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Jessica Biel's ESPY-cially Strange Neckwear

Jessica Biel's ESPY-cially Strange Neckwear

Jessica Biel skips the red carpet and hides backstage at the 2008 ESPY Awards held at NOKIA Theatre L.A. LIVE on Wednesday in Los Angeles.

The 26-year-old actress came out to support Sexyback boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, who did a phenomenal job hosting the big event. It airs @ 9PM ET/PT on Sunday, July 20 on ESPN.

Justin‘s grandmother, Sadie Bomar, has got the couple’s wedding plans already in the works. Grandma Sadie reveals to The Sun: “I just want them to be happy. Justin should get married in Lynn‘s backyard in Tennessee. She has a big yard with beautiful flowers. I think it would be perfect. Jessica‘s really sweet. She’s his age and isn’t possessive. I think their personalities are a lot alike.” (Lynn is Justin‘s mom.)

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jessica Biel’s interesting choice of neckwear?

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  • Nole

    SHOW-mance arranged by Jessica’s’ great PR TEAM!

  • Tina

    She should use that scarf to cover up her ugly manly face!

  • Yasmine

    fish lips…yuck

  • Yasmine

    fish lips…yuck

  • Sarah

    Once Justin dumps her, everybody will go back to not caring about her.

  • lovesoundpop

    OMG NOT AGAIN!!!!!!! UGLY, NO STYLE, WO-MAN!!!!!!!!! WTF????


  • stella bella

    The scarf is to hide her adams apple, don’t only men have them, LOL.

    I bet this chick is hiding a d!ck under her skirt. Isn’t she/he ment to be rich and have style experts to advise with clothes, hair and make-up, she looks ugly and very manly. Jessica (she/he) is wearing a tank top that you would see a man wearing at the gym to show of his muscles. Way to ugly and manly for my liking.

  • lovesoundpop
  • Ryan Mac

    I think she looks cute. sorry guys. but i dont like what she is wearing the an awards show even if it is the ESPYs. thats a cute every day outfit.

  • BabyBoo

    Her acting talent is just mediocre not unlike Katie Holmes. But she seems like an average down to earth girl, that for the sake of her career in Hollywood has had a very odd looking nose job to fix her large nose and seems not to know when to stop with the lip plumping. But she’s young/he’s young. . . maybe it will workout for awhile. . .

  • baby boobs

    At least she looks way better than horse face Jennifer Maniston.

  • Vshizzle

    eh…not a good look.

  • johanna

    what’s with the greasy hair?

  • required

    This means that Justin’s mom is also dressing Jessica.

  • bejeebus

    god….can someone please tell her that “dead” is not the hot look for this season. ugh

  • Anonymous

    not for nothing…but what happened to her…she was at one time all hot AND ever since she hooked up with Timberlake she’s as bland as dishwater..She should dump him and reclaim her inner hotness.

  • Lizzie

    I think she looks really, really pretty. She is so sweet, smart, giving, talented and seems like an all around great person. Jess is one person who I think always looks nice and she is an awesome actress. She is a good role model and she always has been. I also love her and Justin together, so cute. He is THE BEST and they seem great together. People should leave them alone sometimes, let them have more privacy.

  • Lizzie

    Plus, everyone should be a bit more nicer. Some of the comments have crossed the line even though everybody has their own opinion. I love her outfit and what people are wearing isn’t the most important thing. She is amazing and I am a big fan!

  • Tara

    Fake wanna be Angelina Jolie lips with a Micheal jackson nose with a man chin.

  • Flo

    1. wash hair
    2. use a different color lipstick, this color makes you look sick and pallor
    3. ditch the stupid scarf.
    4. cover up those man shoulders
    5. get paper bag
    6. put over head

  • Tammy

    Fug and desperate. Fug, desperate, and in denial.

  • Tom

    Mr. Edd got some lip injections.

  • Veronica

    Justin can do soooo much better!
    He deserves better!

  • Kim

    maybe they can have “more privacy” if her great publicist stops tipping the paps off and stops putting fake stories out!

  • alex p

    she looks ok for me but those fake lips spoil it all. absolutely needless

  • hmm

    He sure has strange taste in women.

  • thebestever

    The scarf is the least of my worries. It’s what’s above it thats horrible. I’m sorry jt must be hitting that from behind, cause that is straght up ugly. Why does hollywood insist on hyping every young thing that comes along, especially when they don’t deserve it?

  • susie

    They’ll make a great pair together! AND yeah, that neck thing is a little weird.

  • Tyra

    I don’t think Jess B. has a great personal style, but ugly she ain’t. Neither is she manly. I would kill to have her muscles. She eats well and work out.Its so much better than starving ,barfing,being anorexic and having saggy skin and a b u t t full of cellulite.
    Women who hate on her can never achive her level of fitness, hence they are jealous.
    Men who hate on her, may I say GYM ?have you ever heard the word?have you ever been inside one? May be you dislike her because she does not have your type of face,the way you like it. But if you hate on her bod, as a man, you are just talking BS. You probably never seen the inside of a gym,have zero muscle mass and sitting infront of the computer chugging your 5th beer and last of the leftover pizza.
    My boyfriend and me work out regulary. My BF is quite muscular.And he finds Biel attractive and respects her for putting hard work and time to achieve this fitness. A lot of other guys in my gym who are in great shape find Biel attractive. Infact they despise the skinny but saggy, cellulite ridden women.
    Why a woman cannot be muscular and beautiful? Do women still have to appear tiny,fragile and send SOS signals left and right to be rescuded by a man?
    Oh,grow up you people. If you have spent enough time in the gym working out, you will know how much work and disipline it takes. I have great respect for people(man or woman)who take care of themselves. Its hard work.

  • crappy actress

    I do not see what all these other people see in this girl. She looks like she just rolled out of bed. Make up is horrible, outfit- horrible, hair-greasy and horrible. Really horrible nose job and fish lips. Who tells this girl that all this looks good?

    I don’t see this lasting much longer either. She appears very clingy and pissy when she’s in public with him. Actually, she looks pissy when she’s not with him either.

    She can’t act her way out of a wet paper bag and appears to have no personality at all. Is she (or her PR) paying Justin to hang out with him or what?

  • Michael

    shes got an hot body, but her face…… UGLY!

  • gypsy marie

    I find her so unattractive. Very manly. I’m surprised that Justin is into her!

  • Julie

    She looks like a mess. This girl cannot dress.

  • Ida

    she looks ugly as usually

  • Huh

    her bangs always look so greasy she should grow that mess out

  • mickey

    I’m guessing she came straight from the gym, wrapped a towel around her neck, threw a skirt on to complement the tank top she wore to the gym and added snagged some shoes from Justin’s grandma’s closet and VOILA: she’s ready for the ESPYs! Actually since it’s a sport event it makes sense that she would wear athletic attire and have sweaty looking hair with no discernible make up.

  • jeterlover

    yea i really dont know wat ppl see in her?? I mean yea she has a nice bod but her face is all messed up and she has serious anger management issues!! I mean jeezzz be polite every once in a while…i really never thought of her as Justin’s type he seems so much more laid back and fun going…then again he does love him some booty!

  • the squirrel

    You guys are just jealous. OMG, stop hating.

    And I’m just kidding. She looks like ass. Ew.

  • lolamanola

    somebody ought to tell her to stop those injections…she is scaring me! her lips looks so lifeless! Poor JT and Ben Barnes kissing her! blah!