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Katie Price is an Angel Uncovered

Katie Price is an Angel Uncovered

UK glamour model Katie Price, aka Jordan, launches her new book “Angel Uncovered” at Borders Oxford Streetbook store on Thursday in London.

“Angel Uncovered” is the sequel to the bestselling “Angel,” a tale of love, lies and fame, set in the glitzy world of footballers’ (soccer players’) wives and girlfriends.

Katie, 30, recently won a libel battle against the News Of The World over false allegations she and husband Peter Andre were bad parents.

Peter and Katie had an ITV2 chat show has just been axed by the channel.

10+ more pics of Katie Price as an “Angel Uncovered”…

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katie price angel uncovered 01
katie price angel uncovered 02
katie price angel uncovered 03
katie price angel uncovered 04
katie price angel uncovered 05
katie price angel uncovered 06
katie price angel uncovered 07
katie price angel uncovered 08
katie price angel uncovered 09
katie price angel uncovered 10

Photos: Gareth Cattermole/Getty, Daniel Deme/WENN
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  • kelly

    um ewww, who is this.
    never heard of her. very ugly.

  • ri23

    She looks…wholesome.

  • ace tomato


  • Paige

    Normally I love her tackiness but this outfit is just horrible :/

  • bejeebus

    what in holy tranny h*ll am i looking at? i think i need to say two hail marys and go back to bed….after i vomit.

  • kelly

    I saw her many hot videos at a black bbw dating site called You can even check out more s e x y, hot photos and videos there.

  • Miapocca

    Its seems the British like to give their trash to the US..why cant they keep these ones and send some more refined posh people over here..first posh skeletor then aher arch enemy who rivals her is plain uglliness….at least posh has a some sense of unique style..this one is plain trashy

  • mike

    I don’t know who she is…lol :)

  • joy

    ugly sl^t

  • ri23

    Two words for you Jordan: Helen Mirren. Look into it.

  • ????????

    she looks so FAKE: boobs, lips ….

  • jughed

    Nice rack! :)

    But I’d be embarassed to be seen in person with her…

  • Val

    How TACKY can you be!

  • jam

    she reminds me a lot of angelina xx

  • AThinkingmind

    She definitely has her own sense of style

  • Linda

    Who? And why do we need to know about her?

  • Hattie

    You need to know that she doesn’t write any of her books !
    And she is a slut !

  • TOra

    To Miapocca we don’t send our trash over to you’re country so i think you to look at all the shit your country has involved us in.

  • rrrr

    Bejeebus you are hilarious. Aww poor Kate.

  • vicky

    a porn star would look like Audrey Hepbourn next to this trash

  • Ryan Mac

    Shes’ crazy! But I think she is very pretty

  • Helena

    Hideous. The terrible thing is that she’s liked here in the UK.

  • http://deleted bluemelatonin

    ‘Glamour’ huh what? She pumped up her breasts until they looked deformed and then touted them to whomsoever would buy them. She will do anything to get publicity and is as cheap an Essex girl as Victoria Beckham…only VB had more luck thrown her way which saved her from baring her breasts…eeeeeeekkkkkkk just pictured it.

  • XOXO

    You won’t of heard of her, she’s a big “I-think-I’m-a-celeb-but-I’m-really-a-nobody” from the UK. urgh.

  • NATASHa :)

    if people hate her so much, why are you wasting your time commenting about her :|
    also people do like her if not she wouldnt have sold so many books and written a second one :)

  • NATASHa :)

    if people hate her so much, why are you wasting your time commenting about her :|
    also people do like her if not she wouldnt have sold so many books and written a second one :)

  • murdoch

    well natasha is right. we are wasting our time commenting on trash like her. and its the people who love her that buy her books and other such if you really had to blame anybody for her rise to “fame” well then blame the people who are even dumber than her and that retarded husband of hers. well at least the song that they forced upon the world didnt do well.i think she has some pikey blood in there as well if the wedding is anything to go by.

  • gnmc

    LOL!! Leave it to the Brits to produce TACKY.

  • amber

    yh exactly…
    your just all jelous of her cos shes got somwhere in her life
    and all of you are jst pathetic…
    Shes got loads n yh she has got her boobs owt n tha,,,
    but at the end of the day…some of you on here must be a lil bit sluty for the kads n w,e
    so jst cos she got money for it..
    grow up tha lot of you and leave her alone…do u reli think she cares waht you think….

  • jule

    i agree with amber and natasha
    we only talk about people we dont like bcuz we are all haters in one light or the other we all just hating hey im hating her cuz she a hella lot of money and gorgeuos ass husband but i cant hate on her hustle she that money with her brain and by choice and by people who love her to be honest shes entertaining and funny so i like her and im 4rom the u.s and i just found out who she wuz when the show came and E! i like her love the show shes beautiful and anybody who dont like dont look at the pictures, her book, her gossip, her interviews what ever we make her famous by talking bout so if your going who? what? why? and shes this and that? you made her popularity rise

  • kerry

    OMG just leave her alone amber is right ur all just jelous of her, ive bought every single book of hers including angel uncovered and there great shes a person who people look up2 shes a great role model GET A LIFE U GUYS…………………………………………………………

  • jordan

    her books are amazin and if any1 reads them then you will see that she not wat every1 think bout her
    like wat you see in the paper she seems 2 be a realli nice person
    nd if you hink she so tacky thn why waste your time doin it ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? xxxxxxxx

  • Stace_x

    I have never liked KP, especially as she was known as jordan, but all your comments are about how she looks, big wow, I’m betting you don’t look all that perfect either, and I was quite taken back by her writing skills (if they are actually hers), she’s come out as a completely different character since she got married just because your lives aren’t posted in the limelight everday, she dressed like that for the publicity, honestly, you people talk trash all the time, but at least she has the guts to stand up there and actually do something with her life, yes whether it be modelling or not.

  • Stace_x

    P.S I loved her book Angel and can’t wait to read Crystal or Angel Uncovered. =] now stfu.

  • Amy

    everyones intitiled to ther own opion i suppose but i think she is really great and down to earth try reading her books ther so i hav red this book angel uncovered and all her others i didnt like her to start with but now i do after watching her programmes and reading her books which once u start reading u can never put down ther brill :) x