power of Paws

Rumer Willis Has Power of Paws

Rumer Willis attends the Power of Paws launch party at the Helen Mills Gallery on Tuesday in New York City.

The 19-year-old daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis was joined by designer Nicky Hilton, NBA reporter Joumana Kidd and former America’s Next Top Model contestant CariDee English.

Power of Paws is a new initiative that educates people about the mutual health benefits of interacting with pets. Their program is intended to give people new reasons and ways to to build and strengthen the bond with their pets for better mental, emotional and physical health.

15+ pictures inside of power-of-paws endorser Rumer Willis

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rumer willis power of paws 01
rumer willis power of paws 02
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rumer willis power of paws 06
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rumer willis power of paws 09
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rumer willis power of paws 11
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rumer willis power of paws 16
rumer willis power of paws 17

Photos: Gary Gershoff/Getty, AP Photo/Evan Agostini
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  • Nick Lachey USA Fan

    Cool Dog =).

  • asd

    ugly boobs

  • lelsie

    SHE IS HIDEOUS!! And trust me hun, the blue contacts don’t make it any better!!

  • Yeeeesh

    Did she honestly think she looked good in that dress? It is so unflattering on her, it makes her boobs look saggy.

  • sarah may

    If only she would have looked more like her mother than have inherited her father’s jaw.She would have looked way better. Its the jaw that turns me off when I see her. Too manly.

  • ha

    Dog is cuter

  • sheryl

    Not impressed with the top of that dress at all…it looks like it just doesn’t fit her. Rumer, please don’t try so hard, dear. This is not even the least bit sexy, it just looks like you don’t know how to wear a dress.

  • Giuliano

    Don’t ask me what, but she’s got somethin’

  • brandi

    I really don’t like to be mean at ALL but I just have to admit…saggy boobs much?
    The dress just isn’t right.
    How could she have NOT noticed that it was quite unflattering.
    She must have some kind of stylist why didn’t they say something.

  • Charlene

    super ugly

  • shir

    I’m sorry, but who is this person?
    And why can’t see by a dress that actually cover her bitties.
    of course i’m being sarcastic…

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  • dr fill

    potato looks pretty here for a change. is it the fake blue eyes?

  • Portia

    Potato Head will never look good. She’s just ugly. Now, what exactly makes her think to be hot? She tries so hard its irritating.

  • Shannon

    gravity isn’t being too kind to her in that dress….why would she choose to show so much?

  • denise

    ugh the face. It might not be so bad if she didn’t have that BIG as chin! And the dress…what was she thinking!?

  • woogie

    OMG! I ‘m afraid she’s not attractive at all. She does have nice eyes…that’s it…but, why is she/has been acting as if she is a super model or something???? Needs serious jaw surgery.

  • ISLE

    She is soo trying hard to look hot – soo not working anytime & everyitme!

  • Helena

    Put those boobs away!

  • amy

    That dress is just all wrong she needs her shoulders covered like i do when i wear tops or it just looks wrong, the jacket over looks ok. Maybe she needs a bra who says money can give you style.

  • alina

    i think blonde would make her face much more softer!!!

  • Shaun Industry

    Ugh… When will children of stars learn they’re not famous too?

  • scrlet

    OMG!!She is so ugly!!!!How can she walk with a face like this ?

  • ra

    Sad. The poor girl is homely as hell, and that dress makes her boobs look like two flattened chicken breasts. She needs to go work at the local Dairy Queen or something and stop trying to be a celebrity.

  • Bella

    She could have least covered her puppies. She just looks so trashy—why does she think she has a claim to fame just because she has the ugliest parents?

  • bejeebus

    is she supposed to be offering herself as one of the pets? b/c someone would have to be in a really bad way to have their situation improved by potato head.

  • kelly

    She’s a beautiful woman. She’ so gorgeous . I love her. I saw her profile with photos at I also found her blog there. May be she met some mature guy there.

  • dancer

    Did she look in the mirror before she left the house? The dress obviously doesn’t fit her on top. It makes her look like her boobs are at her waist.

  • pj

    Now we know that there is at least one woman in Hollywood who has not had breast implants!

  • justmermaid

    She has inherited the worst and skipped the best of both parents. She does not look good. Sad.

  • lobo

    Needs a little work on her chest — it is pathetic for someone that
    young — lift some weights girl. Someone that loves her should give her a healthy dose of reality

  • http://. irene

    Alina, she was very blonde a few months ago, and it did not work. I think the color suits her, but she does not have the more perfect beauty of other actresses, including her mom.
    I do not agree with the “she needs surgery” stuff, if she is secure enough with her looks, and gets acting jobs, it is not like we the public need only perfect faces to look at, if we go to another site and criticize someone who has had surgeries to look better.

    Actresses in HW have it tough, it is a must to have surgery to enhance and disguise or if not, the public would hate you. For men is a bit easier, they can grow older and have grey hair, or distinctive features and they have “personality”.

    En fin…

  • beautiful

    Woof!! She def needs to stop trying to be an actress/in show biz. The next thing you know, she will be trying to release an album or something, or trying broadway, or who knows. This chick needs to accept that just cause her parents are attractive, successful actors who made it doesn’t mean she can ride in on their coattails forever… Can someone get her a mirror and be straight with her??

  • the dq

    At this rate, those saggy chicken cutlets will be at her waste by this time next year. YUCK…………ugly, ugly, ugly dress.

  • the dq

    oooops, that should have said WAIST………..can’t spell today.

  • katy

    her stylist needs to be fired. what an awful exposing dress.

  • MrSatyre

    You people are just pathetic. She’s very passable and not at all ugly. The dress isn’t half bad, either. But then, how would any of you know? Critics are people who simply can’t (fill in the blank with “look good” or “know how to dress”). It’s no wonder no one wastes their time with you losers. You must all have truly terrible self-esteem issues.

  • the incredible Edward!

    Nothing wrong with the boobs… it’s the dress that is all wrong!

  • jo

    You sure are an angry person….
    Can’t get laid huh?

  • Stinker

    Rumer is so UGLY! Why couldn’t she spare us and get want to be behind the camera instead of infront of it.

  • malene

    why is everyone so surprised that she is so ugly?
    without all the cosmetic “help” demi would not look like she does.
    as for bruce willis…he is a fcuking ugly dog.

    so it actaully makes sense that their kids are so unfortunate looking, especially this one.

  • poisonLady1

    Не пониаю, куда она смотрела, когда одевала это платье?!

  • http://justjared cwazy!!!!!!

    oh go away fer facks sake!

    fix those saggy boobs or wear a BRA girl!

    annoying nobody with an ugly head.

  • lol

    OMG… SHE’S AGAIN !!!! DISGUSTING …………………………………….

  • lol

    WHAT ???? POWER OF JAWS !!! HAHAHAHAHAHA……………………………………………………..

  • kyle

    you know Nicky Hilton, who is not that great looking either, is standing there thinking, thank God i am standing next to this fug potato head, she even makes me look good in comparison. And wtf is up with the blue contacts rumer, you are ugly no matter what color your eyes are. your eyes are brown, not blue. eye color does not make someone pretty or ugly, look at Jessica Alba, her eyes are brown, and anyone woman their right mind would rather look like jessica alba and any man in his right mind would rather date jessica alba than ugly homely rumer willis even if her eyes really were blue,there not, but even if they were not brown and really blue, jessica alba still trumps this ugly potato head. bruce and demi should have gotten themselves sterilized, cause all there girls are fugs.

  • panicattack

    Look, I’m NOT here to serve as anyone’s moral consciouse (ms) but why are so many people taking PLEASURE in TEARING this poor girl down? PUT THE SHOE ON THE OTHER FOOT, please…

  • Seth

    Isn’t she like 16 or something – her boobs are way too saggy for being so young. I’ll take small tits without sag over those triple chin things

  • Blech

    Does Rumer own a mirror? Someone needs to buy her one so she can see she does not have the face or body for Hollywood. Demi should have kept her legs shut.