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Hayden Panettiere - "Wake Up Call" Music Video

Hayden Panettiere -

Hayden Panettiere has released the music video for her new single “Wake Up Call.” Watch it below!

The 18-year-old Heroes hottie, whose musical inspirations ranges from Luciano Pavarotti to rapper Nas, has said, “The concept of my video is to give a guy who doesn’t treat his girlfriend well a wake up call and show him all the different aspects of a woman’s personality.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Hayden’s new music vid?

Hayden Panettiere – “Wake Up Call” Music Video
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  • Mileys 1 Fan

    WOW I Love This Song!!!
    With More Hot Beats
    And A Vocal Coach for Hayden
    This Girl Will Go REally Far!!!!
    I Love Her!!!

  • me

    Boring, Not sexy. HAVE-SEEN-IT-B4-1000000 times!
    But still I like her. Good luck.

  • stella

    holy cow,

    i thought i was listening to “stars go blind” at the beginning. she’s cool but not her music. in her video, she looks like a freak who’s trying too hard to be sexy and all grown up. please stick to being 18 hayden. we love to see you act your age.

  • maria

    Oh, so hot lady! It was said she just enjoyed hot dating with a black guy on *inter racial*so many fans show interesting to her hot photos and videos there. Nice to enjoy more details about it…

  • tiffany

    hahahha I dont know about her singing. well at least she sounds better than heidi montang

  • tina

    i like the song but i don’t like how her voice sounds on this one song
    usually she has a nice voice but somethings wrong here…

    isn’t that guy leighton meester’s (gossip girl) boyfriend?

  • mishhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    I can’t help liking it cause it’s hayden panettierre.

  • alexis

    isnt dat like hillary duffs stranger+with love video.. :O
    bt hayden is cute…
    as a singer… nt sure…she is gud as an actor dats all

  • Matt

    At least, she does not sing like Scarlett Johansson.

  • Sean

    wow, shes gorgeous

  • LilMissMushroom

    I totally love it
    Hayden is my Hero

    the video is hot o.O
    Keep goin like this Hayden ;)

  • Simone

    that’s sebastian stan in the video, leighton meester’s boyfriend!!

  • girl

    this suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks. i knew i saw that guy somewhere. he was in the covenant and a few episodes of gossip girl.

    i can’t believe leighton dated/dating that guy. he’s not attractive at all.

  • Zacheartvanessa

    i like the video. even though it’s like sexy, it’s not that usual half porn. u know?

  • Cecilia

    This song is bad, really bad…nothing original, boring…and it REALLY looks like Paris Hilton song “stars are blind” …

    She’s a bad actress anyways, but now she wants us to know she sings badly… that girl is so faaake !
    Welcome to Lindsay and Paris team Hayden !

  • KAte Christensen

    To tell the truth it was quite enough miserable I don’ t like it Sorry
    She tried to be sexy, but she played as a whore But she is just 18!!!

  • chilly_powder

    Sooo now you have to stop speaking English to get a song out… It’s so pathetic the way these people use the language… and I don’t care if it’s slang, it’s just awful… plus that’s a bad song… the rythm is kind of catchy but the lyrics SUCK!

  • iminlovewithjoejonas

    aaaaaaaaajjjjjjjjj she looks awesome but its so boring now everyone can act sing and dance its frustrating and urs honey is definitley acting

    I LOVE JOE JONAS _°°°°°°°°°°°

  • rara

    I like the song very much but I think the video it’s a little bit exaggerated. it’s all about the clothes she wears (too much publicity for candie’s)

  • magalie

    omg it sounds like paris hilton!!
    i dont like it

  • sara

    I didn’t expect much of her song…just some trashy pop summer hit …but at least I had hoped she was gonna make a nice,classy video..instead it really sucks!!! she’s trying too hard to act sexy and all grown up but the result is kind of depressing not to mention really tacky! gosh she’s 18 not 30!! she should have her own style…but she simply doesn’t!

  • Kim Kardashian

    uh wow she really sucks at singing! why cant she just stick to being a psyco cheerleader that is like immortal on heos or whateva! leave khloe alone!!!!

  • Melissa

    That song sucks…

  • Jo

    Is the guy Leighton Meester’s boyfriend ?!

  • Nick Lachey USA Fan

    #20, you may have a point there. Hayden is not a fantastic singer but she’s tolerable enough to listen to (kind of like Paris’ album…).

  • Willa

    Horrible! Now I’m definately gonna have nightmares. lol

    1. She can’t sing.
    2. The song is horrible and reminds me of “Stars Are Blind”
    3. The lyrics are even worse.
    4. The wig is so Hilary Duff “Wake Up”
    5. The black hoodie is so Ashlee Simpson.
    6. The acting is so Jessica Simpson meets Paris Hilton.

  • Iola

    don’t know about her voice and the concept of the song.
    but hands down for her trying.

  • giselle

    the words are just so boring everythin about this song is just horrible

  • miffa

    Australia says NO

  • faye

    this is soooo like hillary duff song with love she is more or less copying hilliarys idea and twicking it only a little bit but at least in Hillarys music video i understood it this one was very confusing


  • ih8tthissong

    i agree 29 australia definatly say NO this song sucks she cant sings why cant she just stick with acting she is sucha try hard and i dodnt think she really that sexy anyway i mean the lyrics sucked too i hated the part where it went really fast didnt even match the music it sucked!!! she’s only 18 vanessa hudgens and ashely tisdale are older than her and are soo not trying to be sexy they have it nataurly she doesnt my advice stop trying to be paris hilton and go for a veronica look it would sute her beta!

  • brett

    I did not know what to expect,but this video is actually really good, the fact that hayden is super cute, doesn’t hurt either :D

  • V

    haha sounds like Paris Hilton. And she looks like a child. Not good.

  • ????????

    bad voice !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sweetiepie

    I didn’t know that “all the different aspects of a woman’s personality” are about being sexy. A great role model, if that is all she can say about a the personality of a human being ;)

    And another question comes up: why does everyone has to act AND sing?

  • Millie

    She looks hot in that video I must admit, but it reminds me so much of Paris Hilton’s ‘Stars are Blind’ and that’s not a good thing. Hayden, stick to acting! And is that Leighton Meester’s boyfriend in the video? It is!

  • hgfhgf

    omggggggg this si the most embarrasing thing i’ve ever seen :D

  • hedy

    wtf. sooo bad! She is okay, but I don’t like her voice, the song, the lyrics…. cheap video btw!

  • adriana

    spell it with me.

    W-H-O-R-E period.

  • Portia

    Hayden CAN’T sing and she shouldnt even be talkin about Pavarotti! Just because you have a pretty face doesnt mean you can be a singer or a musician, she’s obviously lacking talent in the music field. Horrible, just horrible.

  • aIRIS

    Was really necessary to show her red panties??? Milo you can be proud, change the beautiful Alexis Bledel for this 12 years old

  • sophie

    that guy is Carter Baizen from Gossip Girl isn’t he?

  • Charlotte

    I like Hayden but I don’t know about this. She looks too slutty in the vid…

  • Meri

    that song sounds exactly like Stars are Blind

  • solstice

    ehhh. i think her voice sounds a bit too young for that kind of video… :P

  • angell

    I like her voice but this song is nothing special
    well I think i hoped for sth, more similar to “your new girlfriend”

  • paola

    um… i have seen better… but she is someway good i guess :)

  • Anqxxx

    She sound like Paris
    this song is like remix of Stars are blind
    not bad,but not so much orginal

  • Kirsten



  • uk

    i really like hayden and i think she’s a brilliant actress but i dont think the singing career is ideal for her. but oh well..

    can’t wait till heroes series 3!!