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Chace Crawford Embraces Cougar

Chace Crawford Embraces Cougar

Chace Crawford beds costar Madchen Amick in a new crop of promos for the upcoming season of the cult series Gossip Girl.

At least these promos are less over-the-top than last season’s!

In the first few eps of the new season, Madchen, 37, will appear as cougar Catherine Mason and tempt Nate Archibald (Chace, 22) with a May-December romance.

New episodes of the second season of Gossip Girl starts @ 8PM ET/PT on Monday, September 1. The season premiere of One Tree Hill follows.

10+ promos inside of the new season of Gossip Girl

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chace crawford cougars 01
chace crawford cougars 02
chace crawford cougars 03
chace crawford cougars 04
chace crawford cougars 05
chace crawford cougars 06
chace crawford cougars 07
chace crawford cougars 08
chace crawford cougars 09
chace crawford cougars 10
chace crawford cougars 11
chace crawford cougars 12
chace crawford cougars 13
chace crawford cougars 14
chace crawford cougars 15
chace crawford cougars 16

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  • rory

    ohhh, I can’t wait till September! I want GG NOW!!!! :D

  • nicole

    can’t wait for September

  • Helena

    Holy crap, how photoshopped are these photos?

  • bla blah

    This show is promoting teen sex!!

  • jo

    that show sucks. dawson’s creek was better LOL

  • lola

    I love gossip girl but holy crap aren’t these photos a bit inappropriate for a show that is aimed at teenagers? Talking teaching teenage girls the importance of being a slut.

  • josh

    i can’t wait till september! it needs to come quicker!! is that dan kissing serena or some random guy kissing her? can anyone tell?

  • lola

    whoops i meant say *talk about teaching teenage girls the importance of being a slut.

  • katy

    are these ads running in teen magazines?? i think they’d be inappropriate.

  • bla blah

    This show is my guilty pleasure. But do the producers not care that they’re glamourizing teen sex???

  • bejeebus

    great…next they’ll be showing sex scenes as part of the storylines on the disney channel.

  • Jess


  • mary

    who is that with blair in the pool?

  • cecile

    The pictures with Serena & Pete, Blair & Nate, Chuck are from the first season. The picture with Nate & Catherine is the only one from season 2.

  • ~

    that doesnt look like catherine at all….

  • LuckyL

    bla blah @ 07/17/2008 at 6:01 pm

    This show is my guilty pleasure. But do the producers not care that they’re glamourizing teen sex???
    Because a**holes like you still watch it.

  • tia

    dammmmmmmmmmnnn its like pictures for a porno! lol but i love it!

  • scout

    i like you Blake…but i’ve seen enough of your “O” face.

  • gossip girl

    easy now
    its not really that much…okay it is…kinda
    heck i am Gossip Girl
    you know you love me
    Gossip Girl

  • vf

    love the blair/nate one

  • Ju

    it’s freaking hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ariana.s

    cant WAIT.


    Looks hottt, love Leighton

  • PAM

    do you people know its 11 books that gossip girl is all about. in the book there is a lot more sex and drugs involved. it is a book. the show does not have as much sex stuff involved because they can’t show it on tv. the books are for ages 13 and up i have read them all and trust me there is a lot more about sex in the books then the show. but i love the show. and this is a very sexy photo of Nate Archibald/ Chace Crawford. and just to let you know the show is aimed for everybody not just teens. and your teens probably have seen worse then this. trust me i was a teen not very long ago. but i love this show especially because the three gorgeous guys.
    just getting the facts straight for you conservatives a**holes.

  • PAM

    and dawsons creek is old not even the actors could get hired for any things else especially the psych hating katie holmes

  • kaylee

    Pam I love the books too. And you’re so right about more sex in the books. Nate and Blair had sex every day after school (once they started having sex) in the books. And before that they would make out with Blair being topless. The tv show is toned way down. BTW as a Blair and Nate fan those pictures are hot!!

  • chace+madchen=babies

    madchen Amick is still hot …

  • art8fashion

    I LOVE me some sexy Chace!

    I watch the show for the sexy guys and the fashion inspiration.

    It was a buzz kill to read the posts about the promoting of teen sex but they are absolutely right. These are high school children characters. Since they are being mostly played by adults, it is easy to forget this.

    I love watching sexy Chace (22 year old eye candy) but I have firmly put out of my mind that he is playing a high school student.

    I am so glad that this promo is better than the offensive word cheap (and desperate) shot of a marketing campaign from last time. But they do look like pics for dirty movies or novels.

    Sex sells. It gets attention. This is a business with a firm eye on the bottom line. See celebrity. Know celebrity. Buy what the celebrity is selling – image, lifestyle or products.

    Lets hope that most teens are smart enough to watch the show and make positive real life decisions not emulate bad behavior that has lasting negative consequences.

    Now, off the soapbox and back to the fantasy of lusting after Chace’s…


  • Jo

    OH MY GOD !
    CANNOT WAIT !!!!!!!

  • tas.

    oM GEEEEE!

    wowowoowwowo i cannt wait.

  • blue337

    cant wait tell the the season starts

  • Diana

    I’m so excited!!! I love GG!!!

  • fortu

    ew. these pictures are photoshopped to the point that they’re creepy. This show sucks.

  • Michell

    Oh plz dont be such hypocrite ppl….we all know that is not a tv show that is gonna change someones mind to have sex…if u wanna do it u r gonna do it doesnt matter what and if u have a bf or gf girl of course u r gonna have sex…specially tehse days…

    i luv the promo pix..they r sexy and i luv how they purt the bad stuff that newspaper is talkin about we all know that ppl get mroe curious when its not a fav thing,,,,


  • Ellen

    wah., can’t wait for the next season..

    you know you love me!

    X O X O


  • Ashleigh

    “Cult show”?! Jared are you kidding? :o

    To #25 aka “Pam” : Dont worry it will be the same for the actors of gossip girl! They have nothing more than the actors from Dawson Creek!

  • elljay

    hottt! i can’t wait for this tv show, it’s my FAVORITE.
    and for everyone saying oh that’s so inappropriate, it’s a TV SHOW. get over it. they live they fantasy life. big whoop and get over it!!

    counting down the dayzz!!

  • mynameisnotimportant

    #32 get a fucking life . as one comment heres said the books r way more inapropriate than the show. Get ur friggin facts straight will ya?

  • mynameisnotimportant

    #32 get a fucking life . as one comment heres said the books r way more inapropriate than the show. Get ur friggin facts straight will ya?

  • Angie

    why can’t one tree hill have promo’s!

  • magali

    things are getting hotter in gg !
    cant wait for september ! love gg


    Teen sex is Baadddd. That said, I’m 38 and Chase has nice tits.

  • susan

    That’s hot!! Madchken’s attractive and it’s so romantic to know age doesn’t matter when it comes to love!

  • john

    gossip girl can suck on my magic stick.

    its all about ONE TREE HILL.

  • Charlotte

    I wonder who’s the guy with Blair !

  • gossip girl

    I cant wait it….

  • nairlover

    is it just me, or does the girl next to chace totally look like Leighton?!
    i thought it was her at first, except for the hair.

  • Ciaralil

    I can’t wait! It’s going to be perfect!

  • mariaCarol

    This photos are really……..sexxxxx!!

    Can’t waitt!!!!!!!

  • jessica

    for some reason i dont think thats nate with blair. i mean it looks like him but i don’t know. i just don’t think its him