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Pierce Brosnan: My, Oh Mia!

Pierce Brosnan: My, Oh Mia!

Pierce Brosnan gets the support from his wife Keely Shaye Smith at the premiere of his new movie musical, Mamma Mia! at the Ziegfeld Theatre Wednesday in New York City.

The 55-year-old actor and costar Meryl Streep arrived in a BMW Hydrogen 7s – the world’s first hydrogen cars for everyday use. Both stars happily mugged for cameras and fans with their eco-friendly ride of choice, and one of Hollywood’s “must haves” for green-minded stars.

Mamma Mia! opens in theaters nationwide this Friday, July 18.

25+ pictures inside of Pierce Brosnan at the Mamma Mia! premiere…

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pierce brosnan mamma mie premiere 01
pierce brosnan mamma mie premiere 02
pierce brosnan mamma mie premiere 03
pierce brosnan mamma mie premiere 04
pierce brosnan mamma mie premiere 05
pierce brosnan mamma mie premiere 06
pierce brosnan mamma mie premiere 07
pierce brosnan mamma mie premiere 08
pierce brosnan mamma mie premiere 09
pierce brosnan mamma mie premiere 10
pierce brosnan mamma mie premiere 11
pierce brosnan mamma mie premiere 12
pierce brosnan mamma mie premiere 13
pierce brosnan mamma mie premiere 14
pierce brosnan mamma mie premiere 15
pierce brosnan mamma mie premiere 16
pierce brosnan mamma mie premiere 17
pierce brosnan mamma mie premiere 18
pierce brosnan mamma mie premiere 19
pierce brosnan mamma mie premiere 20
pierce brosnan mamma mie premiere 21
pierce brosnan mamma mie premiere 22
pierce brosnan mamma mie premiere 23
pierce brosnan mamma mie premiere 24
pierce brosnan mamma mie premiere 25

Photos: Brad Barket/Getty Images for BMW
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  • me

    Cant wait to see this movie!

    I love this couple.

  • boogaloobobo


  • stella

    i love pierce [ever since the thomas crown affair]! the pictures of him with amanda are cute, too. he seems like such a good guy.

  • f

    Still looking awesome.

  • stefanie

    He looks great! I think Pierce looks better now than he did when he was younger, during the Remington Steele days.

    I think his wife has lost some weight, but she looks good. Glad to see Pierce loves real women, not stick figures.

  • Ryan Mac

    When doesn’t Pierce Bronson look great! I love the lilac pocket square. Brightens up the black suit.

  • if it works for them

    He is a good guy and good actor. The couple look nice together. He always looks good.

  • Emily

    Aw so cute and Mamma Mia! is just amazing.. saw the movie twice this week and have the soundtrack on repeat at home.

  • oprah

    whoa they’ve both lost A TON of weight

  • Pole

    The movie is great and Pierce is very good in it. I’ve always liked him a lot – ever since Remington Steele!

  • janie

    They both look great!

  • oh snap!

    damn pierce is effing hot

  • Jen

    Time to divorce his fat wife. A man should always dump his wife once they get too big, it is inconceivable how a woman is not able to stay fit.

  • stefanie

    #13 Jen? Is that you Aniston?
    Are you jealous because these good looking men can keep their women and yours left your phony ass? Maybe Bronson’s wife can keep him happy because everyone knows you couldn’t keep Brad happy.

    Stop hating, Jen. You are pitiful enough.

  • sivek

    looks like he is showing more affection towards the blond , than his wife. His wife is the one hanging on to him and he looks anoyed in all the pictures with her…too bad

  • Joy

    He seems to be enjoying his costar more than his poor wife!!!

  • YoYo

    Give peace a chance.

  • claire

    His wife looks cute.But Pierce looks so oooooold,that’s scary.But he’s sexier than clooney,that’s for sure.

  • Jake

    Who said that Real Women are fat. Real Woman are all woman, from skinny to overweight, just because a woman doesnt have meat on her doesnt mean she is not a woman, all woman regardless of their weight deal with Real Woman issues, the believe that curvy/heat are the Real Woman needs to be struck down, Angelina Jolie is more of a Real Woman than any fat/curvy woman. Your weight should not be the determing factor of her real womaness, all woman can relate to each other in one way or another

  • victoria

    Love them both!!!

  • Jk

    They are cute together… maybe she has a thyroid problem.

  • Atia of the Julii

    did you see those pictures of her in the winter in hawaii? that’s why she’s losing weight. she looked huge, like size 18 or something.

  • art8fashion

    I like her dress. The fit is nice. I wish she had used a better pose in the pic. Work it Girl! Be confident!
    Hollywoods needs more examples of actresses with all kinds of body shapes.


  • jessica

    is his wife pregnant? or just over weight?

  • jen

    No Jessica just FAT.

  • Paureen16

    Oh! So what his wife is a little overweight! He looks like he adores her and she still is pretty. They look happy together and that is all that counts.

  • Carly

    CALLING JENNY CRAIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • student with no money

    Agree with #15 #16

    An arm’s length away from wife vs wrapping arms around costar.

  • maria cordovil

    She’s a beautiful fat woman..

  • http://justjared brad

    scandal woman ugly always man no no no to suit. bear woman frog face.ugly kelly to disgust

  • http://justjared alex

    hey enough woman you any moment to see to be obliged to get lost you ugly dirt woman to turn one’s stomach you 1994-2008 you to be disgusted always sexsomaniac insatiable woman scandal to kiss each other disgusting you dirt pig

  • Todd

    Unless she’s not happy with her current weight then she needs to call Jenny Craig. Valerie Bertinelli did it. She lost 40 lbs. Valerie even lost more weight. Just watch her latest commercial for Jenny and you will see how great she now look.

  • remember da truth

    Oh please — he’s goofing around with the costar, can’t you see they are giggling and playing around? It’s a comedy, idiots!

    Pierce loves his wife, and has never been as superficial as you folks, realizing that what’s on the inside is more important. She is a loving mother and they have fun together, and their bond is so strong.

    They’ve been together forever. If a man needs to cling to someone and paw his wife to prove that he loves her to you people, THEN there’s a problem. EVERYONE knows that Pierce is as loving and noble a guy off-screen as on, and EVERYONE knows what a great lady his wife is. He’s not going to leave her because she’s overweight. It’s time you people grew up.

  • remember da truth

    Stella #3 — I love Pierce too. A REAL MAN, that’s what he is.
    Who is the Amanda co-star? Does Pierce do his own singing in this movie?

  • Mediterranean

    The REAL woman is neither overweight like a ballon or skinny like a skeleton.

    His wife has been overweight for a long time. And they seem that they are happily married couple. So what’s the problem?

    He is so handsome and arrogant. I love him.

  • Ade

    Adorable couple

  • samara

    she has lost a lot of weight. that dress is too tight for her

  • DC girl

    His wife was very thin when they first met. She’s still a very lovely looking lady. I think she may have a medical condition, but it’s a little sad to see older pictures of her when she was thin and healthy looking. Kudos to him for sticking by her.

  • to jen

    “Time to divorce his fat wife”??. “A man should always dump his wife once they get too big”??? oh boy have you got a problem; dont know what it is but please keep it to yourself.

    in case it has escaped your notice; pierce brosnan loves his wife keeley. pierce has made it clear in interviews how much he loves this woman and how proud he is of her. oh yes, he’s also made it clear that he loves his wife no matter what size she is.

    so sorry, jen whether you like it or not keeley has him. pierce has made it very clear he’s not going anywhere with out his wife.

  • Sheri

    He is still a gorgeous man! And Keely has definitely lost some major weight. Good for her … she is a beautiful woman. They are blessed to have each other.

  • cATHY

    I have been noticing after having seen pics of them at a premier in London, Hampton and in NY that he doesn’t touch or hug or otherwise handle his wife like he used to when they’re on the red carpet. Look back at premiers from his 007 days – he couldn’t keep his hands off of her and they definitely looked more “in tune” with each other. I think this speaks volumes about how he really feels about his wife’s weight gain.

  • to cathy

    i hate to tell you this but i live in los angeles and spend a lot of time in the malibou area on weekends. i’ve seen both keeley and pierce together at the local market. i can promise you that they are very affectionate towards each other. the two of them are constantly holding hands and whey they’re not he has his arm around her shoulder. i’ve even seen pierce wrap his arms around keeley while they’re standing in the check out line. so much for your theory about how he feels about his wife’s weight gain.

  • cathy

    Pictures don’t lie and I don’t know who you are or why I should believe what you say. (By the way, it’s Malibu NOT malibou). The man is obviously not as proud of his overweight wife. It’s not surprising, he is human. I’m not saying he doesn’t love her, but he’s obviously not as proud of her as he was when she was thinner. It’s easy to see he isn’t “showing her off” like he used to. The basis for my theory is forever captured in pictures for the world to see. And actually I don’t know why I’m wasting my time on this anyway – who cares?!?!

  • amc333

    I agree with the people who say that he is not into his wife that much. I also noticed that he is not touching his wife in any of the pictures but you see him with his hands on the backs of his co-stars. The wife is clinging to him in all the pictures and he looks like he is annoyed with her.

    The wife does have a really pretty face though.

  • dorothy

    Brilliant amazing film, congratulations Pierce and all the casts. Your an amazing versatile actor. Your wife is so so pretty and amazing. Good health, and luck to you both